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Mon Feb 19, 2024 5:04 pm by Leon564

Hello~ Hope you're well when you're reading my ad. Whoever you may be. Not sure how many are paying attention but I put James up for Hentai Championship Contenders. Which means that I'm looking to set him up with something focusing on progressing that.

Edit: My post for James is still available however now I've made a new gal who's ready to meet ya!

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Princess Hibana (Debut) vs Bethany Maroza - How to treat a princess!

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Princess Hibana (Debut) vs Bethany Maroza - How to treat a princess! - Page 5 Empty Re: Princess Hibana (Debut) vs Bethany Maroza - How to treat a princess!

Post by Jstruggs716 Sat Aug 12, 2023 2:14 am

"Oh? Just one kiss? Are you sure? It seemed that you enjoyed that kiss~! That not I can't blame you, I do have a divine ass after all~! Hehe." The beautiful dark skinned Fire Princess known as Princess Hibana mocked and teased the beautiful fair skinned Circus Gravel known as Bethany Maroza. Victorious in their bout, which was the debut match of the fire princess in AFW, Hibana wanted to celebrate her win, assert dominance over her defeated opponent, and also just humiliated her even more so she had her defeated foe kiss her PERFECT! BIG! ROUND! ROYAL ass~! Said royal ass that knocked her ass out cold like a light!

"Or is it that you can't wait to bounce DAT ASS against me, hm~? Well, if that's the case, then I wouldn't keep you waiting any longer, Gravel~! Oh! Remember the way I showed you now~ Like this~!" Still continuing to tease and mock to her vanquished foe while shaking her big behind above the circus gravel's admittedly gorgeous and beautiful face, feeling a sense of superiority and accomplishment at not only winning the match and the special reward that comes from being the victor but also turning the once defiant and rebellious Bethany into a good submissive BITCH that is eager to please her master! Hibana couldn't help but feel proud of herself, it was always a nice feeling making gravel know their place. Indeed, it was. And it's good feeling even nicer with a lap dance from said gravel~!

Hibana stopped her lovely rear and got off of Bethany, then the fire princess would go to the corner and patiently waited for the circus gravel to come over. Hibana grins when Bethany got up, then walked to where she was with a smirk, and when the circus gravel arrived to her destination, she placed her right leg on the top while trailing her finger down it before admitting that the mixed raced woman had aroused her~! "Hm! Naturally, after all look how SEXY I am! Who wouldn't get turned by allll of THIS~?" The Dark Skin Beauty proudly proclaimed and it would be hard to argue with her. She is as beautiful as the stars that shine bright in the night! Her breasts were as big as melons and bounces as a trampoline! Her ass was as plump as a pumpkin and soft as a dough! She can and has turned straight women gay and turned gay men straight! She's simple fallout GORGEOUS! Of course, Bethany is aroused, especially how times her face wedged between her perfectly, shapely ass cheeks~!

"Now let's see if you do the same for me with your lap dance~?" Hibana purred seductively, as she is all ready for Bethany to shake what her mama give her~! And she wasn't the only one as everyone in the arena had waited patiently to see which one of these lovely ladies would be shaking their plump rears and now that the moment is getting closer and closer, they are trembling with excitement, anxious for the moment to finally arrive! And their patients would finally be rewarded when Bethany turned around and started shaking and throwing back her BIG BADONKADOK like there was no tomorrow! Instantly the crowd erupted with a pop and cheers that would make you wish you brought earplugs! They absolutely LOVED the sexy and hot sight of Bethany's ass shaking against the hot Fire Princess non-stop and took out their phones to take pictures or record to captor this BEAUTIFUL sight forever~!

However, Hibana knew that she had the best seat in the house! As she watched up close and personal Bethany's plump, juicy, and delicious looking ass shake and bounce up and down against her womanhood over and over again~! Making Hibana lick her lips seductively like Bethany was a delicious looking dessert~! Which was unsurprising as Bethany was build like a bakery and had two BIG! BEAUTIFUL! CAKE that not even The Fire Princess couldn't help but want a piece~! "Mmm~ So soft~" The dark skinned beauty gently and softly hums, grabbing a handful of Bethany's ass and loved how soft it felt like marshmallows~! Hibana groped, fondled, and played with Bethany's asscheeks like squishy playdough~! "*SMACK!* And so jiggling too~!" Hibana smacked her hand across Bethany's doughy and soft ass and watched the brunette's big round booty jiggling and wiggling from the impact like jelly~! "Yeah... Best in the house~!"

"Ah~ Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ha! Ha! Mmmh! Haah! The sound of sweet, soft, and low moans and pants left the beautiful of the dark skinned princess's mouth, as Bethany's big, tight, round ass was rubbing and grinding all over Hibana's womanhood~! Caused a sensation of pleasure that sent electric-like surge throughout her entire body and made her body feel red hot~! To answer Hibana's question from earlier if Bethany could turn her down like she did her? Yes. Yes, she can! As Hibana is aroused, shutting her eyes, biting her lips gently, and allowing the pleasure from her defeated opponent's lovely bum rubbing against her womanhood to wash over her~! However, soon she wouldn't be content just allowing Bethany to do the work!

