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Looking for fun Fights

Tue Sep 27, 2022 5:34 am by Leon564

Hello folks! Putting it out that I'm available to discuss matches for either James or Melanie.

If you are trying to find their profiles you can use the character search and type in the following;

James Elforn

Melanie L'belle
If it's for an author of my name tag then that's me! You're free as well to throw me a friend request on Discord since I'm not in the Discord server at this time.
Leon564#4514 (Discord)

Thanks for your read and have a great

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Ironman match: Sasuke Jackson vs Chloe Mason! (Cancelled)

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Ironman match: Sasuke Jackson vs Chloe Mason! (Cancelled) Empty Ironman match: Sasuke Jackson vs Chloe Mason! (Cancelled)

Post by Jstruggs716 Sun Sep 06, 2020 12:19 am

Ironman match: Sasuke Jackson vs Chloe Mason! (Cancelled) PJSZe09
Ironman match: Sasuke Jackson vs Chloe Mason! (Cancelled) Oc_commission_by_mro16_ddmo8yc-fullview

Match Type:Thirty minutes Ironman
Victory Conditions: To get the most fall before the thirty minute time limit ends by Pinfall, Submission, KO, and Orgasm
Stipulation: Kissing an opponent feet will be act of submitting

Sasuke Jackson was in the gorilla position as he waits for his cue to called out for his match tonight against a woman named Chloe Mason. The match was a thirty minutes ironman match and he was told that kissing his opponent will be act of submitting. "That isn't going to happen." He said to himself as of course he planned winning the match winning with clean slate but do hope that his opponent will give him a tough fight as he hated fighting weakling opponent. They weren't entertain to him.

After a while Sasuke heard his cue as the ring announcer called out his name and his entrance song: Too Bad by Michael Jackson plays. With a cocky smile he walks out to the entrance ramp where he received a mixed reaction of boos and cheers from the fans before walking down the ramp to the ringside arena. He climbed the steels steps and enters the ring by the middle rope.

He walked to the center of the ring where strikes a pose for the cameras. Once he was finished he went the corner and wants his foe to arrive.

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Double T


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Ironman match: Sasuke Jackson vs Chloe Mason! (Cancelled) Empty Re: Ironman match: Sasuke Jackson vs Chloe Mason! (Cancelled)

Post by BritBrat Mon Oct 19, 2020 10:01 pm

Chloe was back in Kyoto once more. While some women in Friction may grumble for having to travel for a cross-promotion match, Chloe didn't mind at all. From the smile she had, as she waited for the stagehands while her bodyguards would tend to her needs, she was more than confident. Finding success in Tension, the ex-commissioner was more known there than in Friction, her last match ended up with a victory and still undefeated. Streaks were not something she intends to have, but it was quite amusing that she hasn't lost to a single male yet. From the looks of things, management decided to give her another to throw at her.

Sasuke Jackson was someone she hasn't heard of much and was confused with being a total newbie. However, with more research, it turns out that he has been in Tension for quite a while. A rather bold start as he went up against a champion in his debut. Not afraid of any challenges it seems. More significant than most challenges she has had so far, but size doesn't always matter. And since this was to be her first match in Tension this year, she was not going to disappoint the people that typically hungered to see more humiliation from the ex-commissioner.

Chloe Mason:

Her theme would play on the loudspeakers, and the crowd gave a better reception than before. More and more, people began to like Chloe and perhaps her post-match antics. Wherever they get to see it this time though, that would have to be seen. Two bodyguards would be with her, but instead, they carried her on their shoulders as they walk down the ramp—a weight they could easily handle, given their size. Legs crossed as her presence commanded respect from the audience. Her index finger would twirl the golden locks of hair, and her ruby lips curled into a sly smile. She always felt more comfortable in Tension. Perhaps due to the similarities of her own federation back in the States and this league.

They would reach the apron, and Chloe would hop off, stepping into the apron and entering the ring with natural flair. Hips naturally swaying side to side, the blonde leaned on the ropes, arms draped over. The bodyguards would part to the sides of the barricade in the meanwhile.


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Ironman match: Sasuke Jackson vs Chloe Mason! (Cancelled) Empty Re: Ironman match: Sasuke Jackson vs Chloe Mason! (Cancelled)

Post by Jstruggs716 Sun Nov 08, 2020 7:41 am

"Tch! I can't believe this crap!" Sasuke scoffs angrily and annoyed manner as he watches his opponent, Chloe Mason, make her entrances. And what it show him was this woman was a spoil brat as she came down to the ring by sitting atop of the very big bodyguards' shoulders, which Sasuke hated facing the most! As they were usually the prime example of weak opponent for him as they had everything given to them, never having to work a day in their life, thus, making them in physically and emotionally. So for any spoil brats to think they could just came into a sport where hard work is necessary and be successful by their money was absolutely ridiculous to the half black, half Japanese man!

Although, it does give him the chance to beat and humiliation them in front them of everybody, knocking them down a peg and seeing them that they didn't belong in pro wrestling is something that Sasuke took great satisfaction in! And it seems he was most definitely take great satisfaction with the opponent is about to face as admittedly she was rather attractive with her long golden locks,  her ruby lips curling up into a sly smile. her naturally swaying hips, and her quite lovely legs! And since making your opponent having a forced orgasm can earn you a fall, Sasuke's mind instantly filled up with all type of dirty things he wants to do to her!

"So...your opponent, eh?" Sasuke breaking the silence between them "And you're wearing that?" Says Sasuke as Chloe's red dress attire isn't exactly made for wrestling. "Well, if you wrestle like you dress, then it is going to be a quite easy for me...and for your better hope not."

Double T


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Ironman match: Sasuke Jackson vs Chloe Mason! (Cancelled) Empty Re: Ironman match: Sasuke Jackson vs Chloe Mason! (Cancelled)

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