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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Kairi Kamiya Soars to New Heights!

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Kairi Kamiya Soars to New Heights! Empty Kairi Kamiya Soars to New Heights!

Post by Yori Mon Dec 25, 2023 4:45 am

Kairi Kamiya Soars to New Heights! JRC53Qe

Name: Kairi Kamiya
Age: 20
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brunette
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 128 lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance music:

Ring Gear:

Wrestling Information

Type: Aerialist Striker

Strategy: A nimble showman in the ring who tries to bring a bit of flash and panache to her matches through the use of her solid in-ring fundamental and high-flying feats. She prefers to stay mobile and elusive, turning her opponent's offense into opening for herself to strike back or showboat for the crowd. Aware of her own strengths, she looks to wear down her adversary's stamina reserves by being evasive and frustrating to deal with. She will normally only engage someone head-on if they are already softened up or if she believes a reckless high-flying move can catch them off guard. She fights to entertain, not for her love of the crowd but desire for popularity and acclaim. She will read the room and try to cater to the tastes of the audience, wanting to rack up as many five-star matches as she can to outshine her retired brother and lecherous cousin. While she openly mocks hentai wrestling as being illegitimate, she is quick to resort to using it if it means she can gain the upper hand on her opponent. Above all else, she seeks to avoid being locked down in submission holds, having trained specifically to evade and escape them before she can be cinched in.

Preferred Matches: Standard, Ladders, Cage, will not do submission matches.

Physical Stats:

Endurance: ★★★☆☆
Strength: ★★★☆☆
Speed: ★★★★☆
Defense: ★★★☆☆
Technique: ★★★☆☆

Wrestling Technique Stats:
Striking: ★★★☆☆
Submissions: ★☆☆☆☆
Powerhouse: ★★☆☆☆
Aerial: ★★★★☆
Countering: ★★★★☆

Favored Moves:

- Enzuigiri
- Rolling Koppou Kick
- Soccer Kick
- Swinging Neckbreaker
- Flying Crossbody
- Shining Wizard
- Springboard Moonsault
- Jumping DDT
- Snap Suplex

Signature Moves:

Training Wheels:
Cutting In:


One Way Ticket:
Pegasus Dive:
Kimiya Driver:


Personality: Kairi comes across as extremely extroverted. She leads a physically active life and while a bit outspoken, carries herself well enough in social situations. She has a keen sense of the general vibe of a situation almost the moment she steps into a room and will adapt to rise to meet whatever is set before her. She projects an overall air of confidence which to some might come across as being rather braggadocious as she loves to talk about herself and her accomplishments or will oftentimes divert a story she is being told into one of her own in an act of unintentional one-upsmanship. She doesn't mean to be so competitive about every aspect of her life but it is something that has literally been beaten into her to the point she can't help herself. She will judge others, most often behind their back, and take offense if the same is done to her. She deflects conversations away from any of her flaws or failures and will immediately become catty and confrontational if pressed. While she wants to be a good person and does genuinely care about others, she will almost always put her self-interests above anyone else due to survival instincts alone. She's lost more than a few friends because of this but can't help herself after all the years at the mercy of her older brother.


Legacy was always something on Kairi’s mind even since she decided to take on training as a wrestler. The craft was in her blood, though some have argued the pedigree to be questionable at best. “Pegasus Kamiya” would be the first to thrust the family name onto the world stage. Kairi’s father, a well-known and decently popular masked wrestler whose biggest contribution was entertaining bouts which almost always ended in defeat. Not all his pursuits though were quite as fruitless. Through wrestling he would meet his future wife and through a small lack of planning have their eldest son Tai and later with a bit more planning, have Kairi.

She always enjoyed professional wrestling, especially when Pegasus Kamiya was performing. It always felt like a secret that was all her own knowing that her father was beneath the mask. She would root for him every time, tirelessly wishing for him to succeed in the ring. It would be her brother though that would start to cast doubts, his negativity over their father’s “jobber” status being taken out on her blind devotion. He ripped the band-aid off quickly, like telling a child Santa Claus isn’t real.

Tai had aspirations to be better than their father, and it impressed the same upon Kairi who without knowing any better would adopt as well. Tai had started training years before her and would become her entry point into the career. She never questioned his harsh training regime or methods assuming this was just how it was supposed to be. For the longest time, it was just the two of them until Kairi met another like-minded boy at a local wrestling show. They hit it off quite well and would start dating. They both shared a love of the sport and prospects for future careers in the industry. When she gushed over her brother being a personal trainer for her efforts, her new boyfriend asked to join the two for training.

