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Hentai Matches Wanted

Mon Feb 19, 2024 5:04 pm by Leon564

Hello~ Hope you're well when you're reading my ad. Whoever you may be. Not sure how many are paying attention but I put James up for Hentai Championship Contenders. Which means that I'm looking to set him up with something focusing on progressing that.

Even if you'd rather not, he is still available for normal Tension and Hentai matches. So feel free to message me here or reach out on Discord:

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Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

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Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 Empty Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea Wed May 27, 2015 6:40 pm

Love Bunnies vs. Kitty Katts
Year 2006

Kelsea wrote:Competitive style; Tornado tag match
Conditions for victory: 3 count pin or submission accepted by aggressor.

The lights dimmed to a greyish blue and a couple of  spot lights started to span across the crowd, accompanied by 'All the things she said' by Tatu. The big screen lite up with the bunnies own version of Tatu's music video, the two bunny girls playing rather intimately in the rain just like Tatu do in their music video. Occasion choice clips would flash in the middle of the play, for example a shot of Mara's butt as she walked down the ramp way or a shot of Leah's cleveage as she bounced up and down on the spot

Both Mara and Leah came out hand in hand just as the lights hit the entryway, Mara still chewing on her favourite strawberry bubblegum. They took a second to turn each other, briefly brushing their lips up togeather but not quite kissing before continuing down towards the ring.

They were dressed in their usual bunny girl outfits (as seen in pics) as they climbed into the ring to await for their opponents

Anemaul wrote:The lights go out as Eye of the Tiger begins to play, the Kitty Katts coming down the ramp wearing thier trade mark cat ears and tails as they slide into the ring together.  they get to the middle of the ring and put thier cheeks together before lifting a leg and giving a cute "Meow" in unison.  As the music dies dow, Rhoda looks at the bunnies and smiles.

"Can't wait to see you both squirming and moaning under us," she says, her arrogant attitude showing as Sarah waves from behind her sister.

Kelsea wrote:Leah smirked, it seemed like Rhoda was the more personality wise of the two.. Or perhaps just the more arrogant. Either way she might as well mix it up with her first and leave Mara to Sarah.

Mara stood with her hands behind her backs, admiring the competition with her breasts sticking out quite promptly.

"They're cute.. can I keep one?" Mara teased, Leah giggled and pinched her butt. "We'll see.. you played with your previous pets too much I think" Leah answered her sis.

The bell rang and Leah walked towards Rhoda, bringing her arms up. Mara mimicked her motion as she looked Sarah's way.. The two bunny girls seemed to be going for a double lock up, Leah with Rhoda and Mara with Sarah to get things kicked off

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda smiled, accepting the lockup, hoping to kick Leah inthe stomache as Sarah just locks up, trying to push Mara toward the ropes.

Kelsea wrote:Mara moves her body up close, pushing her breasts into Sarah as she continues to try and push her opponent back.. Trying to wiggle her chest a little against her opponent to see if she can make that work for her.

Leah lets out a slight "omf" as the kick make her hop up a little, her butt and bunny tail sticking out as she doubles over a little

Anemaul wrote:Sarah presses her large breasts into Mara's, smiling at her opponent in her own cheery, airhead manner as she gives a little ground to her.

Rhoda smiles and tries to knee Leah in the head.  "gonna enjoy spanking that plump butt of yours, "Bunny" she taunts as sh prepares for the knee.

Kelsea wrote:Mara let out a soft moan as her firm bunny rack pressed and rubbed over the soft katt's.. She slipped her hands down from Sarah's shoulders, trying to hug them slightly around her waist and butt. If she successfully moves them there she will try to lift Sarah off her feet against the bunny's taller body and then carry her backwards towards the nearest corner.. Planning to half ram half press her back into the turnbuckle

Leah saw the knee beginning to line up and just as Rhoda was about to lift it she will try to ram forwards, trying to get her shoulder against Rhoda's belly and tackle her towards the matt.

Anemaul wrote:Sarah grunts as she is rammed into the corner as Rhoda is knocked down to the mat.  The Katt's try to recover, going on the defensive.

Kelsea wrote:
Mara let out a soft breath into Sarah's face as her own body squashed her opponent body slightly up against the turnbuckle. She grabbed her hands onto the top rope as she backs away from Sarah, only to yank on the ropes and try to make the front of her body bump into the front of Sarah in something like a very short splash.

Leah tumbles down to the mat with Rhoda, letting out a soft "umf" as her body lands partially on the cat girl. Leah will squirm slightly ontop of Rhoda and try to move up so that she can straddle her opponent waist, if she gets into this position she will start trying to pin Rhoda's arms down by the wrists over her head.

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda pants as she struggles back, only to get pinned down by Leah as she glares up.

Sarah grunts as the mini splash doesnt hurt her, only stun her momentarily as she slumps a litle.

Kelsea wrote:Leah grinned and looked down at Rhoda from her perch.. "So you were saying about someone's body squirming under someone elses weren't ya?" she said wriggling her butt a little on Rhoda's waist as she held her down..

Mara will again stay firmly pressed against Sarah as she feels her nice warm body slump against her. The pink haired bunny girl will then slowly back away, gazing at her opponent in the corner with a grin as she makes her way to the center of the ring. Mara will then suddenly make a dash for Sarah, throwing her arms out at the last minutes and pushing her chest out.. Going for a proper full on body splash this time...

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda struggles to try and get out from under her opponent.

Sarah smiels and tries to get out of the way in time, a smile on her face.

Kelsea wrote:Leah grinned and twitched her nose down at Rhoda, she'll let go of her opponent's wrists and try to grab her arms around the back of the cat girl's head. She will then try to lay down over Rhoda and slot her face into the opening at the top of her latex costume and cleveage!

Mara gaspped, realizing too late that Sarah had moved out of the way and her momentum would carry her right into the turnbuckle.

"Ungh!" She let out, her arms throwing out just before impact and landing hooked over the top ropes as she sags a little.. Kinda winded as she lays against the turnbuckle pads

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Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 Empty Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea Wed May 27, 2015 6:41 pm

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda tries to scream in protest but it is cut out as Leah's breasts drown it out.

Sarah smiles and tries to knee Mara in the back once.  If succesful she will grab Mara's hair and pull back.

Kelsea wrote:Leah giggled softly and wiggled her breasts against Rhoda's face, enjoying keeping her there to defilant a little of that ego. After a long few seconds though she will pull back and start getting up to her feet, trying to grab a handful of Rhoda's hair to pull her up with her. Once to their feet, Leah will try to pull Rhoda close into a head lock..

Mara let out a yelp as the knee struck her in the back and made her jolt slightly, only to have her beautiful pink hair snatched and her head pull back as she grimance in pain.. Hand clutching at the top ropes slightly..

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda gasps when Leah takes her breasts off her face and winces when she is pulled up.  the headlock makes her whimper a little as Rhoda tries to get a hold of Leah's hair and pull her back.

Sarah smiles and whispers in Mara's ear "Nice hair, soft and full.  can't wait to see it the carpet matches the drapes"  she giggles as she tries to slam Mara's head into the turnbuckle while humming softly.

Kelsea wrote:"nnh!" Leah exclaimed as her hair was pulled, head tilting back. She tried to pull in tighter with the head lock in response, trying to turn Rhoda's face so that she was smoothering her again up against the side of her breast.

"Ugh!" Mara lets out as her forehead slams down upon the turnbuckle pad, her hands losing grip on the top ropes so that her arms just dangle over it loosely.. Staying there with her butt sticking back a little

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda squeeled, but was cut of in mis scream by the large breasts of her opponant.

