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Tension: Looking for a Debut!

Tue Feb 23, 2021 3:49 am by Gadot

I'm looking to send Nic out there and give him a proper debut, would love a nice match for him! I've honestly got no preferences in terms of a match, but I would love something that either gives him a nice plot to ride out with someone else, win or lose. He's down to play with both men and women, either hentai or not. Link is in my signature!

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Thanks a bunch. Have a nice

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Poll regarding the possibility of Mods booking PPV matches.

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So, basically, was wondering all of your thoughts regarding the possiblity of mods booking ppv matches.

The thought was, since people often seem to have trouble finding partners for ppv matches until the last minute or so, what if the mod team was to step in and, well in advance of the show, book the show ourselves, and try to put together the best matches we can, including title defenses, no.1 contender matches, and so on and so forth?

While I doubt our more popular members need such a …

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Jasper A. Rhys.

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Jasper A. Rhys.  Empty Jasper A. Rhys.

Post by Diesel_Electric_Razor Mon Jan 27, 2020 2:30 am

Ambitiose Sed Ineptum...
(Uchelgeisiol ond sbwriel...)
Ambitious But Rubbish!

Full Name: Jasper Arthur Rhys.
Model Number/Codename/Nicknames: Ravage, that Anorak, The Newtype Of AFW, that parkour wanker, Sheep Shagger.
Age: 18
Birthday: January 26th
Eye Color: Hazelnut
Hair Color: Navy Blue (maybe BR Blue)
Height: 5'1
Weight: 115lbs
Sex: Male
Nationality: British
Ethnicity: Welsh
Home Town: Pontypandy, Mid Glamorgan County, Wales, United Kingdom.
Sexuality: Bisexual (General preference towards males however.)
Organization: Tension
Alignment: Face/Neutral Good
Entrance Music:

Stand Up To The Victory - Tomohisa Kawazoe and it's various covers.:

"Cymru am Byth!" - Jasper's Patriotic Battlecry
Jasper's Standard Wrestling Attires:

Wrestling Attire Type B:
Jasper A. Rhys.  0Z1XIJ5
Wrestling Attire Type B Again:
Jasper A. Rhys.  JXYkGGs
The Type B outfit of a three-colour design.
Wrestling Attire Type A (Spare):
Jasper A. Rhys.  CouX7Xp
Wrestling Attire Type A (Spare) again:
Jasper A. Rhys.  8sXlPV5
he Type A outfit, a spare-one of a two-tone green and white.
"Welshmen Will Not Yield!"
Jasper's Hentai match attire:
Jasper A. Rhys.  G1Qd9ox
"I'm going to Milk you dry... Wanker!"
in this cute piece of attire, He's gone commando while still keeping his hands and feet wrapped up in gauze tape, quite a cute little outfit innit?
Jasper in his Idol "girl" Attire/Alter Ego:
Jasper A. Rhys.  ElmJ5K1 "Faraway, across the sea... I'm missing you... You're missing me... But no matter how faraway you are, know that I'm here to guide you home."
Mysterious Wrestling Heroine - Magical Girl Starsaber!:

Jasper A. Rhys.  QmST0WT
"Send a message across the sky, Cruel raiders just broke past our last line!... Who will come and save us now?... Who can defend us from their power.... StarSaber! ...Tell the people back at Earth Command to send StarSaber to save our us all... Always daring and courageous!... Only she can save us!"

As the magical girl Star Saber, Jasper becomes the heroic young StarSaber! a descendant of the legendary autobot hero Star Saber (G1), with staff in hand Jasper fights for the preservation of peace, justice and the dreams of the AFW Audience!

Notes to make about the costume are that Jasper usually takes the cat-ears and ribbons off when entering the ring, secondly Jasper as per usual goes barefoot via the fact his thigh-highs are of an open-toe type, also to note is that he occasionally (as pictured) wears contact lenses to change his eye-color.
Jasper's Casual 'off-duty' daily attires:
Jasper A. Rhys.  QmpZnpR
"Stop staring... Wanker!"
Jasper A. Rhys.  MZJKpPP
"Like What ya see?"
Addendum: Occasionally to be used as In-Ring outfit.
Jasper A. Rhys.  Dc2ns0d
"Yeah?... what about it mun?"
Jasper's Cosplays! (NSFW):

