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Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker - Page 2 Empty Re: AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:13 am

Postby Alexandra on Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:11 am

So close. Angel was so close to finally ending this and securing her place as champion, but of course Taylor kicked free, throwing the Latina away from her. Stupid. Should have known better, Angel thought, slowly rolling over onto her hands and knees. She had to keep going. She had to force her body to keep moving and get back on Taylor and beat her back down again until this match belonged to her once more.

Angel raised a hand to her head, trying to ignore the hard pounding of her headache, as she started to rise up. As she moved up to her feet though, she heard the sound of Taylor's roar, looking towards her just in time to see the blonde lunging at her.


Taylor's hand smashed into Angel's chest, forcing the Latina to stumble back several steps. Her chest bounced as she staggered away, her hands reaching up to hold her chest gingerly. As if she wasn't hurting enough already, that had only made things worse.

She wasn't ready to give in yet, not because of a single simple chop. She turned her gaze back towards Taylor, her eyes afire as she suddenly lunged right back in towards her. The Latina's own arm raised up, drawing back as she approached the blonde, swinging sharply back towards her with a swift, hard chop of her own!

Postby Bluemouse on Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:40 am

Taylor staggered back a step as Angel's chop stung her chest, covering the spot with her hand. In this department, she had one advantage over the champ, at least. Her humble b-cups didn't get in the way of a chop nearly as easily as Angel's gigantic porno boobs.

She straightened up and stood defiantly in front of Angel as she wound up again and lunged forward to put her weight behind another heavy chop to the latina's chest. The crowd's reactions followed each one like an echo.


Postby Alexandra on Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:46 am

Angel should have backed off. She should have just kicked Taylor in the face while she was winding up, or something.

But she wasn't going to that now, oh no. She stood her ground, bracing herself for Taylor's second chop. She even arched her back a little towards the challenger, as if inviting her in for her attack.


She hissed sharply as Taylor's blow struck against her, her hand pounding against Angel's chest. She staggered back another pair of steps, but just like before, she came rushing back in. Her arm drove straight towards Taylor's chest, the Latina sending a second hard blow of her own directly at the girl.

Postby Bluemouse on Thu Sep 11, 2014 1:11 am


"Haaaaaa!" Taylor wailed as she staggered back and turned away from Angel. This was one battle she was not going to lose!

She tossed her pigtails back and turned to face Angel again. This time, she dashed toward her and dived into the air to put as much weight as she could behind an overhand chop that she swung at Angel's chest like an axe.

Postby Alexandra on Thu Sep 11, 2014 1:23 am

Angel raised an eyebrow, as Taylor came dashing back in towards her again. On one hand, part of her wanted to keep this contest up. She wanted to see which of them would back down first from an exchange of chops. In fact, if it had been a friendlier match, if is wasn't for her freaking title riding on the outcome of the match, she would have kept the contest going.

But, of course, there was nothing friendly about this match, and Angel was here to win.

As the blonde came flying through the air towards her, Angel took a pair of quick shuffling steps backwards. Then, up came her leg, firing straight towards Taylor once more, another kick intended to bring the blonde back down again. There wasn't as much power behind it as before, the champion feeling more fatigued and more weary as the match pushed further on, but Angel was sure of her aim and sure that Taylor wouldn't be expecting it.

Postby Bluemouse on Thu Sep 11, 2014 1:32 am


Taylor's momentum only impaled her on Angel's boot. The kick dug into her stomach and her body folded around it for a moment before she dropped down to her knees, hugging her midsection. The pain was obvious on her face. The match was taking a toll, and it was adding up fast.

She immediately began to rise, but this time she was slow to get up. She ran at Angel again with a couple shaky steps before winging a wild overhand punch at the champ's head.

Postby Alexandra on Thu Sep 11, 2014 1:41 am

As her boot connected with Taylor's gut, Angel briefly wondered how many times Taylor was going to fall for that. She couldn't complain though. Nailing the blonde with kick after kick hadn't gotten old yet, and she seriously doubted it ever would.

She moved back in towards Taylor as the blonde came rushing at her. She noted how shaky Taylor's movements were, how much of her speed she had seemed to lose, and smiled, realizing that she was back in control of things. She shot her arm up to block Taylor's arm, stopping her wild punch, then flashed her challenger a quick grin. She brought her other arm up, and responded to Taylor in kind with a big, solid right hook, trying to simply clobber the punk right in her own head.

Postby Bluemouse on Thu Sep 11, 2014 1:54 am

Taylor lost her balance when her punch hit nothing but air, and stumbled face-first into Angel's hook. It snapped her neck back and her knees gave out, and her face nearly bounced off the mat when she crumpled in place. She lay on the mat, sitting between her knees with her legs spread wide, her body folded over and flat on the mat. Her eyes were half open, and she was still for a moment before her body slowly, mechanically began to try to get up, working to get to her hands and knees.

Postby Alexandra on Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:03 am

Angel had to give Taylor credit for one thing: she was stubborn. Just as stubborn as Angel herself, if not more. Any other woman in the company would have given up by now, but not Taylor. The Latina stared as Taylor began to rise up again, shaking her head at the girl's insistence.

She gave a lil' shrug though, and leaned down towards her, grabbing Taylor by her pigtails. Taylor had 'helped' her up to her feet, time to repay the favor.

She gave the blonde a sharp jerk, bringing her back up to a standing position, before letting her go and grabbing for her arm. "Time to fly, chica," she teased, before suddenly swinging Taylor around, letting her go to whip the girl straight towards the ropes.
Last edited by Alexandra on Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:04 am, edited 1 time in total.

Postby Bluemouse on Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:11 am

Taylor was hardly aware of where she was, but she knew she didn't want whatever Angel had coming for her. She made a small, hurt noise when Angel picked her up. She hung limp from her hair, and looked like she was out on her feet. It was by training and repetition alone that she stayed upright long enough to reach the ropes when Angel threw her, and she turned just in time to bounce off, leaving her helplessly hurtling back at Angel.

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker - Page 2 Empty Re: AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:13 am

Postby Alexandra on Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:17 am

As she released Taylor from her grip, Angel spun away from her, dashing towards the opposite ropes, letting her body hit them and rebound back towards the center of the ring. She was tired, exhausted, and ready to drop, but she still had enough energy left to try something a little bit bigger.