Sarah hummed happily as she held on to Mara with one hand while slapping ehr butt with the other.  "Lets see how many times I can bang your head into the corner before your sis comes to help" she sings as she prepares to slam Mara's head into the turnbuckle again.

Kelsea wrote:Leah was glad her hair was released but then she was scratched right on her inner thigh. She let out a yelp her headlcok loosening considerably, but before she releases Leah will try to drop down into a sitting position.. Not really to bulldog Rhoda seems she didn't try to ram her face into the floor, but certainly trying to make Rhoda drop onto her front hard as she still gripped her face to the side of the bunny breast. After this Leah will let go to tend to her soar thigh.

"nnh!" Mara let out as the slap to her butt made her cheek kinda wiggle. She was then pulled back and slammed down face first onto the turnbuckle a second time. Resting, she panted softly into the padding with her eyes closed

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda yelps, her breasts smashed into the mat as she tries to sake the cobwebs, hoping her sister is faring better.

Sarah smiles happily, grabbing the seat of Mara's tights and trying to wedgie her as she attempts to slam Mara into the turnbuckle one last time.

Kelsea wrote:Leah stays seated and after rubbing the inside of her fishnet covered thigh she will try to lean over the top of Rhoda's back slightly. Attempting to get one of the cat girls arm's secure between her thighs, Leah will grab her hands at the top of Rhoda's forehead and try to yank back into a crossface.

Mara was just about to try and put up some resistance, pushing at Sarah when her she felt the underside of her costume grabbed just under her ass and then pulled up into a wedgie. "Eee!" Mara let out as the soft material bundled up and sunk deep into her ass crack.. All the resistance she was about to use dissappeared completely and she was again thrown face first into the turnbuckle.. But even though she was dazed from the mutliple head poundings, the wedgie seemed to be getting to her more as she sunk slightly down to her knees... One hand between her thighs and head resting now on the second turnbuckle pads as she panted lightly

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda whimpers in pain as the crossface is applied, her shoulder and neck begining to burn with the soft pain of the muscles being pulled.  "NNNGH! Let go" she moans.

Sarah smiles happily and lets go of Mara's hair, backing up a few steps before charging in, hoping to knee Mara in the back of the head, driving it into the turnbuckle.  "After this I will pleasure you" she says as she charges.

Kelsea wrote:"aww.. whats the matter, is it hurting you?" Leah teased, lowering the pressure slightly before pulling back again on the the cross face.. trying to pull her head back far enough so that her breasts move up off the floor a bit, revealing her cleveage..

When Sarah let go of Mara's hair and stepped back, the bunny girl tried to wait till the last moment and then drop down onto the left hand lower ropes.. Hoping to leave Sarah to knee the turnbuckle. She will stay seated, breathing quietly with her hand still between her thighs to sooth the wedgie

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda refuses to give in, her breasts threatening to pop out of her suit.  She will try and reach over to pull Leah's jair.

Sarah yelps as she knees the turnbluckle, falling down onto her butt and rubbing her knee.

Kelsea wrote:Leah yelped as her hair was pulled back again, she tried to keep ahold of the cross face as long as possible regardless of the hair pull wanting to see if she could pop them breast right out of their costume.. But after a few moments, Leah had to release the hold and slide down off her body.. bringing her hands up to the roots of her hair to sooth the pain a little.

Mara tried to pull herself up on the ropes a little, hands carefully pulling down and straighting the bunny costume around her ass and crotch. Seeing Sarah in the seated position she will try to throw a kick at her breasts in an attempt to make her lay on her back..

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda felt her breasts nearly pop out of her top as Leah released the hold.  She lies there, breathing softly as she rubs her shoulder, tying to recover enough to turn things around.

The kick catches Sarah in the breasts, knockign her onto her back.  She lies there a moment, holding her aching breast.

Kelsea wrote:Leah snorted slightly and went to get to her feet, she will aim a stomp down on the shoulder Rhoda is rubbing and then bend over to try and grab and couple of handfuls of the catgirl's hair in an attempt to force her up to her feet..

Mara smiles softly at Sarah, she will use her foot to try and kick Sarah's arms away to leave her breasts unprotected. She will then hop up and throw her own arms out as she tried to come down with all of her weight right over Sarah's bust in a full body splash.. This time on the floor rather then in the turnbuckle and across the body.

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda screams as her shoulder is stomped and grabs at Leah's hand as she is pulled up.  Rhoda will try to elbow Leah in the stomach once she is fully up.

Sarah tries to raise her knees up to counter the splash.

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Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 ELZuoMvSummer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 OG5hnuaSummer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 Cg3CzYmSummer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 398g342

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Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 Empty Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea Wed May 27, 2015 6:43 pm

Kelsea wrote:"ung.." Leah lets out hoping up a little and bending over from the elbow to her belly, leaning into Rhoda a little.

Mara let out a deep "UGH!" as she landed right on Sarah's knees, bouncing up a little and dropping to the mat just to the side of her opponent.. Arm clutching at her stomach as she squinted her eyes shut and coughed gently a few times..

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda smiles to herself as she fights through the pain to try and kick Leah's knee, hoping to start working on a way to get a submission.

Sarah stands up and tries to get Mara into a sitting position.  If she can, she will try and step over to try a head scissors with her standing over Mara, attempting to force Mara to lean forward a little.

Kelsea wrote:"nh!" Leah let out as the kick makes her drop down to one knee.. Cringing in pain Leah will try to shove her shoulder into Rhoda's belly..

Mara is still coughing gently, her eyes closed with a soft cringe on her face as she is sat up.. her head naturally droops forwards slightly without Sarah needing to position it that way and then the next thing Mara knew she was gasping as she felt Sarah's warm thighs either side of her cheeks. Her hands gently clutched around Sarah's thighs as she pants softly down the warm inner legs.

Anemaul wrote:The move pushed Rhoda back.  Rhoda tries to rush forward and knee Leah before she can recover.

Sarah shudders, the breath on her thighs arousing as she starts to squeeze Mara's head.

Kelsea wrote:Leah takes the knee right across her chest, her breasts almost bouncing free of her costume from the impact as she falls to her back, groaning lightly with an arm across her breasts..

Mara groaned faintly, her breathing rate increasing and caressing down Sarah's inner thighs more as the legs squeeze. Mara hands clutching at Sarah's thigh muscles tightly

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda smirks and walks over to Leah.  "Now for some payback for the crossface Bunny Girl."  she says, trying to kick Leah in the ribs like she was going for a field goal.

Sarah realizes that this move might not have been th ebest idea as her breath starts to come faster, her cheeks flushing as the faster breathing is starting to make her hot and araoused.  She will stop squeezing and try to back off to regroup.

Kelsea wrote:"OFFF!" Leah puffs out as she is kicked in the ribs, her arms clutching around her torso as the momentom of the kick makes her roll over twice, then she rolls over a third time on her own as she writhes with pain a little.. Rolling up to the ropes..

Mara feels the thighs unclasp and has enough sense of direction to be able to keep ahold of Sarah's thighs, although she is still kinda dazed. She moves forwards onto her knees but then slumps face first into Sarah's crotch, panting right against her mound and she gently fondles at Sarah's ass in an innocent attempt to get blindly to her feet...

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda runs at Leah and slides, trying to hit her with a aseball slide type kick.

The crotch dive and the fondling making her gasp, her cheeks turning red as Mara gets to her feet.  When Mara fully stands, Sarah will try and grope Mara's breasts.

Kelsea wrote:The baseball slide kick went straight into Leah, pushing her further until she rolled under the ropes and fell to the concreted floor outside the ring. She squinted in pain, staying on the floor holding her arms in on herself as she rolled on the outside a little.

