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Femdom matches with smothers in mixed matches

Mon Jun 24, 2024 2:01 am by jdo_sss

If anyone has any female characters that needs more wins and uses moves like stinkface, breast smother etc let me know message me on discord thanks


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Mixed Match

Sat Jun 08, 2024 6:16 am by jdo_sss

Looking for an mixed match on this forum looking for my character mostly be smothered and dominated though you can message me here or on discord lilpeep44_6

NitroVitro- the display name on discord message me if interested

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Caution: Stomp on Snow: Beatrix King(D) vs. Anna Sigrid(D)

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Caution: Stomp on Snow: Beatrix King(D) vs. Anna Sigrid(D) Empty Caution: Stomp on Snow: Beatrix King(D) vs. Anna Sigrid(D)

Post by LilyStar Fri May 31, 2024 1:20 am

Caution: Stomp on Snow: Beatrix King(D) vs. Anna Sigrid(D) Img_5810
Caution: Stomp on Snow: Beatrix King(D) vs. Anna Sigrid(D) Wrestl10

Match Rules
The match is set for one fall. Comeptitors can achieve victory by way of pinfall, submission, or KO.

Bea slipped on her leather jacket, buckling the belt near the top of her torso, she breathes in. This was it, she was finally here and about to go on the big stage; an oppurtunity of a lifetime for her. She tucks a few strands of her long, raven balck hair behind her ear as she starts piling her items into her locker. She wasn’t like most of the lot who pampered themselves with makeup, no point when it’d get ruined during the match. Her black boots click against the tiled floor as she crosses the space towards a mirror, observing her features with this being her finished attire. It didn’t seem like much but the material was honestly quite expensive but it felt incredibly comfortable. She had to ask herself if this was too much, normally she didn’t care what she wore, so long as she liked it but under normal circumstances, Bea wasn’t broadcasting herself to world either. Perhaps she was just overthinking it, maybe her nerves were starting to crumble just a bit.

She shook the thought away, this wasn’t the time to be nervous, she finally has her time to shine and that meant realeasing all her restraints. She flex’s her gloves, initiating a squeal from her leather gloves. Content with the feeling she felt in her palm and fingertips, Bea breathes in-then breathes out. Rolling her neck, she turns to head towards the exit door, her mind now filling with the intent to fight. Her switch was flipped, the worried biker was now the Biker Queen from Hell. Her face hardening as she grins ear to ear, the thought of violence sending an excited shiver down her spine as she kicked open the door. “DOORYAH!” She shouts, the locker door swings open, smashing into the wall as the “Biker Queen” takes hold.



With her theme suddenly begging to blare over the speaker, Bea would push past the curtains strutting forward as she gazes out to towards the crowd. Her theme kicking in as she steps out, heading towards the ramp, she didn’t bother giving her attention to the crowd as she heads down toward the Ring. She had her sights set on game tonight, from what little she knows, they seem like a tough opponent but she doesn’t know much,it doesn’t really matter, she’s going to go all out and syeamroll them through.

Bypassing the steel steps, she hops onto the edge of the ring; leaning down to lay flat along the canvas to roll underneath the bottom rope and land into the ring. She swings her legs up as she pushes upward to rise to her feet. Now in the squared arena, she’d head to the nearest corner leaning against the post to blow a kiss to the crowd, instead extending her middle finger as a personal touch. A mixture of cheers and boo’s fills the arena, Bea’s fully in her role as the villain, the prospect of a possible upset made her mouth water.

She’d head to the other side of the ring to face the ramp. Her gaze locks onto the curtains, as she  bends her legs, flexing her thighs as she rolls her weight into her left leg, tugging at her muscles as she warms up. This was gonna be fun, she could feel it.

Caution: Stomp on Snow: Beatrix King(D) vs. Anna Sigrid(D) Dgqb2h10

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Caution: Stomp on Snow: Beatrix King(D) vs. Anna Sigrid(D) Empty Re: Caution: Stomp on Snow: Beatrix King(D) vs. Anna Sigrid(D)

Post by APlaying Fri May 31, 2024 7:57 am

After a day at work where she put all her affairs in order, Snow was finally ready to enter a new stage today. Although she tried to research about her opponent, she didn't really find much about her, apparently both would have their debut today, but what really excited the actress was the fact that this girl was bigger than her, and this time it was a noticeable physical gap.

For the actress it was really exciting to face women who outweighed her in weight and size, she was always eager to see how she could dominate bigger opponents. And for the occasion, fortunately one of her friends in the industry had recently given her a new gear, with which she could better show off in front of the AFW audience, new costume and new challenges.

And her opponent. With a height of 1.59 centimeters and a weight of 120 pounds... from Stockholm, Sweden, making her debut at AFW..... Popular actress... Anna Sigrid!!! SNOW!!!!

The crowd screamed in excitement as they raised their banners excitedly, some of them saying “YOU'RE AMAZING ANNA!!!!!” However about 30 seconds passed where absolutely nothing was happening and the crowd had calmed down a bit from all the fuss over her, no sign of Snow for another 10 seconds, suddenly the stage lights started to slowly dim as a cloud of smoke slowly hovered at the entrance.... After a few seconds Snow's theme played in an instrumental.


The audience shuddered the moment Anna's voice began to be heard performing HER OWN ENTRY THEME!

“...”... Because you're a sky, because you're a sky full of stars, I'm going to give you my heart.... Because you're a sky, because you're a sky full of stars..... Because you light the way, Ooh!".

Snow figure began to emerge from that cloud of smoke, as the audience shivered and jumped with excitement.

"I don't care, go ahead and rip me to shreds. I don't care if you do, Ooh-ooh, Ooh. Cause in a sky, cause in a sky full of stars I think I saw YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!!!.".

After finishing the chorus of her theme song she slowly stepped out of the cloud of smoke and raised both arms in the air as the lights immediately shone even brighter than before whether it was the excitement of her presence or the beautiful performance she put on before her entrance, whatever it was, Snow knew exactly how to make himself the center of attention and immediately waved and blew kisses to her fans as she walked to the ring.


"God, are you guys that anxious to see me? That's awesome!"

Snow said in a joking tone as she climbed into the ring going under the ropes, she quickly stood up as she climbed up the ropes landing one of her thick thighs on top of the taller one and raised her arms making the crowd scream even more excited. a signal that was more than reciprocated making the entire arena almost shake. After a moment, Snow lowered her arms and stepped off the rope as she turned to look at her opponent, she knew absolutely nothing about her opponent tonight. So she approached her to contemplate the physical gap, as soon as she came face to face with Beatrix, Snow stood on her tiptoes to be able to at least reach her chest height, which she managed to do with great difficulty.

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