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Looking for matches

Wed Oct 20, 2021 10:49 am by skip-stop

Ahoy! Skip-stop is in touch and I'm still looking for some matches

Charlotte Ravel' reporting for duty
Charlotte Ravel':

You're in a wrestling ring!!  Xewd2110

I see it as intense matches where our characters will be able to show aerobatics of wrestling. All match types except hentai are fine. FvF only, not FvM

Initially I'm looking for one-shot matches and would like her to get some wins. But I'm open to any questions and suggestions. If we can come up with a decent storyline, I don't mind if …

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After a long time I return, looking for a match

Thu Sep 16, 2021 11:20 pm by GrandAkumaShogun

Hello all, I would firstly like to apologize for the long periods that I've been away from here. Been taking time away to focus on my mental health but I think I'm ready to return and looking for a match or two to get back into things. All three of my boys, Takeichi Mori, Takeshi Kawai, and Imai Cosmo are up for matches. If you want I can link their profiles so you don't have to search through the roster page. Anyone interested feel free to hmu through private messages. Hope to hear from …

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Request Filled for Now, IGNORE!

Thu Sep 23, 2021 10:18 am by Frodouken

New here and wanting to put my character to use

Down for any match type involving FVF. Think I’ve got a good understanding of the rules rp

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You're in a wrestling ring!!

Go down

You're in a wrestling ring!!  Empty You're in a wrestling ring!!

Post by Teenwrestler Thu Oct 22, 2015 2:10 pm

lariatoooo: Some time had passed now since Felina had won in her AFW debut. She hadn’t been in another match since then, but part of that was simply because she was still new to Japan and didn’t want to rush too far into things too soon. But just because she hadn’t had any matches didn’t mean Felina was slacking off. She’d gone to the gym every day to stay in shape, and today was no exception.

Wearing a black sports bra and matching spandex shorts, and tape around her hands and feet, the Latina was currently standing by a punching bag in the gym, punching and kicking away ferociously at it. Each strike landed with a loud smack that resounded through the gym. Though a pair of earbuds blaring loud, upbeat rock music in Felina’s ears practically masked the sounds, along with those of anyone-

lariatoooo: - else around existed except for her and the poor punching bag in front of her.

bluedragon_sacred: The infamous wrestling prince, Daisuke Takeuchi had a very complicated AFW season so far. He had his highs and he had his lows but that never stopped the arrogant prince to show a bit of humility in the ring and to his fellow wrestling peers. Another thing he disliked was going to the common AFW gym- but as the roster would require it, he had to make his presence known from time to time. He had long delayed his routine gym room show up and today he ended up in the tension gym room. He was wearing a pair of black football shorts and a white sweatshirt with matching sneakers as he passed his time by looking at the empty gym machines "Hmph, nobody comes here anyways...."he said to himself, fixing his hair by passing his hands through it.

bluedragon_sacred: No soon later, he heard a couple of loud smacking sounds echo around the gym- "Hmm?" he said moving up from the wooden bench to walk over the commotion, only to see the rookie girl- the rodriguez family's newest entree in the AFW. "Oh brother...." he said, shaking his head as he made his way. Daisuke had an act for looking down on rookies, the girl was quite beautiful and exotic but her looks were not the only thing killer about her. Daisuke walked in to her side, lightly poking her in the shoulder to get her attention as he looked to intimidate the new girl

lariatoooo: The way Felina was attacking the punching bag, she looked like she actually thought she was in a match right now. And in a way, she was. In her mind the Latina pictured some of the most talented kickboxers she’d fought against, bobbing and weaving against their imaginary punches and kicks while firing her own anywhere an opening would be. And she was just about to send a devastating roundhouse kick into the bag to complete a particularly intense combo when a finger tapped her shoulder, dragging Felina’s mind back to reality as her leg abruptly halted in the air before coming back down.

Turning her head to look at Daisuke, the sweat-soaked kickboxer panted lightly while pulling one of her earbuds out, though she kept the music playing. “What? You need something?” she asked, -

lariatoooo: - lifting an eyebrow at the handsome young man standing there. A part of her immediately recognized that he looked familiar for some reason, but she couldn’t quite place why just yet...

bluedragon_sacred: She was really going at it,  Daisuke was probably thinking she was pissed or something at someone to be going all out at the punching bag. Her speed was quite amazing too as her leg stopped half way when he poked her, causing her to pull her earbuds out and strike a conversation with him. Daisuke only smirked and closed his eyes for a second, looking down at the floor and shaking his head in disappointment. "Oh no, I don’t need anything at all thank you. I was just wondering that’s all, sweating like that.....and musking up the place isn’t so lady like now is it? “he pointed at her mockingly in an obnoxious tone

lariatoooo: Felina’s eyes immediately shot open with a look of surprise at this complete stranger’s immediate disrespect toward her. But then she remembered when she’d first arrived in Japan, and Carmen had told her the people here were vastly different than the people were in Puerto Rico. Maybe the Japanese were just more blunt when trying to banter with people. Seemed like a bit of a stretch, but considering they’d only just met Felina was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