Mara's hands worked up Sarah's body as she tried to get to her feet, just as she got up she felt Sarah's hand on her breast.. This seemed to bring her around a little more, after glancing down at the hand she will press herself against Sarah.. It seemed like her opponent had enjoyed that last hold quite a bit, not that Mara minded.. She will move her face close to Sarah's as she tries to get her arms around Sarah's body, with her opponent's hand still on her breast..

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda hops onto the top rope and smiles, lookign down at Leah.  She then jumps off, trying to hit Leah with an elbow drop off the top rope to the floor.

Sarah will stop fondling Mara's breast and will try and hug Mara close in a light bear hug.

Kelsea wrote:Leah will look up to see Rhoda hopping up over the ropes from the turnbuckle, gasping with shock that the cat girl was going to try a high risk manuever.. She cringed, realizing she didn't have enough time to roll out of the way and tried to tense up, then..

*BAM* "UGH!"

An explosion on Leah breast as the elbow drop landed right on her tender orb and popped left breast right out of the costume! Leah's body bounced up onto one side before slumping back down face up, breathing heavily and stunned from the pain in her chest... She could only hope that the fall from that height onto the concrete hurt Rhoda too.

Mara felt Sarah trying to pull her arms in around her for a hug and decided to return the favour.. "nnh!" Mara let out as she squeezed at the same time as Sarah, causing their bodies to bump up against one another into the dual bear hug.

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda wasglad that her move hit, although the pain in her hip tellign her that that wasn't the brightest move to make as she stands up with a light limp.  She will try to stomp the exposed breast of Leah, hoping to soften her up a bit more, knowing she can't give herself time to recover.

Sarah groans as the hug is returned.  She will try to knee Mara in the crotch. "Nice breasts" she quips as she tries to regain the advantage

Kelsea wrote:"Nh!" Leah let out as the stomp bounced on her breast, trying to roll onto her front to defend herself from further attack to that area, while she holds onto her breast with one arm. Moving onto all fours...

The knee to the crotch wasn't that hard seems their bodies were that close togeather, but it did make Mara hop up slightly and stick out her bunny tail dressed butt. Mara let out a rush of air into Sarah's face, loosening her hold for a moment as she tries to double over a little.

But soon afterwards, Mara will grit her teeth and suddenly try to squeeze tighter.. Slapping their bodies togeather as she tries to straighten up again and lift Sarah off her feet, trying to shut out the pain inbetween her legs.

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Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 Empty Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea Wed May 27, 2015 6:44 pm

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda laughed "Whats wrong bunny girl, breast a little sore?"  Rhoda will then try and kick Leah once again, her injured hip not letting her get the force of the last one but still enough to hurt.

Sarah grunts, her chest being squeeezed hard by Mara.  Sarah the begins to struggle, unable to breath an getting hotter by the minute.

Kelsea wrote:Leah got kicked again as she was going up onto all fours, although she tried to get her arm in the way of Rhoda's foot to block it. Still hurting bad from that massive elbow drop, Leah will try to grab Rhoda foot and pull it from under her in a desperation move to stop further attacks..

"Oh.." Mara moaned softly and started to pant into Sarah's face from the cat girl's counter bear hug, the writhing of Sarah body against her was also starting to get Mara aroused too.. She half closed her eyes, breast pushing into Sarah's as she tried to keep her off the ground a little longer. Mara using up a lot of energy just to hold Sarah up in the bear hug while she is still suffering from Sarah hugging her back.

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda yelps as she falls down, hitting her head hard.  She rolls away and tries to refocus, knowing that Leah is hurting too.

Sarah stops hugging, Mara's hug taking too much out of her. Her hardened nipples poke into Mara as she tries to wriggle out.

Kelsea wrote:Leah rolls onto all fours again, hand pressing against the stray breast still hanging out of her costume, brusied from the elbow drop. She breaths heavily for a moment then tries to use the side of the ring to climb up to her feet.

Mara slowly allows Sarah's body to slide down her slightly till her feet touch the floor. Seeing that Sarah hug had loosened and she seemed to be weakening, Mara thought she better try and take advantage quickly. Pretty much as soon as Sarah's feet rest on the floor, Mara will quickly try to turn with Sarah 180 degrees before trying to lift her up again, turn a further 180 degrees and try to come down onto the floor in a belly to belly suplex with the bunny's body landing on top of Sarah.

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda stands up, looking over at Leah.  She waits for Leah to stand up fully then charges, attempting to clothesline her.

Sarah is relieved when she is set on the ground but screams in surprise as she is spun around and suplexed to the mat.  She lies there dazed under Mara

Kelsea wrote:Leah got up fully and turned, seeing Rhoda charging at her she will try to counter charge at her.. but ends up only running the few shorts steps right into the clothesline that takes her off her feet and back onto the concrete floor. Leah lays there, arms sprawled out with her nipple still peeking over the top of her costume...

Mara stayed on top of Sarah, giggling faintly as she looked into her dazed opponents face and wiggled her breasts so that they moved over the top of the cat girls.

"Guess you didn't count on bunny power did ya hun.." she whispered before kissing Sarah lightly on the tip of her nose.

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda smiles down at Leah, the pain in her hip slowly passing as she bends over and tries to twist the nipple.  "Poor bunny, is all this to much?"

Sarah lies there moaning as her nose is kissed, her nipples pushing into her top and into Mara.  She will try and regain some strength before moving.

Kelsea wrote:"nnh.." Leah cringes softly, arm trying to move up from their sprawled out position to cover her chest a little as her nipple is played with and twisted..

Mara pushes her weight a little harder on Sarah to keep her down with their breasts firmly against one another.

"Aww, so cute..." She reaches one arm back to forcefully pull up Sarah's thigh, hooking it under her arm just at the bunny waist as she lets out a deep warm breath against Sarah's face.

"Perhaps I should wrap this kitty up and put her to bed.." She whispered as the ref girl moved around for the pin attempt

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda looks into the ring and sees her sister being pinned and abandons her tittytwister on Leah and tries to jump into the ring.

Sarah moans softly, her leg being hooked and her breasts being rubbed by Mara's making her hot as the ref girl begins the count.  "One"

Kelsea wrote:Leah was left laying out of the ring on her back..

Mara continued the pin, oblivious to Rhoda getting into the ring behind her. She giggled faintly as it seemed Sarah was having a hard time in this pin with her breasts pressed to her and gently rock her body up and down against Sarah faintly as if humping her.. Causing their breasts to rub more as the ref girl continued to count..

Anemaul wrote:Sarah pushes lightly agains Mara, but not enough to get her off as the ref counts "Two"  As the ref counts two, Rhoda tries to stomp Mara in the head to break up the pin.

Kelsea wrote:Mara smiled, mouth slightly open as she felt Sarah struggled under her to break the pin with no avail.

"Looks like your mine.." She whispered when suddenly Rhoda stomp smacked right into her head, making the bunny drop Sarah leg and slowly roll off of her... groaning with her eyes slightly shut and hands up to her head.

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda frowns at her sister "How could you let her get you so easy" she asks before walking to Mara and trying to pull her up by her hair.  If she can, she will slap Mara across the face.

Kelsea wrote:Mara was pulled up by her hair and a little of the dazed slapped from her eyes as Rhoda hand connected across her cheek. She stumbled a little but will try to retailiate by hoping to the side and ramming the side of her thigh and butt right into Rhoda's stomach.

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda is surprised at the move and lets go of Mara's hair and backs up, holding her stomach.  Sarah starts to get up, hoping to help her sister out.

Kelsea wrote:Mara tries to push forward on Rhoda, realizing she can't fight off both girls at the same time. She will try to stike her fist on the top of Rhoda's forehead a couple of times and then clutch her wrist with the intention of irish whipping her into the corner.

