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Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker Empty AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:05 am

AFW Title Match: Angel (c) Vs. Taylor Parker
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Post by Tatyina on Tue Sep 02, 2014 5:02 pm

Match Type: Standard
Winning Condition: Pinfall, Submission or Knockout
Winning Conditions: The winner will be declared the AFW World Champion. The title does not change hands on a disqualification or count out.

Junko took calm, quiet breaths as she waited for the moment when it was time to get on stage. Taylor was behind her, but the older woman had her shut out. She was peaceful for the moment until she heard the final signal from the director.

In the arena, the place was pitch black except for the soft glow of cell phones. Junko was ready and under the cover of dark, strode out into the arena. She paused at the top of the stage and unfolded her umbrella so that it perfectly aligned with the spotlight that flashed onto it. The old styled umbrella had a painted black tortoise basking on the bank of a river. It was very ornate and Junko slowly twirled it, giving it the appearance of the turtle slowly crawling.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Junko bellowed proudly as she began to walk down the entrance ramp, the spotlight following and only illuminating her umbrella, "prepare yourselves for a delight like no other! The most congruous wrestler the AFW has ever seen! The moment you've been waiting for-"

The familiar 'kh-chnk' of the lights flashing on revealed Junko standing with her arms outstretched. She had a bright grin and was dressed in a yellow kimono with waterfall scenes elegantly embroidered on the silk dress. She deftly folded her umbrella and scanned the crowd, leaving them to cheer for a long moment. It was hard not to shed a tear but she kept her cool in front of the thousands in attendance and the millions watching at home.

"She's hotter than the hottest jalapeno! She'll never say die and she's YOUR fuuuuture Friction Champion..." Junko swung her arms and pointed her umbrella at the entrance. "Taaaaayloooooor Paaaarkerrrrrr!"

The Giant: Billed as one due to her almost (only Chris Morgan is as tall as she is) unheard of height.(She's 6'3")

Postby Bluemouse on Wed Sep 03, 2014 1:09 am

The first subtle notes of Taylor's theme formed a backdrop for the climax of Junko's introduction, and at just the right moment the arena exploded with thunderous music and energy and lights. Taylor streaked through the curtain and onto the stage, moving at a rate uncommon to the human race. She took up her place at the front of the stage, standing tall and proud with a new streak of red, orange and yellow highlights in her bangs that resembled flames. She looked out over the crowd before emphatically throwing her arms in the air and letting out a ferocious, uncontainable scream.

She wore her bright red ring gear, with black knee pads and boots and fingerless gloves, and a black band around her arm. One wrist bore multiple bright rubber bracelets. Unique to today, though, was a black, racerback tank top that showed off her muscular definition, and the new partial angel wing tattoo on the back of her left shoulder. On the front of the shirt, in big, bold letters, were the words:



She kicked a leg up into a spectacular flash kick backflip, and landed with one knee down, one hand on the floor and the other behind her, her head bowed. She remained in that position much longer than usual, her back heaving subtly up and down with each deep breath. She hid her face from the crowd until she had blinked away the tears that threatened at the corners of her eyes, and then she launched herself down the ramp at a full sprint, a red-and-blonde streak until she leapt onto the apron. She grabbed the top rope and split-jumped over into the ring, and climbed a turnbuckle facing the ramp.

She raised her fist in the air, and her deep blue eyes blazed with an intensity so hot it threatened to consume her along with her opponent. She tried to draw measured breaths to stay calm, so as not to wear herself out too fast, and she only managed to stand still while her eyes were focused intently on the stage while she waited for Angel to appear.

Postby Alexandra on Wed Sep 03, 2014 1:43 am

Angel waited patiently backstage, her eyes closed, the champion leaning back against a wall as she waited for Taylor to make her entrance. She was feeling calm. A bit anxious, but for the most part, calm. She was ready. Despite her big mouth, her trash talking, and Angel's own recent anger towards her, Taylor had always been one of the few people in the company that the champion had real respect for. Unlike many of her fellow wrestlers in the AFW, she knew what Taylor was capable of. She had seen her matches. She knew what she could do, and she wasn't going to underestimate her. She knew that she was going to have a hard fight ahead of her.

But at the same time, she knew she would be walking out the winner. She knew that she was going to leave Taylor beaten before her.

