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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Soledad "Sola" Vega

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Soledad "Sola" Vega Empty Soledad "Sola" Vega

Post by Lunchador Thu Jan 21, 2016 2:31 am


Soledad "Sola" Vega TQkOIzG

Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'7”
Weight: 122 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Home Town: Ponce, Puerto Rico
Alighnment:  Rudo
Entrance Music:  "Bad Girls" by M.I.A.
Role:  Striker/show-off

In her wrestling attire:
Soledad "Sola" Vega TU25F9Y

Soledad "Sola" Vega I6GxshH

"Casual" outfit:
Soledad "Sola" Vega FtJ2Ni8

The start of Soledad's training came rough, learning more from street brawlers than trained fighters.  While she would eventually come into some formal training, her primary focus would always be in striking and brawling, as well as simple and brutal submissions.  Both her everyday life and her training seemed to require rigorous calisthenics and cardio, so her endurance and stamina are exceptional.


Slams and Throws- Sola relies on brute strength over technique to follow through on her grappling/slamming game.  Despite having a good deal of strength, Sola still focuses mainly on strikes.  She'll use some basic grapples if an opportunity presents itself, or if faced with an opponent she feels she can easily push around due to a size difference.

Technical Skill- Counters and chain wrestling are not Sola's focus, nor are they a major concern.  She relies on power and sheer mean-spiritedness to keep her out of holds, pushing back against opponents as directly as possible.  As a result, more technically-minded competitors can press an edge over her easily, at least until she gets in a cheap shot to turn the tide.

Strikes- Sola's bread and butter, she commits to her striking game with her full power.  Sola's legs are her strongest asset, giving her powerful kicks and knee strikes.  She also focused her training on a variety of way to lash out with her powerful limbs, and as a result has the balance to strike in a number of ways from almost any position in the ring.

Submissions- Another focus of Sola's, usually applied quickly and when the opponent is vulnerable.  Soledad relishes in applying holds to the deepest possible extent, and seems to have little to no fear of causing harm or injury.  She also tends to stick to some of the basics.  As for resisting or reversing submission holds, Sola is actually much less competent- her pride demands she not tap out.  However, if she can't power her way out of the hold quickly, her pride will simply settle for some form of cheap revenge, after the tap.

Street fight and hardcore matches.  She also loves fighting in non-traditional environments, particularly getting herself into literal street fights.

Numerous kicks, including the roundhouse kick, the jumping knee strike, rolling kappou kick, somersault pele kick, axe kick, the leg sweep, spinning heel kick, enzuigiri, springboard and second-rope dropkick, etc.
Sola also uses a few grappling moves, mostly based around her powerful legs:  the hurricanrana, headscissor takedown (from both standing and prone position), top-rope dragonrana, springboard hurricanrana & leg lariat.


Soledad "Sola" Vega DMZy9pF

El Cimarron- Mounting a face-down opponent with her hips straddling theirs, Soledad will take hold of an arm, stretch it across her side, and then begin twisting it against her powerful body mercilessly as she rises upright and turns against the twist.  From here, Sola will yank and twist the arm into a variety of positions, trying to drag her victim around as much as she can.  Pressuring the joints against the force of her own body, this hold usually makes for an amusing show, with her opponent flailing against the motion, wearing them down.