As Taylor ran back towards her, and she towards the blonde, Angel suddenly leaped up towards her, twisting her body in mid-air, thrusting her legs towards her. She was trying to plant a big dropkick of her own right into Taylor's chest, wanting to give her a taste of her own medicine after making the Latina go through so many of her own!
Last edited by Alexandra on Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:18 am, edited 1 time in total.

Postby Bluemouse on Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:21 am

Taylor couldn't hope to get out of the way. She took both boots to the chest so hard it felt like her whole rib cage had collapsed, and she went down on her back hard. She barely moved. Only a slight arching of her back while she struggled to take a breath. Her foot rose and fell back to the mat. Her best efforts to get back to her feet and keep fighting amounted to absolutely nothing.

Postby Alexandra on Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:34 am

As satisfying as it felt to make Taylor eat a dropkick, Angel regretted it almost as soon as it happened. She dropped to the mat afterwards, and sat up, clutching at her hurting leg with both hands, holding her knee. She should have known better then to risk herself like that. Her leg was hurting even worse then before now. She was probably going to have to take some time off after the match to let herself heal up.

It would be worth it though, as long as she won. She looked towards Taylor, at the girl barely moving near her. Angel rolled over, and started to crawl towards her, sliding atop of Taylor's body to try and pin her. She reached for Taylor's leg, going to lift it up to secure the pin, and then...

"No," Angel suddenly whispered, turning her head to look down at her. "You won't go down that easy, will you?" She shook her head and sat up again, slowly rising up to her feet. She needed to make sure that Taylor wasn't going to kick out. She needed to put her away for good.

One more time, she reached down to grab Taylor by her pigtails, pulling her up to her feet. Once she was standing, she jerked her back down, forcing her to bend over in front of her, then leaned down, going to wrap her arms around Taylor's waist. Then, with no small amount of effort, the Latina summoning up every ounce of strength she had left, she began to lift Taylor up, trying to haul the blonde off her feet and up onto her shoulders, trying to set Taylor up for a big, finishing powerbomb.

Postby Tatyina on Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:37 am

"TAYLOR-CHAN KEEP FIGHTING!" Junko screamed as she watched Taylor flop. Her face was red and she bit her lip. The match was getting to her and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest.

Postby Bluemouse on Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:44 am

Taylor was almost relieved to feel Angel start to pin her, a feeling that she immediately loathed, but the pin never came. She was just lucid enough to fit a feeling of dread like a brick in the pit of her stomach as Angel again, painfully, pulled her up. Her rubber legs barely held her up as she was bent over and trapped between Angel's legs.

She was vaguely aware of Junko, somewhere outside the ring, shouting at her. She couldn't let Junko down. She couldn't let her dad down. She couldn't let Angel win. She couldn't miss this opportunity.

She dug deep to find the strength to resist, and pushed her palms against Angel's thighs to try to pry her head free. She lifted up a boot and stomped down on Angel's foot. Anything to get her to let go. Anything to buy precious seconds.

Postby Alexandra on Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:51 am

Angel growled, as she felt Taylor resisting her, trying to fight back. She plants her feet firmly against the mat, keeping her from prying open her thighs. She winced as Taylor stomped at her foot, but refused to give in, she refused to let Taylor gain even an inch against her. She wrapped her arms tight around the blonde, and with everything she had she raised her up into the air, lifting her up and setting her upon her shoulders.

With a few slow, shaky steps, she turned towards the center of the ring, her legs wobbling as she made her way towards it. She had to make sure Taylor wasn't near the ropes. She wasn't going to risk her getting a rope break or some nonsense. She had to make sure that this time, Taylor was going down and she was staying down.

Once she neared the center of the ring, she stood there for a moment, Angel feeling her body weakening, telling her to drop Taylor and end it. So, she did just that.

With a final, powerful roar, Angel dropped the blonde down with her powerbomb, using everything, everything she had left. Every bit of strength left in her body was used, slamming Taylor straight towards the center of the ring.

Postby Bluemouse on Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:58 am

It was hard to watch. Taylor hit the mat with a sickening crack. Her head bounced off the mat and her arms fell uselessly out to her sides, and she showed not even a reaction, not a single sign of life.

She laid spreadeagled on the mat, unconscious, eyes closed, golden hair splayed out, her flame extinguished and all her determination shattered.

Postby Alexandra on Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:02 am

Angel sat there for a moment after her powerbomb, her head hanging low, her breath slow, ragged. Her entire body ached, her knee ready to kill her, her head pounding like a steel drum. She wanted to just fall back and rest, just let her body have a break.

But she couldn't. She had to finally end this.

She slipped towards Taylor, sliding onto her once again, her body pressing down against Taylor's as she covered her for the pin, for real this time. She closed her eyes, not even bothering to lift Taylor's leg, as the referee dropped down, slapping the mat and beginning the count.


Postby Bluemouse on Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:11 am

"TWO! THREE!" The bell rang.

Taylor didn't move a muscle. It was a long moment before even her eyelids fluttered slightly, but her body was spent, and she was hurt. She laid flat on the mat under Angel until the ref helped the champ off of her and raised her hand in victory. Her belt was waiting for her in the corner. Taylor's had only a t-shirt with her father's name across it. She was every bit as much a miserable failure as he was.

Everything hurt. Taylor wished she could stay unconscious forever. Each step closer to lucidity only brought more pain, and she couldn't imagine facing the reality of what had happened. She just wanted to sleep.

Postby Alexandra on Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:22 am

It took a few moments after the bell rang for Angel to finally realize it had happened. She looked up, her lips twisting into a wide grin, and accepted the referee's hand, letting her pull the Latina up to her feet.

She stood there over Taylor, thrusting her hands victoriously into the air above herself, basking in her victory as the referee brought her the title belt back. Once she did, Angel headed to the corner, climbing up to the top of it. She raised her belt up into the air, holding it proudly aloft, letting everyone see it. The audience, the cameras, everyone. Angel was the champion. Not Taylor, not anyone else. She had taken everything the blonde had thrown at her and gave it back double, putting the girl down and leaving her a broken mess behind her.