When she heard Taylor's music finally dying down, she opened her eyes, pushing off the wall and heading to the arena entrance. At the sound of her own theme rising up over the speakers of the arena, she took a deep breath, and stepped out onto the stage, her title belt wrapped around her waist, her arms spread open wide as she made her appearance.

In contract to Taylor's own speedy, intense appearance, Angel's own entrance was calmer, slower. She made her way down the entrance ramp, heading to the ring, almost seeming to be taking her time. She looked down towards the ring as she slowly walked towards it, looking up towards Taylor, meeting the blonde's gaze, her lips turning upwards into a slight, soft smirk. She was ready for this. She knew this match had been a long time coming and she was ready. She was actually rather looking forward to it! Every since she and Taylor had faced off in the Temple Games, she knew they would end up in the ring again some day. She gladly welcomed it, and she couldn't wait for the chance to take down Taylor again, in a more serious fight between them.

Once she reached the ring, she stepped around to the ring steps and slowly climbed in, passing through the ropes and heading to the opposite corner from the one that Taylor was standing atop. She unlatched her belt, and climbed to the top of the turnbuckle, holding her belt aloft for all the arena to see, a reminder that she was the champion, and that she would show them tonight just why she deserved that title.

She held her pose for several long moments, then hopped off of the turnbuckle, turning to the referee and handing her the belt. Then, she looked across the ring towards Taylor again, her eyes focusing as she waited for things to begin.

Postby Bluemouse on Wed Sep 03, 2014 2:11 am

By the time Angel handed over her belt, Taylor was pacing the ring with a microphone in her hand. She stalked back and forth, never taking her eyes off of Angel, and when she spoke, her voice came as a rough-edged punk growl.

"Angel, Angel, Angel," she began. "Welcome to my ring!" She shouted, drawing cheers from the excitable crowd. She paced and pointed with her free hand at her white-haired opponent.

"Everyone knows you're a bad person, and you try to act like a perfect little... angel. Well, I'm a good girl..." She stepped closer to Angel, and her voice dropped to a low growl. "But sometimes I do bad things. And I'm gonna do some very bad things to you in this ring, chica. I'm gonna kick your ass from pillar to post and corner to corner, and when I'm done there won't be a doubt in anyone's mind who really deserves that belt. We've both got something to fight for, don't we, babe... But I'm taking yours."

Taylor threw the mic up the ramp as far as she could, and it sailed away through the air before bouncing off the floor and skittering into the crowd. She leapt into the corner and pulled her tank top off over her head and held it high as if it was a title belt. If ever there was a moment that she wished her dad could be there for, it was this one. She wanted to make him proud. She wanted to make everyone proud. She draped the tank top over the ring post, and leapt down to rapidly circle around ring, fleet feet flying more than walking.

The bell rang, signifying the start of the most important match of Taylor's life.

Postby Alexandra on Wed Sep 03, 2014 2:26 am

Angel rolled her eyes as Taylor went into her brief little rant, raising a hand to cover her mouth as she let out a long, exaggerated yawn. Taylor could trash talk her all she wanted, but Angel wasn't going to let it get to her. Not tonight, anyway. Not when her title was on the line. Tonight, she was focused on one thing, and one thing alone: winning. She couldn't, she wouldn't let Taylor get under her skin, not when so much was on the line.

Once Taylor climbed back off the corner and began to circle around the ring, the Latina followed suit, circling back around her, watching her movements closely. When the bell finally rang, signalling for the match to get started, Angel suddenly exploded forward, lunging towards Taylor with her arms raised, trying to lock up with the blonde. Not her usual match opening strategy, but one that she hoped might catch Taylor by surprise.

Postby Bluemouse on Wed Sep 03, 2014 2:41 am

Taylor nimbly sprung to the side at the last second and let Angel's charge go to waste. She easily circled away to a safe distance.

"Were you just trying to ram me with your boobs, dude?" Taylor gestured at Angel's chest. "Or were you just trying to grab mine. I've seen what you like to do with girls in the ring, but honey-bun, I'm as straight as they come. And good luck getting this off." She jerked a thumb at her tight one-piece suit, and then resumed her light, highly mobile stance.

Be patient, she told herself. Be patient, be patient, be patient.

"We gonna do this, or what?"

Postby Alexandra on Wed Sep 03, 2014 2:57 am

Don't listen to her. She wants to get into your head and piss you off. Just tune her out.