Growing up poor on the streets of Ponce, Puerto Rico, Soledad had few opportunities simply handed to her.  She was the daughter of legendary Puerto Rican wrestler and promoter, Valerio Vega, but unfortunately she was his illegitimate daughter- known locally as “the worst-kept secret in wrestling.”  And as a result, Soledad's frustrations spilt out onto the street.  Lacking the focus or desire to be much of a student, the young “Sola” threw herself into fighting, the only thing that left her feeling fulfilled.  The young woman took on all comers, young or old, man or woman.  Sometimes, she'd come home with a victorious grin and a throng of admiring followers.  Others, with a tear-streaked face and a collection of bruises.  But every day, she would go out and do it again.
Sola's mother struggled to build a better life for her daughter, but the frustrations of her childhood held fast.  When her mother completed her schooling to become a nurse, Sola was elated.  Not because of the better opportunities she'd have, financially, but because she now had someone at home to treat her injuries.
Eventually, Soledad received what many thought she had wanted:  Valerio Vega took notice of his hellcat daughter, her fame on the streets of Ponce simly too much to ignore.  She was offered training at the school affiliated with Valerio Vega's promotion.  Despite taking him up on the offer, Soledad avoided him as much as humanly possible while maintaining her lessons at the gym.  She took every match she was offered, learned every bit of knowledge she could, all while utterly evading her father.  During this time, Soledad's already-tenuous focus on her grades slipped.  When she was legally cleared to wrestle, she had already failed her final year of formal schooling.
For a few months, Soledad was happy to take whatever matches her father's promotion had to offer her.  In public, the young fighter was arrogant, flippant- there seemed to be nothing that phased her.  Nothing a professional fighter had to offer, that she hadn't already faced on the street.  When she both won and lost the promotion's hardcore title on the same night, Valerio decided that something needed to be done.  He arranged a match- an apuestas contest- between Sola and a visiting luchador.  He hoped that Soledad's inevitable loss would be the last, devastating thing that would snap the girl back to her senses.  That having her head shaved in front of all of her screaming fans would wake her up, make her take things more seriously.  Instead, the young ruda bailed on the haircutting ceremony halfway through, and became a pariah through all of South America.
With no local prospects, Sola still had her reputation.  And when that reputation brought her to get a call from AFW, always looking for controversial and unorthodox fighters to fill their ranks.  Sola jumped at the chance, ready to take on whatever the AFW would throw her way, all in the hope that her parents would have a nervous eye turned to her latest escapade.

- Early in her career, Soledad found herself up against a visiting luchador in an apuestas match: the luchador's mask against her hair.  Soledad was defeated, but halfway through getting her head shaved she bailed out of the ring.  To this day, Sola wears her hair in half-knots, as a sort of taunt against the wrestler who would have claimed her “scalp.”
- While they have never spoken, Soledad does have to half-brothers who are rather successful in international wrestling.
- Soledad has a passion for dancing and music.  While it doesn't quite rival her love of combat, it is a major factor in her life.  Most nights that she isn't in the gym, she will be working up a sweat in a club, or dancing on the street.  She also own an incredibly worn VHS copy of "Only the Strong," and eagerly replaces cassette players in order to keep watching it.
- Soledad is thoroughly addicted to the telenovela.  Her only break from training and fighting comes when she finds a torrent for chunks of her favorite series.  She will then hole herself up in her apartment and hide from the world, while she catches up.
- While her training has some lucha influence, and she speaks fluent Spanish, Sola's personal pet peeve is being mistaken for a Mexican.  On a matter of principle, it's rather galling.


Former Tension 24/7 Champion


Matches- 4
Wins- 3/ Losses- 0/ No Contest- 1

Soledad d. Killer King via pinfall:  In her debut match, the fiery latina is able to overcome the brutish and merciless King with a stroke of last-minute luck.  With King not being known for his sportsmanship, however, a last-minute save is needed, from an unexpected source.

Soledad vs. Carmen Rodriguez ends in no contest: Soledad's first attempt at winning the 24/7 Championship ends inconclusively, as the match is ended by unexpected outside interference.

Soledad d. the Youkai Kid: Soledad continues her winning ways against a young newcomer, dominating him in unexpected ways.

24/7 Championship Match: Soledad Vega d. Carmen Rodriguez (c): Soledad and Carmen meet again, and this time nothing stops Sola from gaining her victory.  After a tough night club brawl, Sola is crowned the new Tension 24/7 Champion.

Los Jovenes y el Agitado:  Recovering from a nearly career-ending encounter, Soledad is given the chance to meet Tension's 24/7 Champion, Carmen Rodriguez.  Pride just as wounded as her body, however, Soledad does not express much gratitude ...

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