It felt good. It felt damn good. It was the big, solid win that Angel had wanted. No, that she needed. Now no one could say that she didn't deserve her title. No one. She had earned it through her sweat and her blood, and tonight she had proven just why she was held the title of champion and not anyone else.

She soon hopped off of the corner, and glanced towards Taylor. There was so much she wanted to say to her. Part of her wanted to see if she was okay, but part of her just wanted to go off on her, wanted to rub her victory into the punk's face. She wouldn't though. She was better then that. Stronger then that.

Not to mention, she knew what it was like to lose a big match like this. There was nothing she could say that would help Taylor, and nothing that she could say that could make her feel any worse then she was going to feel already.

She took a few more moments to pose in the ring, then slowly headed to the ropes, sliding out of the ring, tossing her belt over her shoulder. She started to make her way towards the entrance ramp, ready to go and get some rest, but along the way she couldn't help herself from getting in one more word.

"Hey, Junky?" she teased, as she headed by the older woman, meeting her gaze for a brief moment. "You might want to hurry and check on Sparkles in there. I might have went just a little too far there at the end, you know?"

With that said, she continued on her way, slowly hobbling up the ramp and towards the backstage. She was exhausted, slowly panting with each step, her dark, sweaty skin glistening under the bright lights of the arena. She could barely move, and her entire body felt like it was going to collapse.

But even so, she still felt good.

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker - Page 2 Empty Re: AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:14 am

Postby Tatyina on Thu Sep 11, 2014 4:16 am

Junko gasped audibly when Angel thrust Taylor forward. Any audible cry died in her throat and she turned her head and covered her face before Taylor even hit the canvas. She blinked rapidly into her sleeve but she couldn't keep the tears from falling when she heard the audience's signal that Angel had succeeded.

As the count began, Junko sighed into her sleeve and quickly wiped away the tears. She had to hold it together for Taylor, no matter what and she would do that. When the final count hit, her sinking heart was drown out by the cheers. She turned to look at Taylor and watched Angel enjoy her deserved kudos. Taylor would need a moment alone before Junko scraped her off the canvas and she wasn't going to interfere with Angel's celebration.

That was until Angel called her out. Or that's what she thought. Junky? How rude. junko's brow furrowed at the Latina. Junko held in a growl and adjusted her glasses. "One second is the difference between your stations, Angel-san. Don't forget that much for the next time." She said in a cold tone as she hopped up and slipped into the ring. She stood over Taylor and looked down at her as the arena lights shined off her glasses.

"My daughter." She said in a soft tone. "I've never been prouder of you." That was what she wanted Taylor to hear first. And unlike the Summer Splash match, She wouldn't kneel down. Taylor was going to stand up under her own power, only if she couldn't was Junko going to disrespect Taylor by cradling her like a child in the biggest match of her career and, unfortunately, her biggest loss.

Postby Bluemouse on Thu Sep 11, 2014 10:18 am

Taylor groaned and put a hand to her aching forehead. "Mom, could you please just shut up," she croaked, and then her voice shrank to a strained whisper. "I really fucked up."

There was a hollow wretchedness in Taylor that couldn't be filled by words. As she laboriously forced herself to sit up, she looked to be in greater agony from the pinfall than from anything else Angel did to her. It was almost too much to bear.

She knew she had to get up, if only to get out of the arena so she could nurse her wounds in private, but for the moment she couldn't do it. She could scarcely find the will to breathe.
Last edited by Bluemouse on Thu Sep 11, 2014 10:25 am, edited 1 time in total.

Postby Tatyina on Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:27 pm

Junko's features softened at Taylor's words. She knew exactly how the girl felt and nothing Junko could say would make it feel better at all. She just wanted to make sure that Taylor knew how Junko felt when she was ready to look back at the day's events with a clearer head.

"Can you stand, dear?" She asked and held out her hand.She also didn't want to just help Taylor up. It was important that she stood on her own. After that, then Junko could walk her out.

"You didn't "fuck up." She said. "We can talk all about it later, let's just make sure everything is alright, ok?" Junko was concerned that last powerbomb might have given Taylor a concussion. She didn't seem too injured otherwise, but Taylor probably wouldn't show her injuries either, unless they were so bad she had no choice.

Postby Bluemouse on Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:42 pm

Taylor nodded silently. If nothing else, she could get back up.

She didn't take Junko's hand, and instead laboriously got to her feet on her own, wincing each step of the way. She stared blankly at Junko, but she didn't care about anything she was saying. It didn't matter. There was only one thing that mattered, and it was gone now. She shook her head and looked away.

But there was one thought lingering in the back of her head, one funny little question.

"How did it happen?" She asked, and her voice caught in her throat. Her face broke. She covered her eyes with her hand to hide her brokenhearted expression, and the inevitable tears that welled at the corners of her eyes, and tried desperately to keep her composure.

Postby Tatyina on Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:10 pm

Junko winced as Taylor spoke. The tears flowing from the young blonde made it hard for Junko not to cry along with her and hug her tightly. She put a hand on Taylor's back and gave it a gentle rub. That was all the contact she was going to offer her daughter-in-law until Taylor made it clear she wanted or needed it.

Still, the thought of Taylor not knowing how she had lost terrified Junko more than she had expected. If she really did have a concussion, that would be the most horrible thing and Junko had to bite her own lip to keep from smothering Taylor with motherly affection.

"It was a powerbomb, Taylor-chan."

Postby Bluemouse on Thu Sep 11, 2014 7:21 pm

Taylor blinked away tears and dropped her hands back to her sides. "Yeah," she nodded. She tried on the thought, and it seemed about right. It was the second time Angel had beaten her by powerbomb, only this time much worse. What a bitch.

She breathed a tiny, ironic laugh. "At least it wasn't a roll-up." She shook her head and winced as she was again barbed by the reality of the loss. "Fuck, this sucks," she whispered, and then turned away from the entrance ramp, put her hands on her thighs, and bowed deeply to the crowd.

Postby Lobo on Fri Sep 12, 2014 12:25 am

Amidst the sweat and tears that stained the ring canvas, the retaining champion would leave the ring and make her way backstage. She deserved to be proud of herself for such a hard fought victory. But Taylor Parker was not alone despite her loss. She fought hard and while she was respected by the fans already. Loud cheers and a standing ovation would be given to the blonde haired punker who fought her heart out. A loud applause for the main event tonight was deafening in the sold out Friction Arena.