Angel quickly turned back to Taylor as she charged by her. Her only response to Taylor's taunting was a wide, calm smirk, her eyes staring fiercely into the blonde's own. Once more, she started to circle back around her challenger, watching her carefully, closely.

When Taylor asked her question, Angel finally spoke up, her voice soft as she replied to her. "Waiting on you, Sparkles," she answered her, raising a hand to gesture for Taylor to bring it on. "Let's see what you've got..."
Last edited by Alexandra on Wed Sep 03, 2014 3:14 am, edited 1 time in total.

Postby Bluemouse on Wed Sep 03, 2014 9:29 am

"Yeah, okay Ange." Taylor skipped around Angel until she was in the open, and then stopped, bouncing back and forth in place like she might fly away at any moment. "Wait, let's see what you got like what I can do? Or do you mean, like, what I look like naked? Is that all you think about, pervert?" She cocked her hips to the side and pointed to her eyes. "C'mon, I'm up here."

She took a couple cautious steps forward and lifted a hand. "Okay, how 'bout it? Nice and clean, can you do that, chica?"

Postby Alexandra on Wed Sep 03, 2014 11:35 am

"You're not my type anyway," Angel fired back at Taylor, taking a step towards her. "I'm only into women, not loud-mouthed little girls that don't know when to shut up."

She lifted her own hand, stepping closer to meet Taylor's own, briefly rolling her eyes again. "Squeaky clean." She leaned in and raised her other hand towards Taylor, wiggling her fingers towards the blonde. "Think you can do it without talking my ears off?"

Postby Bluemouse on Wed Sep 03, 2014 11:48 am

"Its not your ears I'm after..."

Taylor suddenly lunged forward and grabbed Angel's hands, taking a deep powerful stance with her legs apart as she shoved against the Latina and tried to bend her wrists back. She was eager to see how she stacked up against the champ in every category.

She threw her shoulder forward to shove Angel back enough to take a small step closer, intent on either plowing her to the corner or bending her over backwards.

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker Empty Re: AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:05 am

Postby Alexandra on Wed Sep 03, 2014 12:05 pm

Angel braced herself, as Taylor suddenly lunged in towards her, trying to shove her back. Her smile dropped off of her face, as she suddenly grew serious. This was it. Time to start things for real. She grit her teeth, focusing as she began to push back towards Taylor.

She took a small step backwards, trying to hold her ground against the blonde, but she realized quick that Taylor held an advantage. Angel's body might have had most of it's strength in it's lower half, but she was still no slouch in her upper body strength. Even so though, she had to admit to herself that Taylor was stronger here, as she took another step backwards, straining to push back against her. Then another step, the Latina realizing she was drawing closer towards the corner.

"Tch..." came the soft noise through her teeth, a bead of sweat rolling down the side of her face. She tried to plant her feet solidly against the mat again, trying to double her efforts and stop Taylor's movement, trying to draw up her strength and push back against the blonde.

Postby Bluemouse on Wed Sep 03, 2014 12:19 pm

Taylor sneered through clenched teeth as she made progress. Having a strength advantage over anyone still seemed a little surreal after having started her career as a skinny waif of a girl, but a lot had changed over the years.

Angel's renewed effort put a stop her progress, and without missing a beat Taylor suddenly yanked her forward instead. She turned her hip into Angel's gut and twisted, using the girl's own effort to fling her head over heels over her hip at the mat.

Postby Alexandra on Thu Sep 04, 2014 1:06 pm

Angel kept pushing forward, kept trying to turn the situation around and overpower Taylor instead of things being the other way around. She smirked at Taylor's sneer, the sight only causing her to try and push harder, knowing she could do this.

But then, as if out of nowhere, Taylor suddenly pulled her forwards, and then the next thing Angel knew, she was being tossed through the air, hitting the mat with an audible thud.

Should have expected that, she thought to herself, the Latina quickly pushing herself up, trying to rise back up to her feet. A hint of worry rushed through her mind though, knowing that she was down and Taylor was up, and therefore the blonde held every advantage at the moment.

Postby Bluemouse on Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:11 pm

An electric thrill shot through Taylor's chest from having floored the champ so quickly, but she allowed herself no time to indulge the feeling. She stepped to the side once, moving slightly behind where Angel couldn't quite see, and the torqued her hips and fired a blindingly fast roundhouse kick, aiming to slam her shin into Angel's ribs while the girl was getting up.

