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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Clover Rose

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Clover Rose Empty Clover Rose

Post by Jstruggs716 Thu Jul 16, 2020 7:30 am

Clover Rose 9VCxax6
Name-Clover Rose Heart
Ring Name-Clover Rose
Birthday-January 3,2001
Eyes-Light Blue
Weight- 119 lbs
Nicknames- The second coming of Rose! The beautiful fighter
Debut- May 3, 2019 (In a losing effort against a fellow rookie)
Rival-None yet
Theme- Turn it up by CFO$
Likes- Wrestling, Her friends and family, animals, blue, winning, Dominated, girls and boys, cute things
Dislikes- Rude people, Losing (Sort of), Hardcore matches, Sore Losers, Being sad
Accomplishment-None yet

Clover Rose Heart was born on January 3, 2001 in Detroit, Michigan to high middle class family. Her mother was a wrestler while her father was a stay at home dad, she was the older of six, having five brothers. Growing up Clover looked up to her mother as she was an amazing pro wrestler and was able to nearly defeat everybody that came her way. So at a young age Clover decided to become a pro wrestler like her mother. And of course her mother was very supportive of her dream, although her father was concerned about that and tried on many occasions to persuade his only daughter about going a different career path. But Clover won't be persuade as her mother laughed at her husband attempts. When Clover graduated high school her mother would starts training her for pro wrestler while also she attends college.

Though her mother would hate admit it but her daughter was no prodigy in terms of wrestling like herself and it really took hard work to get her daughter ready for her first match but eventually she was there and thanks to her mother influence from a well known wrestler, was able to secure Clover debut match in that match. But sadly, lost her first match in a close match against a fellow rookie like herself and went on to loss her five other matches. While her all first six matches were close enough, but sadly Clover could never got the W. So Her mother decided it was best for Clover takes couple month to train and focus on college. Gone went 2019 and enter 2020 with Clover wrapping up her training and she was ready to get back into the ring! (I think?)

Clover is a kind and sweet girl, who will do anything in her power to help someone else but don't her kindness for weakness as she does have vicious side to her as having little brothers will do it that to you. But secretly she likes to be dominated by bigger and stronger people than herself. She discovered this about herself when she was training with her mom and her mom friend who was a lot bigger and stronger than her, They huge bulging muscles crushes her tiny body, really turned her on.

Wrestling Info
Wrestling Strategy- To wear down her opponents with her fast strikes and aerial moves before hitting her finisher for the win.

Preferred Attacks: Strikes, Aerial moves, and Submissions.

Preferred Match: Anything except for hardcore.

Attitude towards hentai: "Umm....Sure I guess...."

Endurance: 3/5-Can take a beating.
Strength: 2/5-Can only power moves do smaller opponent and lighter than her and probably people around her height and weight.
Speed: 5/5-Is very hard to catch and hard stop to once she gets going.
Defense: 1/5-Can't really protect herself.
Technique: 3/5-It's average
Strikes: 2/5-Her speed she is able to lands a lot of strikes and they may not really at first but eventually will take their toll if she lands a lot of them.
Submission: 4/5-Can lock a mean submission hold
Aerial Moves: 4/5-Loves going up to the air but they are some aerial moves that she cannot do.
Counters: 4/5-Thanks to her tiny body she can basically get out of almost anything.

Five frog splash
Octopus Hold
Bronco Buster
Headscisscor Variations
Crossbody Variations

Signature Moves-
Texas Clover Rose Hold (Texas Cloverleaf)
Clover Facebreaker (Running Double Knee Facebreaker or Codebreaker)

Rosesault (Moonsault)
Rose Thorns (Tiger feint kick to the head of an opponent draped over the second rope followed by a splash from the top rope)

Fun facts
1.Based on Chloe Valentine from
2.Favorite color is blue
3. Loves Animals especially baby animals like puppies and kitten
4. Originally name was just Clover Rose and ring name was just Clover but I forgot to tell the artist about that so he assumed that was ring name also and decided to put on the titantron and I thought something that small wasn't necessary to change it and Clover Heart sounded better to me.
5.Her birthday is the day that the artist finished her and sent to me.

Artwork done by


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