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Character Adoption

Wed Apr 07, 2021 5:25 pm by killcarrion

Greetings...I've decided to relinquish some characters as well. For purposes ranging from not knowing where to proceed with them, lack of interest, and guilt from feeling they could be better used in other people's hands. It's on a first-come, first-served basis and they'll be readily offered to whomever expresses interest. Send me a PM or message me on Discord if that's the case. I'll update this page if adoptions happen.

Adoption Page:
Breach Of The Peace NRW9QKe

There are also other characters I …

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Putting characters up for adoption

Mon Apr 05, 2021 1:30 am by Old_Man_Tai

The following characters of mine are being put up for adoption due to lack of use and interest in using:

- Grizzly Yamamoto

- Hazuki Musumi

- Garm Takanashi

- Riyu Kikuchi

- Dark Star Chaos

- Will also at least hear out and entertain other character adoption offers if anyone has any.

Send me a PM or contact me on Discord if your interested in any of the above. Thank you.

NOTE: Anyone not listed below as having my permission to adopt a character, but uses one anyway, does not have …

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Looking for a Match

Sun Mar 21, 2021 7:56 am by Lobo

Hi, I'm interested in a match for Clyde Gastin

Breach Of The Peace 35i7wx0

Please PM if interested.

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Breach Of The Peace

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Breach Of The Peace Empty Breach Of The Peace

Post by BritBrat Wed Apr 07, 2021 10:37 pm


Despite the recent hot streak she'd been on, the Dancing Passion was not feeling particularly good about herself, which seems like a weird issue to have if one looked at her win/loss record since coming back into the fray. With the rampant success she has had, Eliza was now, for better or worse, inextricably a part of the title race in Tension, and that meant she was tied up in all that it entailed - even if that meant the kind of things she would rather distance herself from. Good for her future, the Darling of Tension had sought the opportunity to go for the gold once more after missing out on the Tag Team Championship titles. But something just had to get in the way again. And it had nothing to do with others, but mostly herself. Something wrong was stirring up inside, giving her cause to worry, stirring up negative emotions inside. It was completely new, something the British Aristocrat told herself she wouldn't turn into. Especially after seeing how Ryan Knight turned into. Worse, there'd been that incident after one of her matches, which reached a boiling point against Moon Sin-Jae.  That'd started as a minor annoyance - despite being somebody new to test herself against - and then, when Sin kept prodding the former dancer to a breaking point, the flame exploded into a tempest of fire. Eliza had uncharacteristically tortured the sadistic Taewkondonista, seeking to dole out all of her frustrations onto the Korean even after she fell into unconsiousness. At the time, when she stood tall, Eliza justified it as Sin getting her just desserts. As they say, play with fire, you'll get burned.


She wasn't depressed - Eliza remained strong in spirit still, and it was going to take more than this to get her down - but there was something very discouraging about all of this. The more she dwelled on it, the more discouraged she became, and the more that happened, the more she obsessed.  And so she'd headed to a quiet spot at the beach late into the evening with the sun setting down, determined to drill this rotting, lingering malaise out of her mind with a kata that someone showed her.


Getting into something like Chatanyara Kushanku seemed to be too much, but it was one of the forms that her teacher showed many years ago, and she wanted to get it down right. If she had gone over it enough, it could've been done entirely by muscle memory if she'd allowed it, but the Dancing Passion preferred to focus on every individual strike. No point in practicing if you let yourself get sloppy, if you let your mind fall out of the fight (well, the 'fight' in this case).  It was good to be reflexive on her strikes; they had to be thrown deliberately with that said with intent. Besides, keeping her mind laser-focused on every part helped take her focus away from the past few months.


Her leg snapped into the air, the fabric of her trousers rustling in the wind, giving it that snapping sound that was crisp before getting back into a double block. The speed one puts into their arms is like a double-edged sword -  in that it shows incredible speed but to stop that speed, the ligaments and tendons are suffered to sudden pull. Furthermore, the use of such speed results in arm dislocation and tendon tears. With that, Eliza took it easy, making sure she got the technique right before putting on the bells and whistles. Her teacher wouldn't be so pleased if she couldn't get into training the next day.


The Dancing Passion lowered herself before she'd rise out of the block and into the punch. Every time she breathed in, the Dancing Passion had to concentrate on the motion, on the calculated push from her diaphragm, to make sure she pulled in enough.  It kept her focus razor-sharp and ensured every attack she threw at her 'opponent' was as deliberate as the previous one had been.


There goes another kick before it would return to its holster, so to speak, and Eliza drew a measured breath. Her feet dug into the sand, closing her eyes as she took her time. She'd get through this. She'd gotten through everything else AFW has thrown at her. This is no different.

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