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Looking to get back into forum rp

Thu Dec 16, 2021 6:58 am by 321Shazam

Hello, it's been awhile. I'm trying to get back into rping on here. I'm looking for hentai style matches feel free to message me here or on discord @[FTK] Bastion#5496

I hope to hear from you guys soon. I can't wait to have some fun with you guys Smile

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Health problem

Wed Jan 05, 2022 1:24 pm by Harrier


I just want to inform you that I am taking a hiatus. I am feeling terrible and am currently in medical treatment. Sorry.

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Hunting for matches

Sat Jan 01, 2022 11:09 pm by GrandAkumaShogun

Hey all, as the title says looking for matches for any of my boys Takeichi Mori Takeshi Kawai or Imai Cosmo. As a side note for Takeichi if you're interested in him I was thinking of trying to move him from being a jobber so if you're down for helping with that in particular we can discuss. Otherwise if any of my three dudes catch your interest for a match or other interaction feel free to get in touch on here or in a pm. Thanks in advance to anyone who shows

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No Nut Challenge!

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No Nut Challenge! Empty No Nut Challenge!

Post by Jstruggs716 Sun Nov 08, 2020 9:29 pm

What is a No Nut challenge? It is a challenge in honor of no nut November between two people where person A will be trying to make person B (Who is doing no nut November challenge) cum within thirty minutes. Person A is allowed to use any sexually means to person B but person B isn't allow to stop them, only try to not cum before thirty minutes are up. The winners will receive a thousand dollar bonus while the loser gets a five hundred dollar bonus.
No Nut November was annual event that encourage men to go the full month of November without an ejaculating. And Sasuke "The Blue Dragon" Jackson was doing. The reason why he was doing no nut November was because he could remember a time in his life where he didn't really cared about women or sex. Not to say he didn't like them, but, they weren't the first things that came to his mind unlike some men, Sasuke felt like he was pure. But when he entered the wrestling business that would change as he was introduced to hentai matches, where you are suppose make your opponent have a forced orgasm. Combining fighting and sex into a match activated his sex drive and since then Sasuke, while isn't a compete pervert like some men out there, he was just as much as into women like an average man, which is shown by all his matches in AFW to this point was hentai.

So Sasuke wanted to get back to his roots a bit and decides to participate in no nut November. So, when the match bookers told him about having another hentai match with a woman named Sakura Likiliki. He wouldn't decline telling the bookers what he's doing this month and being in a hentai match wouldn't help. Though, this didn't deterrent the match as they offered Sasuke an other option instead. A new idea they came up with to celebrate the no nut November and a bit of a break between matches, they called it: The No Nut Challenge! Explaining the rules of the No Nut challenge. It wasn't a really different between that and hentai match except for he couldn't fight back, allowing his opponent to do any dirty and sexually thing to him. So, of course, he was about to decline it, but then! The match bookers offered a thousand dollar bonus if he wins, but even if he loses he would get a five hundred dollars bonus.

Sasuke thought about it for a minute, before accepting as he had good paycheck, so getting a bonus would make it better! The day  of the challenge arrived and Sasuke was in the locker room, where he was in an outfit that was more of relaxing and chilling than wrestling since he wouldn't wrestling today. The backstage worker knocked on the door before coming in and telling Sasuke that he was up. Walking out from the locker room to the entrance ramp, wearing nothing but blue shorts while his entrance music: Too Bad by Michael Jackson is playing around the arena from the speakers!
No Nut Challenge! NYLwuEZ
Walking down to the ring with a mixed reaction cheers and boos, once he arrived to the ringside Sasuke climbs up the steels steps, onto the ring apron. Entering the ring through the middle rope, walks to the center of the ring, strikes some poses for the audiences and cameras before going to the corner as he waits for his opponent to arrive.

Double T


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No Nut Challenge! Empty Re: No Nut Challenge!

Post by Alexa Wilson Thu Nov 12, 2020 7:55 am

Sakura's Bikini:
No Nut Challenge! Cz6qIvY

Man, what was the AFW official's thinking?

