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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Rina Ninoita - The Yellow Wonder

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Rina Ninoita - The Yellow Wonder Empty Rina Ninoita - The Yellow Wonder

Post by Deus001 Sat Jun 05, 2021 9:18 pm

(Massive thank you to Cy_Man who gave me permission to adopt this wrestler, the original profile is here

Name: Rina Ninoita
Sex: Female
Age: 20/2/2000
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black
Height: 5'5
Weight: 124lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Lawful Good
Entrance Theme: In This Unstable World
Alternate Theme: Double Lariat

Strengths: Rina has hardly any strengths but her wide knowledge in wrestling tactics and techniques might be considered one
Weaknesses: Her lack of talent and athleticism, as well as her clumsiness
Strategy: Do her best, simple as
Style: High Flying/Submission
Type: Clumsy

Preferred Matches: Standard

Preferred Attacks: Simple locks and aerial attacks

Endurance: ** - Can bruise in a stiff wind and probably go flying too
Strength: ** - She's done some weight lifting honest
Speed: *** - Can be rather nimble thanks to her small height and light frame
Defense: ** - Not good at protecting herself
Technique: * - Pretty sloppy

Strikes:*** - She can bust out a pretty good dropkick
Submissions:**** - Its the main thing she's worked on since starting wrestling
Powerhouse:** - If its a girl similar to her then its possible
Aerial:**** - Always eager to leap off of things
Counters:*** - Can reverse people if they're high flying or trying to roll with her on the mat from time to time

Finishing moves: Errrrr we'll get back to you on that

Physical Appearance:

Rina in her default outfit:
Rina's first alternate outfit:
Close ups of her attires:
A Cute Drawing:
Managing to pull off submissions:

Personality: Rina is a very kind girl but she is also extremely naïve and a major klutz, she can bond with people easily thanks to her kindness but she can be taken advantaged of easily in a match especially when she messes up whatever move she tries to use thanks to her clumsiness. She is also very smart, almost a genius getting straight A's in school in every class she takes.

Past/History: Born in Okinawa, as a child, Rina has always been fascinated with wrestling so much and was in love with it. She had a dream to be a professional wrestler when she grew up and whenever her friends came over she would ask them if they can wrestle, at least playfully and not actually hurt each other and her friends got into wrestling as well but Rina had two problems, her clumsiness kept making her mess up whatever move she tried to do and she had no talent with wrestling or knew how to fight properly and always lost. During her time in both Junior High school and High school Rina joined the wrestling team to try and train properly with the other students, she improved only a bit minor in basic knowledge but that didn't help in the end as she always kept messing up thanks to being a klutz and not being athletic enough to perform certain move but that didn't stop her despite losing numerous times, everyone did comment though that she has heart.

After graduating high school Rina joined a social wrestling group called the Pixiv Wrestling Association, or PWA for short. Rina made a wrestling outfit and also joined a gym so she can train more but while at the league and the gym she was a complete punching bag for everyone at in the ring. Rina never ever gives up though on her dream to be a wrestler and just keeps going with high spirit, something that everyone admires about her. But not before long the PWA is shut down and everyone goes their separate ways and Rina is very depressed thinking her dream was torn from her. One day though one of the boys she wrestled in the PWA (who obviously defeated her) called her and told her of the AFW, the best wrestling league in the world and Rina got out of her depression instantly and goes to register in the AFW's Tension League to continue on with her dream. She may be a wrestling punching bag, but she has a lot of spirit in wrestling.

Fun Facts:
Rina has always wanted to get over her clumsiness but no matter how hard she tried she always failed.

Rina's favorite colors are yellow and pink hence her outfit's colors.

Rina always takes perfect care of her body, so much that she never had one zit before in her life and her skin is smooth and clean.

Rina received numerous school awards in 1st place for having straight A's and perfect attendance.

Despite losing so many times and having possibly zero talent, Rina will never ever give up her passion and love for wrestling and hopes to improve majorly as she goes.

Rina carries around an encyclopedia of wrestling moves of all kinds which she studies all the time but her body is not used to doing them.

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