Leah gently rolled onto one side, eyes closed as she hold her hurt breast with the one hand, panting..

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda takes the three hits and falls dowm holding her head as her eyes unfocus.  Sarah will try to dropkick Mara, hoping to get some advantage before the other Bunny recovers.

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Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 Empty Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea Wed May 27, 2015 6:46 pm

Kelsea wrote:After fighting off Rhoda, Mara ends up getting drop kicked to her back making her stumble and fall onto all fours just infront of where Rhoda is kneeling. The numbers game starting to make it difficult for Mara as her sis is no where to be seen...

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda looks up and reaches out to grab Mara's hair while Sarah walks over to them both.  "Shall we" Sara asks, kneling down with one knee out and one knee under her "Let's break this bunnies back"  Rhoda will try to scoop Mara up for a body slam.  If she can, she will slam her onto Sarah's knee.

Kelsea wrote:Mara let out a soft whimper as Rhoda's hand went inbetween her thighs to scoop her upside down against her body, before letting out another cry in pain as she was forced down upon Sarah sticking out knee... Her body arching around it with her smooth velvet covered breasts sticking out prominently

Anemaul wrote:Sarah smiles evily and tries to slam Mara in the stomach with a double fist slam.  Rhoda will climb the ropes and get herself set as Sarah tries to pull the velvet top off of Mara's breasts.

Kelsea wrote:"Uhff!" Mara coughed out as the double fist slam forced her body to bob up slightly before arching back down over Sarah's knee. Mara's arms squirm a little, a little panic filling the bunny girl as she notices Rhoda climbing the ropes... With her costum cut open at the top of her chest and being shoulder strapless, it was easy to pop Mara big breasts right out of the velvet.. Her milky smooth orbs now stuck up as Mara still lay trapped over Sarah's knee.

Leah gripped the edge of the ring from the outside, one arm over her bruised breast as she sucks in huge gulps of air.. Trying to get back in the game.

Anemaul wrote:Sarah smiles and pinches Mara's right nipple, pulling it up for a moment before releasing it "Ready for the ride, bunny?" she asks smiling up at Rhoda.  Rhoda hops off the top rope, trying to hit Mara with a leg drop acros her breasts which are now exposed.

Kelsea wrote:"nh.." Mara whimpers softly as her nipple is pinched and pulled up, feeling so vulnerable as her body continues to arch over sarah's knee, naked breasts puffed out. Then Rhoda jumps up for the leg drop, Mara can only gasp and try to tense up before Rhoda leg comes down right across Mara naked bust.

The big impact flicks the bottom half of Mara's body up and flips completely off of Sarah's. Mara finally coming to rest laying face down with her breasts resting heavily against the mat as she pants hard, face all cringed up with a few tear drops at the corner of her eyes.

Anemaul wrote:Sarah smiles and walks over to Mara, motioning for her sister to climb the ropes again.  As Rhoda climbs the ropes, Sarah tries to pick Mara up in the suplex position.  If she can, she will face her sister for a cross body suplex double team move.

Kelsea wrote:Mara looked really groggy now as she was pulled slowly back up to her feet and manuevered backwards towards the corner. Her head was easily tucked under Sarah's armpit and her arm slung over the back of Sarah's shoulders as the bunny girl panted against the side of Sarah;s body.

Mara butt and bunny tail was sticking out towards Rhoda as she was bent over and her breast still uncovered hung down in this position much to the delight of the fans.

Mara let out a soft yelp as she was pulled upside down in a stalling suplex position, unable to do anything as Rhoda body flew off the top ropes again to collide with Mara right across her naked breast. Making her fall through into the vertical suplex with Rhoda's body falling ontop of her right over her bust.

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda hooks Mara's leg as Sarah goes to the opposite corner to cheer at the crowd, not paying attentiona s the ref girl gts into position.

Kelsea wrote:Mara lets out a yelp as Rhoda lays over her naked breast and yanks her leg up into a hook, it looked like the bunny girl was done as the ref girl came down for the count.

"1!" She called out.

Outside the ring Leah notices realizes her sis in in a bad way, it looked like she might not be able to kick out! Though she was still hurting too, she slide into the ring. Sarah with her back to the ring and Rhoda too busy with the pin.

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda smiles down at Mara and pats her butt gently.  "Gotcha, your sis won't be comign to save you, I saw to that" she says arrogantly as Sarah blows kisses, thinking that the amtch is over, both of them unaware of Leah's recovery.

Kelsea wrote:Mara just pants up into Rhoda's laying underneth her cute little body, big breasts moving the cat girl up and down as she easily keeps the pin on Mara larger frame.

"2!" The ref girl called out, but by that time Leah had managed to get up inside the ring. She immediately dashed towards Rhoda and will attempt a quick dropkick to the side of her head to break the pin attempt

Anemaul wrote:The dropkick catches Rhoda off guard, snappingher head to the side and knocking her off Mara and nearly knocking her out.  Sarah is too busy showboating to notice her sister's predicament as she is standing on the second rope waving happily, thinking the match is over.

Kelsea wrote:Mara stays laying down beside Rhoda on her back, breasts revealed to the lewd audience members eyes as her arms are sprawled out, just panting.

Leah cringes slightly but gets to her feet, feeling like she just wants to lay down for a bit but knowing there is still danger. Looking at Rhoda it seemed like she caught her pretty good with that drop kick. She sees that Sarah hasn't noticed her and is on the second ropes, Leah dashes over with enough speed so that she can hop up to the second ropes also her body suddenly up against Sarah to maybe let her know whats going on.

Leah's hands will quickly slip under Sarah's arms and grab her black bikini to try and yank it down and reveal her breasts to the crowd Sarah was just moments ago showboating to. If this works, Leah will then use this distraction to wrap her arms around Sarah's waist. The bunnies mound up against Sarah's butt and kitty tail.

Leah will wait a moment so that the crowd get a good viewing of Sarah's breasts and also that she can compose herself. Then Leah will try to lift backwards into a dangerously placed german suplex off of the second ropes

Anemaul wrote:Sarah is stunned when she feels her top pulled down.  she looks behind her and is shocked to see her sister layed out.  Her large breasts bounce free, the guys in the crowd cheering.

Before she can react, Sarah is pulled backward into the german suples, landing almost straight down on her head like a spike.  Sarah lets out a pained moan and goes limp, the blow knocking her cold.

Rhoda starts to stir, shaking her head as she rises to her knees, still unaware of what happened.

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Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 Empty Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea Wed May 27, 2015 6:48 pm

Kelsea wrote:Leah came down pretty hard also, she could control the fall too well condsidering she was still hurting and using her strength to lift other wrestler's bodies wasn't her strong point. Her body bounced and rolled just to the side of Sarah, let out a soft "Ungh.." as she lay there a little breathless.

After a couple of moments Leah will sluggishly roll back over in towards Sarah, her arm flooping over Sarah's chest as the breast that still hung out of Leah's costume snuggly press up against the side of one of Sarah's naked plump melon. Leah will blow out a hot breath against the side of Sarah's cheek as her head lays down beside her, Leah's blonde hair mixing with Sarah's and covering the cat girl's face a little as Leah tried for this sloppy cover, looking more like she is just sleeping cosily with the cat girl.

Mara continued to lay sprawled out on her back, breathing gently up into the air of the areana. Eyes closed as she had almost been completely taken out by the cat girls tag team moves

Anemaul wrote:The ref girl rushes over and counts "One!" as Rhoda gets up and trieds to stagger over.  She has forgotten about Mara as she tries to save her sister.  Sarah is completely out, her chest rising and falling gently as she looks like she is sleeping.

