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Olorra vs Ionel

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Olorra vs Ionel Empty Olorra vs Ionel

Post by LunarOcean Wed Jun 02, 2021 5:28 am

Victory Conditions:
3-count pin, knock out, or tap out.
Hentai allowed.

It was a little humble to say that Ionel was big. No, she was gargantuan, larger than life, epic, grandiose - with a highlight reel composed a large part of women being crushed literally, figuratively, and intimiately against her body behind a backdrop of explosive blue and white fireworks, she seemed to swell with the surprise and awe of the crowd. It wasn't that she needed to; she was already six-foot-six but her massive musculature and enormous, bouncing breasts seemed to make her feel at least twice that not so much in stature but the sheer aura of power she gave off.

The way the top rope bent and the two corners it was attached to shuddered as she pulled it down to stop over caused quite a few camera flashes. The white bursts of light seemed to make her glow as if she was made of some heavenly essence, revealing a very light layer of oil that made her seem polished to shine. A pumping of both her arms, the kissing of both her biceps, she raked in the attention with a bright smile and suggestive winks.

Yet behind that surface was a thinking, cunning, and lustful woman. One who'd looked at the scant bits of info about her considerably smaller woman. One who seemed unimpressive until she'd closely examined those toned, powerful muscles.

Muscles that were of course inferior to her own. That was relative; she could probably crush bricks with them. Ionel however, could crush metal and she'd spent the night fantasizing about them pushing against and failing to withstand her raw weighty bulk pressing onto them.

Perhaps Olorra could tell she had rather intimate thoughts on mind as she entered the ring. Ionel's eyes were locked on hers the whole time and over her grin, her tongue moistened her lips. She was going to enjoy squeezing this girl dry.

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