“Maybe you should think about changing colognes before talking about how other people smell.” she shot back with a smirk, then put her earbud back in and went right back to wailing on the punching back again, almost as if she now intended to completely ignore Daisuke.
bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke was just trying to hit a nerve, trying to intimidate the girl and make her knees wobbly in front of the mighty wrestling prince. Although it seemed the new girl didn’t know much about him, easily managing to strike his words down by a couple of her owns. "Ugh, I'll have you know I only use the branded stuff- much high above your common level" he snarled at her but at this point she had proceeded to put her headphones back on to continue her work out. Daisuke wasn’t going to let it go, he could see she knew how to fight with her fist and kicks but this is what Daisuke best- plays on weakness and his strengths without the opponent even knowing it.
bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke walked around her, grabbing the punching bag and pulling it away from her to distract her from her training once more "Okay then, I can see you know how to kickbox and box.....but you're in tension right? this isn’t a place for your kind girl....this is a wrestling ring.....for WRESTLERS, so why don’t you go back to Puerto.....or whatever rat hole you came out of and fight in those dirty underground matches you probably do for 10 dollars"

lariatoooo: Despite Daisuke’s efforts to defend his tastes in cologne, Felina didn’t hear a word of it. The only sounds registering to her once again were her music, and a small bit of the impacts of her fists and feet against the punching bag. But suddenly she was once again interrupted, this time as Daisuke pulled the punching bag away from her! Poking her shoulder was one thing, but this was going much further than needed. And Felina’s irritation definitely showed in her expression as she furrowed her eyebrows at Daisuke and pulled out both earbuds. “What the hell, man?!” But as annoying as that was, it was /nothing/ compared to Daisuke’s taunting words that followed.

Felina had lived her whole life as something of an outcast within the family because her fighting style was different -

lariatoooo: - from everyone else’s. Even after she’d come to Japan, it was a fight with Army over this very issue that sparked the match between them. She’d won that fight, and thought that was finally the last she’d have to hear about her style “not being good enough.” So when Daisuke decided to play that card, oh it struck a chord. Probably much harder than he even intended. But he wanted to get under Felina’s skin, and he’d done just that.

“Just WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!” Felina roared out, stomping right up to Daisuke and pressing into him, getting so close even her forehead pressed into his while she glared a hole through his eyes. “YOU THINK YOU GOT ANY BUSINESS TELLIN’ ME I DON’T BELONG HERE, BOY?! YOU BETTER TAKE THAT SHIT BACK RIGHT NOW OR I WILL BEAT-

lariatoooo: -YOUR PRETTY LITTLE FACE IN RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!!!” She then shoved him in the chest, hard, trying to push him back a few feet. If Daisuke hadn’t figured it out already, he was about to learn this was one latina who simply wasn’t going to take shit from anyone.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke didn’t know much about her past, but he simply had the act to piss people off majorly. Here, he seemed to do it with intention but he didn’t understand the true degree of how hard those words hit this girl. Her annoyance was evident but soon she wasn’t simply annoyed, she was enraged! Her headphones and the device in which she was listening fell on the floor as she moved right up towards Daisuke, pressing up into him to stare him down face to face. She wasn’t letting up even an inch as she sends a message to the prince. Daisuke was the one feeling a bit intimidated as sweat tickled down his forehead as he glared right back into her eyes with his teeth clenched. With no one to stop them in the gym....these two could tear each other apart. Daisuke could feel her muscles against

bluedragon_sacred: his, she was no push over- she was strong and Daisuke knew it but after staying so high and mighty his pride was on the line and he simply could not back out. "Ugh!" he grunted as he was pushed away but he came back right in, returning the favour as he pressed into her and flexed his muscles as they went head to head once more. "Fine and on one...right here right now....but since I know what I am talking about I prove it? to you....and to the AFW. This is wrestling take away your fancy footwork and what are you? just eye candy, you're trash" he smirked. "Then let’s do it.....lets WRESTLE. Grappling submission and pin......admit it, you can’t do it without your boxing technique “he grinned right into her face trying to keep her at a disadvantage

lariatoooo: From Daisuke’s expression as Felina yelled right in his face, she half expected him to tuck his tail between his legs and run away. But after she pushed him away, he came and got right back in her face. She didn’t back down, standing toe to toe with the self-proclaimed wrestling prince as he laid out his challenge. “You wanna go, chico? Fine then! Let’s go!”

Felina spun around, letting her ponytail fly right into Daisuke’s face, before stomping off to the nearby ring and climbing inside. Once in it, she hopped up to her feet and turned back to look at Daisuke, crossing her arms in front of her. “Hurry up, would ya?! I don’t have all day!”

