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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sat Apr 06, 2024 6:00 pm by Blade/speranza

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Bisara "Bisa" Brookside - Afro Muscle Queen

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Bisara "Bisa" Brookside - Afro Muscle Queen Empty Bisara "Bisa" Brookside - Afro Muscle Queen

Post by Old_Man_Tai Thu Apr 04, 2024 3:54 am

Name: Bisara "Bisa" Brookside
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Black
Height: 5"10""
Weight: 185
Nationality: African-British
Alignment: Babyface
Entrance music:

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Smash em, Stack em, Pin em.

Style: Agile Powerhouse

Preferred Matches: Anything. Everything. Fight anyone, dominate everyone.

Endurance: 3/5 - Bisa can take a hell of a lot of damage before going down...but she CAN be taken down, being better at giving damage than she is at taking it.

Strength: 5/5 - An extremely powerful woman, her muscles are far from being just for show, and she has the core strength to back it up.

Speed:  3/5 - abou average in speed, and moe agile than one would think given her large muscles, but can be outpaced by smaller and speedier opponents

Defense: 3/5 - Despite being strong enough to handle most foes, she can be out paced, out-wrestled, out-sped, out-thought, and sometimes her large body can be used against her.

Technique: 2/5 - Mostly a power fighter, she doesn't have the best grasp of grappling fundamentals or techinque...then again, she doesn't really need to.

Match stats:

Strikes: 3/5 - She can smash the hell out of just about anyone with her clotheslines and big boots, but she's hardly any kind of martial artist.

Submissions: 3/5 - She only knows a few basic ones that involve bending her opponent in half. That being said, she's powerful enough to bend them in half, what more does she need?

High Flying: 2/5 - Not her Forte, though she's not afraid to take the leap if the stakes are high enough.

Counters: 2/5 - She doesn't know many clever or complicated counter moves or holds...but she's very good at simple throwing or shoving her opponents off of her when they get a hold a her.

Hentai: 3/5 - While lacking a truly seductive touch, Bisara is not inexperienced in lovemaking and with her power, can keep her opponents pinned down as she has her way with them

Favored moves: Clothesline, bearhug, backbreaker, powerslam, shoulder breaker, sidewalk slam, spinebuster, suplex, flying clothesline, samoan drop, hurricanrana, fisherman buster, Gorilla Press Slam, Powerbomb, Chokeslam, Torture Rack hold, Muffler Stretch Hold

Signature moves:

The Pounce: Bisa irish whips her opponent off the ropes and runs to the ropes on the left or right side of the ring, timing it so the two fighters meet in the middle where Basira will throw her body forward with as much force as possible to slam into her opponent with a shoulder block designed to knock them into the air and across the ring!

Giant Swing: As the name implies, Bisara grabs a fallen opponents legs, holding them under her arms, and lifts them off the mat as she begins to spin both herself and her opponent in a circle, using her strength and momentum to swing them around and around and around and around over and over before letting them go and letting them sail across the mat!

Finishing moves:

Bisara Lock: Bisara grabs a fallen opponents leg and bends it over her shoulders with a Stretch Muffler hold and, depending on the opponents size, will either sit down on their back while torturing their leg, or stand up fully and let them dangle helplessly until they submit. Can also be used as a hentai hold.

Rainmaker Lariat: Bisa gets behind her opponents and grabs their wrist from behind, holding it in front of them near their waist, then shoves them forward and holds one arm, forcing their body to spin once they go far enough so their facing her again, then pulls them in close while swinging her free arm out towards them with a devastating lariat! Has a hentai variation where she jerks the opponent off/fingers their pussy first, then uses her creamed on hand to hit the lariat.

F-5: Bisara lifts her opponent onto her shoulders, and with her great strength, grabs their legs and throws them off of her shoulders high into the air with a twisting motion, so that they fly off of her shoulders and fall several feet before crashing face and chest first onto the mat.

