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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Dazzle the Clown! featuring The Hornswoggle Quartet

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Dazzle the Clown! featuring The Hornswoggle Quartet Empty Dazzle the Clown! featuring The Hornswoggle Quartet

Post by Smolsquito Wed Jan 18, 2023 7:36 am

Dazzle the Clown! featuring The Hornswoggle Quartet VW2a0qK

Dazzle the Clown
*honk honk*


Real Name: Miyu Piero
Nicknames: The Jester, the vent-crawler, that thing
Age: 20
Eyes: Light green
Hair: Dark Purple with neon pink and neon blue highlights
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 120 lbs
Nationality: British
Alignment: Tweener
Favorite Match types: Any
Entrance Music:
Entrance/Main theme:


Wrestling/Casual outfit:
Hentai outfit:

Dazzle is an energetic happy-go-lucky prankster, who wants nothing more to put a bright smile on as many people as she possibly can. The reason as to WHY she acts so chipper, however, is a lot more complicated than it may seem. Dazzle is an Optimistic nihilist, essentially a person who gives their own meaning to what initially seems like a meaningless universe. In her case, the meaning she chose to give her life was to spread joy and laughter through simple acts like... well, goofing off.

That being said, though, Dazzle has a hard time making genuine connections with other people. Having already been betrayed by people close to her, she tends to use her goofy persona both as a means to spread joy AND as a means to keep people from growing too close to her, not wanting to be hurt again. After all, being left behind by an acquaintance hurts a lot less than being left behind by a close friend.

Wrestling Information

Type: Showman/Highflyer

Strategy: [If I don't know what I'm doing, then my opponent won't know either!] ...yep, that pretty much sums up her strategy perfectly. She's as unpredictable as she is energetic, often dancing to the beat of her own drum rather than following a single strategy or pattern like her fellow wrestlers often do. Dazzle's also not the kind of gal to go for the same kind of move twice in a row, and is often annoyed by people that rely heavily on a single kind of attack.

The only consistent aspect of her fighting style is how little time she spends standing still. Her feet are almost constantly moving. Be it running circles around her opponent to try and disorient them, Using her excellent balance to walk along the ring's ropes for a stylish escape, or hopping in place to skip away as soon as her opponent approaches, Dazzle will not stay in a single place for long... unless she's put in a tight enough submission. After all, she may be a flexible woman, but even the slipperiest of snakes can be caught by a tight enough vice.

Dazzle's voice-box also plays a minor, yet important role in what little strategy she often employs during her matches, that being... well, giving her a voice. Since she can't really speak on her own, she uses the voice box (built and designed by the lovely people at Rapture Laboratoriestm) to both communicate AND play short audio clips from various media to incorporate into her jokes.
Voicebox example:

That being said, though, Dazzle doesn't really fight on her own. Though its true that she's the one doing all the heavy lifting, she's often accompanied by four short people in clown make-up, also known as "The Hornswoggle Quartet", which are simply there to lend her a hand during her intro and whenever she makes a joke during the match!
The Hornswoggle Quartet' appearance:

Attitude To Hentai: [Nice tiddies! Mind if I... Y'know... *honk honk* ]

General Statistics
[Endurance 5/10
Strength 3/10
Speed 9/10
Defence 8/10
Technique 5/10

Wrestling Statistics
Strikes 3/10
Submissions 5/10
Powerhouse honk honk /10
Aerials 9/10
Counters 8/10

Match Ending Moves

Signature Moves
Name Of The Moves:
The punchline!:

Finishing Moves
Name Of The Moves:
Clown Around Town:
The Beat-Drop:


Send in the clowns!:

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Crushes: None for now

Enemies: None for now

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