Tai was reluctant to let someone else join them, at first turning the request down. It was only through persistence, begging, and a deal to take care of the chores around the family house for two weeks that Tai would relent and allow her to bring her boyfriend. She was overjoyed, looking forward to having company a like soul she could bounce off. When he showed up, Things were going well, Tai and her boyfriend seemed to get along well which tied it all together perfectly. Her boyfriend would attend several more training sessions, though would express his concerns over just how tough Tai was being on the two of them. Kairi was quick to cover for her brother, letting him know that was just how these things were… Then Tai broke her boyfriend's arm.

Tai claimed it was an accident, that he hadn’t felt the other young boy tapping out to his hold. That was the story until the ambulance left anyway. Afterward, he pulled her aside and told Kairi not to bring any more boyfriends around to train with them because he wasn’t sure she knew how to pick strong enough men for his training. It was better if it was just the two of them. Her seemingly unwavering trust in her brother though would be irreverently damaged after this, seeing the veil pulled back on just how petty and cruel her brother could be. She wouldn’t train with him again after that.

She would go on to shift her focus to other pursuits at school, filling the void left by wrestling with sports and gymnastics while her brother would be signed by AFW. She would hear every so often of her brother’s difficulty in the league and be silently happy for his mounting failures. Then he won gold and got her attention again. While she didn’t watch his bouts, she found out his successes weren’t due to his wrestling chops, but rather derived from sex fighting. Utterly disgusted that this was her family legacy now, she swore once she finished high school she would start training again with the sole purpose of knocking her brother down a peg or two.

Graduation came, and she enrolled herself in community college to take courses alongside her renewed wrestling training. She wanted to make sure she had a career path open to her once everything was sorted out. Just as she was coming up to join the professional wrestling league, her brother went into retirement. In his place, a new Kamiya popped up named Ryo, just as much as a pervert to tarnish their good name.

She would confront Ryo after a show and learn they were related, albeit rather indirectly. Cousins through marriage. He wasn’t even a real Kamiya by name either, it was something gifted to him by her brother. She couldn’t allow Ryo to parade around with her name doing god knows what, so she followed through with her plans to join AFW. Tai was gone, but Ryo was apparently the last little gift he left behind, possibly to spite her.

While she originally disliked Ryo, in time they grew friendly enough to get to know him better. Outside the ring there were some genuinely nice qualities to him, the one she found most endearing was his steadfast support of his mother. Through him she would go on to meet Edward, something of a friend and protege to Ryo and the three became friends. From time to time they would tag together, with Kairi and Ryo constantly bickering over his lecherous ways, and her own amusement at constantly teasing Edward due to his coy nature.

While she hasn’t managed to see much in the way of success just yet, she is constantly driven to surpass her brother’s achievements and become more popular than her boneheaded cousin. Despite her own lauding nature, she isn’t above making use of anything at her disposal to do just that. If the Kamiya name is going to be remembered for someone, it is going to be her.

Fun Facts:

Submission Trauma: While younger and into her early wrestling training, her brother Tai would often lock her into excruciatingly painful submission holds and refuse to let her go until she was reduced to tears. This has instilled a panic response when placed in holds that wrench parts of her body or bend her to the point her natural flexibility no longer helps. So troubled by this ingrained fear, she has built her style and training around breaking out of or avoiding submission holds entirely.

It's Complicated: The family legacy is something each member who bears it seems to selfishly want for their own. Her brother took her to the breaking point to ruin her taste for wrestling, her cousin Ryo wears it like a boy scout badge he somehow earned, and Kairi wants to undo the mess all of them have made of it by rising to success herself. While friendly with Ryo and actively tag teaming with him from time to time, she would prefer to see him fail. Not out of malice, but jealousy he has earned the fame she covets.

Dead to Me: Kairir hasn't spoken to Tai since he left their family home. While she is aware he owns a noodle shop not far from the Tension arena, she hasn't once so much as walked by there. Ryo used to bring her free noodles when he worked there, she would accept them but throw them in the trash as soon as she was out of eyeshot. One day she wishes to confront him for all the pain he has caused her and all the damage he has done to their family name, but she can't bring herself to do it yet.

Comfort Food: Kairi goes to visit her mother and new stepfather for a family dinner every other weekend. Her mother isn't the biggest fan of her wrestling career, but is happy she is still pursuing her college degree on the side. The topic of settling down with someone nice and giving her grandkids comes up far too often.

AFW Information

-Wins: 3
-Losses: 3
-Draws/No Contest: 0


Friends: Edward Sealgair
Allies: Edward Sealgair, Ryo Natamori
Rivals: Ryo Natamori
Enemies: N/A
Crushes: N/A

Adopted from Old_Man_Tai. Find her original bio here.

Kairi Kamiya Soars to New Heights! JTYmfg2

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