Hentai Finisher: King-Breaker: Used on Male/Futa opponents, Basira pulls off her opponents bottoms, and pulls her leotard halfway down, exposing her large breasts, laying down by her opponents legs and trapping their cock between her tits, cooing at it and mocking them as she jerks them off with her tits, eventually standing up and putting their legs on her shoulders, allowing her to hold them upside down in the air as she continues to squeeze and jerk off their dick. Once they are about to cum, Bisa uses her strength to hoist their body up onto her shoulders and fall forward, slamming them down onto the mat with a brutal powerbomb with their cock still between her breasts, forcing them to cum on impact and pinning them while their essence splashes and drips down her chest and face.


Big, loud, boistrous and proud! Bisa is all about BIG. Big energy, big feelings, big hugs, big hunger, big laughs, and BIG anger should you piss her off.

Bisa has a large and in charge personality, full of confidence and pleasantness with everyone she interacts with. The fact that she's usually the biggest girl in the room often helps with that, though she has no issues standing up to those rare few bigger than she is.

While her confidence can be shaken at times, it usually doesn't take long for her to shake off feelings of failue or inadequacy and try again during times where she fails, and while she can be most generous and friendly to those she likes, those that earn her wrath get to experience ALL of it without any holding back. Let those who want to fuck with her beware...


(Note, I hate doing these, as I feel like nobody reads them but they take up so much time and pressure, so here's just some boilerpoints)

* Bisara grew up in a loving home in London, England, and her mother, a bakery chef, soon fell in love with and married another man, a fitness instructer who owned a gym, and they had a happy life together, even having another child, so that Bisara would grow up with a sister, never once making her feel like she wasn't loved and accepted by both parents.

*Growing up around and playing in her families gym, Bisara quickly took to gym culture and athletics, along with her younger sister. While her smaller and slimmer sister ultimately chose to go into track, Bisa found herself attracted to the sport of bodybuilding, working with weights, eating meat, and pushing her body to its limit in her quest to gain muscle mass.

*While she acheived her goal of sculpting a powerful body for herself, her attempts at achieving success in the world of body building competitions was unfortunately doomed to failure. Despite a legitmately impressive body, that she gained all through her own hard work and effort, the world of body building was filled to the brim with muscular monsters and freaks of nature, whos sculpted and powerful bodies were gained thanks to the assistance of growth hormones and steroids, due to rules of competitions allowing such things.

*Bisara refused to partake in such things herself, as she believed using such items was blantantly cheating and going against the entire point of competitions and pushing ones body to its purest, most powerful form. Eventually, she was forced to accept that, no matter how many times she placed high in competitions, (often the highest scoring non-roided up user in each competition), there was simply no point in trying to compete against people so flagrantly willing to cheat and inject themselves with drugs to guarantee victory, and she left the sport disheartened and disappointed.

*Soon after, an AFW talent scout, impressed by Bisara's all natural physique and loud and proud attitude, gave her an invite to come to Japan, check out the show, and see what she thought. Bisara LOVED what she found, seeing a place where she could really put her personality and impressive body to very good use, and bring hell down upon those who tried to cheat her out of what was hers, quickly accepting the leagues offer to train her to become a full fledged pro wrestler!

Wrestling Attire: see pics

Fun Facts:

As a result of her bodybuilding career falling apart due to the excess use of steroids from other competitors, Bisara has learned to absolutely hate and despise cheaters, and those who try to cheat against her will earn nothing but her wrath in the ring, while she herself refuses to bend the rules.

Bisara has a younger half sister, sharing a mother, but different fathers, who followed her into the career of pro wrestling. The two sisters are extremely competitive with each other, and her younger sister, while not admitting it, is fiercely jealous that Bisara has at least 5 other half siblings she can bond with.

Bisara is a huge fan of dance music and can often be found at the dance clubs of Tokyo when not training or wrestling, either dancing on the floor without shame or fear, or picking up men and women at the bar.

Bisa is bisexual, though she generally prefers men as her "dance partner"

Despite not looking it, is a massive nerd, enjoying shows like Dr. Who, Star Trek, and every MCU show ever, even the obscure ones.

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