Just when it looked like the show was about to close, The sound of symphonic strings and a synthesized bass would vibrate through the arena speakers, the lights of the arena violently alternating between darkness and brightly lit. The cheering and applause had ended abruptly and was replaced by a loud unanimous chorus of boos as "Flashing Lights" by Kanye West dropped its glitzy, vibrant beat. The arena lights dimming down as the song's loud, bopping, clapping beat was matched by the proud, pompous and egotistical stomping of red wrestling boots as the Friction World Cup Winner, Kelly Conway, strutted her way onto the entrance stage with a large white, fur coat and big bug eyed sunglasses, stomping her way down the ramp admits the chorus of boos. Stopping in the very center of the ramp, her hip cocked with her hands upon them,standing there looking at Taylor and Junko for a good long while before she lifted her glasses and pulled out a mic that she had stored inside the coat, switching it on as her music faded out. The only thing being heard now was the loud booing of the packed crowd as Kelly stood there proudly.

She held the mic to her lips and stood there silently, her eyes scanning left to right several times before...

"PFFFFTTT!!!" Kelly spat and hunched over suddenly before she started to obnoxiously cackle. "Oh... Oh Ho ho ho ho! Ho! HA! HA! HA! HAHAHAHAHA!!!" Laughed the Blonde obnoxiously, gently putting herself on her back and rolling lightly on the ramp with her legs kicking up violently as she laughed as loud as exaggerated as she could.

"Ohh... OH Maaan..!!" Kelly gasped, sitting back up and getting to her feet. Her force contorting into an expression that mocked what she imagined Taylor's. Acting like she was about to cry. Her lip quivering. "Awwww.... I Lawwwst... Awww Noooo...Mama Nooooo... I sowwy... I twiiied!! Pfft!" Kelly mocked before a sly smile creeped back over her face. Grinning proudly as she pointed to the arena where the two stood.

"Mrs. Junko Higurashi, I don't know how things were run back in your day, but these days we like to keep our of the ring clean and free of trash. So If you don't mind leaving the ring so our 'Chica Champion'... And the rest of the Maintenance crew, can come out here and get that stupid piece of washed up trash out of the damn ring. 'Cause right now it's stinking up the place and it smells of putid suck! She was better off retired, washing dishes, folding clothes and slaving in the kitchen for a man as a pathetic, stupid little housewife than to be here posing as a contender for a Professional Wrestling Championship. And Kelly Conway has said this before but let her remind you all again because the truth is more relevant than ever now... It's now proven! It's Factual! Taylor Erin Parker Higurashi! You're a loser! And you don't have it takes to be a champion! Hahahaha!"

Postby Bluemouse on Fri Sep 12, 2014 12:48 am

If Taylor was in despair before, she was absolutely crestfallen when she heard that corny ass department store rap. She should have seen it coming. It was the one thing that could actually make her night worse.

She hurriedly wiped at her cheeks and rolled her shoulders. She did her best to stand tall and look tough, despite her obvious pain, and despite her reddened eyes.

She suffered silently and tight-lipped through Kelly's egotistical tirade. It wasn't her choice of words that did it. It was that Taylor was so pathetic that Kelly Conway could ever say anything that hurt her. It crushed her, and being called a loser by that ridiculous pantomime girl was more than she could bear.

She hoped her face looked as fierce as she thought it did, and she held out a quivering hand to her manager. "Mom. Gimme a mic."

Postby Tatyina on Fri Sep 12, 2014 12:54 am

Junko growled audibly when Kelly strolled out to rub salt in Taylor's many wounds she had accumulated during the course of her battle. She felt like a lioness watching a hyena slink in to sniff around her children, looking to see if she could cart one off while her head was turned.

She stepped forward, ready to address Kelly personally when Taylor asked for the microphone. She turned and looked back at Taylor. She looked her daughter-in-law up and down and then nodded softly. She grabbed a microphone but before she handed it to Taylor she looked at her.

"If she comes at you, Taylor-chan, then I will do my best to stop her. You only get words for the rest of the night, understand?" Junko said as she put herself physically between Taylor and Kelly after handing Taylor the microphone.

Postby Bluemouse on Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:28 am

Taylor transferred her jagged, red-eyed glare from Kelly to Junko, and looked her directly in the eye as she took the microphone. She held it low, so no one could hear.

"Mom," she said firmly. "Get out of the way."

Taylor lifted the mic and screamed "SHUT UP! Her voice was ragged and unsteady, and her words slurred together only just noticeably. "Yeah, I tried, okay? And what've you been doin', huh? Sittin' backstage in your Chewbacca suit, waiting for a chance to open your big mouth?! Shut up!"

Her voice broke. She sounded inches from breaking down in tears. "Who the hell are YOU, huh? You beat up some fat girl and the GM wins a match for you, and allofasudden you're hot shit? You get a LUCKY. FUCKING. PIN! And what..."

She was red-faced and shaking. Her chest heaved with each shallow breath. She swallowed hard, and found that her mouth was dry, and her voice rose to a rabid, throat shredding scream.

"WHY DONT YOU COME DOWN HERE AND TRY IT AGAIN! Think you'll get lucky TWICE?, I'll make that video of you with a strap-on up your ass look like a day at the SPA! Either get down here and fight, or shut up and GET OUT!!"

Her head throbbed worse from the screaming, and she stopped to catch her breath. She checked herself to make sure she didn't break down.

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker - Page 2 Empty Re: AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:14 am

Postby Lobo on Sat Sep 13, 2014 12:19 am

"OoooooOoooooo." Kelly chided, wiggling her fingers mockingly as Taylor got a mic from her Mother-In-Law and gave Kelly a firm and loud 'Shut Up.' Kelly just snickered at Taylor's anger. She was so drained and tired. She proudly nodded that she had been sitting backstage, taking it easy ever since her two big wins over Nikolette and Taylor.

