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Possibly Searching

Thu May 19, 2022 6:58 pm by Rymiscuius

possssssssssssibly looking for a match soon
win / loss is dependant
mixed is fine
come get ur tiny super heel

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Back in the saddle, eyy! Looking for match with any of my three.

Fri May 13, 2022 8:45 pm by SiennaAFW

Short and to the point, looking for a match with any of my three wrasslers. Open to discuss ideas of how you'd like the match to go, what sort've rating the match might get (PG - R), et cetera!

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Looking for a debut

Fri May 13, 2022 4:34 pm by Bare

Heyo everyone! New member here and this is my main oc Alizeh! More to come but for now I’m just looking for a match to grt her started. Im ok with (mostly) any match and as for win/loss id like to discuss that based on what character she would go against. So feel free to hmu ^^

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Chloe Mason vs. Valley Doll - Best Foot Forward

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Chloe Mason vs. Valley Doll - Best Foot Forward - Page 6 Empty Re: Chloe Mason vs. Valley Doll - Best Foot Forward

Post by acuyra Sun Sep 13, 2020 3:54 am

Valley closed her eyes as she rode down the high, her body coming down off the high with ease. It was a rare, confusing feeling that her brain didn’t know how to process, the strange feeling of revulsion at something she would’ve enjoyed from a different person. The worst part of it was knowing that, on the surface, Chloe hadn’t even done anything wrong. It was a legal move in a legal match. This sort of thing happened all the time in the hentai division.

It had just never happened to her.

She took deep, calming breaths as the leg moved away from her crotch, thinking that the ordeal might be over, but she knew it wasn’t - there had been no bell, after all, and the match was still going. Sure enough, a foot came down on her crotch, proding her pussy, and it wasn’t hard to guess what the purpose behind it was. She clenched her teeth, trying to ignore the sensations in her most senitive area, but failed. Miserably.

She didn’t want to accept this. She wanted to slap Chloe. She wanted to bring the bitch down. She wanted to kick her head until her legs grew to tired to swing. But more than anything, she just wanted this all to be over.

”I give up.” Valley whispered, then lifted her head and spoke clearer. ”I give up! Just...enough.”

Chloe Mason vs. Valley Doll - Best Foot Forward - Page 6 SPoWQN2

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Chloe Mason vs. Valley Doll - Best Foot Forward - Page 6 Empty Re: Chloe Mason vs. Valley Doll - Best Foot Forward

Post by BritBrat Sun Sep 20, 2020 1:52 am

“There we go.”

Chloe smirked. She wasn’t sure if this could get any better, but hearing Valley’s submission like that was absolutely glorious. Since stepping foot in the federation, she had always set her eyes on the Californian. Though that was around the time when she was the Entropy champion, and Chloe was just a newcomer. It would have been hard for her to get a shot like this, considering this wasn’t the type of matches that she’d go for. No matter, it would have been fun to go kick for kick against a woman like this. But with the match against Kaylee, Chloe knew there was still a possibility. A chance. An opportunity.

And this was better than she could have ever imagined.

In any case, the ex-commissioner got her wish. Valley was thoroughly and utterly humiliated in front of every fan watching this viewing. There probably was more she could do, but at this point, she was content. This was a once in a lifetime ordeal, Chloe thought. It wasn’t as if Valley would meet her again after this. Though she knew that Valley would show her face in this very ring, just to hopefully move on from something like this. But just like Daisuke, this will haunt her. Chloe would at least make sure of it.

Valley surrendered, and the ex-commissioner near cackled. Her toes rubbed on the sensitive spot, knowing Valley was still ripe and tender from the high she just rode. Only then would the bell ring, heralding Chloe’s victory over quite the big name in AFW. “You have no idea how much I wanted to yo say that. Could have been better but you barely passed.” Chloe said, rubbing her foot on Valley’s crotch some more, dragging from toe to heel. “Ah, but you don’t want any more, right? I suppose I'll let you off now. But...” Her foot would be removed from the crotch before chambering her knee up to her chest.

“Be careful what you wish for.”

From there, Chloe’s foot shot out with a hard and fast kick towards Valley’s face. The same kick that she knocked her out in that locker room. And with the same foot, just that it’s slathered with Valley’s juices. A lovely sending off gift to unconsciousness.

Chloe Mason vs. Valley Doll - Best Foot Forward - Page 6 NbT0iL5

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