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Hentai Matches Wanted

Mon Feb 19, 2024 5:04 pm by Leon564

Hello~ Hope you're well when you're reading my ad. Whoever you may be. Not sure how many are paying attention but I put James up for Hentai Championship Contenders. Which means that I'm looking to set him up with something focusing on progressing that.

Edit: My post for James is still available however now I've made a new gal who's ready to meet ya!

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Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists

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Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists Empty Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists

Post by Yori Sat Oct 31, 2020 9:53 pm

Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists JzJ14zQ
Name: Tam Tenderpaw
Nickname: Tammy
Age: 19
Eyes: Chesnut
Hair: Brunette
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 122lbs
Species: Sciuro
Alignment: Face

Theme Song
Alexandrite II:

Ring Gear:
Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists Y8BkYhi
Wrestling Information

Type: High Flying Brawler

Strategy: Aggression is the name of the game. Tammy burns bright and fast, pouring everything she has with non-stop all out assaults in the early match. She comes into every fight with a perception of needing to prove her worth as a combatant, so even if she may appear lighthearted and fun, she is all about getting down and serious. Her high mobility and impressive punching power with her fists and tail make her a hard to read wildcard who is willing to make reckless choices with high risk for little reward.

While normally level headed, she has a short temper when her combat abilities are called into question as it relates to her species. She detests being stereotyped and will do anything in her power to shut down such unwarranted criticisms. In a pinch she can make use of grappling and submissions, but her bread and butter is her punching prowess. In matches that do not limit her abilities, she will make liberal use of her warding magic to cover her poor physical defense and strike out from protected states to allow for a more tactical fighting style.

Preferred Matches: Standard
Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists Jx8RR92
Physical Stats

Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists 481hhzY
Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists Nxc1V2X
Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists Na95aUK
Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists Cxpzzaa
Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists Cxpzzaa

Wrestling Stats

Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists 481hhzY
Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists GuasJlJ
Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists GuasJlJ
Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists Na95aUK
Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists Cxpzzaa


Sciuro Traits:
  • Natural Weapon: While not a prehensile limb, her tail is a force to be reckoned with. Serving for more than simply counterweight for balance, she is capable of throwing out powerful strikes with her large fluffy tail and isn’t above using it to smother her opponents with its considerable size.

  • Enhanced Senses: Superior Hearing and sense of smell enable her to pick up on tiny details that might escape others' notice. She has superior eyesight as well, though this is only in the light. Her vision in dark places by comparison is rather poor.

  • Hyper Jumper: A superhuman capability to leap wide distances and high heights. There are few places she cannot get to with a bit of climbing and her impressive leaping capabilities.

Tenderpaw Legacy:
  • Weavecraft: While her natural aptitude towards healing magics is notably weak compared to other members of her bloodline, she still possesses a modicum of ability to make use of its power. Simple healing and curative nature based magics, while taxing for her to conjure, are possible. Most of these tend to work better when augmented with more mundane tinctures and salves though.

  • Abjuration: Barriers and protective wards, one of the other magics native to her bloodline. While her studies in their application were never exactly thorough due to her focus shifting elsewhere, she has a decent understanding and connection to these magics that she can wield them in combat if need be. While they are generally used solely for the purposes of protection, Tammy has figured out a few creative ways to use them offensively.

Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists Ltzbgze

Signature Move

Rushing Driver:
Tammy tightens up her defenses, advancing forward with rushing blows to drive her opponents backwards before clobbering them with a big uppercut.
Rushing Driver:

Sciuro Special: Signature use of Tammy's tail to link her punching combos and keep her opponents guessing.
Sciuro Special:

Ups and Downs: After a wind up, Tammy batters her opponent up off the ground before leaping up in pursuit after them, sending them back to the floor with an acrobatic strike.
Ups and Downs:

Finishing Moves:

