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Queen Cobra - Aged Snake

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Queen Cobra - Aged Snake Empty Queen Cobra - Aged Snake

Post by ARStudios2000 Fri Dec 22, 2023 9:10 pm

Name: Queen Cobra
Sex: Female
Age: 47
Eyes: Brown (Green eye lenses)

Hair: Black
Height: 5'9
Weight: 159 kg

Nationality: Indian
Favored moves: Butterfly Lock
Finishing move/s: Scorpion Rib Crush

Entrance Music:



A woman who prefers things to be to the point and without wasting time when in the ring, Queen Cobra is a woman who while making little small talk time to time and other bits of trash talk, is someone who prefers letting the hands and feet do the talking than words, a firm believer of actions speak louder than words. She has a rather harsh, biting persona, fitting that of someone who styles themself after a snake.

However she isn't above acting like a teacher and instructing her opponents where they make mistakes to get under their skin.

Behind the ring, Queen Cobra (who goes in public by the name Sanvi Ahuja) is a calm, rather quiet, polite, but often tired seeming person. Her face often makes her look partially sleepy, and she can seem almost lazy and lethargic at times.


Sanvi's career as an adult didn't particularly start out in a good way.

Finding herself leaving high school at an early age due to her family falling on poverty and hard times, Sanvi found herself falling to desperation as she started doing many different jobs (ranging from cleaner tasks, waitress, and maids) before being pulled into prostitution to try to find means of finance. This rough transition in life left a permanent scar on Sanvi that she never truly recovered from to this day. She moved across India, smuggled around like an item, and met many different women and men across her time in this role, as her own reputation rose as she did whatever she could to get as much money as possible.

During this time, she found herself having a rare chance encounter; being attacked by a mugger in broad daylight but was saved by a man who was an instructor from a local gym and wrestling circuit. The instructor, whose name was Ranjeet, helped her recover from the shock of the incident, and she was greatly touched by the mans kindness. Being inspired by his abilities, and watching him perform his job, she learnt more about wrestling, even trying to sign up for the gym, the first real spark of motivation she had had in a long while. Though the gym administration declined her, Ranjeet took pity on her and stepped in, wanting to help her in any way he could.

Sanvi's life began to turn around, as Ranjeet taught her wrestling at his home apartment, showing her the ropes and more. With time passing, Sanvi grew closer to Ranjeet, feeling many emotions for the man who was trying to help her turn her life around. Sanvi tried to leave her old history and life behind, with whatever little she had, and wanted to start afresh with Ranjeet helping her to rise to new heights.

Years passed, and Sanvi would eventually end up marrying Ranjeet, letting the gym and her local circuit become her new home, where she became a bit of a reputed grappler, helping Ranjeet with running the place in her new life. She earned the title of Queen Cobra due to her strong holds that many said was similar to a snake constricting its prey. Sanvi couldn't have been happier, believing she had successfully buried her past behind her though her mind never really let her have true peace. She was always fearful of it resurfacing some day...

Sanvi, now at age of 46, 20 years of being married to Ranjeet, learnt about AFW and what it held in its halls. She decided that it was time to push her reputation to a new level, and with Ranjeet's blessings, set sail to Japan for the AFW.


Queen Cobra heavily relies on her strong grappling and hold techniques to weaken and bend her opponents though she isn't averse to slapping her foes into an opening.

Style: Grappler

Type: Submission specialist

Preferred Attacks: Backhand Slap

Preferred Matches: Submission matches

Endurance: 6/10. Years of fighting has honed her body to fighting and taking hits though her age can get in the way.
Strength: 7/10. A well built body allows her to stay ahead of most of the competition in terms of strenghth.
Speed: 6/10. Despite her age, she is rather quick on her feet for quickly grabbing her opponents.
Defense: 6/10. Grabs opponent strikes to defend herself. Good at countering submission holds.
Technique: 8/10. Very dangerous grapple skills.
Aerial: 5/10. Uses several aerial moves for big hits.

Finishing Moves:

Sanp ki Kaat (Snake's Bite): Queen traps the opponent in a Scorpion Rib Crush, even rubbing her legs up and down to cause friction and pain on the victim to make them tap out faster.

Zehr (Venom): Queen applies a powerful Ankle Lock while sitting down on her opponent like a half Boston Crab.

Dubao (Constriction): Using a chicken wing hold, then dragging the opponent to the mat in a sleeper hold bodyscissors, Queen traps the opponent in a hellish submission hold thats difficult to escape.


Wins: 21
Losses: 9


Rivals: Kaiser "Kai" Fond

Fun facts

1. Queen wears eye lenses that make her eyes look more snake-like.
2. Queen hates hentai matches because they remind her of the past she tried to leave behind. She is considerably aggressive during these if forced into one.
3. Queen, despite her lazy, chill and lethargic personality, is quite the avid gym enthusiast and trainer. She sees it as a way of easing the mind like meditation.

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