bluedragon_sacred: The two had a heated exchange, Felina pressing right up into Daisuke and then Daisuke returning the favour as he pressed up right into her but neither of them backed down or felt intimidated. Felina did well to stand her ground as she pressed into Daisuke- standing toe to toe with him. Daisuke expected her to shoot the challenge down but surprisingly she was ready to accept a sort of handicap match, the rules were probably not in her favour but she still accepted it. Daisuke grinned as he knew he got her in his trap but he didn’t know how good of a wrestler she could be! His assumption was that a good kickboxer can never be a good wrestler.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke stood where they were as she spun around, his face shaking a bit as her hair brushed his face and she quickly made her way into the ring- calling the prince out. "Hmph, should shower before you step in the ring with wrestling royalty, especially with your condition" he snarled at her. Daisuke quickly stripped his gymshirt off and then peeled his soccer shorts off to, just to be in his sporty black wrestling briefs, he even kicked his sneakers off before making his way into the ring by rolling under the bottom ropes. He quickly got back up on his feet and started to roll his shoulders and shake out his arm, stretch his neck and bounce on the balls of his heels to warm up, all the while glaring at his new rival. “I’m going to make you submit, you should be glad no one is here to watch you submit “he grinned

lariatoooo: Felina only rolled her eyes at Daisuke’s comment. Truthfully, it probably would’ve been wise to take a shower like he suggested. Not because of the sweat or how she smelled, but she’d been in the midst of an intense workout only moments ago. Not the best time to be getting into a fight, especially when her opponent was fresh. But Felina didn’t care about that. The adrenaline was running high, and right now she wanted nothing more than to beat some respect into this punk.

Once Daisuke removed his shirt, shorts and shoes and joined her in the ring, Felina immediately put her fists up in front of her and crouched down, getting into a good fighting stance. “You’re the one who should be glad this place is empty, chico. I’m gonna have you screaming and begging for mercy.” she -

lariatoooo: said, then immediately began inching out toward him. Normally, this is where she’d look at her foe’s defenses to see where she could slip a good punch or kick in. But she remembered the rules: grappling only. That was going to be an awkward adjustment to make, but that didn’t worry her. And once she was close to Daisuke, she’d lunge out with her arms in an attempt to initiate lockup between them.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke grinned overconfidently as he seemed to tick her off with that comment, soon after stripping down to his wrestling gear he joined her in the ring and finished up his stretches as he stood across her. "Hah- YOU! make me scream and beg for mercy? I doubt a common filthy....wherever small little town you came from could ever out-do the wrestling prince “he said proudly as he too got into a wrestler's crouch position- simply raising an eyebrow when he saw her fists raised up. His expression changed and he smirked when she awkwardly had to readjust but accepted her lock up gladly. The two of them pressed right into each other once again as they did before but with more intensity now. Daisuke and Felina entered in a collar and elbow lock up, their foreheads pressed against each other as

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke tried to push forward, their muscles grinding against each other as Daisuke clenched his teeth, looking right into her eyes "I'll show you.....ngghh urghh! A wrestling no place for a kickboxer"he groaned as both of them wanted to make a point to each other

lariatoooo: Felina grunted while pushing against Daisuke’s frame, and there was a fire burning in her eyes as she glared into his. For the moment her body held as the two combatants tried to drive the other back, but quickly she could tell the “prince” wasn’t going anywhere. As much of an arrogant bastard as he was, the guy had some strength in him. And Felina having just been through a workout wasn’t helping matters either. Even more frustrating was that she could see countless openings to launch her knee into him, or pull an arm back and fire a quick punch. But with the rules being what they were, that wasn’t an option.But that didn’t mean she was out of options. And quickly twisting to the side, she attempted to break the lockup while slinging an arm around Daisuke’s neck, aiming to pull him into a tight side headlock with the side of his face pressed nice and tight against her sweaty breast.

bluedragon_sacred: The two of them were locked up in a battle, physical and mental as Daisuke pushed forward but Felina managed to hold her ground pretty well as she kept him from over powering him. However her workout meant she would tire out more quickly than him and eventually her arms would give way and she would eventually lose ground in their lock up. Daisuke glared right into her, his teeth gritted as he did all he could to assert his presence over her. In one swift move, his opponent suddenly released the lock up and quickly moved to the side- wrapping her arm around his neck to pull him down into a side headlock, his face pressed against her breasts. "Mnngghhh!" he mumbled as he quickly wrapped his arms around her waist from the side, giving her a good hard squeeze before trying to push her forward

bluedragon_sacred: into the ropes, looking to slip out of the headlock. Daisuke was unaware of how many times she could have easily taken him down but gladly for him, the rules were on his side

lariatoooo: Felina squeezed down on Daisuke’s head and neck once it was trapped in her clutches, then wrenched on the hold to add even more pain and discomfort. Normally, she’d likely use the fact that his face was right up against her breast as a means to tease him, but right now the livid Latina was in no mood for anything of the sort. Though he wouldn’t be in that position long anyway, and within moments Felina was sent off into the ropes, forcing her to release the headlock.