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Nngh! Nngh! Mmm! Hmm! Ugh! Ugh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I wish... I had... a cock right now..." This time the sound of low and soft of grunts and groans left the fire princess mouth's, as grabbing the circus gravel's lovely and curvaceous hips before slamming her hips into Bethany's plump ass repeatedly, causing the circus gravel's sexy rear to ripple like the waves in the ocean with no end in sight! Hibana loved bumping into Bethany's ass, it made her feel like a man fucking a woman, a dominate feeling that she resonated with and continued to dry humping Bethany's big booty, bring her more and more pleasure down to her womanhood~! However, with her attention so focus on that and her eyes closed, she wouldn't a devilish glint in the eyes of the circus gravel, which was caught by those in the few first rows the frontal distance of Bethany and Hibana, started getting loud a bit as they knew that Bethany was about to something... And they were right!

As at the end of apex of the lap dance, it suddenly stopped and making the fire princess goes: "Huh?" Wondering why about the abrupt end and opened her eyes. And immediately she saw the circus gravel facing right in front of her but soon feeling something was between her legs and looked down to see... it was Bethany's long, lovely leg! Thankfully, due to the pleasure she didn't immediately the agonizing and excruciating of being kicked between the legs like an adrenaline rush. However, just like an adrenaline rush, it's didn't last forever nor long, and eventually it came down and making the fire princess the most dreadfully pain.

Hibana lets a long and painfully "....FffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkK!" in a soft voice as her eyes rolled up before closing as she fell down to her knees as they buckled from the pain while holding her groin from the burning and blistering pain it was in! Making her feel thankfully that she didn't have a dick or no doubt the pain would MUCH WORSE! But still even without a dick, it hurted like hell and the worst pain she ever experienced in her life so far! Sapping most of the strength in her body, leaving her vulnerable like a baby and at the mercy of the defeated opponent, Bethany Maroza!

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Princess Hibana (Debut) vs Bethany Maroza - How to treat a princess! - Page 5 Empty Re: Princess Hibana (Debut) vs Bethany Maroza - How to treat a princess!

Post by Deus001 Wed Aug 16, 2023 8:33 pm

Well it was done there, Bethany had done a rather dirty trick just now. The circus girl was underhanded in her dealings in the ring yes, but to strike in such a manner was considered low for the likes of her. That was until tonight, it had been just too tempting to deliver this little gift to the princess. Bethany would stand over Hibana there, gazing down at her with thinly veiled contempt.

The circus girl would chuckle a little to herself and then kneel in close to Hibana there as she writhed on the ground and muttered "Hehehe.....That's something to remember me by. See you bitch." Bethany would then ruffle Hibana's hair and then step out the ring there.

Was Beth pissed that she lost? Yes. Was her circus ever closer to likely having to close down because of this? Probably. But honestly she couldn't muster up the urge to give any fucks at this point, she was strutting back up the entrance ramp without a care in the world as to what she did~

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Princess Hibana (Debut) vs Bethany Maroza - How to treat a princess! - Page 5 Empty Re: Princess Hibana (Debut) vs Bethany Maroza - How to treat a princess!

Post by Jstruggs716 Sun Sep 03, 2023 5:58 am

Although Hibana was victorious in her debut match in AFW. Although Hibana just got a lap dance of a lifetime from her defeated opponent, The Circus Gravel, Bethany Maroza. Although Hibana should be the one standing tall in the end and taking in the cheers of the fans as her very bright AFW career begins now! But Hibana wasn't the one standing tall in the end and soaking in the cheers from the fans. That was her defeated opponent while she was down her knees and holding her groin after the nut check that Circus Gravel gave her with those long and powerful legs of hers. Which she didn't have... but it still caused her EXCRUCIATING and AGONIZING PAIN as if she did!

The pain become so unbearable that the fire princess fell over to her side while still clutching her crotch tightly as all her remaining strength keep fading and fading that her body couldn't even keep her up right on her knees! And to make matters The Fire Princess was forced to LOOKS UP at The Circus Gravel while The Circus Gravel LOOKS DOWN upon The Fire Princess, taunting and teasing the defenseless and weakened the dark skinned beauty before ruffling her beautiful and long pink haired that were like a sakura flower and exiting the ring.

Leaving Hibana in the ring alone on the mat. Hibana had tears in her eyes before a hot streams of tears flows down her eyes like a calm down river. Despite the victor, she was humiliated and dominated by the gravel she defeated, an ABSOLUTELY EMBARRASSMENT! Plus, her coochie was still in TONS OF AMOUNT OF PAIN!!! Tonight was suppose to be a glorious night where she celebrate her first conquest of her takeover of AFW but instead she was on the ground, holding her crotch while thousands record and took of pictures of her crying. Not the triumphant debut that she had envisioned...|

Winner by Pinfall: Princess Hibana

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Princess Hibana (Debut) vs Bethany Maroza - How to treat a princess! - Page 5 Empty Re: Princess Hibana (Debut) vs Bethany Maroza - How to treat a princess!

Post by Sponsored content

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