Kelsea wrote:Leah just continued to lay with Sarah, perhaps to weak to notice Rhoda coming... She breathed strawberry bubble-gum scented breath lightly against the side of Sarah's face, her breast repeatedly moving away only to bump back up against Sarah's with each of her breaths. Her thigh gently lifted up to move across the top of Sarah's thigh as Leah let out a soft whimper like groan.

Mara gently moved her arm across her hurting naked breasts, slowly turning onto one side as she continued to pant softly. still not quite knowing what hit her with that cross body suplex double team move.

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda tries to drop an elbow onto Leah, almost just flopping as the dropkick took a lot out of her.  Sarah just lies there, not moving or even twitching anymore.

Kelsea wrote:"Unff!" Leah puffed out a hot breath of air against the side of Sarah's face as Rhoda elbow and pretty much whole of her body flopped down onto of the bunny girl and putting a stop to the count.

Leah remained in position, laying partially over the unconscious Sarah while having Rhoda laying over her back.

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda rolls over a bit and grabs Leah by the hair, trying to pull her off her sister and hopelfully to her feet.  If she can she will try to whip her into the corner and follow her in.

Kelsea wrote:Leah had gotten kinda a little aroused from laying on Sarah so intimately like that. She let out a yelp as her hair was suddenly clutched and the bunny girl was forced to her feet.

Leah was whiped into the corner, hitting the pads with a soft "offf!" and puff of air. When almost immediately afterwards, Rhoda body bounced into her to squish her up against the turnbuckle. Leah's breast, one of them still hanging out, came up into heavy contact with Rhoda's as she was rocked back into the turnbuckle.

Leah's arms try to hold onto Rhoda softly, panting for breath as she remains caught up in the corner for a bit.

Mara gently rolls up onto one side, holding her rack as her breathing calms down a bit, still stunned by the double teaming as she tries to move up a little into a sitting position.

Anemaul wrote:The feel of Leah's breast pressed into her as she dominated the bunny excited her as she grabs the bunny girl by the hair and tries to smother her in her breasts.  "Nap time, Bunny Leah" she sings.

Sarah begins to moan softly, still out but starting to come around.

Kelsea wrote:Leah let out a whimper as her head was pulled down and her face was submerged into Rhoda cleveage, smelling the cat girl's body and she squirmed and wriggled lightly against her, trapped.

Mara moved up onto all four, still trying to get some of her breath back as she started to realize her position in the ring.

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda laughs "You like it in there?" She tries to push Leah back a bit so she can stand up on the bottom ropes to push Leah's head back against the turnbuckle to get more leverage.

Sarah is still out, moaning soflty as her legs flop around.

Kelsea wrote:Leah panting quite a bit, her warm breath blowing right down the valley of Rhoda's cleveage as she was forced to breath in what little air she could with the scent of the pleasant cat girl's body. Leah's head was pushed back against the turnbuckle and her body becoming completely trapped in the corner as Rhoda stepped up onto the bottom ropes. Leah's hands gently placed themselves on either side of Rhoda's butt cheeks.

Mara slowly got to her feet, arm across her chest still as she shook her head of some of the daze. She now noticed her sis trapped by one of the cat girls and will start to move groggily towards

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda moans softly, her nipples hardening as she enjoys herself "dont worry, hun.  I promise that after I make you pass out I will strip you and your sister, tie you both up and use the vibrators me and my sis hid under the ring earlier on you two"  She doesn't see Mara walking up behind her as she shades her butt, causing the cat tail attatched to swing side to side.

Kelsea wrote:"nhh.." Is Leah's muted response as she struggles, shaking her head and rubbing her face against Rhoda's breasts as the smooth continues.

Mara will try to grab ahold of the cat girl's bikini bottoms and pull up into a big wedgie, only then attempting to pull the catgirl off her sis while she is hopefully stunned. If she is successful she will turn her around, keeping ahold of Rhoda's hair so she doesn't fall to the mat and try to drive her knee into the catgirl's stomach...

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda was surprised as the wedgie digs deep into her butt, revealing both of her cheeks.  She is easily pulled off of Leah, grabbing at the hand holding her hair.  the knee doubles her over, her arms wrapping around her stomach as she staggers a little forward.

Sarah stops moving and just moans, the pain in her head and neck all she is thinking about as she lies there.

Kelsea wrote:Leah slumps down a little on the second ropes gasping for breath as she is released from the breast smoother, the scent of Rhoda's body still with her.

Mara looks back at Sarah laying on her back, noticing her position in the ring then will try to slam her forearm down onto Rhoda's back to keep her slumped over.

"Head upstairs sis.." She signalled to Leah to go to the top ropes as Mara turn with Rhoda. Moving so that Mara back was to the corner with Rhoda facing her and Sarah laying on the mat a little ways behind Rhoda. Mara will let out a shuddering deep breath as she tries to pull Rhoda's head down inbetween her warm thighs.

If successful, Mara will drap her body over Rhoda's so that her large breasts are laying over Rhoda's back.. Leah was still breathing hard and moving slow to get to the top of the ropes so Mara will use her thighs to squeeze around Rhoda's cheeks, trying to keep the kitty busy while Mara was also still panting and feeling a little dazed from the moves the two katts had done on her

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Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 Empty Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea Wed May 27, 2015 6:50 pm

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda groans as the forearm smash hits home, stunning her long enough to be put between Mara's thighs.  She gasps, the heat and smell overwhelming her as she wiggles her butt, the cat tail swishing as she tries unsuccefully to get free.

Sarah lies there breathing easier now, still not moving but her eyes starting to open.

Kelsea wrote:Mara was panting directly onto Rhoda's bikini covered ass, the bunny girl's cheek laying on the side of Rhoda's left hand butt cheek as Mara kept the hold on. Finally Leah reached the top, Mara sucked in a deep breath of air before lift up and trying to roll Rhoda up onto her shoulder, the bunny girl's face sinking between Rhoda's thighs.

If successful, in the position on Mara shoulders Rhoda will have a direct view of Leah just as she leaps off of the turnbuckle at her, aimming to slam her small bod against Rhoda's with her thighs either side of the catgirl's waist and her breasts practically in Rhoda's face.

Mara will use the added momentum of Leah leaping against the cat girl to slam her down into a powerbomb with dropping down right ontop of Rhoda, the love bunnies finisher: 'bunny hop'

However this time instead of slamming into the mat, if all goes well Mara will be powerbombing the combine weight of Rhoda and Leah right down onto Sarah's prone bod

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda grunts as she is picked up, Mara's breath making Rhoda shudder.  She sees Leah leap off a second too late and is slammed hard down on her sister.

Sarah opens her ees intime to see her sister and Leah falling onto her, the impact knocking Sarah and Rhoda out, the two girls lying there moaning softly.

Kelsea wrote:Leah falls pretty unevenly and uncomfortably ontop of both kitty girls. She lay over Rhoda, her naked breast pretty much up against the kitty girl's lips as Leah's crotch was against her belly.

Mara had also dropped down into a sitting position to create more impact but also cause she was too tired to stay standing, making it more like a sit down powerbomb. Afterwards she slumped backwards to lay on the mat, her thighs laying over Sarah's body and the unside of her crotch up against the underside of Rhoda's crotch, rubbing faintly against one another as she squirmed.

It looked like complete bunny/kitty carnage in the ring.

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda and Sarah just moan and gasp, the blow taking them out of the fight for now as Rhoda opens her mouth, the impact and the Bunny girl on her making it hard to breath as Sarah just gasps.

Kelsea wrote:Mara crotch continues to rub up against Rhoda's as Leah lays over her, nipple of her naked breast moving into the cat girl's lips.

