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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Maija Kaniikki

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Maija Kaniikki Empty Maija Kaniikki

Post by Clobber Jobber Fri Dec 09, 2016 11:10 pm

Maija Kaniikki _chibi__flower_v4_by_dannysha-d8qyy6e
Name: Maija Kaniikki
Age: 19
Eyes: Purple
Hair: White
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 118
Nationality: Finnish
Alignment: Jobber
Entrance music: Twister (The World Ends With You OST)
Wrestling Information

Style: "Low flying" would be the best way to describe it. Plenty of jumping and striking, not much jumping off of stuff.

Preferred Attacks: Strikes, almost exclusively. Maija isn't afraid to use weapons when it won't result in a DQ, either.

Preferred Matches: Any and all.

Endurance: *****
Strength: **
Speed: ***
Defense: *
Technique: **

Favored moves: Strikes, almost exclusively (except when weapons are allowed).


Visual Appearance:

Maija Kaniikki Latest?cb=20150522000243

Maija Kaniikki V.Flower.full.1985693

Maija Kaniikki Tumblr_o0m2u27rZC1ugehe7o1_500

Maija Kaniikki CDclMU-WEAA3kKD

Maija Kaniikki Tumblr_nnbhjd0wLM1qey13zo1_1280

Maija Kaniikki V4_flower_by_xahica-d9lpayt

Past/History: Once upon a time in Finland, a young boy dreamed of being a professional wrestler. His parents supported him through the his schooling, both being athletes themselves, and his peers admired his physical prowess. Every sport he participated in, every athletic achievement he overcame, all of it was to bring him closer to his goal. To the boy, it was the ultimate physical competition, taking all of one's strength, speed, intelligence and even charisma and putting it in contest to another person's. By the time he was nineteen, Teemo Kaniikki had dominated the local amateur circuit, and travelled to Japan to compete on the world stage with the AFW.

Three years have passed since Teemo left for Japan, but, despite watching for him closely at home, all trace of the boy or his exploits seem to have vanished. Not a wrestler on nearly the same level, his younger sister, Maija, has followed him to Japan and to the AFW's unisex tension division to find out what happened to her big brother…

Personality: Cold, focused, inhumanly determined, Maija's personality I'm the ring is a force of nature all on it's own. Her aggression and drive, combined with her tomboyish nature, don't help in people's misconception towards her gender. Though not completely stoic, she isn't much for idle conversation, and will often strike first if her opponent begins a match with taunting or banter. Though not particularly lusty, she isn't exactly chaste either, and in matches where the sexual tension is turned up, she can get caught in the physicality of it all. Ultimately, though, she's a girl who knows what she wants, and isn't afraid to face any obstacle to get it.

Of course, outside the ring she is a wholly different person. While she can still seem masculine and cold to strangers, for those she gets to know, a whole new side opens up. She tends to be more openly feminine outside combat, as well as more flirtatious, and can even come across as somewhat warm and loving. Her sense of humor comes out more as well, either teasing those she is close to or deadpanning outrageous claims. She is a loyal friend, but her goals and desire to experiment sometimes interfere with that loyalty.

Fun Facts:

-Maija is sexually submissive, but not as masochistic as some wrestlers in the AFW
-Maija is pansexual, but prefers males overall. The reverse is not entirely true…
-Yes, Maija is a girl.
Still don't believe me?:

AFW Information



Maija Kaniikki V4_flower_by_miya_tikachan1998-d92gfak

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