Normally, Sakura was used to crazy and sexual wrestling match concepts from the AFW higher ups, honestly she kind of enjoyed the more risque aspect of wrestling matches, but this was... well, it just didn't even feel like a match. Sakura's task today wasn't even to win a match per say, where two competitors were trying to actively defeat each other. No, Today Sakura was just trying to make a man archive an orgasm. What the hell was that? It was more making the twenty-two-year-old into a prostitute than anything else.

Hearing her them music Fire blaring from the back, Sakura would step out of from behind the curtains and make her way down the Tension ramp, the crowd screaming as they saw the pink haired islander. While Sakura wasn't the dominant force in the Tension/Friction world that she wanted to be, the crowd knew anytime that Sakura was on screen, they were going to get some good action.

Looking into the ring, Sakura saw a blue haired man waiting for her, the thought of playing things up as more of a cool and calm individual crossed her mind, but Sakura figured the guy would have to be somewhat of a pervert to accept a match like this. Playing up the 'Sweet but sexy' fighter angle might be for the best.

Sliding underneath the bottom rope, Sakura would roll until she was right in front of her opponent, and rise to her knees, not her feet. "Hiya!" the young wrestler would say, Looking up at her opponent and making sure that the blue haired individual had the ability to see the entirety of her voluptuous form. "My name's Sakura! Its so nice to meet ya! <3 I heard that the AFW higher ups were making you do this due to that 'No Nut' challenge, you were doing. I think that is very noble of you to be attempting that!"

Looking down, Sakura would let her shoulders fall, and the smile that illuminated her face would fall down as well. "I'm... I'm really sorry that I've been put against you today to try to break that. Well, I'm sure a girl as ugly as me would have an issue making someone of your resolve cum, so I'm sure you don't have worry about breaking your streak. So I suppose there is that to be happy about."[/color]

No Nut Challenge! S8xmD3pNo Nut Challenge! 348zYljNo Nut Challenge! 0QTZD7iNo Nut Challenge! JY4QI5zNo Nut Challenge! 6ZLAa7VNo Nut Challenge! YAWv6q3
Alexa Wilson
Alexa Wilson

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No Nut Challenge! Empty Re: No Nut Challenge!

Post by Jstruggs716 Mon Nov 23, 2020 2:36 am

"Hm, least she's sexy." Sasuke thought when he saw the woman that was going to try make him break his vow to not nut this month. Watching her make her way down to the ring in American Flag style bikini. The two shared a looked when she arrived at the ringside arena before sliding underneath the below rope, rolling to right in front of him, then getting onto her knees.

With the position she was in, Sasuke was able to get great view of lovely body, especially her rack! The Sakura pink haired woman introduced herself and compliments him about doing the challenge, despite him doing no nut November this year. Though she heard wasn't exactly correct "They didn't. They just made good offered which I, of course, accepted. I'm doing this underneath my own will. Sasuke clearly up the misunderstanding.

Sasuke noticed that Sakura's rather happy smile turned into a sad frown, then apologize for under the circumstances that she have to try and make him cum. Thus, ruining his plead not to cum this month. But suggest that there is upside to as she calls herself ugly and probably wouldn't even to be able make him cum. "No, you're not ugly. You're very sexy woman." Sasuke not usually the one to help someone self-confidence up but with how untrue that statement was, had to corrected it...well, except for "But indeed you are right. You won't able to make me cum." He said with absolute confidences.

The female ref would walk up near them while a timer with 30:00 minutes on appeared on the titantron. "Alright, Miss Likiliki. You have thirty minute to use any sexual means to try make Sasuke cum without him trying to stop you and any position you want. The clock will start whenever you are ready." The ref tells Sakura.

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No Nut Challenge! Empty Re: No Nut Challenge!

Post by nietznad Sun Oct 17, 2021 12:44 pm

Haha, I know about this challenge. It was hilarious when I saw how hard my friends refrain from masturbating. It was a challenging month for them. I didn't miss it, and I kept this rule in mind for the whole month. But I have a friend who provides male escort services at a company from our country. And even that month, he had a few clients, haha. It was amusing when I found out. And yes, he has lost this challenge, and he owes each of us a wish. And that's how we spend our November every year.

the link:

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No Nut Challenge! Empty Re: No Nut Challenge!

Post by Sponsored content

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