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Femdom matches with smothers in mixed matches

Mon Jun 24, 2024 2:01 am by jdo_sss

If anyone has any female characters that needs more wins and uses moves like stinkface, breast smother etc let me know message me on discord thanks


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Mixed Match

Sat Jun 08, 2024 6:16 am by jdo_sss

Looking for an mixed match on this forum looking for my character mostly be smothered and dominated though you can message me here or on discord lilpeep44_6

NitroVitro- the display name on discord message me if interested

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Madeleine Citronelle, Countess of Exquisite Taste

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Madeleine Citronelle, Countess of Exquisite Taste Empty Madeleine Citronelle, Countess of Exquisite Taste

Post by Fieuline Wed Jul 06, 2022 2:11 am

Madeleine Citronelle, Countess of Exquisite Taste Tag

Core Character Concept

Madeleine Citronelle, Countess of Exquisite Taste Bad-notes-3

Sex, Status, Stuff.

Isn’t the alliteration cute? I’m sure it helps the psychiatric students memorize pathological motivators as they prep for their board certification exams. And somehow it never occurs to them how cruel their reductive little mnemonics feel to the human beings they purport to treat. Here’s another gem: “A personality disorder characterized by a grandiose sense of self-importance, lack of empathy, and tendency towards socially exploitative behavior.”

Status. Stuff. Sex.

Yes. I confess—J’avoue, c’est moi! I am a creature of exquisite tastes, tastes that I feed without shame. My gimmick is the vampire because I drink deeply of life’s blood. Some of my supper is indeed “stuff”: The sweet cantatas of Bach, for instance, encoded on glossy vinyl, or the ennui of an Ishiguro novel pressed into fine parchment. And yes. Some of what I crave is sex. And some of my joy comes from reaping the status I earn.

For some of you, this personality profile is somehow enough to prove that I don’t bleed, that I don’t laugh, that I don’t cry...That I don’t feel deeply. But damn the white coats. I do feel deeply. And when I’m done, so will you.

Patient Notes

Sex: Female
Age: 26
Eyes: Blue (usually under red or gold contacts)
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5’4” (a sensitive fact of life for her)
Weight: 152lb, 69 kg (technically overweight; point it out at your own peril)
Nationality: French
Alignment: Heel (Lawful Evil)
Entrance music:


From a set of undated, private clinical reflections Madeleine was asked to compile for Dr. Diane Batson, PsyD.

Childhood was difficult. Teasing made me angry, getting angry made the teasing worse. Pretty soon I’d bitten someone, and there was blood and crying. Later there would be spankings. Then around collège (your middle school) I learned enough rules and self-control to coexist with people. The part of me that manages all that, I call her Keeper. You would call her highly neurotic; I’d say she has keen attention to detail in an insane system.  Collège is also when I started The Red Book. See, just because Keeper could smile at a thing, that didn’t make what they did right. So when something was done, I made a red note in the red book, which belongs to Brittle, whose expertise is patient planning.

And then, beneath all of that, there’s Grandiose. Who is Grandiose? Grandiose is a creature of exquisite taste and sharp hunger. Hunger for what?

The third movement of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony represents a confrontation between Good and Evil, C major and C minor. The heroine struggles against darkness and defeats it with laughter (in the bass strings). Then she rises through the linking passage mist and bursts forth, like a valkyrie, with golden noise, into the fourth movement...the purest triumph in the entire repertoire. Dooo Mi Soool, Fa Mi Re Do Re Dooo! Listen to that sound. I recommend the Barenboim recording from 1994 Berlin. That sound is Grandiose—what she is and what she wants.

But the world has not always been kind to Grandiose. There have been...lovers' quarrels, professional misunderstandings. I spent so much time learning how to be small around small people, but it was never enough to fit. But why not just leave the small people altogether? That’s where AFW fits in. At AFW, I can let Grandiose simply...breathe. I’m finally going where I’ll be allowed to stand at my real height.

It’s going to be pure Beethoven.

Laptop of one Charlotte Lavigne, C4-78-A8-AF-6F-EB, filepath ‘charlavigne@shimmertop:~/Documents/personal/diary/05-07-2022.odt’

”Shimmerlace Background”:

—So, Shimmerlace.

—So, Charlotte.

