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Mixed Match

Sat Jun 08, 2024 6:16 am by jdo_sss

Looking for an mixed match on this forum looking for my character mostly be smothered and dominated though you can message me here or on discord lilpeep44_6

NitroVitro- the display name on discord message me if interested

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Mon May 13, 2024 5:49 am by TheLoneWanderer

As a first outing for this rebooted account, I'd like to engage some opponent in a matroom, or something equivalent, with a focus on BJJ, Catch Wrestling, MMA, etc. It can range from actual training (preferably of the character I play but I can do yours even if I'd like further teaching for BJJ.) to an extreme match. Either way, message me if you wanna bite. While I do like femdom and all that, I will do my best to treat any participants equally.

You can pick either Senji or Hiroyuki but I'm …

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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Yuki Morishige!

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Yuki Morishige! Empty Yuki Morishige!

Post by threedee Sat Dec 31, 2022 4:13 am

Name: Yuki Morishige
Sex: Female 
Age: 20
Eyes: Steely Blue (Uses Pink Contacts)
Hair: Black (Naturally) with pink, blue, and white highlights
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 103 lbs.
Nationality: Japanese 
Alignment: Face
Entrance music: Toumei Shojou by Number Girl

Everyday Look!
More Casual Outfit!
Ready to Wrestle!

Wrestling Information

Style: A flashy, reckless style of Joshi Puro

Preferred Attacks: Wild strikes and brazen dives- anything that'll pop the fans!

Preferred Matches: Anything chaotic- Multi-fighter matches, hardcore matches, battle royals- But she doesn't mind a good ol' singles match to showcase and improve her skills!

Endurance: ***** - Yuki is a tiny ball of pure, unadulterated energy who can keep going all day and all of the night!
Strength: ** - Yuki is short and slim, so strength is not her forté. If she goes against anyone with a clear size advantage, she's in major trouble!
Speed: ***** - Where Yuki's size is helpful, however, is her agility- With her wild and energetic concerts (and subsequent chases with the police), she has zero trouble zipping around the ring!
Defense: *** - Yuki can only defend herself from so much with her small size and lacking strength, but she does hold great spirit and tenacity!
Technique: *** - Yuki is a bit more knowledgeable than one would expect, being a big fan of wrestling, but she still has a long way to go to learn the ropes and hone her craft!

Favored moves:
Yuki-Go-Round!! - With her opponent doubled over, Yuki hooks her arms around their arm and head, spinning them around like she's going for a neckbreaker!... Then spinning turning another 180 degrees until they're back where they started. Then she spins again!... and again... and again!... and again... Until finally she does indeed stop and finish the neckbreaker. A flashy move that's a pain in the neck, both figuratively and literally!

Cannonball!! - With her opponent standing outside the ring, Yuki rebounds off the ropes to get a running start, before leaping high over the ropes and frontflipping forward to attack her opponent with her entire body!

Finishing moves:
Destruction Baby!! - Yuki goes behind her opponent and crosses their arms in front of them, before lifting them up onto her shoulders in an Electric Chair position. Then, she hops in the air and tugs on their arms, toppling her opponent over and sending them crashing to the mat in a package position, where she promptly pins them!


Personality: Yuki is energy personified- Gregarious and happy-go-lucky to a fault, she puts having a good time above all else! She's always up to wacky hijinks whenever she's not in the ring. To others she can come across as rambunctious and eccentric at best, a nuisance at worst. She can be oblivious or downright ditzy at times, but she's not an idiot- Sometimes using her personality to lure foes into a false sense of security!

Past/History: An underground punk rocker and massive wrestling fan, Yuki Morishige has amassed a small yet deeply devoted cult following for her boundless energy, bubbly personality, and eccentric antics! Growing up a fan of the AFW, she attended every show she could- Even attempting to sneak past security at times (to varying results). As early as 15 she started secretly training by herself to become a wrestler whenever she wasn't busy with her music- and now with her fans rallying behind her, she's set her sights on AFW, ready to climb her way to the top- Aaaand guaranteeing a slight bump in the ratings with her diehard followers!

Fun Facts!:
*Yuki tries to hide it, but she's actually a big fan of pop music- Especially female idol groups!

*Besides wrestling, Yuki enjoys baseball, watching western cartoons, and urban exploration!

*With her hyperactive way of speaking, she sometimes stumbles on her words, especially adverbs

*Even though she constantly causes trouble for the police with her wild antics, Ibuki has never been arrested- Because she's never been caught!

AFW Information

Record: 0-0-0
Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Draws: 0


Friends: N/A
Allies: N/A
Rivals: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Crushes: N/A

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Yuki Morishige! Empty Re: Yuki Morishige!

Post by Old_Man_Tai Sat Dec 31, 2022 8:12 am

Profile approved. You may RP as you like.

Check out the recently revamped Roster Page, now with pics!

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