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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sat Apr 06, 2024 7:00 pm by Blade/speranza

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Angelina Tarrant - The Marauder

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Angelina Tarrant - The Marauder Empty Angelina Tarrant - The Marauder

Post by Rymiscuius Thu May 19, 2022 3:50 pm

Angelina Tarrant

Angelina Tarrant - The Marauder IMG_5570

You set the rules and I’ll still win.”

Name: Rachel Baker
Preferred Name: Angelina Tarrant
Ring Name: The Marauder
Age: 20
Height: 5’3
Weight: 112
Eye Colour: Purple
Hair Colour: Red
Alignment: Tweener

Wrestling Attire - "If ya' so afraid of losin' it all, then give me all ya' got.:
Wrestling Attire 2! - "Fun is half the game. Style is the other.:
Hentai Attire - "If we gonna do this, then we doin' it right.:
Bikini Stuff! - "Ya wanna take a dip or keep stain'?:
Photo Op - "Ain't no way ya forgettin' this name.:
Casual - "I know just the place to get some kicks. Ya in?:
Casual 2 - "I'm killin' for work. What ya got?:
Casual 3 - "Just because I'm actin' nice, don't make us friends.:
A little get-up - "Look all ya want. I dressed just for ya, dork-stick.:
Lingerie - "Am so not responsible for what happens now.:
Tease - "Want it off? Take it if you can.:
Bunny - "Check it, I'm wearing the thing.:
Dress - "Ya got me in this, now take fuckin' responsibility.:

Wrestling Information


Angelina possesses an asset which many can’t see on first appearance. A particular viciousness and aggression that originates from her adaption to street altercations, which often demands debilitation over just defeat. This often means a pain-maximised style through closed fists, knees, back-elbows and headbutts for base strikes. Her lack of complex wrestling ability is subsidised by her innate gift for movement, with remarkable speed, fluidity and instinct to use obstacles to help her. She’s strong on a street-scene, but inside that ring, four-ropes and a human body can be all she needs to pull off some amazing and brutal high-flying hits. You can expect a tough hardened woman who doesn’t shy from pain, rather, knows how to live within it and still thrive. She’s also smarter than people know, with that creativity and tenacity helping her innovate and combat her technical opponents, while she still struggles to battle them in earnest beyond closed fists, spit or something witty. What makes her a fearsome opponent, beyond all that, is two things. First, is that desire to reap all you’re worth, mentally, physically. She’s a head-hunting, collecting, treasurer, tormenting, pirating punk ass. And second, which any opponent will learn, is the sheer lengths she’ll go. No rules are sacred. If you can’t stop it, then boo hoo.

Strengths: Angelina's strength lies in her mindset. It's vicious and unforgiving, ruthless and tenacious. She's had time to harden, making her able to inflict and receive pain as an equal experience with their own value, and not shy from it. Nothing inside the ring is sacred. Neither is she very shakeable. Rules and limits, the idea of honour are more-so given meaning in the match that be, often being zero. It makes her unpredictable. But perhaps her greatest physical trait is her agility and capacity for fluid and decisive moments. It’s instant and resourceful, possessing its share of acrobatics and fast counters that are maximised for pain infliction, and perhaps, just perhaps, a bit of finesse.

Weaknesses: Beyond the obvious lithe stature and inferior physicality and durability against bigger and stronger opponents that can manhandle her pirating desires, for someone like Angelina, there is a slightly more personal attribute when fighting someone. She desires to reap folks of everything of value before leaving them, like a reaper does to life or pirate boarding a ship. This makes her needlessly abusive at times, verbally and physically, and frequently taunting rather than seeking the match's conclusion. Her unquenchable need for conflict and pleasure leads her to chase folks and prizes that can out-match her limited experience. She’s a woman who uses her fear as a drug, thus, can, has and will keep willingly boarding a ship out-gunned in pursuit of taking worth. Her rough-edged style also sees an improvised moveset and sometimes hip-fired strategies, which can suffer against prepared technical opponents.

