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Femdom matches with smothers in mixed matches

Mon Jun 24, 2024 2:01 am by jdo_sss

If anyone has any female characters that needs more wins and uses moves like stinkface, breast smother etc let me know message me on discord thanks


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Mixed Match

Sat Jun 08, 2024 6:16 am by jdo_sss

Looking for an mixed match on this forum looking for my character mostly be smothered and dominated though you can message me here or on discord lilpeep44_6

NitroVitro- the display name on discord message me if interested

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Auribus Teneo Lupum

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Auribus Teneo Lupum - Page 2 Empty Re: Auribus Teneo Lupum

Post by Berial Sat Jun 29, 2019 11:55 pm

‘Beaten up’. She swore, it was like a child saying it. That aloof sense of bravery that came from a mind yet to realize how harsh and cruel the world could be.

Everyone was due with a reminder, she supposed.

In all honesty, Manami would be fooling herself if she didn’t find the stipulations attractive. Pyrena went for something surprisingly unsafe. She expected a bit more gravitas for the winner, a fair share of groveling and repentance. No. Underground rules, with a bit of flair for the occasion. From the outset, it may have seemed like a setup very much in the Wolf GIrl’s element. At the same time, however, she knew little to nothing of the red headed amazon. Fumika would have dig up what she could before the fateful day finally arrived.

The Wolf Girl made no attempt to hide her satisfaction with the ruleset. Her smile stretched from ear to ear with a dark shade highlighting her countenance. Turning to the side, a low murmur steadily built into an odious laugh as she walked off to Pyrena’s side, darkening the light with its echoes. A juggernaut. A ‘warrior’. What else could the world proffer for her reign?

The beast inside mused with a delighted grin.

“A half truth. I can admit that.”
Manami turned back to face the Greek warrior, a wicked grin slashed across her lips. “Softening my knuckles on bodies like yours never fails to excite my blood.” Her hand raised and crushed into a fist, imagining Pyrena right in its palm. “Your demands are met! I’ll crush those warrior ideals beneath your bones! I’ll watch you expel them from your heart and soul as you beg for mercy, parasite!”

Auribus Teneo Lupum - Page 2 6NRJND5

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Auribus Teneo Lupum - Page 2 Empty Re: Auribus Teneo Lupum

Post by BritBrat Thu Jul 11, 2019 12:11 am

In all honesty, she could have gone with something other than what she had just proposed. It was unsafe, something that the Wolf Girl could thrive in and relish in such violence. But at the same time, it would allow Pyrena to give Manami her just desserts, a little payback for what she did and breaking the Wolf in her own stomping grounds of sorts. Reaping what she had sown. A simple match where she has to beg and grovel wouldn’t do. And truth be told, Pyrena really needed something she could sink her teeth into. She is certain that she would get the best out of Manami. Course, that is all a double-edged sword. But she has made peace and knows what she is getting into. Both thinking about what they could gain out of this.

More importantly, it intrigued the Champion enough to accept. Though not without admitting one part is a half-truth. Something which she responded with a low scoff. Absolute degenerate. But she came with the demand for the title. And it has been accepted. Only now she would have to think about the fateful day. “Trust me when I say that many have tried to.” Not finishing that part, leaving it there for Manami to imagine what those others tried to do what she said she would do. “Just be ready. Sharpen your fangs, your claws, do what you gotta do. Cause they will be the ones that will be crushed.” With that, she took her leave, not stopping for whatever Manami has to say. She couldn’t care less. All that she could think of right now, the one thing that is on her mind.

Beat her. Destroy her.


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