Bounding off of them and running back toward the wrestling prince, Felina’s first thought was to go for a dropkick. But once again, the “grappling only” stipulation interfered with those thoughts, eliciting a frustrated grunt from the Latina. Having to come up with an alternative on the fly, Felina ducked down a bit and attempted to wrap her arms around Daisuke’s legs and plow into him, hoping to tackle her foe down to the mat.

bluedragon_sacred: They engaged in some grappling right away with Felina locking Daisuke in a strong side headlock, her surprisingly strong arms squeezed around Daisuke's head as his face grinded against her boobs. He let out a small grunt but soon managed to give her a light squeeze and shove her forward into the ropes, Daisuke quickly straightened himself up as he prepared for his opponent to sprint back towards him. However he wasn’t prepared to get tackled like that, the feisty Latina wrapped her arms around his legs and plowed into him- bringing him down onto the mats with her on top. Daisuke didn’t expect his opponent’s direct approach but he was still experienced enough to deal with such moves- As soon as the wrestling prince went down on his back, he attempted to wrap his legs around her waist and his

bluedragon_sacred: arms around her neck to give her a bit of a squeeze "Mnngghhh Ugh, you like that HUH?" he growled

lariatoooo: Felina’s quick thinking seemed to pay off as she plowed into Daisuke and tackled him to the mat. But then his limbs coiled around her, drawing a grunt from her lips as she struggled against him. “Ngh. Dammit…” she muttered while pushing at his legs and arms. In a normal match, once again, there’d be ample opportunity here to pound away at his ribs until he let go. These pesky rules were starting to get on Felina’s nerves, but she tried to stay calm while she worked this out.

Knowing as well as, if not better than anyone how much stronger legs were than arms, she quickly abandoned any and all attempts to pry his legs apart with her hands. Instead, she brought them to Daisuke’s wrists and tried to pull them off her neck. It wouldn’t free her from his clutches, but it’d be a start. Better than nothing, at least.

bluedragon_sacred: The wrestling prince went down on his back, the fall was a bit hard and Felina's body smacking into him didn’t help either. He was winded out just a bit but tried to suck it up and quickly wrapped his limbs around his opponents head and body, squeezing her as hard as he could. His muscles bulged against hers, he could feel her sweaty skin against his and their muscles tensed. Daisuke had his teeth clenched and tried to make sure she didn’t have much room to wriggle around "Do you submit? “he growled before the beautiful Latina slipped her arms free and moved them up around his wrists to pry them off her neck. "Mnnghh ugh shit"he cursed as his arms slipped free from her head, but he continued to glare into her eyes with his teeth clenched. "Arghh you'll never last in the wrestling ring, girl."

lariatoooo: Felina continued to grunt through grit teeth while Daisuke’s legs constricted against her body. Their sweating forms ground against each other, though the close intimacy of the contact for the Latina was highly overshadowed by the pain she was struggling to endure. Fortunately she managed to pry his arms off of her. That didn’t free her from the pain or Daisuke’s clutches, but it was a good start.

“Hell…no!” she grunted out in response to his question while trying to push his wrists down to the mat by Daisuke’s head. “/You’re/ the one who’s not gonna last!” Felina said. And if she could pin his arms down, she’d then glare down into his eyes while starting a pin count. “One…!” Not exactly an elite grappler, Felina had decided that rather than try to escape the hold, she’d force Daisuke to release it himself. If he didn’t, the wrestling prince would would risk being pinned instead.

bluedragon_sacred: As the two wrestled it down on the mat, it seemed like Daisuke had gained the upper hand as he squeezed the Latina’s body out with his arms and legs around her, however Felina remained calm and managed to pry his hands off her head and then work her way from there, refusing to give in to the prince. "Mngh w-what the hell?" he grunted as he felt his hands being gripped and then eventually being  pinned over his head while Felina stayed on top of him, glaring down at him as he returned the glare with gritted teeth, in anger.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke caught up on her plan, it was quite a clever one as well, forcing him to release his hold instead of her working her way out. "Damnit" he cursed, as he released his legs from around her waist and then tried to thrust his body up into her to try and break the pin and get his shoulders up off the mat. "Nngggghhh UGH" he grunted as he attempted to push out of the pin. For a traditional striker, this Latina girl seemed quite decent with grappling as well, which worried Daisuke as he was working up a little sweat here as well.

lariatoooo: Felina was just about to say “two,” but Daisuke turned out to be smarter than she expected, and released his hold and pushed away from her before the pin could continue any further. Finally free from the scissor, the Latina breathed a big sigh of relief as she pulled herself back to her feet.

Continuing to glare at her foe, Felina breathed heavily and wiped some sweat from her forehead while starting to circle Daisuke. “What? That all ya got, princess?” Obviously Felina wasn’t exactly at a hundred percent herself after enduring that hold, but she wasn’t about to let her fatigue overwhelm her. Not while she still had a lesson to teach this punk.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke was down on his back, with his opponents fit and athletically toned body ontop of him- pressing him down as she was caught him a pinning predicament. However before she could even get to two, the wrestling prince quickly caught onto her trick and decided to give up his submission attempt and shove her off him. He rolled away from her, allowing the two to get some distance between each other as they both got back up on their feet. Daisuke mockingly dusted himself off "Ugh,....the thought of having to wrestle such a disgusting woman such as yourself" he mocked her before circling around with her with his hands up infront. "Let’s just get this over with" he said in response to her as he looked to lunge in- challenging her to a grapple once again "Hyyahh! " he grunted as he went for the lock up

lariatoooo: Felina growled upon hearing Daisuke’s mocking words, each one driving her frustration further and further through the roof. It took every ounce of restraint in her to just say “fuck the rules!” and lash out at this prick with every punch and kick she’d ever been taught! But then she’d only be proving his point for him. No, that couldn’t happen. She had to beat him at his own game: wrestling. Nothing else would shut him up about her.