Jasper A. Rhys.  2jLhifr
"Am I too cute?"
Jasper A. Rhys.  MHSzGAw
"Three times as Cute~"
Jasper A. Rhys.  I6jp7HX
"Happy now?"
Jasper A. Rhys.  LlRjvFi
"Stoooop!... I'm trying to clean!"
Jasper A. Rhys.  02VH7WZ
"You really mean I look good in this...?"
Jasper A. Rhys.  XvA7eUr
"I'm only wearing it cause it makes ya happy..."
Jasper A. Rhys.  5t8TBnI
Jasper A. Rhys.  JzwmlWT
Jasper A. Rhys.  DjEuujs


Endurance: 6/10
Stamina: 7/10
Strength: 5/10
Speed: 8/10
Defense: 3/10
Technique: 4/10

Strikes: 6/10
Submissions: 2/10
Powerhouse: 4/10
Arial: 6/10
Defense: 3/10

Luck: 5/10
Charisma: 8/10
Intelligence: 7/10

Strategy: Being a smaller fighter of insubstantial weight and little training, Jasper tends to rely (un)surprisingly on hit-and-run more-often then not.

Style: While an adamant pro-wrestler at heart, his style shows an emphasis on relying upon his speed and agility with a general doctrine based around Hit-and-Run often times striking, Jasper favors keeping his distance from his opponents and as such he's a decent striker but a somewhat mediocre grappler.

Finishers And Signature Moves:

Cardiff Kick:
Jasper A. Rhys.  Giphy
Jasper's signature finishing move, simple and effective, it's often used in finishing off a battered foe.

Dresden Devastator:
Jasper A. Rhys.  Sendai11.12-6
Named in reference the RAF's infamous Bombing campaigns in World War II, Jasper uses this signature to subdue fallen foes with a quick climb up the corner and suddenly back-flipping for a powerful drop, sending his knees down onto his poor foe's body, with him often quickly recovering from said drop.

Jasper A. Rhys.  Giphy
Jasper A. Rhys.  07PHStU
Jasper is quite fond of suplexing opponents, be it big or small, He often does this to dazed and confused foes.

Swansea Runner:
Jasper A. Rhys.  U5B2Jsa
A signature that Jasper does with the intention of giving foes a headache and making the audience go "Wow!"

The Dam Buster:
Jasper A. Rhys.  25db585127d755043d524ea3023e076f
Another drop Jasper uses, (also named after a WWII battle) but unlike the previous one, this is used as a finisher against battered and weary foes.

Red Comet Kick:

Another signature where Jasper quickly climbs up on the middle-rope and jumps off of it to kick opponents in the face, said finisher is named after the iconic "Char Kick" Scene from the 1979 anime 'Mobile Suit Gundam'
Jasper A. Rhys.  Dtggk0g
The aforementioned scene.

Victory Saber!:
Jasper A. Rhys.  Ce1db94b2d4329f3aac1fc1f4b3d8c872caf06bf_00
Another one of Jasper's kick repertoire, this strong kick-to-the-face strike, often used against weakened foes is this time named after his favorite childhood anime hero (the Transformer 'Star Saber' from TF: Victory), in an interesting note to take, Jasper uses this interchangeably as both a finisher and a signature, much to the confusion of himself, fans and everyone around him.

Ain't Just For Show:
Jasper A. Rhys.  RevolvingSeveralBellsnake-max-1mb
Jasper's most famous submission move, often times done as a finisher against battered and weary foes, with this one Jasper simply floors his opponent one-way-or-another and proceeds to choke them out with his thighs by wrapping his legs around their neck in a headscissors. The name is in reference to the 1988 film "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack" and an iconic line of dialogue from the film.

Aberystwyth Wrap Up:
Jasper A. Rhys.  NecessaryIncompatibleBandicoot-size_restricted
Named after the Welsh town of the same name, this move is an adaptation of friend-and-former-colleague from his days in the UK Indie Scene, Lily Starling's famous Baby Octopus Lock, once used against him to a humiliating effect by his friend, the plucky Welsh boy studied it and adapted it for himself, Now Jasper uses this simple but effective submission to ensnare opponents and to stretch them out, often times used against bigger opponents with effective results!