Stinger Strike/Maelstrom: Tammy lurches forward, throwing her weight into an all out body blow meant to create an opening in her opponents defenses. If she manages to stagger them, she will unleash rapid tail and fist strikes to pummel her opposition into submission.
Stinger Strike/Maelstrom:
Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists 5d4tw1W
Personality: Despite all her fuss about wanting to separate herself from the stereotypes of her people, she has a very upbeat and chipper attitude that puts her very much in line with what most people know of her kind. Bubbly and a bit scatterbrained at times, she is well meaning and kind unless forced into a position where she is forced into open confrontation. Outside of the ring she is a free spirit, wanting to go places and do things on a whim, dreaming of becoming a well traveled and renown adventurer in the wilds someday. Unraveling the mysteries of Gaia for her own curiosity and potential acclaim drives most of her moment by moment choices and has a tendency to land her in tricky situations. That's fine though, Tammy is certain there is always a way to get out of any given situation... even if she hasn't figured it out yet! Her open friendly nature finds her making fast friends with most people, even those you might be considered an odd match... though these also may be somewhat one sided affairs. She can be a bit clingy, she's a hugger after all.

One of the only things that rile her is having her abilities or species belittled. She is fine with people being judgemental of how she acts or what she wears, but draws the line when she is underestimated because of what she is or where she came from. Tammy is very open about her fighting capabilities, trying to shoehorn them into almost any situation she can solve an issue with a display of her acrobatics of physicality as a means of showboating. It's a chip on her shoulder she cannot easily brush off and absolutely loathes the old Sciuro saying her father always use to preach to her "Scurriers not scrappers". She shuns the ideals of her people's pacifistic neutrality, opting to instead push what she deems to be a progressive path that brings them most in line with more of the furious bestial species of Gaia. She is out to prove to all the realms that anyone can be a great fighter if they work hard enough.


The Tenderpaw name is synonymous within Arbra Vale as being world renown healers and abjurers in the service to the upper crust. Be it in defense of the city’s wards or mending the wounds of the powerful, they are looked to and respected for their craft. A wide reaching Sciuro house to which Tammy is one among five other siblings and near countless cousins. Nearly all of them will find themselves lost in studies of the alchemical, the arcane, or mercantilism. She however, never had a natural gift for any of this.

Instead, the free spirited Tammy looked to other creative outlets, opting to follow in the footsteps of her ancient ancestors who used to be explorers of the frontier. These ways however have been mostly lost to the Sciuro, who prefer to stay within the safety of their dens and cities and amass wealth and power through commerce and neutrality over conflict and violence. One cannot travel all of Gaia though without knowing how to protect oneself though. Despite the wishes of her family and the stigma of society on her kind, she put her mind towards touching up and embracing the more bestial side of her kind. No matter how much she improved however, her parents refused to allow her to travel the world, or heavens forbid, to another realm. She needed a way to prove her worth as a warrior.

When news spread across the land there was a place where mighty combatants gathered in a contest of wits and strength, she was eager to sign up. Filled with determination to carve a new image of her people into stone and show her worth, she enlists… though not alone. Her family hired a personal protector who was to watch over Tammy… who somehow also became roped into joining to stand beside her employer’s daughter.

Fun Facts:

Bottomless Pit: This girl can really eat. It burns a lot of energy training all day and running around a bunch. She can pack away a meal no problem and still come back for seconds.

Tail Tactics: Tammy uses her extra limb to great effect, swinging it around for powerful blows, using its considerable size to block attacks, or abusing its size to help smother her foes out.

Write Off: Tammy writes letters to her parents often detailing how her life outside of Arbra Vale is going... she doesn't send them though. Instead she has collected them in a small leatherbound book which acts almost like a diary written to the two of them. She'll share it with them... someday.

Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists JdAcSCD

SRW Information

-Wins: 2
-Losses: 0
-Draws/No Contest: 0


Friends: N/A
Allies: Shin Kikuchi
Rivals: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Crushes: N/A
Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists 9a4t0Cn

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Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists JTYmfg2

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Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists Empty Re: Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists

Post by Yori Fri Dec 01, 2023 4:28 am

Tag Key:

The Road to Respect:
1: [M] Hunter and Prey - Tam makes her big debut against another rookie wrestler. Looks like they were cheeky putting a Sciuro up against a predator, she intends to show them all!
2: [M] A Battle of Grace and Wind - Tam ventures into her first ever Unleashed match against a fearsome foe.

Tam Tenderpaw, Fluff and Fists JTYmfg2

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