As he circled around, Felina practically mirrored his steps, then lunged in at the same time he did while locking her arms up with his once again! She grunted and growled as the two pressed into each other once more, with her sweaty forehead pressing into his. Trying to slide a leg behind one of his, she’d attempt to trip him and take him down -

lariatoooo: to his back with her on top a second time. But this time, if he went down Felina would adjust herself to straddle Daisuke’s chiseled abs the moment both of them were on the mat, wanting to avoid getting caught in another scissor hold.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke smirked as he saw his opponent growling at him, she was clearly getting frustrated at the wrestling prince who was simply egging her on and wanting her to make a mistake or simply loose her cool to succumb into using her fighting techniques to prove Daisuke's point after all. Daisuke brought his hands up and started to circle around with her, while she did the same. After a moment of just mentally feeling each other out, the two locked in once more! Their bodies slapping into each other with their foreheads grinding. Daisuke grunted as he pushed forward, trying to push Felina back but before he could really assert himself over the Latina- she slipped her leg behind his and managed to take him down on his back.

bluedragon_sacred: *THUD* his back smacked down on the ring mats as she brought him down again, however unlike before she would straddle his abs to keep him down on his back while avoid being trapped in any submission he could come up with.

bluedragon_sacred:   " Mnghh damnit! G-get off" he growled, looking up into her eyes in frustration while squirming under her He tried to bridge up and really jerk around under her to try and get her off him.

lariatoooo: “What’s the matter, ‘Mr. wrestler?’ Having a little trouble?” Felina taunted as Daisuke frantically struggled underneath her. Despite the clear disadvantages she’d gone into this spar with, she’d now put the wrestling prince on his back twice now. And this time there weren’t any pesky submission holds stopping her from doing anything with the advantageous positioning. Although, Daisuke’s jerking attempt to bridge her off made her stumble forward a bit, but rather than be thrown off of him completely she was just shifted up so she was seated over his ribs rather than his stomach. And that gave her an idea.
Reaching out to grab at Daisuke’s wrists, she’d attempt to pin them down by his head before shuffling forward even more up his toned body. When she stopped she’d-

lariatoooo: be seated high astride his upper chest and neck in a tight schoolgirl pin, with her shins on top of his biceps and the crotch of her shorts lightly pressing against his chin. She’d then bring her sweat-glistened thighs in to frame his face and force him to look up at her while she started a pin count.

bluedragon_sacred: The wrestling prince was down on his back, the second time in their heated spar. For a woman who was well verses in the art of kickboxing, she was a pretty impressive wrestler. Perhaps her transition wasn't as bad as Daisuke expected or hoped. He wriggled down under her, not really helping his own cause as she scooted forward over his ribs and then slid a bit further all the way to straddle him in a schoolgirl pin. His wrists being grabbed tightly, as Felina pinned his hands above his head. Daisuke clenched his teeth in frustration, her thighs pressed against the side of his head to keep his head in place while her spandex covered gym shorts pressed against his chin. "MMNGGHHHH UGH GET OFF" he growled in anger, still squirming under her. He was starting to sweat as well, things getting

bluedragon_sacred: a bit musky around them in the gym room as the two tension stars tussled it out.  " Un-hand your prince MGHH Filthy...woman" he said continuing to buck and wriggle under her. However she was pinning him down and he had to act fast, she wasn’t going to be toppled over her easily so he tried to curl his legs backwards, towards Felina and hoped to catch her head with his legs and then use the momentum to spring back his legs and hopefully flip her off him, onto her side or back.

lariatoooo: If Daisuke wasn’t fond of how she smelled when they were just standing by each other by the punching bag, Felina could only imagine how much more he was hating it now. With his head firmly trapped between her slick, sweaty thighs and her crotch right over his neck, she’d managed to secure him in a nice and tight pin. The same kind she’d used to pin Army in her debut match. And he was bigger than Daisuke. So as the prince squirmed beneath her, Felina felt confident she could keep him down for the full count.But the difference between now and the match with Army was that in that match, she’d knocked her cousin out cold before pinning him. Daisuke was quite awake and alert. And as she was about to find out, more flexible than her cousin. A pair of legs suddenly latched onto -

lariatoooo: Felina’s head just before she could make the two count, surprising her as they dragged her backward and off of Daisuke, dropping her onto her back.