The ref girl isn't sure whether to get down to count a cover, or do a 10 count for all girls to get up.. But finally Leah starts to make a move so that the ref girl wouldn't have to decide.

Leah pulls Rhoda head up still at her breast so that her shoulders was off the floor before slowly moving upwards to her feet.. Obviously not satisfied enough to just pin one of the unconscious kitties. Leah moves Rhoda off Sarah and then rolls Sarah over to the ropes with her foot as Mara also starts get up..

"Get her up.." Leah pointed to Rhoda who had caused her the most trouble with that massive elbow drop onto her breast.

"She wanted to feel our bodies wriggling, well she's certainly going to feel our bodies.." Leah said over to Mara.. Mara was happy to just pin one of them, but if her sis still wanted to play she would oblige. Mara gently gripped Rhoda by the hair and one arm, pulling her KO kitty to her feet and then turning her around so that she could hold her with her arms hooked behind her back with her breasts puffed out towards Leah.

Leah strutted forwards, looking into Rhoda face as her hands gently gripped the catgirl's bikini top.

"Awww... shhhh... she's sleeping.." Mara giggled and whispered softly. Leah yanked down on the bikini to make her orbs bounce free of the clothing as she responded to Mara: "Well, she's going to get a wake up call soon enough.." Leah gently traced a circle around Rhoda's nipple with her finger nail...

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda's breasts bounce as they are revealed.  The sensations of having her nipple rubbed by the fingernail wakes her up as her nipple hardens.  "W-wha?" she moans, her eyes opening slowly.

Kelsea wrote:Leah giggled faintly and then moved slowly so that as Rhoda blurred vision came back she'd see Leah coming up real close. Leah's breasts met up with Rhoda as Leah then moved her lips to come into contact with Rhoda in a very soft kiss.

Mara smiled and gave Rhoda a kiss on the cheek as Leah gently wrapped her arms around Rhoda's body, her one naked nipple pressing right into Rhoda's naked nipple as the cat girl could also feel Mara bare bust right up against her back..

Anemaul wrote:As her eyes clear she sees the bunny girl lean in for a kiss, the sensation of being sandwiched betweent the two girls and having her now bare breasts press against Leah's making her moan into the kiss.

Sarah just lies where she was kicked to, a weak moan escaping her lips as she rolls onto her side and clutches her ribs

Kelsea wrote:Leah gently slipped her hands down inbetween Mara and Rhoda's body to hold onto the cat girl's, the tail sticking out between her fingers tips as she squeezed faintly right on her firm tight cheeks.

Leah allowed the kiss to remain soft and light as Mara likewise slide her hands between Leah's and Rhoda's body. The pink hair bunnies' hands sliding sensually down Rhoda's belly and in towards her crotch.. Hoping to rub the palm of her hand right down onto her mound

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda squirms, tying to get free but only succeding in making herself hotter, rubbing up against the bunny girls.  She stops squirming as her butt is squeezed.  She hopes her sister can recover in time to save her as her aching sore body is too tired to break free from this double team effort.

Kelsea wrote:Leah held onto her ass cheeks, moving Rhoda's hips against hers as she deepened the kiss, darting her tongue softly against the cat girl's lips. Mara's hands was right inbetween Rhoda's thighs now, cupping and scritching at the lowerside of her mound like one would do behind a cat's ears.

"Aww, does kitty like that?" Mara whispered, even though she wouldn't be able to answer easily still being engulfed by Leah kiss.

Leah will move her hands up from the cat girl's behind and grip her own wrist behind the small of Rhoda's back, very slowly apply pressure so that at first it seemed like Leah only wanted to hug Rhoda close.. After a few moments it would start becoming an uncomfortable bear hug

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Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 Empty Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea Wed May 27, 2015 6:52 pm

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda opens her mouth as Leah's tongue skirts it, maoning softly.  As the hug tightens, she moans softly, squirming against the bunnies as she tries to sriggle free.

Kelsea wrote:Leah moaned, Rhoda's wriggling only making hers and Leah's breasts rub and mash hotly against one another. She parted her lips against Rhoda slightly so that both of the girl's mouths were open but the middle part of the upper and lower lips were still in contact. She continued to squeeze slowly tighter.

Mara, noticing that the squeeze had started, moved one hand out and around the sides of both Rhoda and Leah.. Whereas she continued to faintly scritch right on the underside of Rhoda's sex with the other hand. Mara gently pulled the two girl closer in against herself, her naked nipples poking right into Rhoda back as her warm jugs started to pancake against her

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda feels her breasts start to tingle as she rubs against Leah and Mara.  When Mara reaches around her, she soflty whimpers, afraid of what is to come.  The seat of her crotch is soaked through as she weakly begs "N-no please"

Kelsea wrote:Leah giggles a little, keeping her lips in contact with Rhoda's as she begs and simply licking the tip of her tongue out into the cat girl's mouth as a response to her plea.

Mara gave the underside of Rhoda's crotch one more good scritch, but noticed it was getting pretty hot and wet down there.. She slipped the other hand out to wrap around the opposite side of both Rhoda and Leah thust completely trapping Rhoda in the bunny sandwich grasp.

Now with Mara's hand out of the way, Rhoda would notice her mound was right infront of Leah's.. Mara gently pushed her own crotch against Rhoda's butt so as to force her hips forwards against Leah's as the pink haired bunny also too started to squeeze slowly with her arms...

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda begins to mew and moan, the double hug starting to get uncomfortable.  Rhoada squirms more, beggign them to stop "P-please stop.  N-no more"

Kelsea wrote:Leah moved her lips slightly to the corner of Rhoda's lips, panting softly against the side of the cat girl's mouth cheek. Leah did this partly because this was really starting to turn her on, evident from the tauntness of her nipple pressed up firmly against Rhoda's bust, but also because she knew it might get to her quite a bit. The warm breath travelled across Rhoda cheek and blew into her ear lobe a bit.

Mara rested her chin on Rhoda's shoulder, eyes half closed as she started to pant against the other side of her face. This time blowing against Rhoda cheek and running forward so that Rhoda had to breath in the pleseant strawberry bubble gum flavoured breath.

"But I thought you wanted to feel the love bunnies' bodies wriggling..?" Leah said with a mock pout, then gently wiggling her waist back and forth as she pressed her waist forwards against Rhoda's. With Mara still pushing her crotch against Rhoda's butt, the cat girl felt Leah's latex covered mound press right against her own as she wiggled back and forth.

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda's nipple presses back into Leah's as she moans, her own words comign back to haunt her.  Feeling the bunnies breath blowing on both ears as Leah rubs her mound against her own soaked one makes her shudder "AAhn! C-can't give up" she groans, her eyes full of panic.

Sarah just moans, still holding her ribs.  Having her silter power bombed onto her with Leah landing on them has taken her out.  If they wanted to pin her they could count to 100 at this point.

Kelsea wrote:Mara pulled Leah in close, forcing a faint groan from Leah's lips as her body was pressed up nice and snug against. Leah wiggled and gently rubbed her ample form back and forth against Rhoda in Mara's grasp.

"oohhh.." Leah moaned softly against the side of Rhoda's lips, actually getting pretty hot from this herself, she could feel a faint throbbing underneth her latex covered crotch as she wrapped her arms around Rhoda back more.

Mara start to kiss and lick the side of Rhoda's cheek and ear lobe inbetween pants against her. Slowly rocking her hips gently harder so that before Rhoda realized it she was being forced to hump her mound rhythmically against Leah's in the bear hug.

