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'Schoolgirl' Susie Barnett

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'Schoolgirl' Susie Barnett Empty 'Schoolgirl' Susie Barnett

Post by Painfest Fri Aug 20, 2021 8:08 am

'Schoolgirl' Susie Barnett QLIkIGi

Name: Susie Barnett
Alias: 'Schoolgirl' Susie
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 18
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 128 lbs
Nationality: American
Alignment: Face [Neutral-Good]
Entrance music: Assassination Classroom - Mach 20


ring attire:
More Poses:

Wrestling Information

Strategy:  If someone were to make a list of the most dangerous weapons in history, it would behoove them to include Susie's legs somewhere in the top ten. Ok, that might be an exaggeration, but there's no denying that Susie is a force to be reckoned with in the world of striking. She is true master in the art of Taekwondo, and proficient in Muay Thai. She yields kicks with devastating effect, blowing her way past opponents who tend to underestimate her small and polite schoolgirl appearance. She likes to spruce things up by throwing elbows and knees into the equation, relying on her surprising speed and chain-striking abilities to bring herself to the font lines quickly before retreating to a more tactful position when things aren't going her way. Skilled as she is, Susie lacks much in the way of submission tactics. She tries to stick with the basics when it comes to submissions, but especially finds herself vulnerable when trapped in more complex holds.

Susie's relies on her cute and innocent appearance to get away with attack that she normally might not have been able to. While she is a genuine sweet heart and good natured girl, she likes to ramp up her innocent schoolgirl persona in order to convince her opponents that she isn't much of a threat. She tries to bait them into relaxing their guard, allowing her to strike when the time is right and unleash a flurry of kicks and strikes when her opponent is least expecting it. While her cover is always eventually blown, it usually allows her to get in enough critical hits before her opponent starts taking her more seriously. Once that starts to happen, you can expect Susie to become much more spontaneous and sporatic, dashing across the ring in an effort to both distract and dissuade her opponents from trying anything to risky, while also setting herself up to executive some risky maneuvers of her own.

Type: Agile Striker

Preferred Matches: Any

Physical Stats
Endurance (★★★):
Strength (★★★):
Speed (★★★★):
Defense (★★):
Technique (★★★★):

Wrestling Stats
Striking (★★★★★):
Submissions (★★):
Power (★★):
Aerial (★★★):
Counters (★★):


Signature Moves:

Hopscotch Hammer:

Recess Recall:

Twister Tirade:

Deadstop Kick:

Finishing Moves:

Pinball Painfest:

Courtyard Menace:

Sleeper Kick:

Cartwheel Kick:

Hentai Finishers:

The Naughty Kicker (Standing):

The Naughty Kicker:


Personality: Gregarious and whimsical, Susie is always looking to have a good time. She's all about living in the here and now, and is willing to make spontaneous decisions if it makes for a better time. She is constantly in motion, engaging herself in one activity or another. If there one thing she hates more than anything else, it's a sedentary and boring lifestyle, and thus Susie isn't afraid to take dangerous risks if it means she will receive some sort of thrill by the end of it. This has both positive and negative consequence in the ring, as while there is no reward without risk, Susie may also unintentionally throw herself in a situation in which she has little hope of winning. Susie doesn't like to be constrained by rules, but will generally respect them if her opponent does. She isn't afraid to be daring and push the boundaries of what is allowed, but will never stoop to outright cheating or hurting her opponent beyond what is necessary. She detests bullies and mean-spirited opponents, and while she doesn't make it her life's mission to seek them out and destroy them, she does enjoy giving the occasional heel a lesson or two

She is quick to make friends and is a very outgoing person. It is hard to make an enemy out of her, but it is possible, especially if you hurt the ones that she loves. Her greatest joy in the world is her best friend and tag team partner Jayda. The two are rugged individualists who value self-satisfaction and free-living above all else, but find content in each others presence. Hurting one is a surefire way to earn the wrath of the other, but they are both much more willing to make friends than enemies. She loves to fight by her best friend's side, but also doesn't mind having the ring just to herself and her opponent. Her open relationship with Jayda means Susie is free to explore all kinds of matches, and her carefree and experimental personality often means you'll find her in matches ranging from the very sensual to the very hardcore.

Past/History: Susie was born into the wealthy and influential Barnett family in upstate New York. As the only daughter of the family patriarch, Susie was set to be first in line to the family fortune and heir to the family's banking business. Much to her father's disappointment, Susie never displayed interest in any of it whatsoever. Numbers and business were always such a bore to her, and while the money was certainly nice, spending it on antiquated mansions and hosting dreary dinner parties certainly wasn't her idea of fine living. High society simply wasn't for her. She much preferred the company of regular, rowdy, everyday folk.

