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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Royal Scarlet

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Royal Scarlet Empty Royal Scarlet

Post by Jstruggs716 Fri Nov 06, 2020 2:32 am

Royal Scarlet Deq7u21-ae8e000c-8c37-4d71-a730-80ed26ef7790
Name-Charlotte Ashway
Ring Name-Royal Scarlet
Birthday-July 01
Eyes- Red brown
Nicknames-The Justice Cat
Debut-July 03, 2016
Rival-None Yet
Theme-Hero by Skillet
Likes-Protecting the innocent, Justice, defeating the bad guys, her family and allies, cats, superheroes movies.
Dislikes, Evil doers, losing to evil doers, being humiliated by evil doers.
Accomplishment-None Yet

When Charlotte was little, she grew up to be a friendly girl who have many friends and friendly atmosphere in her hometown. Until one day, she saw this girl who was bullying one of her friends, had to try to reason with the bully and end up getting hurt herself. Charlotte parent weren't happy of what happened to her and instead, took her away from school and friends to be home schooled. Her friends come and visit telling stories that the bully still causing some troubles. She have to do something about it and hopefully, can bring peace even the school doesn't seem to do anything about it. She watches various action movies and copy whatever she can learn from until the time come. One day, she goes to the school and confront the bully where she attacks Charlotte but able to fight back to make the bully cry and make her not to do it again.

She got the thrilled and accomplishment for doing to help her friends and stop the bad people. From that day, until she's older, she have trained to self defense and learning how to fight so that one day she can come and help someone in needs. Before she decide to go and become a police officer, but she wanted to do more as due to being a police officer she was very limited something because of the law and the corrupted higher ups. So she decided to quit the force. When she was at home, living off the money she saved and trying to do find another job that best suits her heroic lifestyle, she decides to take a break and binge watch some superheroes shows and movies, after watching so many superheroes related things back to back it inspired her to become a costume vigilante herself! doesn't pay the bills and still needed to find a job...that's when she accidentally changed the channel with her butt and a pro wrestling show came on.

After watching it for a couple of hours, seeing of all the different personality and gimmicks the redhead decides to it was the perfect career choice for her as it would allow her to dish out punishment to any bad guys, or proper pro wrestling term, heels that deserve it!

Charlotte is friendly and cares for others, especially always getting into trouble when she sees trouble. Helping others that she thinks that they need help with instead of herself. She's mentally strong and have sense of justice, doing the right thing, and coming to their aid.

Wrestling Info
Wrestling Strategy-Not back down in a match and mostly wanted to take on 'heel' wrestlers but also willing to take on 'face' wrestlers too. Fast attacks and back off, picking her opponent off and keep hitting with 'hit and run' tactics.

Preferred Attacks-Flying moves, dropkick, hurricarana, legdrop, bulldog

Preferred Matches-Any against Heel

Attitude towards hentai: "Umm....well, I would rather keep it in the bedroom...I will participate in hentai match if I must..."

Endurance: 3/5
Strength: 3/5
Speed: 5/5
Defense: 3/5
Technique: 5/5
Strikes: 3/5
Submission: 5/5
Aerial Moves: 4/5
Counters: 4/5

Justice-rana (Hurricanrana)
Running Bulldog
Heroic Drop Kick (Drop Kick)

Signature Moves-
In Justice Clutches (Camel Clutch)
Justice Tornado (Tornado DDT)

Justice Time- Rushes in to loop her arms around their waist while sliding behind to lock in tightly, lift and lean back for a quick German Suplex into a pin.

Banish Evildoer-Pull her arm and spin then unleash her elbow to smack right at their jaw for the Rolling Elbow.

The Day is Saved-Top rope backflip splash (most of time landing their head by her busty breasts).

Scarlet Fever (Dragon Sleeper Hold)

Your under arrest (Rings of Saturn)

The Fun Facts
1. Has three cats
2. Has shots two people when she was a police officer but didn't killed them.
3. Her costume inspired by her love for cats
4. Is afraid of dogs but doesn't hate or dislike them
5. Born and Raised in New York City, New York
A special thanks to Killer V for allowing me to adopt this character.
Character image is Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail which belongs to Hiro Mashima

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Royal Scarlet Empty Re: Royal Scarlet

Post by Jstruggs716 Fri Nov 06, 2020 2:50 am

Royal Scarlet's Appearance
Police uniform:
Old ring gear:

Note: Do ask if you wanna know who is the artist.

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Royal Scarlet Empty Re: Royal Scarlet

Post by Jstruggs716 Mon May 24, 2021 2:03 am


1. Royal Scarlet (Debut) vs Carlos Calderon:

2. Royal Scarlet vs Killer King:

3. Royal Scarlet vs Reva Devonport in a Sixty Minutes Iron Woman Smother Match:

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Royal Scarlet Empty Re: Royal Scarlet

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