Though his brief bouts in the UK Indie scene with the Starling princess have taught him another deadlier version of the humble Wrap-Up.

Flying Constrictor:
Jasper A. Rhys.  SamePhysicalJaeger-size_restricted
Simply put, a flying lariat that's used as a finisher that Jasper uses in concert with Just-For-Show for finishing opponents off with both a powerful crash onto the mat and then a sudden segway into thigh-based-chokage, hence the name.

Personality and Description: A Tenacious, Happy-Go-Lucky and rather cheeky character (albeit somewhat rather absent-minded). little Jasper Rhys enters the scene with a feisty, yet, easygoing nature. Jasper rarely has a hard time making new friends, however despite his generally kindly demeanor, young Jasper does display a ruthless and cunning attitude while in the ring, not afraid to show no-quarter when wrestling (Especially against heels, bullies and general jerks), Furthermore, Jasper, being a rather strong-willed lad, is not afraid of standing up for himself or his friends and is quite famous for his concrete determination against even the toughest of foes. Despite this, the young Welshman does know mercy and is always willing to forgive opponents. When all is said and done, Jasper is overall a rather pleasant (if-not eccentric) individual to be around, a faithful ally and a pragmatic, but forgiving foe to his enemies.

Born in rural Wales, Jasper would spend the majority of his childhood either wandering around the village or helping his father at the local fire station or helping his uncle on his farm, which helped build a strong work ethic within the boy whilst inadvertently shaped him into the deceptively powerful lad we see today... being a smaller child with a fairly effeminate build coupled with his eccentricities and somewhat gullible attitude often times made Jasper a fairly easy target for bullies and other such unpleasantries.

But despite that all, Jasper maintained a fairly chipper attitude which helped him see the bright side of things!... With that noted, Jasper had found himself an affinity for professional wrestling from a young age, from the wackiness inherent to the sport, to the strange yet compelling personalities to the simple intensity of a title bout between heated rivals, Jasper found himself enthralled in the world of wrestling, a world where the young lad could escape to from bullies and chores where valiant heroes triumphed over dastardly villains, it was like watching real life superheroes going at it! the young boy had found himself enraptured by the seemingly glamorous world of professional wrestling!... and starting around age 15, Jasper began to train himself up for a debut on the UK Indie wrestling world, finally bursting onto the scene after his 17th Birthday and quickly making a name for himself as a charming young babyface with not much skill but a lot of potential... Several high-profile matches later and eventually a month after his 18th birthday, a talent scout from a certain Japanese wrestling promotion would find themselves impressed with the young Welshman and offered him a job in Kyoto, something that Jasper quite happily jumped at the opportunity for...

Hobbies: Wrestling, Being a weeb Degenerate, Watching anime, reading manga, vidya, model kits, singing, Parkour, Hornby railways, being cute.

Likes: Friendly people, Cardiff F.C., anime, vidya, Mecha, The Great Western railway, ramen, pocky, ramune, shitposting online, Cwtches, His homeland of Wales.
Dislikes: Rude and mean people, homophobia, The French.

Some Say...:

Fun Facts!:
Jasper is an avid fan of bikes, often traveling along and around town in his personal City-bike, the young Welsh lad will tell you that there's nothing better on a sunny day than a nice bike ride through the park!

Jasper is a surprising expert at parkour, all of this stemming from two issues he faced during his childhood, first of which being harassment he suffered at the hands of bullies when wandering around town, and secondly when his preferred sidewalk path to his favorite trainspotting spot was blocked off for construction work, so Jasper decided to try other methods of reaching getting around town, at first simply finding alternate paths but they were too slow for him and messed with his trainspotting schedule worse still was that his bullies would usually catch up with him and harass him, So inevitably he got fed up with it and decided to make his own path to the spot... and he found himself doing parkour around town and loving the thrill jumping, climbing and running over obstacles, eventually going from parkouring to go trainspotting and bully avoidance to parkour for fun, this fondness for the art of parkour Jasper has no-doubt had led to three things, both his excellent agility and speed and having strong legs while also allowing him to at the very least be pretty decent with his aerials what with all the falling he did.

