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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Aisha Karimi

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Aisha Karimi Empty Aisha Karimi

Post by Guest Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:14 pm

Name: Aisha Karimi (The Desert Lotus)
Age: 18
Height: 5'4
Weight: 158lbs
Alignment: Face
Nationality: Saudi Arabian
Entrance Theme: Dance Through The Danger

Style: Very aerial based, she uses her flexible and acrobatic prowess to overwhelm her opponents and leave them breathless with her endless energy. She also mixes in some strikes and submissions, but strength is far from her forte so she keeps away from heavy lifting moves.
Preferred Matches: Open to any except hentai.

Endurance: 3/5
Strength: 2/5:
Speed: 4/5
Defense: 3/5
Technique: 2/5

Favoured Moves: Moonsaults, Shining Wizard, Dropkicks, DDTs, Anaconda Vice


Scorching Sun: Aisha takes hold of an opponent lying face down and rolls under them, taking ahold of their neck and legs. She then stretches her foe over her knees, causing immense pressure on their back.

Miragesault: Aisha kicks at her opponent's leg from behind/the side, looking to trip them up. If successful, she typically follows up with a standing shooting star press, backflipping through the air onto the opponent's stomach.


Arabian Nights: Aisha performs a handstand and throws her leg up at the opponent's neck, locking around their throat. She then performs a frankensteiner as she uses her legs to flip the opponent onto the canvas, before constricting their throat in a scissor-hold to force a submission out of them.

Blissful Oasis: With a dazed opponent before her, Aisha backflips onto the top rope and crouches, before pouncing forward through the air. She lands upon the opponent's shoulders and slams them to the ground as she sits on their chest, trapping them as she goes for the pin.

Wrestling Attire:

History: Aisha hails from a big and wealthy family in her home country, and is the youngest of 9 daughters. As such, she's always been treated as the 'baby' of the family and was often doted on by her parents and sisters. She had something of a sheltered upbringing, being home schooled in her youth, and had few friends in her social life. As a result, Aisha developed a restless personality that constantly looked for something to entertain and feed her eager nature. Her parents were unsure how to do this, as they didn't want their daughter to behave in a rash manner and end up getting hurt as a result.

One day, she attended a wrestling show where her eldest sister's boyfriend was participating. Seeing the people flying across the ring and the tremors of the canvas shaking from every slam made something inside Aisha stir. It was the perfect thing to feed her enthusiasm, and also allow her to explore the world beyond her home. Her parents were very reluctant to agree, but her sisters pleaded as they saw how much Aisha had set her heart on her new obsession, and they finally caved in. With her sister's boyfriend even helping to train her, Aisha soon became a natural in the ring.

And after making her mark in her home country, she heard of the AFW federation, and decided it was the next best place to further develop her skills...

Personality: Due to her sheltered life up until recently, Aisha is something of an innocent soul. She can be very simple in her logic at times, and can easily misinterpret statements made by others. However, she is extremely kind and bubbly and is always happy to assist others and make friends with them. But when she doesn't get her own way, she can become very pouty and frustrated, and even kick up a bit of a temper tantrum. If she's made to feel sad, tears tend to follow quite easily. Her pure and cute demeanour is enchanting to many, and her endless energy and zeal in the arena have gained her many fans as a result.

-Sugary snacks
-Meeting new people

-Horror movies
-Rude people
-Her hair getting tangled

RP Hooks:
-Do you enjoy meeting new people? So does Aisha, and she is always happy to make new friends! Do you also like dancing in your spare time? Aisha is very fond of it, and is happy to teach people! And maybe your character is a high flyer perhaps? Maybe Aisha and them could compete and test their skills together?

-There is a reason, or rather two reasons, why Aisha is so fond of drinking milk. Enough said.
-Aisha is something of a romanticist at heart, and is fond of shipping couples. She herself is keen to meet a potential boyfriend in the league.
-Aisha makes certain to never miss a single episode of a cartoon she's currently watching. Even missing just one has led to her being in a foul mood.


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