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda is overwhelmed by the Bunnies' actions, a deep red blush covering her face.  "S-stop it" she moans as she is forced to hump against Leah as the hug slowly steals her breath and her energy. "N-no more please"

Kelsea wrote:"aww.. are you giving in..?" Mara said softly with a pout, forcing her to hump into Leah's warm fragranced body again. Leah squeezed on the bear hug a little tighter and moved to engulf Rhoda in a suprise kiss... Trying to catch the cat girl's breath as she tightened her hold and any official words of submission in her mouth as she groaned into the kiss.

Anemaul wrote:Rhodas gasps as she is kissed, her attempts at submitting cut off as it gets harder for her to breathe.  She sags a little in the bunnies grip, the hugs and her impending orgasm sapping draining her fast as Leah can feel Rhoda's heart beat faster through her ample breasts as she pants into her mouth.

Kelsea wrote:Leah opened her lips to allow Rhoda's breath into her mouth as she panted back into the catgirls mouth too. She then carefully suckled right on Rhoda's low lip as she used her arms to try and force Rhoda's body to bounce upwards against her body in the dual bear hug.

Leah could feel Rhoda's heart beating rapidly and moan faintly, feeling so hot and aroused by this that she might end up cumming too..

Mara continued to breath hot air against the side of Rhoda's face seems it was getting to her so good, rubbing her busty body up and down against her back as she continued to make Rhoda's hips move to meet Leah's

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda wanted to give up, but she couldn't with Leah kissing her.  She squims against the bunnies harder, her face and chest flushed as Leah feels the kitten orgasm hard against her, a wet sensation covering the fromt of the bunny's  mound.  Rhoda then goes limp, the combination of the hug and her thunderous orgasm draining the last of her strength.

Kelsea wrote:Both bunny girl groaned deeply as they finally broke Rhoda and made the catgirl cum in her panties. Leah broke the kiss finally but kept her forehead and nose up against Rhoda's so that her lips were still in close proximaty to the cat girls..

"Wanna give up now... cause I wouldn't mind hold you here all night.." she whispered making Mara behind her giggle a little and rub her breast back and forth against Rhoda's back

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Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 Empty Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea Wed May 27, 2015 6:54 pm

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda looks up at Leah "I-i give" she weakly says, her hair over her sweat covered face.

Kelsea wrote:"aww.." Leah said as if genuinely sad, giving her a light peck on the lips "And I wanted to go on hugging you all night.." she said moving forward for another peck. She was still holding the cat girl in the hug. Leah licked her own lips, looking down at Rhoda's as she got overly friendly with the cat girl and then decided to go for one more good long snog.

After a good while, she broke the kiss, her face was also kinda sweaty too from the match. Wanting Rhoda's submission to count she let go of the cat girl and backed away, Mara wiggling her body against her back one more time before also letting go allowing her to drop to the mat if she couldn't remain standing.

Anemaul wrote:Rhoda is overwhelmed by the kiss, gasping for air as Leah finaly breaks it.  As Mara lets her go she falls limply to the mat, gasping for air as she lies spread eagle, the crotch of her tights soaked through.

Kelsea wrote:Leah suckles on her lower lip to taste traces of Rhoda from their previous kisses as she looks down intently on the cat girl's sprawled out body.

"All the things she said" starts playing and the ref girl walk inbetween Mara and Leah to raise both their hands in victory. Mara lifting her other hand to the crowd while Leah remains almost like entraced in watching Rhoda's body gently trying to take breath, hardly even notcing the ref girl lift her arm.

Mara turns to hug her sis lightly but just before they are about to leave the ring their music is cut abruptly as Sillhouette appears on the big screen.

"Sorry to interupt this match ladies and gentleman but Ms. Sellers has an announcement to make.

As Blitzkrieg who was set to take on the Kitty Katts for the tag team championship belts have not signed in for the match, Ms. Sellers has decided to award the tag team belts to the Kitty Katts!"

Leah looked shocked

"What?! We just beat them easily! They didn't even have a title match.. If anything we should be awared them belts." But as Silhouette was talking via a camera, she could not hear Leah's protests

"Thats is all.." She said, the screen going blank, music resuming but this time it was the Kitty Katts "Eye of the Tiger" that was playing as they still lay on the floor.

Leah growled, looking down at them... Not only was the belts just awared to them, but the announcement completely ruined the high of their victory over them.

"Get that one up!" Leah ordered, pointing at Sarah.. Mara realized that her sis was angery so did as she asked, heaving Sarah's unconscious body up from behind, holding under her armpits..

Leah walked infront of the cat girl and aimmed a harsh slap across her face that got the auidence groaning in sympathy as they heard the *Smack!* noise.

Anemaul wrote:the slap wakes Sarah up, her cheek red from the slap as she opens her eyes and shakes her head, trying to shake the cobwebs out.

Kelsea wrote:Leah quickly slaps her hand across the other cheek almost as hard, trying to keep her dazed.

"We'll see who deserves them titles.." She said, not making much sense to Sarah seems she wasn't coinscious for the announcement.

"Can I go front this time... pleasssse?" Mara asked cutely.

"Fine whatever." Leah said as she started to back up, looking at Sarah's body carefully.

Mara turned Sarah around so that she face to face with Mara, their naked breasts pressed warmly up to one another and forced a soft moan from Mara's lips.. She gently rubbed her breasts back and forth against Sarah's, a faint blush on her face as she looked in Sarah's eyes.

Hooking Sarah's arms under her armpits, Mara will give a nod to Leah... Sarah wouldn't be able to see Leah running towards her in order to prepare for the impact, but she would hear her footsteps coming closer and then suddenly...


Leah will try to splash her body right against her back, forcing her front against Mara's pretty hard.

Anemaul wrote:Sarah looks at Mara, comfused as she wonders where her sister is.  The feeling of Mara's breasts against her own makes her blush deep as she moans, the rubbing arousing the dazed kat.  The body splash takes all the breath out of Sarah and makes her groan in agony.

Kelsea wrote:Leah quickly latched her hands against Mara's waists, pulling the warm soft body in against Sarah so hard that even Mara gasped out a deep breath right into Sarah's face.

"Not so hard sis.." Mara whispered as she gently moved her lips achingly close to Sarah's, snuggling her naked bust in firmly against Sarah's and letting out a faint groan onto the cat girl's lips as the warm jugs rubbed hotly over one another, making Mara's nipples start to tingle and rise as they caught against the smooth flesh of Sarah's orbs and were pushed from one side to the other

Anemaul wrote:The tight hug made Sarah gasp in pain, her mouth open in an O as she started to panic.  She tries to wriggle out, the pain and pleasure overwhelming her as her breasts rub agaisnt Mara's.

Kelsea wrote:Mara's face moved in close, the bunny was panting softly and now with how close they were, on each outwards breath Mara's and Sarah's lips came into contact for a moment.

Mara half closed purple eyes were gazing into Sarah's, she let go of Sarah's arms and gently wrapped them around the cat girl's body. Breasts massaging over one another in gentle waves as either Mara or Sarah took in a breath

Anemaul wrote:The sensual hug made Sarah gasp in pleasure, her body trembling in fear, pain and pleasure as she tries to timidly kiss Mara.

Kelsea wrote:Mara gently allows their lips to connect in a kiss, breaking to breath hotly into Sarah's mouth before re-kissing her again.

Leah's anger had kinda worn off as the arousing position started to get to her again. Moaning softly she rubbed her breasts faintly into Sarah's back, trying to keep the pressure of the hug constant.

Mara continued the process of breaking the kiss, breathing softly into Sarah mouth only to re-kiss her again and again. Her nipples creeping into a taunt position so that Sarah could feel it on hers, Mara hands slipped down to grab herself some kitty ass

Anemaul wrote:The constant kissing was making Sarah hotter and hotter.  As Mara grabbs her butt, she stiffens, moaning into Mara's mouth.  As Mara breaks the kiss, she whimpers "N-no more, I-I can't take it."