“Ngh! You just don’t know when to quit...” she grunted while starting to push herself back up.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke hated his opponents confidence more than anything, she had him on his back twice and this time she had him pinned down quite nicely. They were the same height, almost the same weight so it was going to be quite an exhausting match for either of them if they straight up slammed each other down and applied various submissions on each other. For now, Daisuke found it difficult to topple the Latina off him. She had her thighs pressed against his face, her crotch pressed against his chin as she looked down on him- looking quite dominating, like a Queen humbling a prince. However, Daisuke wasn’t prepared to go down just like that, especially not after how talked down to Felina before their spar. He cleverly brought his legs up and before she could continue the count, he snapped his legs

bluedragon_sacred: back, with her head trapped in between to topple her off him. She went down on her back, slowly getting back up on her feet and Daisuke did the same. " Mngh...there's no way I'm going to lose to a wannabe wrestler" he grunted, quickly trying to close in the distance and wrap his arm around the side of her head now, placing her cheek against the side of his pecs to return the favour and lock in a side headlock, really squeezing her head against his biceps.

lariatoooo: Felina growled as Daisuke called her a “wannabe wrestler.” If she heard one more comment like that… Well, as increasingly frustrating as that was for the Latina, she hardly had even a moment to dwell on the insult. Already Daisuke was coming right at her, and his strong arm quickly wrapped around her head to put her in another tight headlock.

“Ngh!” she grunted through grit teeth while the side of her face pressed against Daisuke’s sweaty chest. Once again struggling to resist the urge to punch away at his toned form, she wrapped her arms around his waist. “Let…go..!” she said. But, knowing the chances of Daisuke actually obliging were minuscule at best, she attempted to do something about it herself.

With another grunt, Felina would try to lift Daisuke up off the mat,-

lariatoooo: so she could fall back and drop him down with a back suplex! But if she failed, she’d remain trapped in Daisuke’s clutches until either he transitioned to something else, or she found another way to escape.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke was taking full advantage of the rules, he knew she couldn’t strike him as that would automatically make him the victor. He pulled her close to him, his hips bumped into hers as he squeezed his strong biceps around her face while making sure her cheeks were grinding against his sweat slicked pecs. He grinned while looking down on her, spreading his legs and lowering his center of gravity to maximize the effect of the headlock, until he felt her arms wrap around his body. "Hah, you've got to be kidding me? You think that's going to work? Just give up alr-WHOA?! UGHHHH"

bluedragon_sacred: *THUD*

lariatoooo: The tight vice squeezing on her head made Felina cringe throughout her effort to lift the wrestling prince up. But still she managed to pull it off, and Daisuke was brought down to the mat with a loud crash! Her suplex had worked, but it had come with a heavy cost. Lifting Daisuke’s chiseled body while having that headlock applied had been no easy task, especially considering how worn out Felina already was coming into this little spar. But now the fatigue was perfectly apparent, as she laid right beside him gasping almost desperately for air. She would’ve loved to take full advantage of her counter and get right back to punishing Daisuke. But at the moment, that simply wasn’t possible.

The option of going for a pin was there, but the most Felina would’ve been able to muster -

lariatoooo: right now would’ve just amounted to draping an arm over him. And the odds that that would keep Daisuke down for a three count were not too great. So instead the Latina took as many free breaths in as she could, then rolled herself onto her hands and knees and crawled toward the ropes, where she’d reach out to grab them and try to pull herself back up to her feet.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke had her controlled well, his biceps were bulging as he squeezed her head tightly against his chest with his feet firmly pressed against the ring mats to keep himself in place. However the Latina proved to be quite resourceful and stronger than the prince had imagined, squeezing his waist and then lifting him up and slamming him down on his back for a thunderous suplex. Both wrestlers were down on their backs, next to each other. Daisuke let out a loud moan, as he squirmed on his back while the the side of their bodies were pressing towards each other. Daisuke was in a bad position and he knew it, now he had to prepare for any maneuver she could come up with and a straddle was in his mind but it never came. He saw her take deep breathes as she got up on all fours and started to make

bluedragon_sacred: her way towards the ropes. Luck was on his side apparently as he slowly shifted on his belly and crawled forward, away from Felina, towards the ropes as well. It seemed like both wrestlers grabbed the ring ropes at nearly the same time as they pushed up onto their feet. Daisuke took another moment to catch his breath "*huff*huff* way..." he muttered under his own breath as he adjusted his briefs. His own body, drenched in sweat, was glistening under the ring lights as he glared onto the Latina who seemed to be quite an accomplished grappler.

bluedragon_sacred: "There's no way you can out wrestle me....nggh.....I WILL make you submit" he groaned as he pushed away from the ropes an started to circle the sexy Latina.

lariatoooo: As Felina sluggishly made it back to her feet, she turned to face Daisuke. Her body leaned against the ropes behind her and her tired legs wobbled a bit beneath her as the Latina brought her fists up in front of her again. As she did so, Felina continued to heave and gasp, trying to get as much air back into her as she could. But she knew she couldn’t keep this going too much longer. She had to find a way to put him away soon. Or this wasn’t going to end well…

Still, even as Daisuke taunted her, Felina showed no signs of fear or concern. “When hell freezes over, princess..” she retorted, falling back into the ropes a bit and using the slight recoiling spring to propel herself into a relatively steady walk, mirroring Daisuke’s circling steps. And after a brief moment, she then-

lariatoooo: lunged out with her arms to try to get into another lockup with the wrestling prince.

