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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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"The loving Fist of a Mother" Yori Nazuka

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"The loving Fist of a Mother" Yori Nazuka Empty "The loving Fist of a Mother" Yori Nazuka

Post by xalex Sun Jan 08, 2017 4:34 pm

Name: Yori Nazuka
Ring Name: The loving Fist of a Mother
Sex: Female
Age: 42
Eyes:  a very light Brown (she says red)
Hair: Blue
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 190 lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Face
Entrance music: Porcelain Black - One Woman Army
Wrestling Information
fighting style: She can box pretty well, meaning she can throw some good punches but she can fight without using any punches at all then she relies onto her size and strength  
Strategy: No real Strategy… she wants to have fun in all matches and give a good show to the fans^^
Preferred Matches: hentai smother but can do normal matches as well, likes any match that is fun

Endurance: 4/5
Strength: 4/5
Speed: 2/5
Defense: 2/5
Technique: 3/5

Favored moves: Punches, anything that is fun

Signature Move:    
Mom is coming home: A cross body from the tope rope.
Finishing moves:
Mom's Punisher: Yori lifts her opponent up from the mat so that her feet are lifted right into the air and the head is hanging under Yori´s knees. In the next Yori performs a kneeing piledriver and let her opponent fall down to the mat. She finishes this move by performing a face sitting pin onto her opponent.


Visual Appearance:

Yori is a really nice person. She is beloved by almost everyone she meets and everyone who gets to know her a bit better becomes her friend in the end. She is warmhearted person and when someone has a problem she can´t look away she needs to help them or cheer them up as good as she can.
In the ring she can act totally different. If her opponent takes it easy she will do the same and it will be a fun match… if her opponent wants a real fight… he better gets ready for one….  

Yori always loved sport really much. She was jumping from one sport club to another when she was still a child. But the sport she loved most was Boxing. And she was dame good in it… she was taller than most of the girls in her age and much stronger… So with a lot of training she became the Youth champion in her region. So she counting defending her championship year after year… as soon as she turned 20 she was finally allowed to fight with the adults. And again she showed how great she was in the ring beating opponent after opponent, till she was the champion again. But this time she only could hold on to this belt for a few weeks after she lost it to another woman, who beat her in the first round via ko.

Yori wanted to train harder and get back her championship from her rival… but a little change in her relationship with her boyfriend made this impossible for her. She needed to quit boxing… 9 months later her 1 daughter was born. And one year after that her second daughter was born…. Yori became a full time mom looking after he beloved children. This was going well for some years till her children where 12 and 11… At this time their dad lost his job and got aggressive against Yori… Yori took this for some time… but one night her husband raised his hand against one of her daughters… this was too much for the normally so friendly woman. Without waiting one moment she knocked her husband out grabbed everything she had and called the police. Yori got divorced from her husband and lifted alone with her two daughters.
She needed to get herself a job working part time and looking after the kids… that was the hardest time of her live for the woman. When her kids became older and older she got more and more free time… Yori started to visit the fitness center of a friend (because she didn´t had the time to pay the fee for a membership)
In the fitness center she started to beat onto a boxing bag and rediscover her love to boxing. One day someone spoke to her and offered her a fight in a sexy boxing club… YOri didn´t like the thought of this at first but she really could use this money… so she took that offer… some days later she was standing in a ring against a smaller and younger woman, both barley dressed. Yori was 35 at this time… the younger woman was teasing her and called her a old woman. After the bell started the first round it didn´t take 1 minute till Yori send her opponent down to the mat… knocked out cold.
YOri enjoyed this match pretty much she liked it to be cheered by the fans… she loved that show… so later the woman fought in many sexy matches… not only boxing and she was good at it winning most of them… When she thought she had done it all suddenly the afw called her…
Wrestling Attire:
When she is doing a normal match she is wearing  this:

When the match is hentai match she either wears that outfit from the pic above or the sport bra/shorts combo.

AFW Information

Record: 2-0-0
Wins: Yori beats the young Ataru in a long and hard special cage match and she finds a new friend
After a long hentai endurence match Yori is able to get the better on her opponent and carry home a victory while showing the cocky newby Kyle his place



[url=]Yori is debuting against another big in a even bigger Hentai match

A special rules Cage match with Ataru looks like it is going to be a lot fun

The Mature woman has to prove herself against the new guy Kyle in a hentai endurance match and is pushed to her limits

By visiting the gym Yori is making a new friendship with the Martial Artist Kara.

A very promising hentai match with the young Julia

A showoff between two beautiful woman with high steaks. YOri is facing Sabine in a hentai POW Match

Yori must prove her belonging in the afw against the prince of wrestling


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