And while Taylor ranted, Kelly acted like she didn't care. Whistling and checking her trimmed nails as Taylor talked about the win that Lukretia pretty much gave her. "A fat girl sponsored by your greatest ally!" Kelly added quickly, seeing Taylor red faced, on the verge of tears, it brought so much joy to Kelly to finally see that confident smugness just drained away. She looked so vulnerable now.

But even through her loss. Taylor remained defiant daring Kelly for a fight and even bringing up that horrid... Embarrassing video. She had the audacity to bring up that video. Kelly grit her teeth tightly at the mention of it and began to march her way closer towards the ring.

"You wanna bring up that fucking video huh!? You wanna remind EVERYONE about that incident where a dear little friend of yours and her girlfriend, kidnapped me and and raped me! Classic AFW, by the way! Good Call! Maybe that's why nobody wants their kids around you, Parker?" Said Kelly, letting that hang with a confident smirk as she stepped onto the steel steps, slowly making her way up them.

"And yeah. I'll admit. I'm no saint. But don't you think its odd that someone like me is selected to represent the United States instead of You? Brittany had a title to defend and you were wasting your time with Kytes who is just a sad little girl that nobody would want representing them. Well why not the smartmouth and confident Taylor Parker?"

"I'll tell you why! The answer is on your neck! It was on your ring finger! It's been there since Day 1, It's there in the ring with you NOW! America didn't just want a Winner. They wanted a patriot! And you... All you've done is adopt another cultures way of living... IN A NATION THAT LOOKS DOWN ON FOREIGNERS! You like the think you're a punk rebel, you like to think you can be Ms 'Goodie-Goodie save the children'. And you like to think you're champion Material. But in reality you're only a Poser. Trying to be something you're not!" Kelly raved, going to the second steel step, starting to remove her coat.

"But I'll show you what you really are. A quitter. Angel didn't make you tap and that's fine. I'll make you tap right here." And with that Kelly dropped her mic, letting the fur coat fall from her shoulders as she began to slowly slither her way into the ring, careufl of the two women, but still showing confidence. She did not fear a retired old fool and a battered, tired Taylor.

Postby Tatyina on Sat Sep 13, 2014 4:36 am

Junko stood firm despite what Taylor said. She could act tough all she wanted but Junko certainly wasn't going to be moved aside by a glare when her daughter was in serious trouble if Kelly decided to get closer.

Junko stepped between Taylor and Kelly when Kelly began to get into the ring. She raised her foot and stomped her wooden sandal against the canvas and pointed her umbrella at Kelly.

"I don't mind getting my hands a bit dirty when it comes to dealing with girls like you. I've seen your kind plenty of times. If you move another inch towards Taylor, I won't hesitate to embarrass you right here and now or do you want millions of people to watch you get your ass kicked by a woman twice your age?"

Junko continued to scowl at Kelly. "You sure do like to talk, and boast, but why don't we take a long trip down the road that is YOUR illustrious career? I'm pretty sure until recently that you haven't had too much to brag about. It sure did take a lot of skill to sneak in and club Akashi in the head with a chair during the middle of a battle royale to earn that title you had. Taylor had to make Natalia submit twice when she got it. Have you beaten Natalia? I can't recall. I'm old, you know. Well, anyway, didn't you LOSE that title by getting sat on? I mean, when it comes to embarrassing footage of Kelly Conway, I don't think we even need to see the nude stuff, do we?"

Junko raised her free hand and adjusted her glasses. "Let's not add one more thing to that list by getting beaten up by a future grandma on live television. Go home, Kelly-chan." Junko said sternly.

Postby Bluemouse on Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:56 pm

Taylor shut her mouth tight. She couldn't say it was unfair that Kelly brought up her being kicked out of the Asia Youth Foundation, because Taylor was unfair when she brought up the tape. And she couldn't argue because she was absolutely right.

She wanted to scream at Kelly and hurl obscenities at her, but she couldn't, as Kelly reminded her. She couldn't just do whatever she wanted.

She remained uncharacteristically tight lipped while she weathered the rest of Kelly's insults. She tried to get moving and prepare for a fight, but she was dizzy and hurt and sick. Her legs wobbled and her head swam. She was not very convincing.

"Mom..." She cautioned from behind Junko. The last thing she wanted was for her to get hurt. As Kelly entered the ring, Taylor showed no fear. She stepped up to meet her face to face.

"Kisama..." She muttered as she locked eyes with the other blonde. If she couldn't curse Kelly out in English, maybe she could use comparatively civil Japanese. She knew it would give Kelly more to talk about, and good. Let her keep talking.

Postby Lobo on Sat Sep 13, 2014 6:46 pm

Kelly stood firm in front of Junko and Taylor. As proud as Kelly was of her win over Taylor. She knew she had gotten her ass... Or rather tailbone. Kicked. She never got over the fact that her win wasn't as 'decisive' as she wanted it to be. She never got Taylor to tap.

Kelly looked to Junko as the old fool decided to step in between them. She laughed though her nose at the woman's trash talk, moving her foot tauntingly forward in front of Junko to indeed get that inch towards Taylor. Kelly was going to take her time and have fun.

"You know... When I was a little girl, I used to watch VHS tapes that My Daddy had of Japanese wrestling promotions and I always thought you and 'Rosie' were cool... But..." Kelly paused and sneered as Taylor got in front of the two, the smuggest, most confident grin on her face as her enemy cursed her out in Japanese. Kelly's grin just soured.

"...You should really speak your native tongue. No one will ever accept you here, Poser. Oh! I'm sorry.... Baka-Gaijin." She muttered slyly, letting that hang for a moment before Kelly slammed her head forward, trying to Taylor's face with a sudden headbutt.

Postby Bluemouse on Sat Sep 13, 2014 7:05 pm

Taylor bared her teeth and slid one foot back as her posture lowered. she snarled in angry Japanese.

The moment Kelly made her move, Taylor stepped in to shove her away. Kelly's forehead smashed into her face and sent her reeling. She lost her balance and fell on her butt, shaking her head while she tried to clear her eyes. Blood already dripped from her nose. She dizzily scrambled to get back to her feet, only to lose her balance and fall again.

Postby Tatyina on Sat Sep 13, 2014 7:14 pm

"Taylor-chan!" Junko said as she watched taylor fall down. Kelly... goign for Taylor's head. Taylor not backing down from Kelly. She hated wrestler's pride sometimes.

