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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sat Apr 06, 2024 6:00 pm by Blade/speranza

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Jayda 'Jackal' Whitfield

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Jayda 'Jackal' Whitfield Empty Jayda 'Jackal' Whitfield

Post by Painfest Fri Aug 20, 2021 9:56 pm

Jayda 'Jackal' Whitfield Sda3mEF

Name: Jayda Whitfield
Alias: Jayda 'Jackal', 'The Jackal', 'The Canine Catfighter'
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 19
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Purple
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 119 lbs
Nationality: American
Alignment: Tweener [Chaotic-Neutral]
Entrance music:


ring attire:

Wrestling Information

Strategy:  Tactics and planning were never really Jayda's forte. She likes to act sporadically and without much thought, preferring to act on a situation without spending too much time analyzing it. Unpredictability and spontaneity are her strong points, and she yields them with surprising effectiveness. Few can possibly predict what Jayda is willing and capable of doing next. Despite having received 0 formal training in any recognized fighting form, Jayda is able to make excellent use of street-fighting and beat-em-up tactics to both overwhelm and confuse her opponents. She flies in with flurry of punches and kicks, aiming nowhere in particular but seemingly hitting everywhere at once. Hair will be grabbed, crotches will be kneed, skin will be scratched; everything is fair game to to Jayda so long as it inflicts some sort of damage. Her antics are hardly respected in professional fighting, and while she often finds approval with the streetfighting and catfighting circuits, it pains her to see the crowds disapproval of her methods in the wrestling ring. That doesn't mean she'll stop of course, while deep down she may be a clean and good natured girl, nothing will stop her from fighting how she knows best: Rough and dirty.

Type: Unpredictable brawler

Preferred Matches: No DQ, NHB, hardcore, hentai (all types)

Physical Stats
Endurance (★★★★):
Strength (★★★):
Speed (★★★):
Defense (★★★★):
Technique (★):

Wrestling Stats
Striking (★★★★):
Submissions (★★★):
Power (★★★):
Aerial (★★★):
Counters (★★):


Signature Moves:

Skull Smasher:



Springboard Drop:

Finishing Moves:

Shattered Dream:

Shattered Dream(s):

Jackal Frenzy:

Hentai Finishers:

Domestication Station:

Jackal's Delight:


Personality: Jayda is a girl who has relied solely on her whims and intuition to carry her on through life. She has never planned or accounted for anything in her young life, instead choosing to live only in the moment with little regard for her future. There is no doubt that this mindset has gotten her into heaps of trouble in her past, but at the same time it has allowed her to live a life that is always fresh and exciting. There is no saying how she will react, or what she will do, but it is exactly this unpredictability that make her feel so alive. She does whatever she feels like, with absolutely no regard for what others think of her. She is careful to practice this philosophy in moderation, never letting her extreme desires get the better of her to the point where she acts cruelly to others. Spontaneously? Oh most definitely. Eccentrically? Without a doubt. Violently? It happens. But cruelly? Even Jayda rarely stoops that low.

Few are able to stand her wild mood swings and drastic attitude shifts, but the few friends who do manage to stay around tend to earn the loyalty, respect, and admiration of Jayda. Not many people can put up with Jayda's seamless transitions from sweetheart schoolgirl to psycho demon, but those who do can see past Jayda's eccentric haze and peer deeper into the kind, caring, and loyal persona that is her soul. Her enemies; that being those who cross her or the one she loves, will only meet her wrath, and while she will never push things to the extreme, she will certainly do her best to teach a valuable lesson about messing with her.

Past/History: Blessed with the fortune of being born into an affluent household, Jayda should have had everything going for her. Pretty early on however, her parents realized that their daughter was growing up to be far from the ideal female elite they were trying to groom her to be. As a child she acted erratically and without caution, attempting things that even a tot her age should have known would be dangerous. Her parents chalked it up to a 'colorful personality' at first, but pretty soon her behavior began worrying them. They sought medical attention, and Jayda was diagnosed with a slew of medical conditions, with ADHD and multiple personality disorder being the two that seemed to explain her behavior the best. She was given medication and sent on her way home, and for a few years things seemed to settle down, that was until it was time for Jayda to be sent off to boarding school.