bluedragon_sacred: The longer the match went on, the more exhausted this woman seemed to be. Even though Daisuke was feeling the heat from the match as well, he wasn't as nearly as tired as his opponent who had just finished a workout session and followed in with a heavy spar. As advantageous as this was, Daisuke really hadn't done much to her to claim such an advantage but the fatigue in his opponent was obvious to him as he saw her leaning back against the ropes and panting heavily to catch her breath. " That's PRINCE" he said while glaring back at her with his teeth clenched

bluedragon_sacred: As Daisuke moved forward and started to circle her once again, the Latina pushed off the ring ropes and use the momentum to mirror Daisuke's movement before suddenly lunging in towards him. The two locked up with each other once more, their bodies sweaty and they panted while being in the lock up. Daisuke grinned as he attempted to push her back into a corner " Mngh...stubborn aren't you? All the more fun to break you down and bring a peasant down onto her knees" he grunted as he attempted to lean into her as he tried to overpower her in the lock up.

lariatoooo: Felina was nothing if not stubborn. And even with fatigue wearing heavily on her, she fought with everything she had as the two warriors locked up once again, grunting through grit teeth as she tried to drive Daisuke back. But, despite her best efforts, there’s only so much anyone can do with so little gas left in the tank. And it was only a brief moment or two before her weakened legs started to unwillingly take steps back as she was driven into the corner.

“Ngh! Shit!” she cursed through grit teeth, still trying to push out to at least keep her foe at bay as much as possible. Though whether that would do any good or not, she couldn’t be sure. “Get the fuck off me!” she spat out in frustration. Frustrated with Daisuke for his inability to shut his mouth. Frustrated with -

lariatoooo: herself for getting cornered like this. And frustrated at the fact that she hadn’t managed to win this spar, which seemed to be slipping away from her the longer it went on. Everything happening was only building on the Latina’s irritation. And there was a good chance she wouldn’t be able to keep her anger under control if things continued like this...

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke had been constantly taking advantage of her opponents fatigue, as soon as they locked up he knew he had a better chance of winning this grapple as long as the Latina beauty stuck with the grapple. After a power struggle, it was the wrestling prince who managed to push her back all the way into one of the corner turnbuckles. Her back was pressed against the corner while Daisuke took this moment to show off and press his body into hers, sandwiching her between the turnbuckle and his body. "Hmph, is that it? I told you, when it comes to real wrestling, you're nothing" he growled at her when she told him to back off. However he did acknowledge her demand as he did pull away from her, only to bend down and attempt to smack his shoulder into her gut. If he managed to do so, he would keep

bluedragon_sacred: his shoulder pressed against her abs, before grabbing the ropes to the side and pull away for her for a second- only to tug on the ropes once more to thrust his shoulder in her abs for a second time.

lariatoooo: Felina was caught between a rock and a hard place here, pressing back against the turnbuckles while Daisuke’s toned form pushed right up against her. It was almost suffocating, especially with all the effort she was exerting just to unsuccessfully try to fight him off. The prince’s taunt drew another angry growl from Felina, but in this position there was next to nothing she could do about it.

“Shut your mouth you-- UGH!!” she gasped out as his shoulder suddenly plowed right into her stomach! Immediately she began heaving and panting again, now simply resting and hunching over in the corner. But Daisuke wasn’t done, and within seconds he came blasting right into her stomach once again! “GWAH!!!” Felina cried out as her body bent forward. Her head and chest came to rest right over Daisuke’s shoulder and on his back, and her arms loosely dangled at her sides.

bluedragon_sacred: "Hmph you watch your mouth, peasant!" he exclaimed as he thrusted forward, smacking his shoulder into her gut once- winding her out as she began to pant and heave heavily. The wrestling prince followed up with another shoulder into her abs, this time with more force as he used the ropes to really spring forward and dig his shoulder into her skin to press her in the corner. He could feel her body leaning over onto his back, as he smirked in confidence and slowly peeled himself off her. "Just look at you “he said, admiring his work as she was bent forward, gasping for breath.

bluedragon_sacred: "Time to put you out of your misery" he said, grabbing her by her sweaty hair to drag her towards the middle and straightening her up. Daisuke then attempted to wrap his arms around her waist as tightly as he could, putting the squeeze on his opponent as he locked in a bearhug. He had his teeth clenched and his muscles were grinding against her sweaty skin as he looked to take her out, their bodies pressed tightly as the prince squeezed the Latina out. "Mngh you ready? “he moaned as he looked to lift her up off the ring canvas slightly, so that her toes were just dangling above the ring mats. Both wrestlers were the same height and almost the same weight so it took quite some effort on Daisuke's part to lift her up in the bearhug but he was determined. "Mnghh now....SUBMIT “he groaned

lariatoooo: Even after Daisuke peeled away from her, Felina remained hunched over and desperately trying to catch her breath. And as he grabbed her long, dark locks and guided her out to the middle of the ring, her weary legs were hardly even able to hold her up. But they wouldn’t have to for long, and soon his strong arms clasped around Felina, hoisting her up and crushing her in his clutches.

“AGH!!” she shouted out, cringing in agony while weakly writhing about in Daisuke’s arms. On top of the pain she was trying to endure, the hold was also draining her of what little air she had in her lungs. She didn’t want to submit. /Especially/ to someone like this. But she didn’t see any other way out of the torturous bearhug.