—I’m shitfaced.

—Thoroughly so, aye. On account, as I understand it, of Maddie joining up with AFW, oh, a week or so after you. And in a whole division ahead of you...On account of “substantial talent.” That you apparently lack.


—FUCKIN ‘ELL. That’s what you sound like Charlotte. That’s you right now. Calm your tits, right? Look. Drop the baggage at the baggage claim and keep your head on crooked.

—She’s a manipulative, cruel, self-obsessed, dangerous little…

—Aye, a wee cunt. Who sleeps with dolls.

—...the dolls were cute

—Aye. But don’t go telling her that. Or about the sweet lil face she makes when you finish her off~

—CHRIST THAT FACE ow Shimmer my heart why

—All I’m saying, sweet wain, is don’t take her so serious. She’s just a person, same as you, with a seriously pretentious front. Look, I say it’s an opportunity for some real fine pranks against a real deserving target.


—C’mon! It’s not SO dangerous. If she gets violent, we always got the bedtime dolls for blackmail. And that wee therapist she thought she hid so well. AYE I’M HEADING OFF TO HEAR MOZART (for the fifth time this month), GLAD YOU’RE SUCH AN UNCULTURED RUBE CHARLOTTE AND WILL NEVER ASK TO COME WITH OR SPECIFY WHERE IN FRANCE THEY PLAY MOZART WITH SUCH BIWEEKLY FREQUENCY. Fuckin’ arrogant cunt.

—We’re not using her mental health to blackmail her Shimmer. It’s good and frankly surprising she goes for help. We’re not ruining that. And anyway she doesn’t deserve being messed with.

—Like fuck she don’t! You’re talking about a sadist, dear.

—She likes to act like that, sure. But she’s got her soft spots, you know? Little, cute ways about her, however she tries to cover it up. Like the way she is with stray cats.

—She did have a bit of a savior complex with creatures feline, aye.

—Look I fucking hate her too. Really. I really, really do. But if we go poking the wrong buttons she might blow up and ruin herself, right? Most folks don’t know the right buttons, but we do. And she deserves a chance here same as us. Best thing is just to keep our distance and pretend she’s not here. Alright?...

...Alright, Shimmer?

Fighting Style and Preferred Matches

Physical Statistics

Wrestling Statistics
Strikes: ★★★
Submissions: ★★★★
Powerhouse: ★★★
Aerial: ★★
Counters: ★★★★

Madeleine can hold her own through a variety of combat forms, but her favorite style by far is submission wrestling. Details to be added her at a later date.

Favorite Submissions:

”Stretch Muffler”:

”Hanging Tree Leglock”:

”Figure Four LegLock”:

Preferred Matches:

Madeleine’s Preferences: Madeleine schemes to set herself up in matches where she can show off and dominate. Although she would not admit it to herself, that often means angling towards weaker or more vulnerable opponents—and in matches that allow her to be more brutal, such as handicap, hardcore and POW matches. She also is happy to participate in Hentai. Stuff, Sex, and Status, remember?

Madeleine also holds grudges, which she records with meticulous memory in her mental Red Book. She will pursue storylines where she looks to avenge perceived slights.

Writer’s Preferences: Speaking on the meta, I enjoy playing Madeleine dominant (as given above) and want her to maintain a level of credibility that Shimmerlace or my other characters won’t be as concerned about. However, I’m OK with the occasional close loss, and more importantly I’m also interested in storylines that will humiliate Madeleine—she’s the type who will respond colorfully. And anyway, she deserves to be kicked. But I would want the really humiliating losses to be part of a storyline and not something done casually.


Madeleine's Favorite Portrait:
Main Attire (No Cape):
Main Attire (Cape):
Evening Wear Outfit:
Amused At Someone's Expense:
After Being Defeated:
She Has a Crush:
Hentai Gear (nsfw):
Shimmerlace Made Her Laugh:
Out On the Town:
On a Date:


// For the most part, I've tried to make Madeleine’s personality apparent throughout. However, I've included an excerpt from a scene in Madeleine’s career to give people a sense of what our style might be like in a thread. The canonicity of these excerpts is somewhat fluid.

”Madeleine vs An Enemy”:

Madeleine vs a Friend (re-used from Shimmerlace bio):

AFW Record




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