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Kawaii Wars: Team Top Contender Match

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Kawaii Wars: Team Top Contender Match - Page 4 Empty Re: Kawaii Wars: Team Top Contender Match

Post by Kelsea Sun Dec 30, 2018 9:16 am

"Ngh!" Izzi grunted out as the the palm strike thumped up against the underside of her jawline, getting shoved off of Micca's body as she let go of her hair to grab her chin.

"Damnit.." the blonde brat hissed as she moved over onto her knees and then back up to her feet. She strode towards the down brunette and tried to send a swift kick with the top of her foot into Micca's ribs before she bent down and cupped her hands around the back of the other kawaii's head... trying to draw her up towards her feet

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Kawaii Wars: Team Top Contender Match - Page 4 Empty Re: Kawaii Wars: Team Top Contender Match

Post by killcarrion Tue Jan 08, 2019 2:51 am

Sun's substantial strength for her size always did help her out when she was in a jam, but their were always times when she was at a severe height disadvantage. Especially when fighting off the mean old poachers hunting the animals in her jungle. So she came to know a thing or two about how to fling around people by using their own momentum against them. The funny coincidence that she had just performed a maneuver called a "Monkey Flip" not dawning on her in the slightest, sadly.

" Brat people aren't very nice, are you?" Dani bitterly proclaimed while approaching the upside-down kawaii, cutely glaring down at Cham-Cham with her fists balled on her petite hips. Sun than taking Cham-Cham by her pawed hands to drag her away from the ring apron before lifting the jungle girl up to lay her belly-first on Sun's bent knee. One of Sun's arms holding Cham firmly in place with her other ominously raised high into the sky. "There's only one way to deal with misbehaving children...sorry, but this is for your own good..." Sun quoted her grandmother word for word before emphatically spanking the jungle-girls exposed and perky butt. A grand total of five times if uninterrupted, a cheeky wiggle with each slap sure to leave a hand-sized red welt.

Kawaii Wars: Team Top Contender Match - Page 4 JzMxnhg

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Kawaii Wars: Team Top Contender Match - Page 4 Empty Re: Kawaii Wars: Team Top Contender Match

Post by Daaharu Thu Feb 07, 2019 5:37 pm

Why they allowed Kelly to do commentary for this match, Claire couldn't be sure. But she did know that the girl was not going to be this glib when Claire got her in the ring in a few weeks or months. On an emotional level, Claire wished she could bring herself to be like the Brats, and set up an ambush for the dim-witted blue-haired girl. It would be so easy, the prospect of leaving the girl traumatized and terrified was so tantalizing, so appealing to that primal part of Claire's brain...but that, of course, was the difference between someone like her and the Brats. They couldn't control the animal side of their brains, and could only think logically just enough to conjure up rationalizations for what they had already done.

Claire could control herself. Her goal was to help the Kawaii League, and even when that meant passing up on wonderful opportunities to wallow in sumptuous contempt, she would keep her focus on that benevolent mission.

She was glad to have help against the Brat Pack, because right now she had to focus all of her attention on Dani, after getting elbowed in the gut and falling backward. She would have loved to see Sun spanking Cham-Cham, and she felt proud of Micca standing her ground against the Brat Pack's vile little leader. Claire had been forced to relinquish the advantage she held over Dani, but the waitress did not take immediate advantage. Claire would roll up onto her knees, panting a bit after that gut shot forced some of the air out of her lungs. Her eyes locking onto the waitress, Claire would move forward, trying to grab onto the girl's hair and then yank down on it, to pull her into a side headlock!

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Kawaii Wars: Team Top Contender Match - Page 4 Empty Re: Kawaii Wars: Team Top Contender Match

Post by RadiantKarna332 Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:23 am

Hitting Izzy with a strike to her chin, Micca would focus on getting herself back up onto her feet. But it seemed that Izzy managed to get back up before her before she went to deliver a kick right at her ribs. "Muaghhh!!!" Micca cried out in pain as she took the kick, closing her eyes tightly to endure the pain.

As she was still reeling from the kick, Micca could feel Izzy grabbing her by her head before she was pulled back up onto her feet. Opening one eye, she would look at Izzy. Not wanting to let this chance be wasted, she would try to smash her forearm right at that stupid face of hers, hoping to catch her off-guard and stun her.

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Kawaii Wars: Team Top Contender Match - Page 4 Empty Re: Kawaii Wars: Team Top Contender Match

Post by Sponsored content

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