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Femdom matches with smothers in mixed matches

Mon Jun 24, 2024 2:01 am by jdo_sss

If anyone has any female characters that needs more wins and uses moves like stinkface, breast smother etc let me know message me on discord thanks


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Mixed Match

Sat Jun 08, 2024 6:16 am by jdo_sss

Looking for an mixed match on this forum looking for my character mostly be smothered and dominated though you can message me here or on discord lilpeep44_6

NitroVitro- the display name on discord message me if interested

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Brook O'Brien

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Brook O'Brien Empty Brook O'Brien

Post by Tarantulust Fri Sep 28, 2018 7:18 pm

“Steel Jaw”
Brook O'Brien 0YzVuUx
Brook O’Brien
Name: Brook O’Brien
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Eyes: Subtle Red
Hair: Dark Purple
Weight: 166
Nationality: American
Alignment: Heel
Entrance music:

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Brook likes to use her size and physique to intimidate her foes into making mistakes, which she then capitalizes on. She has a noticeable tendency to goad her opponents into an attack, just to lure them close enough to get into her grasp. If her opponents catch on, she will try to bring them to the ground, trapping them underneath her.
Style: Powerhouse Trickster.

Preferred Attacks:

Eye Rakes

Punch to the Face

Temple Buster

Low Blows

Chain Attacks



Body Blows


Ground n’ Pound Tactics

Preferred Matches: No Hold Brawls, Knockouts only.

Endurance: ★ ★ ★ ★
Strength: ★ ★ ★
Speed: ★ ★
Defense: ★ ★ ★
Technique: ★ ★ ★

Favored moves:



Package Piledriver



Fireman’s Carry

Spinning Backhand

Sidewalk Slams.

Finishing moves:

Underbite- After lifting up a dazed opponent, Brook will throw them in a way that puts their head in a position prime for a knee strike straight to the lower jaw.

Back Adjustment- setting her foe up as if she was going for a piled driver, Brook will instead flip the foe onto her back before moving her hands to clamp down around their jaw. She will the drop down, using her momentum and the foes weight to put a massive amount of pressure into her foes back in a devastating drop slam.


An intimidating woman, she sufferers from RBS, making many people stay far away from her in the streets. Her face seems to rest into a scowl, and long unkempt hair with lazy and loose casual wear makes her appear rough. Seems to care very little for her outward appearance on her own time, often picking out clothes at random.

In the ring, she uses face paint and a collar apparatus to add on an intimidation factor. Her main outfit is tight enough to show off her impressive musculature, and her overall look is more bestial than normal.


A bully would be the easiest way to describe Brook, often exhibiting the common traits of such a person. Loud, mean, and boorish, she seems to pick on others for all sorts of reasons while having the rare personality trait of having the will to stand and back it up. If she tosses an insult, no matter how minor she will stand behind it and fight for her right to say it.

Like many, she can be fairly sociable when clicking with the right crowd. People who share her points of view, decide to kiss up to her, or those that genuinely freak her out usually get the best out of her demeanor. She can be fairly talkative especially when the conversation rounds its way to her or one of her interests.

Brook is also a glutton when it comes to food. It seems to be one of her prime interests in life, with her next meal always on her mind even with at the most inappropriate times. She gets noticeably excited when food is around, and is even extremely possessive of what is on her plate, never sharing with anyone. If she took it, she plans on eating it, even if she thinks it tastes bad. The only thing larger than her muscles is her appetite, apparently.

Brook was always something of a mean girl. Growing up, she was usually the outgoing type that led her click around and got many of her friends to go along with her plans or followed one of theirs when it sounded like a bit of fun. She hardly ever questioned herself about right or wrong choices, as she always had someone egging her on, telling her to go for it no matter what happened.

Oddly, Brook grew rather large for a girl in high school. She stood shoulder to shoulder with some of the tallest guys in her class, and the fact that she did sports made physically fit, despite her diet. She quickly grew something of a following, but rather than be a kind-hearted queen of the school yard, she was closer to a ruthless general with peons and grunts to spare. If anyone stepped out of line, she was quick to start rumors about them, pick on them, or any other nasty things she could come up with at the moment that sounded fun. Her favorite prey was-ironically- the ones who did not react. They became something like an outlet to her, someone who she could call all sorts of names and say anything about, and they wouldn’t do anything about it. Of course, some students fought back, either by starting their own pathetic rumors or confronting Brook head on. Some instances got physical, causing Brook to look into self-defense classes.

