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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Emma Dubois: The Femme Fatale

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Emma Dubois: The Femme Fatale Empty Emma Dubois: The Femme Fatale

Post by WrestleMind Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:11 am

Emma Dubois: The Femme Fatale ML7Rhev
Real Name: Emma Dubois. Age: 27 Eyes: Cyan Hair: Blonde. Height: 5'11" 
Weight: 165Lbs Sexual Preference: Mostly women... Mostly.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil. Nationality: French.


Wrestling Information
Strategy: Lure her opponents into a false sense of security and then spring her trap.
Style: Showoff

  • Emma has a face that is hard for even the most violent people to punch. Her soothing French accent softens the hearts of even her most callous opponents.


  • Emma enjoys stretching out the match too much. In the process, she'll unintentionally give them opportunities for a comeback when she has the match won.


Physical Stats
(Beauty takes discipline. To maintain her perfect physique Emma has had to develop her body through constant jogging, planks, and cycling. She can withstand long matches and a good deal of physical abuse.)
██████████ (Emma, despite her cuteness, is deceptively strong. She has maintained a strength regiment as a model and her recent strength training would intimidate even her male counterparts.)
██████████ (Emma feels it is not classy to run for any reason.)
██████████ (Emma, being something of a celebrity, has been spoiled most of her life. Because of this she isn't prepared when her opponents fight back.)
██████████ (Her associates assume Emma is a dolt for a number of reasons: Her beauty, her blond hair, and her acting like a bumbling babe. Emma, in fact, has a formidable intellect.)
Physical Stats:

Wrestling Stats
██████████ (Emma is the master of the sucker punch. She knows exactly when her opponent's defenses are most lowered for one good strike.)
██████████  (Beyond her technique and strength Emma's submissions are potent because her opponents usually can't summon the desire to escape from her voluptuous body.)
██████████ (Emma through extreme weight training can now dead-lift 175 lbs at full strength.)
██████████ (Pretty girls don't climb or fly in the air like a dirty bird!)
██████████ (Emma prefers to avoid counters. Instead of attacking, fleeing, or manipulating her opponents.)
Wrestling Stats:


Finishing Move set
A Models Best Friend
Guillotine Sleeper
Figure French - Emma locks her opponent ina figure four sleeper hold and leisurely chokes them out. Ver.2 / Ver. 3 / Ver.4

The Guillotine
The French Flat-Liner
The Strasbourg Sweeper
French Kiss

Guillotine Leg Drop

Preferred Weapons

  • Perfume.
  • Her crazy fans.
  • Hired help.


Bikini #1:
Traditional Wrestling Outfit:
Modeling Cheer leading gear.:
How does this make my but look?... =):
Emma... Your popsicle...:
Come on... Hug me!:
A Little Tipsy:
The Perfect Couple:
Pure as Snow:
Ive... been accepted?:


Emma comes off as charming and kind to almost everyone who is lucky enough to meet her. If they looked into her eyes more closely or knew more about what was going on in Emma's head they would have a different opinion of her.

Yet most people need not worry if you don't vex her or act as an obstacle she'll continue to be the charming dream you know and love.

Emma was a prolific French model until half a year ago when she suddenly voided all her modeling contracts. No one heard much from her until she suddenly signed with a mid-level wrestling faction.

Why? Because the woman she loves happens to wrestle here. No matter how long it takes Emma will wreak sensual havoc until her love acknowledges her. It certainly helps that Emma is a little crazy and a perfect fit for the wild world of wrestling.

Emma has gotten off to a good start after dominating victories over Isaac Clarke, and "The Dragon" Ryu.

-Fun Facts-
- Oddly enough, Emma finds it important to never break her word.
- Emma loves America and all Americana. Hamburgers, American flags, fields of wheat, National Monuments, and diners. Yet this tarnishes her refined image; so she prefers to keep all this secret.

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Emma Dubois: The Femme Fatale Empty Record

Post by WrestleMind Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:22 am

Wins-2 Draws-0 Losses-0

Emma Dubois Vs. Isaac Clarke |Won | Escaped The Cage| Emma escaped the cage after immobilizing and blinding Isaac through devious means.
Emma Dubois Vs. Ryu Toranami |Won By Pinfall| Emma pinned her twitching, blubbering opponent after he went through the guillotine.

Posts : 844
Join date : 2018-06-30
Age : 28
Location : North America, East Coast.

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