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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Kyouko Eijiro

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Kyouko Eijiro Empty Kyouko Eijiro

Post by Chaos Tue Apr 06, 2021 12:05 pm

Kyouko Eijiro C6oLPR5

Name: Kyouko Eijiro
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Fawn
Height: 5.8 ft/ 179 cm
Weight: 152 lb/ 69 Kg
Nationality: Japanese / American
Alignment: Heel
Entrance music:

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Due to her training, Kyouko has a considerable amount of skill. She displays a combination of amazing speed and high strength to land well-placed attacks. She didn’t train to take many blows and instead to be the one to make them, so she relies on her reflexes and speed to dodge her opponents’ attacks in hopes to counter-attack with a strike of her own. She isn’t one to send many consecutive attacks, so relies on single strong strikes to weak points like ribs, neck, face…

Quite fond of submission holds, she likes to use them quite a lot. A type of attacking that allowed to not only paralyze the adversary but subject them to enough pain to make them either pass out or submit and rather easily. This usually embarrassed the people she used against, so she took the opportunity to pretty much show off and try to work on heel persona.

She doesn’t quite like aerial attacks, preferring to attack off the ground as had better stability and had practiced her fighting style based on that. She can maneuver in the air, not as easily as on the ground, but attacking was rather hard for her, only trying to rely on it in case it was necessary, or she could easily get away with it or was an easy hit.  

Kyouko also has a thing for attacking with her legs and also exhibiting her flexibility, with attacks to their heads with high and axe kicks and even raising her leg just to pull their opponent’s head to the ground and quickly transition into a Headscissors or something else. However once she noticed that they seemed to be expecting it, she wouldn’t be afraid to shove an elbow or a fist right into their face for not being prepared.

But her advantage relies on using the dark, blind spots. Due to her training she focused a lot to avoid direct frontation, which should be weird in these settings, where both rivals are face to face and not her sneaking around on an unaware opponent. So she aims to first get away from they line of sight to throw them off before attacking from behind either with either a strong attack or go directly for a submission, and to do so she isn’t afraid to throw attacks or anything else to their eyes or use some other cheap trick to get away and use the environment at her disposal to hide and then strike when they had their backs covered.

Style: Submissionist/Striker, Martial artist.

Endurance: ★★





Strikes: ★★★★

Submissions: ★★★★★

Powerhouse: ★★

Aerial: ★★

Counters: ★★★★

Signature Moves:

No Sunshine: A Kick to the groin. Normally used as a set-up for other moves, such as “Simple Stretch Choke” or “Swift Execution”


Swift Execution:  Kyouko using her good flexibility, raises her leg, making a high leg pose, before letting it down as an Axe Kick into a bended opponent. Alternatively Kyouko does a Leg split Leg Drop instead, in case they are prone.

Finishing moves:

Simple Stretch Choke: Kyouko standing besides a seated or kneeling opponent with her back towards them. She raises her leg backwards and places the back side of her knee to their chin and warps the leg around their head/neck. With one of her hands she then simply pulls her leg up and towards her tightening the grip in order to try to choke them.

Target Elimination: Kyouko climbs over to the opponent's shoulders, either by jumping on them or by doing a cartwheel. With their head over between her legs, she tightens the grip to choke as well, using her hands to cover their nostrils and mouth. Another version is once on top of their shoulders, she performs a back cartwheel/backflip doing a hurricanrana of it.
Hurricanrana Version:


Visual Appearance:

Ring Attire:


Kyouko is a reserved person, not really knowing how to express herself properly due the lack of interaction in her youth so in order to try to improve her socializing skills, she copies message captions, especially the acronyms. Tries to avoid talking about her past, as she really doesn’t have much of a choice either way, but also she finds it a bit embarrassing due to sounding a bit over the top and not being like the others. She tries her best to fit among the other people as seems to try a bit too hard to do so

When it comes to what happens in the ring, it is different. While she tries to be friendly and get along with others on the outside, in the ring she gets quite more serious and sometimes even looks like some kind of evil supervillain with a menacing grin as she stares down her opponent almost as an attacking machine awakened inside her.


A few years ago, in Japan existed a family in which it’s ancestry was peculiar, espionage and assassination, pretty much Ninjas, was contacted to move to America by the governament to contract them for their reputation, to use them as spies. It was an old practice, now-a-days nobody needed ninjas and so the practice was stopped, however they accepted it anyways and so took a voyage there.

The father was too old for that and the mother, while part of the clan, was outside of the teachings so didn’t know about it, besides she was pregnant at the time. And thus Kyouko was born. Took a few years, but from very young she was raised in those teachings, which unfortunately made her quite unsociable. Her father trained her, but also tried to give her time for her own time as he knew it could be devastating to be so harshly trained specially from a young age.

For many years, Kyouko trained, with both old age training methods and modern technology and tactics to make the best of both worlds. However after so many years and even a couple of missions, they decided to cancel it due to ethical reasons. Due to this move, the family didn’t exactly know what to do, but to Kyouko’s request, she continued her training as she concluded her education in America.

They returned to Japan a few years later, as Kyouko spent so much time on something that now meant nothing. Her parents gave her the free will to do anything she wanted, but she didn’t know herself. By her decision, the spy continued her training to get better as she slowly thought of what to do. Months passed and she didn’t still didn’t have much idea, but considering that she had trained so much, she wanted to put her practice to the test and upon hearing about the AFW foundation that had a lot of good and experienced fighters, each with different fighting types and backgrounds, making a good way to also improve and maybe someday catch someone’s eye for a spy for hire…

Her idea was to follow a more heel idology due to her bad habit of having a robot-like demeanour when fighting and that way even if she manages to get away from that stance, she would work with Super Villainess style for a change. While training for it, she also started to love to show off her body as a way to “sell” herself out there but also worked giving a skimpy look to her heel play.

Fun Facts:
-Hearing about Hentai matches, and doing some research on it, she was embarrassed to see them, but took them to consideration, probably working for it in the future.

AFW Information




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