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Possibly Searching

Thu May 19, 2022 6:58 pm by Rymiscuius

possssssssssssibly looking for a match soon
win / loss is dependant
mixed is fine
come get ur tiny super heel

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Back in the saddle, eyy! Looking for match with any of my three.

Fri May 13, 2022 8:45 pm by SiennaAFW

Short and to the point, looking for a match with any of my three wrasslers. Open to discuss ideas of how you'd like the match to go, what sort've rating the match might get (PG - R), et cetera!

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Looking for a debut

Fri May 13, 2022 4:34 pm by Bare

Heyo everyone! New member here and this is my main oc Alizeh! More to come but for now I’m just looking for a match to grt her started. Im ok with (mostly) any match and as for win/loss id like to discuss that based on what character she would go against. So feel free to hmu ^^

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A Showdown of Cute and Ciwt (Iyaya vs. Jasper)

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A Showdown of Cute and Ciwt (Iyaya vs. Jasper) - Page 5 Empty Re: A Showdown of Cute and Ciwt (Iyaya vs. Jasper)

Post by dlamp Wed Jun 23, 2021 2:28 pm

"Tch," Iyaya sneered at the retort, still forced to endure the guy's smug tone and bratty tone for a moment longer before the jaws of death finally clamped down hard on him. "A-Ah...Ah..." And it was a hard and ruthless clamp indeed. What little air Iyaya had in him was cut immediately as Jasper tightened his legs. His face went red from the lack of oxygen. His body shook and jolted from the desperate work his lungs were enduring. All he could manage was a fierce glare at his opponent.

Then... he stopped. His eyes rolled back and his jolting limited to slight twitches as drool started to roll from his mouth. "A-A..."

The Azure Squadron

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A Showdown of Cute and Ciwt (Iyaya vs. Jasper) - Page 5 Empty Re: A Showdown of Cute and Ciwt (Iyaya vs. Jasper)

Post by Diesel_Electric_Razor Mon Jun 28, 2021 12:42 pm

All it took for Jasper to end the match was to squeeze down with his thighs, those slim yet simultaneously plump feminine thighs of his whose appearance betrayed the actual power output they were capable of squeezing down upon the Imp's throat with a cruel indifference and impunity... slowly intensifying in strength before finally with a somewhat sickening twitch, the Imp went limp with his neck between Jasper's thighs, the Referee girl walking over to check Iyaya's pulse and then confirming the Knockout with the Welsh boy releasing his battered opponent from his leggy prison with the Referee girl raising the small bluenette's hand up as soon as he got up to his feet, signifying that he'd won to the crowd who roared with approval at the Welsh boy's win, the winner replying to their cheers with a smile and several blown kisses.

"Thank you... Thank you." He said softly, feeling excellent externally-speaking with a proud smile on his face as he basked in his victory!

Internally however?... Jasper was to put it mildly somewhat rather conflicted, with his feeling of triumphant victory being tainted by a feeling of slight remorse as his eyes turned down to see the unconscious imp below him, while yes it felt great to put the little shit in his place, the feminine little Welsh boy couldn't help but feel as though he went a little too far with knocking his opponent out, in-fact when his opponent went limp the Welsh boy couldn't help but worry if his foe was alright or not... However despite however great what feelings of remorse or compassion he felt towards his opponent were, they eventually paled in comparison to the vindictive pride he felt in putting Iyaya in his place.

Bending down on his knees as the crowd cheered for his victory, Jasper whispered softly to his opponent.
"I'm sorry it had to be this way... But you did this to yourself mate." Before standing back up and giving one last theatrical bow to the pleased crowd before finally climbing out of the ring and walking back up the ramp victoriously.

Winner: Via Topside Headscissors chokehold - Jasper Rhys.

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