She was stubborn too though.

Junko rasied her umbrella in the air, gripping it with both hands and swung it at Kelly like she was a knight wielding a sword, hoping to crash it into Kelly's head and beat back the rabid blonde.

Postby Lobo on Sat Sep 13, 2014 7:29 pm

Kelly sneered after striking Taylor. "Ooohoo." That felt good. She liked hitting Taylor hard enough to make her bleed, to watch her scramble to her feet and fall back down with that lost, dizzy, stupid look in her eyes. It felt so good to be powerful. It's all she had ever wanted since she was a little girl.

Sure enough, someone who reminded her of that childhood was not realizing that she was better off knitting instead of getting back into the ring that had long forgotten her. The 80s were over.

*CRRACK!* The Bamboo echoed upon impact as it struck the back of Kelly's head. "G-Gah!" The blonde winced and staggered, shielding her head as she turned to Junko with a cold glare. "...Bitch." She grumbled, before lunging at Junko, twisting her hips and throwing out a stiff forearm fight into her face.

Postby Tatyina on Sat Sep 13, 2014 7:44 pm

Junko narrowed her eyes at Kelly as she pulled back her umbrella and held it in her hands like a Katana. She had plenty more where THAT came from and she took a step forward and swung it horizontally at Kelly's face, trying to knock her into next week with the bamboo umbrella.

However, Kelly ducked and the umbrella glanced off of the American's hefted arm just before it crashed into her face, knocking her onto her butt as she fell tot he ground. Her umbrella fell out of her hands and her glasses bounced off her face. She winced and rubbed her nose. Well, that certainly could have gone better.

"Shimata!" She moaned in pain.

Postby Lobo on Sat Sep 13, 2014 9:19 pm

Uggh! Stupid old fool!" Kelly snapped after hitting Junko, knocking the old has-been on her old ass without her umbrella and glasses now. "Urrrh..." Kelly rubbed her head, the bamboo umbrella stung immensely, it burned into Kelly's scalp and wouldnt stop stigging. Kelly grit her teeth at the feeling that wouldn't go away. In her rage and frustration, she turned to Junko with a sneer and kicked the woman hard in the ribs to force her onto her stomach. "That fucking hurt!" She screamed before dropping beside Junko, sicssoring the woman's left arm between her legs and then wrapping her arms around Junko's head, locking her hands in front of her face before violently pulling.

"HAAAAGHHH!!!" Cried the blonde as she locked in her Crimson Crossface and pulled, leaning back to stretch and compress, Junko's neck and shoulders. "TAAAP! TAAAP!!" She screamed.

Postby Bluemouse on Sat Sep 13, 2014 10:31 pm

Taylor put a hand to her forehead and shook her head. She finally cleared away enough of the dizzy stars in her eyes to see Kelly working on Junko... with a crossface, no less. Bitch.

She felt a pang of horror shoot through her, but pushed it aside. She didn't bother to stand all the way up. She put her hand on the mat until she got her feet under her, and then sprinted at the other two. She winged a wild, soccer-style roundhouse kick low, aimed to break Kelly's face and get her off of her mother-in-law.


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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker - Page 2 Empty Re: AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:15 am

Postby Tatyina on Sat Sep 13, 2014 10:33 pm

Junko patted around for her glasses when felt Kelly womanhandle her down to her stomach with a swift kick to her ribs. "Ughhh!" it had been a while since she'd actually been in a RING with someone who could WRESTLE and who had particularly ill will towards her. As much as she loved the good ole days, flashing back to a time when Killer Kawasaki was literally trying to bite her leg off wasn't what she was looking for in this stage of her career.

She was easily locked in Kelly's vicious crossface and tears streaked down her cheeks as she felt pain sting her body everywhere. The shriek that escaped her clenched teeth was still ghastly and her free hand slapped the mat as hard as she could manage int he position, flopping like a wet noodle against the mat. She tapped as Kelly commanded but she had no expectations of Kelly letting go until she was thoroughly bored. She just hoped her old body could withstand Kelly's submission without sustaining any permanent injury.

Postby Lobo on Sun Sep 14, 2014 1:03 am

Kelly pried and tore at Junko's body with the intent to make her scream, wail and tap out in total submission. And while she gleefully got Junko to indeed tap and felt a moment of power coursing into her massive ego. Junko was hardly a legend but to do this to a veteran she had seen as a child, and Taylor's mother in law no less. It felt good and she wanted more, she was going hand onto the hold more...

That was the plan until Taylor ruined it with a sudden, unexpected kick that blasted Kelly right in the face.

"HNNK!!" Kelly grunted from the blow, her eyes shooting wide as she flopped off of Junko, holding her stinging face as she rolled about on the mat before getting to her knees, a loud pop of the crowd igniting the moment Taylor nailed the obnoxious blonde.


Postby Bluemouse on Sun Sep 14, 2014 1:23 am

Taylor fell to her hands and one knee after the kick landed. Breathing heavily, she glanced at Junko. She seemed like she was in one piece. The old girl was tougher than she looked. She needed to focus on Kelly, and that part was easy. She could hardly stay upright, but that wasn't going to stop her from rearranging Kelly's face.

She backed up, keeping one hand on the mat almost in a three point stance, and then launched herself haphazardly at Kelly once the girl was on her knees. She jumped to plant one boot in the crease of Kelly's hip and threw her other leg up to smash her knee into Kelly's face.

Postby Lobo on Sun Sep 14, 2014 1:52 am

The Kick stung her face immensely and left Kelly with blurry vision. But unlike Taylor, Kelly was actually fresh and one blind sided kick to the face from a tired Taylor would not be the fall of Kelly Conway. She just couldn't allow it... Even though the burning in her cheek and side of her mouth felt like it was on fire. It stung and pulsed.

Kelly was cocky. Not thinking Taylor had it in her to do much anymore after the match had taken its toll on her. Kelly was being proven dead wrong. The arrogant blonde woudl watch as Taylor fought on and rushed her, a foot going on Kelly's hip while the other swung up. Kelly's eyes shot wide before the inevitable smack of Taylor's padded knee plowing right into Kelly's face.