Kelsea wrote:"Don't you like this..?" Mara asked softly, a cute little pout on her face as if Sarah had hurt her feelings.. But right after she continued pressing her lips to Sarah's in soft repeatitive kisses, letting out soft whimpering groans into Sarah's mouth each time their lips part open. The heat of her body starting to increase as she lightly pull up on Sarah's butt cheeks, squeezing the firm buns while at the same time force her mound to rub upwards against the bunny girl

The new and improved: Kelsea's Karacters

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Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 Empty Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

Post by Kelsea Wed May 27, 2015 6:55 pm

Anemaul wrote:Sarah whimpers as she begins to return the kisses, her body heating up.  "P-please I give.  N-no more"

Kelsea wrote:"please don't go.." she whispered as if she had a choice, right now Leah was squeezing her body right in between the two of them that she was almost doing the work of both herself and Mara holding the bear hug.. Though Sarah's arms were free Leah wasn't allowing her enough energy to do much with them and escape seemed very unlikely... Particularly with her ignoring the submission

Mara opened her mouth up wide again, forcing Sarah to make an O also with her lip against the bunnies.. Breathing heatedly into her mouth before going back into the kiss again. Mara grip on Sarah's butt cheek loosened slightly, easing her back down only to suddenly reaffirm the grip and tug her up slowly but firmly against her big busty body

Mara's body was raidating heat against Sarah and Leah was getting pretty damn aroused from watching her sister work. Before she knew it she was grinding up her mound up and down against the back of Sarah's butt and Mara's hands, moaning softly, the hug loosening a little but still not enough for Sarah to be able to do much in the way of escape

Anemaul wrote:Sarah starts to cry, her overheated body sagging into the bunnies hug as she is forced to open her mouth wide, feeling the hot breath flowing in and out of her mouth.  The feeling of her breasts crushed against Mara's while Leah's press into her back is a huge turn on for her as she begins to rub against Mara the best she can given the position she is in.

Kelsea wrote:"Shhhh.. its ok sweets..." she whispered soothingly to Sarah, lips still up to Sarah's as Mara tried to rock the cat girl's body a little. Just that little movement is enough to make their large breasts rub and slip enticingly over each other, making Mara pant a little more into Sarah's mouth.. Starting to feel a throb between her thighs as her heart pounds.

Leah moved her head over Sarah's shoulder, panting also now against the side of Sarah's face.. The idea of having Sarah submitting and crying in there bunny sandwich and still holding it was getting her so hot, her eyes looked a little glazed as she humped firmly, making all three girl's sway their hips forwards and backwards a little

Anemaul wrote:Sarah whimpers, Leah forcing her to hump agaisnt Mara faster and making it harder for her to think as her eyes glazed over, tears flowing freely as she screams her orgasm.

Kelsea wrote:"oohh.." Mara moaned into Sarah's mouth as she screamed against her lips. Leah had pushed Sarah firmly up against her body enough that she had felt that cat girl spasm and her hips buck from the pleasure. The thought of having Sarah cumming up against her made Mara's heart skip a couple of beats, and she pulled in on Sarah's butt to make sure their mounds were right up against each other.

Leah meanwhile continued to hump Sarah into Mara, even though she had heard her scream and knew she had just started cumming.. Her bear hug had loosened a little but she still really wanted to get to the cat girl.

Anemaul wrote:Sarah stops screaming and weakly moans, moving with Leah's thrusts amd loving how Mara's hands squeezed her butt as she rode out her climax, her eyes rolling back into her head.

Kelsea wrote:Mara gently rubbed the tip of their noses groaning deeper and louder. Her sex had started to really throb from the repeated movement of Sarah's mound into hers, and the feel of Sarah's wetness seeping through her costume.

The two girls orbs continued to massage over each other as Mara gripped Sarah's butt tighter, it seemed like she wasn't far off an orgasm...

At the same time Leah's breathing rate had increased as she too was getting close, a couple more good thrusts might be enough for both bunny girls...

Anemaul wrote:Sarah keeps thrusting, a line of drool escaping her mouth on both sides as she is obviously out and on auto pilot at this point, her thighs coated in sweat and her own juices.

Kelsea wrote:Both bunny girls came togeather, Mara letting out a soft whimper as Leah let out a deep grunt.. Sarah's crotch and butt was dampened in the juices as they onto the sandwhiching hold, bodies writhing and spasming lightly against one another.

After a few moments of orgasmic bliss, Leah lay her head down on Sarah's shoulder, panting against her neck and cheek as she clung onto her more so then bear hugging her.. Her bare nipple was poking so hard into Sarah's back and even though her custom was latex, her cum was leaking out of the sides onto Sarach butt cheeks as Leah rocked their hips slower and slower

Mara's costume on the other hand was more velvety and so her juices had quite obviously leaked through and right onto Sarah's mound. Sarah could feel the bunny's bare melons moving hers up and down in a wave motion as Mara breathed heavily.. Her body spasming every 5 odd seconds and making her press firmer up against the cat girl. Mara slowly drew her head back, panting sweet breath into Sarah's face as she peered at Sarah's eyes, trying to see if she was still with them..

"Sweets..?" Mara whispered softly, body giving another soft spasm

Anemaul wrote:Sarah's eyes are half closed, a glazed vacant look to them as she spasm slightly, her body coated in a heavy film of sweat as she drools, a small moan the only sounds from her.

Kelsea wrote:"aww.." Mara whispered, a blush on her face as she looked at Sarah face.. It looked like they had done a number on her like Leah wanted... Mara softly pressed her lips to Sarah and then suckle the cat girls lips into hers.

The eye of the tiger had stopped playing and All the things she said had restarted, signifying the bunnies dominance in the end.. Leah sighed softly against the back of Sarah's neck and slipped her arms away, backing up to raise her hands to the auidence that cheered loudly. Mara didn't seem concerned about the crowd, she was completely wrapped up with Sarah, turning the soft suckling of her lips into a deep passionate kiss as her hands cuddled her sweaty half naked trembling form to herself.

Leah looked down on Rhoda still on the floor, smirking slightly she leant down over her with her blonde hair water falling over the cat girl face. Leah will gently lick right over her lips before moving back up and slipping out of the ring, heading half way up the ramp before realizing that Mara was still in the ring holding and kissing Sarah, she obviously couldn't get enough of the cat girl.

"Mara!" Leah called, but Mara kept only kissing, groaning faintly into Sarah's mouth.

"Hey Mara! Come on, its time to go." Finally after a few more moments Mara broke the kiss, panting breathlessly into Sarah's face afterwards. She kept her naked breast pressed up to Sarahs for a moment longer as she moved her over to Rhoda on the floor.

"Be with your sister.." Mara whispered as she will then gently slip Sarah down to lay over Rhoda, so that Sarah's crotch is over Rhoda's face and Sarah's face in in Rhoda's crotch. She will gently massage her hand against Sarah's butt, forcing her to rub her mound into her sister's face underneth... Giggling after a short while Mara will get up and move out of the ring to join her sis

Anemaul wrote:Sarah and Rhoda lie there for a few minutes before coming around, both of them immedietly rolling away, blushing deeply as they quickly hop out of the ring and head to the back, thier hands over thier breasts.  Sarah is crying in shame while Rhoda is obviously pissed.

The new and improved: Kelsea's Karacters

Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 ELZuoMvSummer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 OG5hnuaSummer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 Cg3CzYmSummer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 398g342

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Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW - Page 5 Empty Re: Summer Splash 15 Retrospective: The Origins of AFW

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