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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Laura Mercer

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Laura Mercer Empty Laura Mercer

Post by Guest Mon Nov 28, 2016 10:56 pm

Name: Laura Mercer (Also known as The Blue Dynamite)
Age: 21
Height: 5'7
Weight: 186lbs
Alignment: Face
Nationality: American
Entrance Theme: Fight Or Flight

Style: Boisterous and dynamic, she likes to incorporate a mixture of power-based moves and submission holds in order to bring her opponents down and build hype in the audience. Also very good with improvised weaponry.
Preferred Matches: Submission matches, No Holds Barred matches, Beach Matches

Endurance: 3/5
Strength: 4/5:
Speed: 2/5
Defense: 3/5
Technique: 2/5

Favoured Moves: Bear Hugs, Piledrivers, Headbutts, Camel Clutches, Bulldogs

Sapphire Comet: A gut punch or kick brings Laura's foe into a bent position. From there, she rebounds off the ropes and leaps up and over her foe, bringing her leg over their neck and slamming their head down to the canvas with her rear.

Cobalt Jawbreaker: Laura grabs hold of her opponent and hefts them over her shoulders in a fireman's carry with her strength. She then swings the opponent around as she drops on her rear, impacting their chin on her shoulder to knock them senseless.

Azure Trident: On a foe lying face down to the ground, Laura intertwines her fingers to lock around their neck and one of their arms. She follows this by flipping her body over their own in a bridging position, wrenching at their neck until they submit or pass out.

Cerulean Buster: Laura's pride and joy of her wrestling repertoire, she firstly grabs an opponent and delivers five headbutts to their own forehead. With them dazed enough, she hoists them into the air and holds them suspended before dropping to the canvas, nailing her foe down head first.

History: Laura is the only daughter (and child) of the notorious New York pro wrestler Bill Mercer. At the age of six, her mother passed away from a terminal illness, leaving her dad to raise his little girl all by himself. Perhaps due to his committed and devoted mindset, he managed to make a star of himself in the pro wrestling industry while also caring for Laura. In many instances, he brought her along to his matches to watch her dear daddy in the ring, although he'd already been doing that as soon as she could walk. The older she grew and the more she went, Laura began to idolise her dad for all that he had accomplished.

So big was her admiration in fact, that she decided to set her heart on following her father's footsteps. Her dad was actually reluctant at first to teach her, being an overly protective softie where his daughter was concerned, but after seeing how passionate Laura was about the sport accepted that nothing he could say would dissuade his daughter from walking the path of a wrestler. Besides, it could be argued that Bill was the one who had planted the seed in her head by taking her to matches so often throughout her childhood.

Enrolling in her father's gym where he trained other newcomers to the wrestling ring, Laura was at first a bit of an outlier in that she was the only girl. Some guys even found her career choice amusing, but to their surprise Laura quickly became a rising star. She'd inherited her father's supreme talent for the sport, and picked up several skills of her own to develop. After a while, she ended up becoming ranked 2nd of her father's gym – the spot directly below her dad himself. She once challenged him for the number one spot, but quickly found out how outmatched she was against her more experienced father, and ended up losing.

Since then, Laura has been continuing to train herself with the goal to surpass her father, and make a name for herself in the pro wrestling world rather than standing in his shadow. Hearing talk of the popular and esteemed AFW league, she declared to her tearful father that she was going to leave for Japan to further enhance her skills...and that when she was back, she expected another match against him. Until then, she began to prepare herself for the many opponents that awaited her...

Personality: Laura is a boisterous and cheerful individual who is always up for a good contest, either in the ring or when it comes to drinking. She's usually respectful to opponents, although can be pretty hostile to those who say or do the wrong things around her, even if they didn't intentionally mean it. She's very strict on her training regime and can usually be seen jogging at the crack of dawn in even the worst of storms...but holds a completely different attitude to other aspects of her life such as her apartment, which is usually a disorganised mess. Laura is also very loyal, and to those who she considers her friends, she'll do whatever she can to support them in times of need.

Wrestling Outfit:
Casual Gear:
Beach Match Gear:

-Her father
-Pork dishes

-People disrespecting her father
-People who stare openly at her chest
-Cleaning her room

RP Hooks:
Are you eager for a sparring partner? So is Laura, and she'll happily train with you to test each other's might! Furthermore, do you enjoy no-holds barred matches? Laura finds those matches to be awesome! And are you fond of drinking during your time away from the ring? You might just find Laura at a local bar if that's the case...

-As you may have already guessed, Laura is a big drinker with surprising tolerance. Guys who tried to ask her out on a date at her dad's gym were tasked with beating her in a drinking contest in order for her to go out with them, and not a single one succeeded.
-There is one day that Laura refuses to wrestle, regardless of how big the event is taking place, and that is the anniversary of her mother's death. To her, it's a day of reflection and one she prefers to spend in private.


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