Favourite Moves:

  • Strikes
    • Roundhouse Kick
    • Back Elbows
    • Superman Punch
    • Dropkick
    • Kick to knee
    • Headbutt

  • Stand-Up Moves
    • Spear
    • Sitting/Jumping/Suplex Neckbreaker
    • D.D.T.
    • Flatliner
    • Wheelbarrow Facebuster
    • Coast-To-Coast moves
    • Spinning Backbreaker

  • Holds
    • Armbar/Over-The-Rope/Grounded
    • Back-Mount RNC
    • Ankle Lock
    • Leg-Splits
    • Boston Crab
    • Full-Nelson Bodyscissors


    Spinning Back Elbow - Grater

    Solar Plexus Punch - Shotgun

    Carthweel Kick - Kickflip


    Punt Kick - Call of the Unconscious

    Showtime Kick - Off the Wall


Angelina Tarrant or Rachel Baker by birth was born in New York City. She had a busy lifestyle and was raised in a hectic modest apartment with four older brothers. From a young age, she always felt competitive with them, wanting what they had, rather, to be like them. But she was pampered, and as also the only girl, was a slight outcast amongst them. School was her battleground, to be cooler, smarter, and better than people. She wanted to prove it too, not just claim it, and viewed many fellow classmates as rivals. There was nothing more decisive than test scores and sports, which she tried vigorously but again, this put her on the outside of most social circles.

Teenage Rachel saw this thirst grow to new heights. Her lifestyle was very fixed and routine. She ate specific foods, had her room especially organized and made schedules for her days almost down to the hour, a week in advance to what she’ll be doing and how to maximize her time. She wanted to get into Harvard and become a physicist. It wasn’t so much the desire to be a physicist itself, but the prestige and nobility of the feat; how it sounded; it became the proverbial finish line for this competition she made for herself.

Something changed at sixteen, rather, something happened. It was the end of her school day when she walked home. She decided to take a shortcut through an alley, and came upon a mugging, then tried to intervene. Everything else became a blur. She felt nothing but wetness on her fingers, her neck, back and side. Heard nothing but ambulance sirens. Saw nothing but the blurring sun, and passing memories all within the clouds. When her barrings came back, she was in a hospital bed, donning stitches, welts and bruises, sprains and a killer headache. She relived it countless times in her head, the injustice, the randomness of it all. What did she do wrong to deserve this? What is she doing with her time? Why? These became the questions during her recovery and down time. Everything slowly became beautiful in her eyes. The sun, the wind, roads, bricks, plants, food of all kinds. Smells, good ones, bad ones. Okay ones. Her room. The comforts of her sheets. The only thing she found ugly was how she never slowed down to take it all in. That would change.

Rachel started going to the gym and laxed on her studies. Her grades steadily declined as she did other things, mostly outside, and often just exploring areas she never went. Her main way of transport became skateboarding, and she took that intensely, learning tricks of all kinds and recording clips of herself. The hunger for stimulation grew, and she started viewing everything around herself as a jungle gym, a tool to help her. An obstacle course. A challenge. No, competition. She wanted to push herself physically, and mentally against things she didn’t think possible before. Maybe just practical. This meant risk. Danger. Testing every fear she had before. Parkour was often the answer, scaling things, jumping rooftops, walking on I-beams that saw people on the ground become ants, climbing towers. She hung with a sketchy crowd, where she pretended to be the twenty-year-old Angelina Tarrant. Under this name, she felt free and could do everything that would’ve made Rachel freeze in fright. She was seldom stopped by fear, instead appetized by it like a challenge. Another splendour to be had. Another impulse to be explored. And perhaps this was influenced by her new group, hardening as time went by and entering her fair share of scraps to prove and test her metal. Beating someone up became just as much of a trophy as grinding a new rail.

By the time she graduated, Rachel donned the Angelina Tarrant mask in all corners of her life. People online even knew her as such. Except for at home, where her eyes seemed to focus less and less until she heard something interesting. One of her siblings was moving away, the eldest, with a suspicious pretense that she had to eavesdrop to learn. He was going to wrestle in California. That alone spiked her interest to tag along, and when he refused, she stowed away in his vehicle’s trunk and they were so far out when he discovered her, he cowed to her ask, and rode along. It was bottom-level pro wrestling, but a promotion nonetheless where he’d earn money and she’d watch. They’d stay for a year. When fall came, a tournament was announced by a AFW scout and the promoter said that they’d fight for a chance to join AFW itself. Anyone can enter. But it can only have one winner. And that’s when Angelina Tarrant entered the scene.

