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Tue Aug 09, 2022 1:04 am by ihateocrecolors

Due to some issues that I think have been popping up because of my involvement in stuff, I believe it's in the interest for me and everyone else that I take a temporary or probably permanent leave from AFW-related stuff. I have been nothing more than a burden to most of you. I won't make this into a giant paragraph. All I want to say is that I apologize to everyone who's ever rooted for me because I can't hack it not anymore.

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Retiring some wrestlers

Sun Jul 10, 2022 11:42 am by Deus001

Hey all

Deus here, I've been thinking it over and I'll be looking at benching some of my roster. Been thinking its a bit over bloated and with newer ideas on the horizon for me I've figured its time to shuffle them off to greener pastures or let their faceclaims be free to use.

So at the moment I will be retiring Chuang Lingxian, Qi Lingxian and Leon La Rouge effective immediate. I might be considering benching other people but atm the above three are getting axed. If you want to adopt any of …

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Trent Masters vs. Gwendolyn DuPont Bettencourt

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Trent Masters vs. Gwendolyn DuPont Bettencourt - Page 3 Empty Re: Trent Masters vs. Gwendolyn DuPont Bettencourt

Post by Teenwrestler Thu Jul 14, 2022 10:38 pm

Never one to shy away from giving credit where credit was due, the Masterpiece had to acknowledge the grappling acumen of his opponent who had gotten one over him by forcing him down to his front on the oiled surface and had him trapped in a single legged Boston Crab submission. Trent would squirm under the noble blueblood, making his way inch by inch towards the ropes while clearly the slippery surface of the mats was surely assisting him in his journey.

When Gwendolyn made sure to inform Trent that she was also capable of performing the unexpected, he had no idea on what she meant. However, he was soon going to find out that the aristocrat was holding a grudge against him for trying to humiliate her with his submission attempt earlier. Gwen would abruptly release the Boston crab only to pivot over to face his front, grabbing both of his arms to stretch them back over her thighs and leaning forward for a camel clutch.

However, that was only a ruse for her true intent was to ensnare his face against her armpit for a dragon clutch submission of her own, pressing her armpit against his mouth and nose for a smother! "Hmmghghmmghh!" the Masterpiece mumbled, forced to take in the scent of her expensive wrestling oil. He would squirm under her wildly now, kicking his legs against the mat while she was forced to ride a wild bull almost.

Trent would manage to free one hand from over her thighs, bringing it up to her underarm trying to force it upwards in an effort to slide her armpit off his face. It seemed that the two wrestlers were equally willing to humiliate the other in order to gain the all important first submission. Trent's muscular frame was on display as his upper body was elevated due to the submission while he struggled to get Gwendolyn off his back and her armpit off his face.

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Trent Masters vs. Gwendolyn DuPont Bettencourt - Page 3 Empty Re: Trent Masters vs. Gwendolyn DuPont Bettencourt

Post by killcarrion Sat Jul 30, 2022 12:06 am

Gwendolyn believed that those who remarked about the gratifying merits of methodically biding one's time in the predatorial hunt for vengeance, had never strapped on a pair of wrestling boots and engaged in these gladiatorial bouts themselves. Opportunities for revenge were seldom granted between seasoned professionals and at these lofty competitive levels. Passing them up akin to potentially allowing the entirety of the match's outcome to slip through one's fingers. Furthermore, having one's pride as besmirched as Gwendolyn's was deserved immediate and decisive retribution in order to reclaim her valor as the dignified noblewoman she is. Potential ideas flitted about her calculating thought processes as to how best extract divine retribution after the Masterpiece's demoralizing submission, but none of them seemed quite as appropriate within her refined mind as serving Trent a metaphorical taste of his own medicine. Although nowhere near as odious thanks to the aromatic scent of her far more luxurious perfume and body wash.

Cranking backward with a regal sneer and brief fluff to her radiant curls as she flicked her head sideways, the snobbish socialite relished in the supreme justice being served via Trent blubbering against the soft flesh of her rather fragrant but nevertheless perspired crevice. Gwendolyn had to admit towards experiencing a certain spark from such an athletic specimen of a man squirming pathetically and under her absolute command, although adjustments were made to compensate for his fervent struggling. A swift maneuvering to the side would undo the camel clutch but allow the heiress to clamp her sublime thighs around Trent's waist in a tightened body scissor, with the dragon smother still woefully intact. "Unlike yourself, Master Trent, I would prefer you refrain from giving up for now. All so that you may indulge your senses further in the heavenly perfection of the regal noblewoman whose now mastering the master~..." Gwen uttered with shared oiled warmth between their greased frames practically glued together.

Trent Masters vs. Gwendolyn DuPont Bettencourt - Page 3 IzEu9yM

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