By the time she had entered her early teens Jayda's old self seemed to be returning in full force. She stopped to take her meds, refusing to take part in the pharmaceuticals industry's attempts to quell and crush children who dare deviate from what they deem "normal." She was just being herself, that's all, and she'd be damned if she'd let doctors, or her parents, or anybody else for that matter tell her otherwise. While she wasn't thrilled to hear that she'd be attending boarding school, she wasn't all too phased by it either. It would just be another boring chapter in her life, filled with boring people, and it was up to her to spice it up a little bit. And spice it up she did.

Jayda was a recognized menace from the first day she step foot in the halls of Elk Ridge Academy for Girls. She'd talk girls up, luring them with a charming voice and friendly disposition, only to snap at them in an instant and send them running off in a frightening haze of confusion. She was too unpredictable to be around, too unnerving to spend any considerable time with. Every time people started to think that she had maybe calmed down a little bit, she would snap once more, reminding everyone that she truly was a nut to stay away from. Many attempts were made to transition her to more specialized schools, but every time they were blocked by her influential parents who insisted that their daughter wouldn't be thought of as anything less than 'normal,' whatever that meant. As fun as things were for Jayda, she quickly grew bored and restless at her new school as everyone slowly learned to stay away from 'Jackal Jayda,' her new nickname and future wrestling moniker given that she was as sly and conniving as the animal. Well, all except one.

Jayda couldn't recall exactly what she was doing, but she did recall that she was feeling particularly agitated one morning. She couldn't exactly say why, just that she did, and that was all the explanation that she needed. It didn't help that one girl thought it'd be funny to sneak up on her, and do god knows what. If it weren't for her lightning quick reflexes, who's to say what would have happened, but what did happen was that girl got what was perhaps the most brutal beating of her life up until that point, courtesy of Jayda. She come to learn later on that that girl, Susie Barnett, was a taekwondo prodigy, although she certainly didn't show it. What was even more startling was that Susie decided to have another go at it a couple weeks later, which absolutely astonished Jayda. Usually once people got a taste of Jayda, they've had their full, but here Susie was, still banged up and already she was extending a hand in greeting. Jayda liked her. She liked her alot.

The two soon became inseparable friends, doing everything they could together at the school. They came out to each other as Bi, and while they both had feelings for one another, Jayda didn't want to be stuck in the confines of a committed relationship, and so they agreed to remain as best friends, with benefits of course. They also discovered their mutual love for fighting, with AFW being their favorite promotion. they stayed up late at night, hosting impromptu wrestling and makeout sessions with intense hentai matches playing in the backdrop. They two were deeply intimate, there was no doubt about that, and they wanted to spend the rest of their lives doing what they knew how to do best: Fighting. Not against each other of course, but with each other. They agreed to make a go at joining AFW as soon as they had graduated highschool, and on the day of their graduation, they both made good on their promise.

Susie was the one who made the arrangements, but once she did Jayda soon found herself on a one way flight to Japan ready to make her mark on the world, all with her best friend at her side.

Fun Facts:

- Unlike her tag team partner Susie, Jayda absolutely loves Japanese food, and can't seem to get enough of it

- While she likes to pretend that her mood swings are random, Jayda can actually tune her behavior to whatever thinks will get the biggest reaction out of her victims

- Jayda loves video games almost as much as she loves wrestling. She plays whenever she can, much to the annoyance of Susie who rather be out and about exploring Tokyo.

- Surprisingly Jayda rarely trains. She relies on her wild brawler tactics to get her through the match. it's crazy how often it works.

- She has a major sweet-tooth, and can usually be found with some sort of candy in her mouth

AFW Information



Friends: Susie Barnett
Allies: Susie Barnett

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