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Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Erica Fairchild - GM of Tension

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Erica Fairchild - GM of Tension Empty Erica Fairchild - GM of Tension

Post by Old_Man_Tai Tue Apr 02, 2019 1:20 am

Name: Erica Fairchild

Sex: Female

Age: 25

Eyes: Grey

Hair: Blonde

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 128 lbs

Nationality: American

Alignment: Neutral

Entrance music:


While intelligent, and having a great mind promoting and advertisement, Erica is not all sunshine and roses. She's very manipulative and cunning, willing to go behind peoples backs and orchestrate things without permission or other peoples knowledge to achieve her ends, often justifying her actions by how successful they were in whatever goal she was trying to achieve. She offers few apologies, and is rather focused on doing things her way, and nobody elses.

That being said, she knows how to be courteous, pleasant, and personable to people, acknowledging that having allies and friends would make things easier than if people were fighting her every step of the way. While this nets her a fairly good reputation with people who only briefly meet her, it makes her somewhat untrustworthy, as its unknown just if or when she might turn on you if the turn results in better ratings, or selling more merchandise. Even then however, what separates her from other past GM's is, simply, the lack of any malice in her actions. If she orders a heel to go attack a wrestler, it has nothing to do with hating that wrestler, but getting them sympathy, in an attempt to sell the match itself to make money, and gain sympathy for that wrestler to increase merch sales and other such things.

Bio: (I really hate doing these, so instead of a full bio, will just be providing bullet points for the main things to know)

*Born in New York City, the great grand-daughter of famous American inventor and businessman Sherman Fairchild, though he had passed before she was born.

*Had, ever since childhood, had a sort of business sense, with her first "business" being a small lemonade stand outside her home during the summer, setting up signs for several blocks around her neighborhood to advertise, doing the same in the winter with hot chocolate and coffee, getting up early to target early morning joggers and people heading to work. Over time, she would use money earned from that, and her allowance, to set up other small stands in other neighborhoods and pay other kids a percentage to sell for her.

*This business sense grew stronger as she aged, joining various clubs in high school and finding ways to help her school further advertise for things like bake sales, job fairs, and sport events, even assisting in getting local businesses to sponsor certain events, always taking a backstage role in things and setting things up behind the scenes. One notable event saw her get suspended for two days due to turning what was meant to be a simple local car wash event to drum up some money for one of the political clubs to take a trip into a bikini car wash event, actually paying off local college girls to show up half naked and wash cars.

*Eventually moved to California to attend the HAAS School of Business at Berkeley, graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Business, with Promotion/Advertisement as a minor.

* Her degree, and legacy from her family name, opened a lot of doors for her, starting out in management positions within the various companies formerly owned by Mr. Fairchild, under the idea that a "rightful heir" was taking the reigns back. However, most of these companies interests, focusing mainly on aviation and aviation camera's were rather...boring to Erica, something she didn't expect, and quickly left. From there, she bounced to various positions, managing a radio station, continuing the modeling career she started in college, starting her own clothing line, managing an advertisement company, often finding herself rather bored with the more one dimensional aspects of the companies she worked for.

*Fortunes changed however, when she created several advertisements for national boxing promotion, building up a match between their two biggest fighters. Despite interest in boxing dimming for the league, the promotional packages and advertisements Erica and her company put together under her direction were a massive success, giving the league its most purchased PPV event in years. Soon after, growing a bit bored with JUST focusing on advertisements, she was contacted by AFW management from Japan. Apparently, they had issues with past General Managers on their shows, and since Tension GM Melissa Sellers had decided to no longer appear on television and focus on other aspects of the show, they needed a replacement. Despite not being a big fan of pro wrestling itself, Erica had to admit, the various intricate details that would come from running a wrestling promotion, especially one in Japan where she had never been and could potentially grow her own personal brands...was quite intriguing. Soon, a deal was struct, contract signed, and she was off to Kyoto.


Erica has actually no connection to her great grandfather, as not only did he pass before she was born, but he never married, and was not with the woman who gave birth to her grandmother, and had nothing to do with her family, as he never married or had "official" children before he died. She learned of their connection in her teens, and upon going to college, had her name legally changed, feeling that taking his name, and any publicity it could bring, could be useful to her.

Her eye color, a stormy grey, is very rare eye color.

Erica actually has very little interest in the actual pro wrestling side of things, focusing far more on the promotional, advertising, merchandising and management side of things. This disinterest in the actual between the ropes aspect of AFW is actually one of the main reasons why AFW's Board of Directors and main shareholders wanted her in a position of power, with the hope that, with her at the helm, they would avoid the issues caused by Melissa Sellers trying to form her own power stable, or the extreme issues caused in Friction by former Friction GM Lukretia's constant favoritism and need to prove herself superior by actively competing in matches against talent.

Erica has a 6-month old Welsh Corgi puppy named Lucia. She is cuddly and adorable and Erica wuvs her very much.

An attractive woman, Erica did some modeling as a teen for some small local advertisements, and paid her way through college with a modeling job, appearing in magazines and in online ads, even willing to bare skin in swimsuits and lingerie if required, having no shame over flaunting her looks, and occasionally does modeling jobs still.

Has no intention of ever stepping into the ring for an actual match.

Erica Fairchild - GM of Tension Ve17x5z

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