Jasper is a noted weeb who loves anime and manga, but especially however he is a fan of mecha anime, his all time favorite mecha anime being either the classic original "Mobile Suit Gundam 0079" of which the character of 'Char Aznable' is his favorite or the 1989 "Transformers: Victory" series which he fondly remembers, having owned a bootleg DVD of said series as a child, besides this Jasper has himself collection of Robot figures ranging from Gundam model kits, Macross and Transformers action figures, etc.

to call Jasper a 'Space Cadet' or a 'Cloudcuckoolander' wouldn't be too far off as he occasionally gets lost in his own little worlds and has a little bit of trouble paying-attention every now and then, as stated before a somewhat absent-minded fellow, but he's working on getting his act together in that regard, to which he reports he is making great progress.

The young lad is enamored with machines, mostly stemming from his childhood experiences as his father and uncle were both amateur gearheads with his Father's job at the fire station more often than not primarily being that of station technician, maintaining the older 1980's-1990's Vintage fire truck whilst his uncle still tinkered about with his old Morris Marina and his tractor, this ended up fostering a love of machines in the young boy, this only grew as Jasper took interest in the rail-network his village was connected to which led to the bluenette getting a reputation amongst villagers as an eccentric as he would often train-spot, these days you can bet that Jasper had inherited and absorbed enough information from his father and uncle that he can fix just about anything.

His favorite food is Christmas Plum Pudding, which he always makes for himself and his friends during the Holidays.

Jasper loves cats and is always ready to help any stray kitten he sees that's in trouble, on that note it can be observed that Jasper's movements and mannerisms have a sort of... 'catlike-ness' to them, also of note is that he sometimes makes a 'purrring' sound when he's happy, currently owns a small black British short-hair kitten named 'Jesse' named after the Postman Pat character, Jasper loves her to bits.

Jasper is also quite fond of sheep (Not that way you fucking degenerates!) as when he was a boy, he often helped out on his uncle's sheep farm, often-times playing with lambs.

Jasper likes to sing! mostly for fun however, he can't carry a tune all that well, but he's taking lessons on improving his singing abilities.

If Jasper were a Zombie... He'd be of the 28-Days-Later/Weeks Later variety of fast running and blood vomiting abominations!

Jasper's family line has a surprising military history, having ancestors who've fought in major wars and battles, from the legendary Defense Of Rorke's Drift to the bloodbath of The Somme to the skies of Burma in 1945, the last of which (His grandfather was an RAF pilot) influencing his love of aviation.

As referenced in the biking factoid, Jasper likes to tinker with his bike, so expect a few modifications to it!

If Jasper were a mobile suit...:
The LM312V04 Victory Gundam... Of Course~
Jasper A. Rhys.  Latest?cb=20120628081934

Win/Loss Rate:

Pre-AFW Indie Scene wrestling career:

Win/Loss Rate: 1/1
Lily Starling vs Jasper Rhys – Winner: Lily Starling via Submission (Jailbait’s Twisted Prison Fantasy)
Lily Starling vs Jasper Rhys – Winner: Jasper Rhys via Submission (Jailbait’s Twisted Prison Fantasy)

AFW Career:

Jasper Rhys Vs. Ryo Kamiya [Debut Match] - Winner: Jasper! via impromptu powerbomb and pinfall.
Young Jasper debuts with much to prove in a bout with Tension's beloved Hentai Prince, Ryo Kamiya!

Daichi Kurozu Vs. Jasper Rhys - Clash Of The (smol) Titans. - Winner: Tie! Mutual defeat via dual knockout.
A Duel between Tension's two cutest boys! Let's see who'll come out ontop

A Showdown Of Cute And Ciwt (Iyaya Vs Jasper). Winner: Match Ongoing.
Facing off against an Imp, let's see if Jasper can keep calm and carry on.

Friends: Lily Starling
Rivals: None As Of Now.
Enemies: None As Of Now.

A Special Note... :
All credit goes to the various artists whose art I've modified without permission for the depiction of the character of Jasper, whilst I couldn't find them all I apologize vehemently to karukanko, suzushiro haru and several others who I couldn't track down, as for the new outfit design special thanks goes to my friend Timbs on Discord for making it for me on Koikatsu Party, rock on bud and peace out yo.

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Jasper A. Rhys.  Empty Re: Jasper A. Rhys.

Post by killcarrion Mon Jan 27, 2020 4:00 am

Approved, you may RP as you wish.

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