"UUUUNNGGGHH!!" Kelly's mouth, nose and eye were compressed hard as her head snapped back, flopping to the mat with her legs in the air as she struck the canvas hard admist a roaring crowd that gave a loud pop for the hit, jumping to their feet as Taylor nailed Kelly, chanting her name as the punk rocker fought on while Kelly herself was feeling downright embarrassed.

"...This...The.... fuck...U...h..." Kelly mumbled, her eyes shut as she shook her head, her vision glossy and her head swimming in a sea of dizzied pain.

Postby Bluemouse on Sun Sep 14, 2014 10:44 am

Taylor landed on her hands and knees and watched with grim satisfaction as Kelly went down hard and stayed there, at least for the moment. She crawled to Junko and pushed her glasses into her hands.

"Mom, c'mon, suck it up. It's time to go." She grabbed the woman's arm and went to help her up, but stopped. If anything, Junko would have to help Taylor up. She pushed her toward the ropes, urging her to get out of the ring and out of the arena before anything worse happened.

Postby Lobo on Sun Sep 14, 2014 11:34 pm

The crowd was on their feet, clapping and chanting for Taylor while Kelly, the attacker, was on the mat, swearing she tasted blood in her mouth after the brutal knee put her down. But Kelly was stirring, shaking her head and feeling that old familiar sense of frustration that came with playing with Taylor Parker. Whether it was Conway's Crib or a match. Taylor just never seemed to follow the script that Kelly had in mind.

"....R..Rr..." Kelly sat up, glaring knives into Taylor's back as she grabbed Junko and pushed her towards the ropes. Kelly staggered to her feet as Junko was helped out before the blonde moved in, barreling towards her foe to try and wrap her arms around her back, squeezing her waist nice and tight before giving a mighty lift.

"HHHGNNN!" She cried, trying to lift Taylor right up off her feet and dump her back into the center of the ring with a release German Suplex!

Postby Bluemouse on Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:56 am

Taylor had only just shoved Junko under the bottom rope and away from the chaos of the ring when she was pulled back into it. Kelly's arms constricted around her waist, and she grabbed for the ropes but they slipped off her fingertips as she was lifted up. She seemed to hang in the air for a moment, her back pressed against Kelly's chest, before the world spun.


She hit the mat hard on the back of her head before flopping onto her stomach. The crowd cried foul. Everything went blank. Her arms reached to cradle her head. She stayed down.

Postby Tatyina on Mon Sep 15, 2014 3:06 am

Before she even realized what was going on, she was being shoved through the ropes and out of the ring. Her face throbbed from the pain but she knew Taylor was right. Her bravado had gotten her nothing but before she could even turn around to help Taylor out of the ring, she heard the unmistakeable slam of canvas and the crowd's blanketing boos.

Junko spun around to see Taylor flat out and her face blanched. Every instinct wanted to rush back in and protect her daughter but she saw what had happened when she WAS armed. She stepped away from the apron and shouted at Kelly. "What the hell is WRONG with you!?" She screamed. "You're not even in a MATCH! Wasn't beating her once enough!?" Junko's voice cracked as she shakily began to back away from the ring. The last thing she wanted to do was abandon her daughter but there had to be someone in the back who could do a much better job of dispatching Kelly than she ever could.

Postby Lobo on Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:49 pm

Kelly sat up and smiled brightly as she slammed her foe on top of her head, seeing her flop onto her stomach amidst the roaring, booing crowd that saw Taylor cradle her head.

Kelly rubbed her face and looked over to Taylor before turning her head towards the raving Junko who addressed her. How distraught that woman was going to be in a few minutes. "Nothing's wrong with me! It doesn't have to be a match. I've never made her tap before and I'm gonna do it now. Just watch!" Kelly sneered, taking her sweet time to stand up and look to the booing crowd before she circled Taylor slowly, slithering around like a snake until she stood behind her legs.

From there, Kelly dove, leaping to drop her body beside Taylor and scissor her arm, wrapping her arms around her head, locking her hands in front of her face and pulling hard, leaning back to lift her chest off the mat and wrench at her neck and shoulders to apply the Crimson Crossface!

Postby Bluemouse on Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:09 am

"Uhhng..." Taylor moaned softly. Even she knew now that she couldn't take any more and expect to come away on her own two feet, and she felt a flutter of panic deep in her stomach. She was living out her worst fear, to be helpless and at the mercy of someone who was happy to hurt her.

She was almost limp in Kelly's hands, and could muster no resistance as her body was bent up from the mat. Her neck cricked sharply back and to the side, her back arched, her one arm stayed tightly trapped between Kelly's legs. Her free hand waved uselessly at Kelly's fingers. She didn't think she had anything left, but she quickly found out that she still had the strength to scream.

"NyyaaaAAAHa! AAAAAAHH!" Her voice shredded in horrible pain, while all the eyes of the crowd looked on, unable to look away.

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker - Page 2 Empty Re: AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:16 am

Postby Tatyina on Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:20 am

Junko collapsed to her knees when Kelly brushed her off and began to punish her daughter. Tears began to stream from her eyes with no sign of stopping and she buried her hand in her big silk sleeve. She couldn't understand why she had to endure this and why Kelly had to endure this. She'd never seen any of her clients face anything like this but that was because this was not a match. This was a lunatic acting out all of her perverse frustrations on Taylor.

Junko weakly stood up and pawed at the ring while tears dripped from her face. "Stop it..." She muttered. She wanted to scream it but her voice was dead on arrival. "O-Onegai! W-Watashi no musume o kizutsukeru teishi shite kudasai!" She pleaded in Japanese.

"STOP HURTING MY DAUGHTER!" She screeched finally. Junko collapsed again and looked around the arena. Why wasn't anyone coming to help?! Where was everyone? Why was everyone just WATCHING this?!

Postby kerflubble on Tue Sep 16, 2014 9:17 am

Not everyone was to content to just watch in shock and horror as Kelly tried to rip Taylor apart, a figure wearing a motorcycle helmet and a black jumpsuit had been slowly making her way through the crowd towards the security railing, her eyes following the bitter blonde as she made her way into the ring.