She slowly raised her hand, getting ready to tap out. But then she -

lariatoooo: thought about everything this punk had said to her, and how demeaning it would be to surrender to him. His words became fresh in her mind again, reigniting the Latina’s anger. And instead of tapping out, she instead balled her hand into a fist, which she then hurled right at the side of Daisuke’s head! “Fuck you!” she screamed out in defiance. However, in her moment of rebellious rage, Felina had forgotten a very important rule in this spar...

bluedragon_sacred: The two had been going at it for a while, lots of emotions running through them both as neither Daisuke nor Felina wanted to give up to each other, especially after what was said between the two. Daisuke felt as if he had her, he was squeezing her body as tightly as he could. His sweaty frame pressed against hers, their muscles grinding as he squeezed her out in his bearhug. "Mnghh give up......GIVE UP “he growled as he shook her a bit to see if she was up or not. His smirk returned when he saw her hand being raised, if if to tap his shoulder to signal the submission but instead she just balled it up into a fist and struck the side of his head.

bluedragon_sacred: "UGH!!" he let out a loud grunt as her fist smacked against his head, making him release the bearhug as he staggered back all the way towards the ropes- clutching his head as he shook it to register what just hit him. That's when he realized it, she had used her fists......which was against the rules of this spar, he wanted her to be pushed to her limit so she would resort to what HE wanted her to- striking.  He glared at her but then started to grin, then laugh a bit between taking deep breathes. "Heh.......hehehe......I.....I told

lariatoooo: Felina flopped to the mat as Daisuke’s arms uncoiled, gasping heavily for air as she laid there. Somehow, someway, she had fought out of that excruciating bear hug without submitting to this prick. But even still, it was far too early to celebrate. Expecting the prince to be right back on the attack any moment, she placed her palms on the mat and grunted out while struggling to push back up to her knees. But once she was there, she was treated to a sight and sound she hadn’t expected: her opponent laughing. She was just about to ask what the hell was so funny, until Daisuke’s words quickly cleared it up.
The Latina’s expression went from irritated and confused, to horrified as realization finally hit like a freight train. She had punched Daisuke, which in this case was no better -

lariatoooo: than submitting. In either case, the result was the same. Felina had lost. “No! W-wait! ...It was...just a fluke!” she pleaded between heavy breaths. “Give me...another chance!” This couldn’t be it. Felina couldn’t let Daisuke, and by extension every other critic she’d ever had, be right. But after what had just happened, the seed of doubt had definitely been planted. What if Daisuke really /was/ right about her...?

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke couldn’t hide his emotion, the emotion of being right- which made him feel even more arrogant than usual. Daisuke had talked alot of shit about his opponent tonight and in the end, could it actually be true? He had made a point and now he had proven it by wrestling with the feisty Latina, she succumbed to what he said she would. He rubbed the side of his head to ease the pain from that punch before pushing off the ring ropes, adjusting his briefs and wiping the sweat off his face and chest before moving towards where she was. The wrestling prince stood right infront of the Latina, who was kneeling down. She seemed confused, horrified and desperate as the loss had left her stunned at the realization that Daisuke's words could be true after all.

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke bent down to grab her by the arm and helped her get back up on her feet, "Fluke? I don’t think so, I told you from the start. This is a wrestling ring not the octagon nor a cafe for fighters, this is meant for wrestlers." He paused for a second before continuing on " A second chance? for what hmm? Think about it, had it not been for your fist fighting technique- you would have tapped out right there.....I'm right here Felina, you want me? Round two? Name your match type, anytime, anywhere, anyplace....even right here, right now....I'll take you on but just remembered....I humbled you just wrestler"

lariatoooo: Felina’s fire seemed nearly extinguished as Daisuke towered condescendingly over her kneeling form. Not long ago, this man laying his hands on her would’ve resulted in a thunderous punch to his jaw. But when he reached down to yank her up by her arm, Felina flinched, but offered no resistance. And each word that flew from Daisuke’s lips struck the Latina harder than any punch or kick she’d ever taken. To say it was deflating would be an enormous understatement. Still, he gave her a chance for a rematch. There was no turning that down. But as it was, even staying on her feet was a difficult task. Trying to fight Daisuke now would’ve been the worst decision she could possibly make.

“…one week….” she said, her voice now much weaker than it had been. “One week from now… in the arena... standard rules. I’ll kick your ass under the same rules everyone else fights with... and I’ll show you you’re DEAD WRONG about me!”

bluedragon_sacred: Daisuke could see the poor girl looked absolutely exhausted, which is why he helped her back up on her feet to face her. All his talk to try and make her doubt herself really was getting to her, Daisuke knew she wouldn’t be stupid enough to challenge him right now but she did take the chance he gave her for the rematch, wanting him one on one once again. " Fine, I accept your challenge. We'll wrestle in the arena, you and me in the ring. Until then, rest up.....go take a shower" he smirked, patting her side. " Think about what I said Felina...." he said before making his way past her and going  towards the ropes to exit the ring, heading towards the men’s locker room for a shower. Daisuke knew she had enough wrestling talent, he had to prove her wrong by beating her in the ring and getting rid of one more competitors in the roster.

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