To quell her wild behavior and constant energy, she was enrolled into a variety of sports. Naturally, they decided to start her off with the rather posh sport of tennis before her teacher quit on the very first lesson after Susie wouldn't stop aiming at him. Similar scenarios played out with golf, squash, swimming, and even horse riding; Susie proved to be a menace in every single one. Desperate, her parents turned to martial arts. Placed in her first Taekwondo class at 8 years old, Susie immediately fell in love. The thrill of legs flying in the air, fencing with one another in an exciting clash of skill and strength: Nothing else compared to it. Her sensei immediately recognized her prowess, and she began training restlessly in the artform. Her repertoire soon grew to include muay thai, and it wasn't long until she was recognized state wide as a child prodigy. While it wasn't the posh sport her parents were hoping for, it was enough to keep her busy, and at this point that was all they could really ask for.

While she was initially homeschooled, Her parents insisted that she attend Elk Ridge Academy for girls on her twelfth birthday, one of the best boarding schools in the country. Susie knew it was going to be filled to the brim with snotty elitist type girls, but agreed to put aside her rebellious inclinations just this once and satisfy her parents wishes. Sent to the boarding school at 12 years old, it was pretty much everything she predicted. Despite her outgoing personality, Susie didn't have any friends, not because she couldn't make any, but simply because she didn't want to.

All the girls at the school were the same, uptight, entitled, pampered stereotypes that she dreaded, and she refused to mingle with any of them. Well, all except for one. That one girl was Jayda Whitfield, Susie's future frenemy and partner all wrapped into one. She had a colorful personality to say the least, always acting eccentrically and in a way that was off-putting to all the other girls. Sometimes her antics were amusing, sometimes they were weird, and sometimes they even got violent She was exactly the right kind of crazy and unique to pique Susie's interest.

One day on a whim Susie figured she ought to introduce herself to Jayda. She approached the girl outside during their break, outstretching her hand in a friendly greeting. No sooner than when she unfurled her tongue to issue an introduction was she greet with a closed fist straight to her face. The reaction caught her completely off guard, allowing Jayda to pounce on her with a never ending series of blows. Whipped back and forth like a ragdoll, all Susie's training seemed to evaporate until suddenly a fist hovered just inches before her nose, before unfolding into an open hand. "Hey, you're Susie right? Don't you dare try sneaking up on me like that again, ya hear!?" The sentence was both friendly and a threat, uttered as if nothing had happened at all before Jayda happily skipped away.

Bruised, beaten, and bloodied, Susie had never felt more alive. Here she was, a prodigy in the art of fighting, and yet she was single-handily dismantled by this crazy chick. She was confused, curious and turned on all the same time. She simply had to know more. She made her second attempt a few weeks later, this time much more slowly and cautiously. It seemed like she had caught he sporadic girl on a much more even-tempered day, and it wasn't long until the two hit off. Susie didn't know much bout Jayda's family or her status, but she never really cared. Over their years at the academy their acquaintanceship grew into a friendship, which eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship. They respected each others individuality while embracing their togetherness. It was during this time that they both came out as bisexual, and while they both had feelings for one another, Susie didn't want to limit their experiences and pleasure in life to just each other, and so agreed to remain as best friends, with benefits of course.

It was pretty early on in their relationship that they discovered their mutual love of fighting. Susie tried to get Jayda to enroll in a dojo but failed, she just didn't want to be contained by the rules of a martial art. Instead, they both expressed their love for wrestling, and no promotion was quite as awesome to them as AFW. They stayed up late at night in their dorms, making out passionately while an intense hentai match played silently in the background. They made a pact with one another, that after they finished school, that they would both set their sights on joining the league as fighters.

On the day of their graduation that was exactly what they did. Seeing their potential, it wasn't long until the young couple got their contract. With her taekwondo skills fully mastered and her best friend by her side, Susie was now ready to show Japan what it meant to make both love and war.

Fun Facts:

- Susie can fight either by herself or with her tag team partner Jayda.

- While taekwondo will always be her beloved passion, she is surprisingly skilled in both volleyball and soccer despite never having played on a team

- Susie doesn't really care for Japanese food, and can sometimes be found desperately prowling the streets of Tokyo looking for a place to get good old fashioned American hamburgers

AFW Information



Friends: Jayda Whitefield
Allies: Jayda Whitfield

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