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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Otoha Okiura

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Otoha Okiura Empty Otoha Okiura

Post by threedee Wed May 24, 2023 8:18 am

Name: Otoha Okiura
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Eyes: Heterochromatic (Steely Grey/Piercing Yellow)
Hair: Cyan
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 148 lbs.
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance music:


Wrestling Information

Style: Otoha is a force to be reckoned with- With fierce strikes and powerful throws as a constant, she can adept to many styles if she needs to, making her a daunting figure in the ring!

Preferred Attacks: Otoha is fairly versatile, but she often relies on her powerful strikes when all else fails

Preferred Matches: Otoha is a bit of a purist when it comes to wrestling. She greatly prefers standard one on one bouts, seeing it as the truest way to gauge the talent of a wrestler. She's not entirely opposed to multi-fighter bouts, gimmick matches, and more hardcore faire however- Especially against bitter rivals. She very actively detests the more... Risqué options though.

Endurance: •••• - Otoha seems to have boundless stamina and spirit- It'll take a lot to beat her down!
Strength: •••• - For a woman of her size and stature, Otoha is shockingly strong- Don't underestimate her power, especially with her strikes!
Speed: ••• - Otoha can hang with the best in terms of agility- She might not be the fastest overall, but she catch you by surprise if you're not careful!
Defense: •• - While Otoha is adept at avoiding and countering damage, one good hit can have her reeling, leaving her open for further damage!
Technique: ••• - While not perfect, Otoha's raw talent is undeniable. With some experience under her belt, she could prove to be a well-oiled, finely tuned wrestling machine!

Favored moves:
-Handspring Back Elbows, usually saving them to catch her opponent off-guard
-Double Stomps
-Question Mark Kick to clinch a devastating combo
-Cravat Hold
-Gutwrench Driver

Finishing moves:
Somnium-Plex - Otoha Okiura Jay-white-regalplex

Bats Out of Hell - Otoha will find a way to make her opponent kneel- Usually via a quick, efficient kick to the leg, or if her opponent has really drawn her ire, harshly slapping them in the face repeatedly until they crumple to their knees. Then once they're in position, she runs behind them and rebounds off the ropes, building up plenty of velocity as she dashes at her opponent and sends a stiff knee right in the back of their head!


Personality: Otoha is hard to get a read on for most people. She can come across as sort of a brooding, standoffish loner who prefers to keep to herself- But once that barrier is down, she's cordial and even very friendly once you get to know her. She also despises outright bullies, and will always step in and defend someone no matter what.

Past/History: Otoha has had a... Turbulent past, according to her. She prefers not to talk about it too much, but is fine talking about her current life- Usually when grumbling about her loving yet... "eccentric" father. Despite her frequent exasperation with him, the two love each other dearly, and Otoha owes her getting into the wrestling business thanks to his training. Originally intending to follow in her father's footsteps of joining the police force, he actually vehemently suggested she didn't- Not wishing for her to come under any harm physically or mentally. Otoha was initially peeved with this sentiment- Until her father suggested becoming a wrestler as an alternative. With a newfound epiphany, she gladly thanked her father and immediately set her sights right for what she believed to be the top of the wrestling world- AFW Tension.

Fun Facts!:
*Otoha enjoys classic automobiles, a trait she picked up from her father. She particularly loves old motorcycles, and managed to get her hands on an old Honda CB750- Which she upkeeps religiously, keeping it good as new.

*Most people see Otoha as a tough, stoic badass- So they find it quite surprising whenever she posts on social media about her evergrowing Adorabbit collection!

*Otoha is known for her tendency to be a loner, but one of the easiest ways to break the ice is with food- Especially a nice hot beef bowl.

*Otoha doesn't take kindly to most innuendo, rolling her eyes and mumbling under her breath when it hits her ear- Something about her dad's jokes.

AFW Information

Record: 0-0-0
Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Draws: 0


Friends: N/A
Allies: N/A
Rivals: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Crushes: N/A

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