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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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The Biker Queen from Hell, but Sweet as A Bee: Beatrix King

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The Biker Queen from Hell, but Sweet as A Bee: Beatrix King Empty The Biker Queen from Hell, but Sweet as A Bee: Beatrix King

Post by LilyStar Mon Feb 05, 2024 4:16 am

The Biker Queen from Hell, but Sweet as A Bee: Beatrix King Jdz5GHl
Beatrix King

Beatrix King

Bea, Biker Queen


23, May 17th, 2000

Eye Color:

Hair Color:

6’2”/ cm

182 lbs/ kgs.



Entrance Theme:
Year One:

Wrestling Information

Her style in the ring is without question brutal. She has no qualms about steam rolling her opponents with her entire body if she has to. She’s built to last and takes her stamina to the next level with her submission moves. Bea works strictly on offense so her defensive techniques are a little on the green side.

Beatrix has a caround her, she’s rather kind and has an ingrained willingness to help anyone in need. Don’t take her kindness to heart however, her tactics when it comes to self defense or wrestling are more on the heelish side. Despite her rough edges inside and outside the ring when it comes to anything outside physical, she happens to be very nice and hospitable. Her personality warps into true biker mentality when in the ring, becoming aggressive and going about her matches in a more brutish side.

Major Powerhouse

Favorite Match Type:
None at the moment but she’s very hesitant to accept Hentai matches


Favored Moves:

Signature Move(s):
Pop’a Wheelie:
Eat da Pedal:

Finishing Move(s):
The Last Ride:
Highway to Hell:
Devil’s Tribute:
Handle Check:

Beatrix was born in Manchester, England, the beating heart of industrial heritage in the country. The youngest daughter of thre with both sibilings being older boys; her father was a hardworking mechanic while her mother was a professor for the university in the area. With a family full of love, she took to her father like paper to glue. It didn’t matter where he went, little Bea would be close at his heels, following him like a genderswapped mini-me. It became difficult to keep her out of her fathers way once she got older, so when she didn’t have daycare he’d take her to work with him. Her family was and still are very close, in fact, growing up, her family actually lived in flats relatively close by to one another. Her father and uncle worked for her grandfather in his garage with her brother occasionally joining them. While his sons and grandsons  worked on all other motor vehicles, he worked exclusively on motorcycles. The many times Beatrix went with her father, she’d always sit with her grandfather and watch him work, seeing the machine's heart and organs taken apart to fix or replace intrigued Bea. With each visit she’d learn a little more and of course, her Gramps would allow her to help with fetching tools and occasionally tightening a bolt or a nut here and there to make her feel included.

It wouldn’t become long before little Bea became a sort of part timer for the family business. After school (and of course her homework) Beatrix would dash to her family’s garage to see what had to be worked on for the day. With the hands of time moving forward, her grandfather eventually gave Bea jobs to work on with his supervision of course, and never something he didn’t think she couldn’t handle. She was a grease monkey through and through, working through the sweat and oil spills she was the talk of her neighborhood. Of course they would talk, claiming she was more of a boy than a girl but young Bea never paid them any mind. She did what she loved.

During her sixth year of primary education school, Beatrix met her first bully. She’d come home with scrapes and bruises and her poor grandfather couldn’t take seeing his little spitfire like that. One day while in the shop, her grandfather offered to teach her self defense. Having been a rough em up type back in his hey-day, he showed his granddaughter the basics, showing her the correct way to throw a punch, how to unbalance an opponent. Everything he had learned in his brawling years he passed down to her, he only had one condition: She never starts the fight but finishes it. The day finally came when Beatrix would have to put her newfound skills to the test. When her bully came for her to start the usual round of harassment, they would find themselves out cold on the cold, unforgiving cement. The girls usually kind blue gaze had shifted to that of a heinies offender. All it took was one punch to fold her assailant, and it donned on her that she rather had fun defending herself. In a turn of events, she’d use the incident and become her school's urban legend: The Bully Hunter. Bea made it a mission to beat any bully she came across. Her father couldn’t help but laugh while her mother had a fit of turning her girly daughter into a rough and tough biker.

During her first year of Secondary School, Beatrix’s grandfather, along with her two brothers, went to a local wrestling show. She was hesitant at first, but she was assured that she’d enjoy the show and much to her surprise she did. Bea was an instant fan,interested in the spor, she felt she could maybe be on that stage one day. Would she have it in her though? Things change all the time, she thought, maybe she’ll forget about all this when she is older. Her grandfather always keen on his tomboyish granddaughter, saw that same spark in her eyes and managed to convince her parents to do more of these outings, only spurring on little Bea’s obsessions! During this period, her father, and grandfather had brought in a fix’er-upper bike for her. They called it an old family project, one that they wanted her to work on with them. Telling her it would be a restoration for her grandpa. Bea was more than happy to help and spent much of her time in Secondary School working til dinner time on their project.  

When she turned sixteen, Bea had finished her schooling and decided she would opt out of any further schooling, instead seeing it as her passion to continue her family legacy, with hints of a side job in the works. The bike she had been working on took time, and of course she was going nowhere. While she worked at the shop during the day, she’d leave late into the afternoon, heading towards the gym. In spite of her love for bikes, Beatrix never shook the feeling of passion she felt for wrestling and here she was to learn. Predicting another two years to finish the complete restoration of her grandfather's gift, Bea put her all into her wrestling career, starting from the bottom and working her way up. Her trainers all noticed that brute in her during their training. That vicious indifference when she was locked in a training match, she pulled all the stops to win. Her years of biker brawling training from her grandfather had bled into her training here, distinguishing the two was impossible for Bea, and her trainers couldn’t exactly bring themselves to criticize talent.

Two years passed like a breeze and Bea was ready to take the British circuit by storm. Getting to be in the very shows she grew up watching, she wrestled her way to Britain’s top competition, reaching heights she never thought possible. With her bike business booming, her older brother eventually joined in after taking business courses in university. He does it all which helps her out when she’s got big matches coming up. Her family’s project ended up taking longer than she expected with some hiccups along the way with the rebuilding. Delays for parts, new complications, and then family related emergencies had extended her two year prediction to another trap and a half. She marveled at their work after all the blood, sweat, and tears they poured into it. Bea turned to her grandfather, excited to see him ride it only to be hit with shock as they gifted her. All along they worked on it, together as a family and planned to gift it to her upon completion. Her father urged her to take it and see the world. He could see her desire for more and although she lied and said this was enough, she found herself heading to Japan with a new beginning at hand.

Six months after Beatrix arrived to Japan, she continued her family passion, managing to find a small shop to run a motorcycle repair shop. The locals welcomed her warmly and she was rather happy to work on bikes in her own shop. The competition here has piqued her interests as well, and it seemed she had snatched the limelight, when a curious invitation appeared inviting her to a wrestling experience the brutal heel just couldn’t refuse…

Main Attire:

Workout Gear:

Casual Attire:

Mechanic Attire:


-Bea prefers mild to spicy when it comes to food. Her taste buds will melt on anything too hot for her.
-She loves cats but her apartment building doesn’t allow her to keep pets. Instead she feeds a tuxedo stray at her shop.
-Her room is covered wall to wall in 80’s-90’s rock and roll memorabilia while her desk is covered in new motorcycle catalogues.

AFW Information




LAW Information






Rivals: None

Enemies: None


The Biker Queen from Hell, but Sweet as A Bee: Beatrix King Dgqb2h10

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