She had a lack of pro wrestling experience, but her earlier parkour made her agile and dexterous, plus she’s racked up plenty of experience scrapping and learned as time went by. Her brother was furious that she’d join against him, and try to stump his dream, so cut her off from living on his expense so she’d HAVE to go home. But all that just made her chase it more. Now she wanted what he had. Everyone had something she wanted, because they want it. It became her centre for pleasure in competition. To take. The prize and danger. Fear and all. She’d take their pride, their money, and their dreams. She wanted it all, but mostly, she wanted him to see it. In this pursuit, she’d meet a woman who offered to make all that happen. She gave her shelter, food, a place to train and some spending money, with only one catch: win. Now she had to. And when she wrestled her brother in the finals, she took his dreams with a punt kick. Angelina Tarrant now reaped what she owed, a LAW contract, and was saddled to entice herself in this new world of wrestling.


*Might make a summed up version in the future.
When she was young, the world felt like clockwork. Hardwork pays off, the competent are unstoppable. This is a land governed by rules, karma and those who deserved it got rewarded. This is the foundation of her love for winning at a young age. Life was a game with fixed rules, and she thought she could win simply by playing by them. Smarter. Better. Then she got hurt. The near-death experience chucked her down an odd path of self-searching, trophy hunting, thrill-seeking and appreciation for everything. What was she doing, if by doing everything right, could she simply die tomorrow from something she cannot predict? Maybe next week. Maybe next year. Decade. Never. What was the point? She spent her recovery and afterward, wondering, changing, experiencing and then came to a new answer. There wasn’t any meaning. So, live. Every day. Just live.

She slowly ditched many of her former beliefs that universal morals and outcomes exist, and matter long-term, becoming this person who’s happy to live in the present and let her future lie in limbo because she’ll deal with it then. Her tomorrows are mysteries and her todays are impulses. But she never lost that competitive itch. Instead of test scores and praise, it was pushing her own physical and mental limits, pitting them against something or someone, sometimes greater than herself, but simply defying it out of spite. Winning became this drug, because it always meant reaping something. Thrill, fear, elation and rage are all part of that hunt. A feat for herself, or something valuable either materialistically or psychological, but prizes of sentimental value, to herself and especially another were even greater to steal. Their pride, dreams, egos. Items. She wanted to be chased for the bounty, their metaphorical head, to feel danger and hold whatever she pirated above their heads, forever out of reach. Simply because she can, and you didn’t deserve it if you couldn’t take it back. It isn’t of innate malevolence, however. Angelina has no sadistic grudge or bone to bully those clearly underneath her. Her itch rests with punching up, to take something worth taking from someone worth pirating. By any means. After all, if she’s going to be gone tomorrow, she might as well do anything she wants and accrue all she can today. This goes for opponents. She will not hold back and not apologize. Neither will she hold a grudge on you for doing the same. This doctrine made her resourceful and stubborn, hard-working and incredibly tenacious. She’s angered but also motivated by those who’ll try to disregard her, but conversely, is just as quick to turn someone away when they aren’t up to scratch.

Her demeanour is considered relaxed and her speech is cuss-heavy, denoted by quick-wit that can veer a conversation in whatever way she likes. She’s upfront and sassy, calling herself A.T at times, workshopping slang and phrases, bold and fearless with her eyes often filled with this hunger and makes no secret when she wants something or someone. She’s self-aware of her absolute selfishness, accepting of who she is and happy with her life. She’s temperamental and without much loyalty beyond herself and what captivates her attention, secretive and perhaps easily flustered when someone praises her in a genuine non-sassy manner. She prefers people at arm’s length, never too close, but willing to share her bed. Emotional connections see her try to drag people with her on her crazy ride. Angelina seeks people who think like her. The same people who see everything as a competition. It put her in the graces of some formidable allies, and ever since, she’s despised those who are weak. It’s not a competition to beat on someone lesser than you, it’s just a lesson, one better off taught by an equal, where something is worth taking.

Cool Bug Facts:

    Angelina possesses an online following on social media and youtube, mainly posting a variety of skateboarding and parkour clips, denoted by her personality and tendency for dangerous spots. People know her as A.T.

    She possesses three notable scars. One on her neck, concealed by her choker. One on her right-side ribs by her breast and another on her lower left backside, just over the waistline. Other than that, she holds a few minor scattered scars like on her right shin and often gloved left palm. Maybe funny, maybe serious. She won't tell you!

    The horns exist because she thinks they're kick ass.

    Total lightweight with alcohol, only snuck a handful on occasions for obvious age reasons.

    Favourite food is just ice cream. Strawberry. In fact, anything cherry and she's game.


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