For the brief moment it looked as though Taylor, despite being weakened by the hellacious battle with Angel, would be able to fend off this latest attack just between herself and Junko, but when the sadistic Kelly started to lock in her signature submission with no intentions of letting go the helmet wearing woman leaped over the barricade and jumped into the ring after her, looking to dislodge the aggressor with a running kick to the head before security knew what the heck was going on.

Postby Lobo on Tue Sep 16, 2014 8:44 pm

"TAAAAAAP!!" Kelly snarled loudly as she wrenched and pulled at Taylor's body, sneering through tightly gritted teeth as she tortured Taylor in her submission finisher that her mother in law had the pleasure of enduring moments ago. And now Taylor was in it and Kelly was going to let go until she tapped out. Even as her weak Mother-in-Law pleaded for her to be released, Kelly never relented, she was determined to obtain Taylor's submission, she'd risk injury otherwise. The Submission was all Kelly needed and wanted. She had her win... But the roll up ate at her. It wasn't as decisive as she wanted it to be. But that was okay.

"TAAAAAP!!" Kelly screamed and sneered. It felt so good to hear the punk's screams, it showered everyone just how dangerous she was. This loud mouth punk wasn't going to be so cocky anymore!

However, the gaps of the crowd were heard developing behind one certain section of the barricade, the cameras not even catching it until this woman, clad in all black and a helmet was seen jumping rgiht into the ring before giving Conway a sudden kick to the head from out of nowhere.

"UUUGH!" Kelly took the blow and flopped off, rolling once before fallinging on her side, staggering and then falling back on her rear. Her vision all blurry, it wasn't Junko. It was someone else. Someone who dared to get in the way, causing Kelly to narrow her eyes at the interferer.

"...Helmet-Cat..." Kelly muttered. Not knowing what else to call her. It sounded dumb and she felt it suited this person. Because she was dumb. Very dumb. A suicidal.

Postby Bluemouse on Tue Sep 16, 2014 11:18 pm

Taylor flopped down face-first when Kelly finally released her, leaving a small spatter of blood on the mat from her nose. Her darkly shadowed eyes were closed, her brow creased, her lips parted slightly in a half-conscious expression like the mask of pain she had worn a moment earlier. Aside from the rise and fall of her back with each labored, uneven breath, she was motionless.

Postby kerflubble on Wed Sep 17, 2014 7:35 am

The 'Helmet-Cat' as Kelly put it stepped in between the two blondes, her visor still trained on Kelly as the mysterious assailant looked ready to fight against the loudmouth, or at the very least protect Taylor from getting beaten down even more by the self-proclaimed face of America in AFW.

Waiting for Kelly to begin to get up, the helmeted interference would shuffle closer to quickly close the distance between the two before turning side on about a step and a half away, shooting a shiny black boot out and up she tried to catch Conway just as she was rising with a big superkick, trying to use one of her own special moves against her and hopefully keep her down long enough for Taylor and Junko to make a start on escaping. She just needed to hope that Kelly was still a bit off peak from Junko and Taylor's attempts at fighting her off.

Postby Tatyina on Wed Sep 17, 2014 2:48 pm

Once the Kamen Kitty had come to save the day, Junko wasn't going to stick around to cheer her on. Taylor was laid out and in a bad way. She quickly scrambled into the ring and began to drag her daughter-in-law to the edge of the ring. She hoped she wasn't hurting her any more but what else could she do? She had to get her away from this ring and out of this arena before something or someone else decided they wanted to have fun with her.

Thankfully by the time she had gotten Taylor to the edge of the ring, the paramedics were finally on their way down the ramp and they quickly got her onto the stretcher and wheeled her back up the ramp. A still teary Junko paced behind quickly, leaving the masked savior and Kelly to their own devices.

Postby Lobo on Wed Sep 17, 2014 6:56 pm

This Masked Cat Biker was getting in the way. Today Kelly was a vulture, she wasn't here for a real fight. The moment Kelly saw this woman in black rushing her, Kelly's eyes shot wide. She got the cue and rolled out of the ring to narrowly avoid the kick. The crowd booed in response to Kelly's cowardice, the blonde checking her mouth for blood as she slinked and scrambled away from the ring so the Kamen Kitty would be wasting her time trying to follow. All the while, Kelly glared back at her for getting in the way of her fun. Leave it to Taylor to have some many folks watching her stupid back.

So as Kelly hurriedly made her exit, running atop the announcers table and then over the guard rail, she watched the paramedics rush down the ramp with a stretcher as Junko cried for her fallen Daugther in Law.

It was time to leave, but Kelly had to have the last word. She reached back over the rail and grabbed a mic.

"Does anybody know when NOT to get in the way? I swear it's like nobody understands this! Parker! I didn't want to hurt, Junko. Really! I swear to god! I did not! But you! You! forced me to do it, Parker! You forced me to make your old ass, mother in law Tap out to the most devastating submission hold in the AFW!" Kelly ranted, her voice sounding pleading and as honest she could make herself sound.

"You bring two people to the ring to fight your battles for you and they have to defend you and fight your battles. But that's okay! I'll snap collarbones all day and all night until I put the Crimson Crossface on you Avril Lavigne lovin' ass! And make you tap like a scared little girl crying out for Daddy to make it stop." Kelly raved amidst the booing crowd.

"Speaking of Daddies! It's a good thing he's not around to see how much you suck in the ring. But personally I think that's alright anwyay because when it comes to Father's. All they ever do is look to their daughters and see the sons they never had..." Kelly smirrked as she let her cold words hang in the air.

"I'll be seeing you and biker cat, real soon." And with that, Kelly dropped her mic and dissapeared into the crowd.

Postby kerflubble on Thu Sep 18, 2014 5:14 pm

The Biker-suited intruder stumbled slightly when her leg didn't meet the tell-tale resistance of someone's chin being knocked several feet away, assuming the worst she scrambled to get to some defensive stance before seeing the one Blonde who could walk hi-tail it out of the ring and towards the safety of the crowd instead of fighting her. Turning her visor as though she was glaring at the loudmouth, she kept track of her as long as she could before Kelly disappeared. And with that it was time for Taylor's mysterious savior to make an exit too. Before she started getting some unwanted attention of her own.

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker - Page 2 Empty Re: AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

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