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[Handcuff Match] Nerissa Labong vs Nidia Roja - At the point of a needle

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[Handcuff Match] Nerissa Labong vs Nidia Roja - At the point of a needle - Page 6 Empty Re: [Handcuff Match] Nerissa Labong vs Nidia Roja - At the point of a needle

Post by skip-stop Sun Apr 10, 2022 4:03 pm

It was the edge. In the literal sense of the word. After her head and upper body once again collided with the concrete floor, Nerissa was on the verge of losing consciousness. She still felt pain, but her thoughts were confused. She couldn't give orders to her body. And it was very difficult to deny, it was a very strange state. In a distant corner of her mind, she realized that she was still in the arena and that the match was still going on. But at the same time, she did not hear the screams of the audience and did not know what position she was in.

And the real situation was that she was lying on her back without any signs of movement. Her eyes were tightly closed and only her chest rose and fell, making it clear that the Native American woman was still alive. Someone could probably say that she was to blame for the current situation. If she hadn't started playing with her opponent, she had already won a long time ago and was now going to the bar to celebrate it.

And Nerissa wasn't going to deny that the blame for the current state of things lay with her. But you have to pay for everything. And what was happening to her now was the price for the insane pleasure she received. She will remember for a long time what happened today. And she was sure that Nidia wouldn't forget that either. Although, of course, the question remained open. Was it worth it?

This question was asked by many at the moment when the Mexican girl got to her feet and took the handcuffs, which Nerissa threw aside before putting her foot in the luchadora's mouth. It was really a bit ironic. Nidia pushed Nerissa without ceremony, forcing her to roll onto her stomach.

Two things happened at that moment. The audience began to shout excitedly, anticipating the imminent end of the match. They got a show they didn't even count on. And now they wanted to see the winner. But that wasn't the only thing that happened. After Nidia pushed her, Nerissa's brain received an impulse that shook her in a way.

Fuck... am I not dead yet?..” was the first thought she was able to form in her head.

Her mind began to gradually return to normal. And at the same time, the pain in her body increased many times. She desperately wanted to start groaning, but she didn't have any strength for it. Even though she was starting to recover, she felt terribly weak and dizzy. Lying face down, the Echidna opened her eyes, but there was nothing but fog in her gaze.

Click. What's it? This sound for Nerissa was like a bullet that bit into her head. Even her heart started beating faster. When she felt something cold on her left wrist, she realized that they were fucking handcuffs. That Mexican bitch handcuffed her left arm. And right now, Nidia grabbed Nerissa's right arm in order to handcuff her completely. The Native American woman's breathing became very heavy. She was one step away from defeat. Her body was exhausted. But she wasn't ready to lose after all.

Fuck you!” she said as loudly as possible.

She was determined to strain her right arm as much as possible and use that to pull Nidia down. At the same time, she would have tried to jerk to the side. She was in a terrible state and she didn't even have a further plan, but the Echidna hoped that this would be enough at least to throw the Mexican girl aside and avoid defeat.


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[Handcuff Match] Nerissa Labong vs Nidia Roja - At the point of a needle - Page 6 Empty Re: [Handcuff Match] Nerissa Labong vs Nidia Roja - At the point of a needle

Post by Ringropes98 Sun Apr 24, 2022 3:13 pm

Nidia’s body ached, her head was pounding and her sweat was causing her outfit to stick to her skin. It looked all the more enticing to the audience view, but to her it just felt annoying. Thankfully though, her series of attacks had stunned her opponent long enough for her to finally slip on the cuffs and finish this match. Where a nice hot shower was waiting for her in the back.

Only… that’s not what happened.

Nidia was able to attach the first cuff to Nerissa’s left arm easily enough. But it was when she tried to finish the job with the other arm that things went wrong. Her native opponent had finally gotten enough of her bearings to realize what was about to happen and so began to struggle with all her might.

Nidia growled slightly as she tried to futilely cuff the other arm behind her opponents back! How the hell did the cops do this on a regular basis? Was there a special technique or something! Eventually Nerissa’s movements would get the better of her and Nidia was shoved away! Leaving a job half finished as she stumbled back panting.

Resting her hands on her knees, the luchadora looked exasperated at her opponents resistance. She was so close to finishing this match too! “Coke on! We’re both tired here, let me just cuff you and we can finally leave.” She panted out. Before finally gathering her strength and straitening up.

“But if you want to keep going. Then let’s do it somewhere more comfortable.” She said as she backed towards the ring before hopping up and rolling inside. Nidia had learned quickly that Nerissa was in her element on the outside. If she was going to win this, she was going to need to utilize what she was used to. The ring itself.


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