She began to get into all sorts of trouble when she graduated high school. She did all sorts of petty crimes: shoplifting, speeding, and disturbance of the peace. It finally got to the point where she and a group of friends were caught holding up a small gas station convenience store. She received a five-year sentence, and was immediately shipped off.

Inside those concrete wall Brook changed drastically, going from physically fit to muscular and taking a far more aggressive attitude towards others. She stopped caring about her appearance and instead made sure she had enough to eat every day. Getting stronger meant getting hungrier, and that meant all sorts of new problems.

Rather than lead a new clique, she joined an existing one as something of a grunt. It was weird not calling the shots, but Brook no longer had the ego she once did, her only concern was making it out intact. She assisted in whatever her new group needed her to, fights, distractions, smuggling, she managed to do it all and do so without getting caught. Each time she felt something like a rush, like she fooled the entire police force. Soon, she began to use tricks in her everyday life, hiding all sorts of notes and what she called “fight deterrents” in various places in the open yard.

Finally, the day came where she was to be released. Unsure of what she was supposed to do, one of her crew members suggested a contact in the drug trade. It was a bit of a jump, but Brook had a record already so finding a stable job would be extremely difficult. Worst thing she could figure happening is her getting busted again, and even then, she is just back behind these comfy concreate walls again.

Brook did track down the contact her crew mate had told her about, and after knocking heads with a few of their guys and doing a quick job, she found she was now part of a much larger organization then she could have ever dreamed up. She was only muscle, hardly making anything, just enough to live off of and not much else. She went hungry sometimes, and that was something she simply hated doing. Eventually, she heard about an opening position in the criminal organization. One of the higher ups was looking for more crew members. Apparently, she was a chemist and she paid her guys well. Weird thing was, no one Brook worked with volunteered or applied. There were rumors that the woman wasn’t human, but some weird sicko who experimented on her own people. Brook applied anyway, thinking it was all superstition and people trying to scare her.

Come the day of the interview, she found that the rumors were only partially true. Miranda Blair did not seem human at all, but neither did she experiment on her employees. Mostly because, from what Brook could see, she didn’t have any to spare. Miranda seemed to only have two other people helping her operation. Brook grew nervous, her fear of doctors putting her on edge a bit, the normally aggressive tank of a woman seemed meek under the glare of the scientist.

Much to Brook’s surprise, Miranda added her on to her crew, stating she needed more muscle and reliable members to carry out her work. With Miranda’s wage, Brook would never go hungry again!

But there was a catch. Miranda was currently working on a project given to her by her boss. She was trying to inject a type of drug trade inside a wrestling organization called AFW. Brook’s first assignment was to help her complete her mission by any means necessary. Brook, knowing how to fight but not knowing much about wrestling other than the skimpy clothes they wore, was naturally hesitant. However, she found it impossible to say “no” to those dead red eyes Miranda possessed.

Now Brook acts as Miranda’s second muscle/body guard, assisting her with lifting, moving, and crushing anything Miranda tells her to. If someone gets in her way, she won’t hesitate to smack them down and throw them out.

Hungry for more?

Wrestling Attire:
Brook O’Brien:

Fun Facts:
Brook has an amazing obsession with food. If it looks tasty, she will eat it no matter who gave it to her, friend or foe.

She has had a deep fear of doctors and hospitals ever since she was a kid, and is uncomfortable around anything resembling medical equipment.  

Daydreams often, sometimes seen standing stock still in her own little world.

Despite looking fairly masculine and caring little for her outward appearance, she hates to be referred to as a guy.

AFW Information


Miranda Blair - Her real employer, Brook is secretly freaked out by Miranda. The woman seems to imbody everything Brook hates about doctors and nurses, and so acts kindly towards her as an attempt to spare her from the scientist’s cold wrath.

Kristy Davids - Despite how uncouth Brook can be, her and Kristy seem to get along. Both love tearing people apart verbally, and the Purple Punk seems to revert back to her inner mean girl when speaking with the red head.

Bridgette Lane - As a fellow enforcer, the two seem to compete against one another every so often. Two are quite intimidating when paired together, and make up the muscle of The Unrightable Wrongs.

Kassidy Strife - Her appointed partner, Brook seems to be the only person who seems to like Kassidy. While she can't say she completly trusts her, she is less hesitant then the others to work with the strange woman.

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