Postby Alexandra on Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:33 pm

Angel began to rise, her head quickly looking back and forth for Taylor. When she couldn't see the girl, she glanced back over her shoulder, just in time for Taylor's roundhouse to slam right into her ribs, sending her back down to the canvas.

"Gaaa!" The Latina shouted out, wincing from the pure power of the blonde's kick, the impact leaving her sprawling at Taylor's feet again. She tried to push up to her hands and knees, one hand gently rubbing at the place where she took the kick, and it was obvious that she was moving a little slower then before.

Postby Bluemouse on Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:50 pm

Taylor hopped over Angel's body to stand behind her and grabbed two fistfuls of the latina's short white hair. She yanked her indelicately to her feet and jumped, tucking her knees up against Angel's back and falling on her back, using the impact to drive all the air from the champion's lungs.

Postby Alexandra on Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:56 pm

Angel growled softly, as she felt Taylor's hands grabbing at her hair. Within a second, she was on her feet, and within another second, she was back down again, her eyes going wide as Taylor's knees drove themselves into her back, causing the Latina to let out a silent yell as she bounced off of them.

This wasn't good. It was only a few minutes into the match and Taylor was already making her look like she was nothing. She had to turn this back around, she had to live up to all of her own boasting and big words about being the best.

She was hurting though, and it wasn't going to be easy. Nevertheless, Angel began to roll away from Taylor, forcing herself to move and try to put some distance between the two of them.

Postby Tatyina on Thu Sep 04, 2014 3:51 pm

"Keep up the pressure, Taylor-chan!"

Junko screamed from her position outside of the ring. She pounded the apron and then turned around, urging the crowd to clap their hands in support of Taylor while she raised her hands above her head and slapped them together.

Postby Bluemouse on Thu Sep 04, 2014 4:20 pm

Taylor wore a wild-eyed grin as she rapidly stalked after Angel like a predator about to make a kill. She didn't want to give Angel an inch or a moment to breathe, and she was relentless with her assault, breathlessly spurred on by the crowd.

She sprinted the last few feet to Angel and leapt over her to plant her feet on the middle rope behind her. She jumped off and dropped straight down with her knee aimed for Angel's back.

Postby Alexandra on Thu Sep 04, 2014 4:39 pm

Angel, however, wasn't going to just lie there and take Taylor's assault any longer.

The sound of the blonde's footsteps pounding against the mat brought her back to reality, and she glanced upwards just in time to see Taylor leaping towards the ropes. With quick explosion of energy, she planted her hands against the mat and suddenly rolled herself out of the way, leaving nothing but canvas for Taylor's knee to strike.

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker Empty Re: AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:05 am

Postby Bluemouse on Thu Sep 04, 2014 6:21 pm

Taylor's knee pad slammed into the mat with a loud crack. She winced and bared her teeth and snarled like an animal as she immediately brought herself to bear on Angel.

"Rrrrrrrrraah!" She hardly lost a second before she pushed off of one knee and lunged at Angel, this time chasing her with a simple, direct soccer kick at her ribs.

Postby Alexandra on Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:11 pm

As Angel rolled away, she quickly pushed up to her knees, glaring with intensity towards Taylor. It was just in time to see her lunging at her with her kick.

Her instincts completely taking over, Angel threw up her arms, bracing herself to tank the kick. She shuddered, as the blonde's boot smashed into her arms. A wave of pain surged through them, and the impact was more then enough to force Angel to fall onto her back. Once again, Taylor was standing tall above her, and she was on the mat.

This time though, she was far from just waiting for Taylor's next move. She pushed away the thoughts of the aches and pains in her body, and with a furious yell the Latina bucked her body upwards, trying to thrust both of her boots towards Taylor. She didn't know if she would actually hit her or not, but at the very least she was hoping she could force the blonde away from her.

Postby Bluemouse on Fri Sep 05, 2014 12:38 am

Taylor took both of Angel's boots to her gut, and grunted as she was knocked back two steps. She grinned. Angel was playing hard to get. She snagged one of Angel's ankles before she could pull it away and held it high, pulled back her right leg and kicked the toe of her boot hard into the back of Angel's thigh.

Strong legs, my ass. Taylor didn't buy the hype.

Postby Alexandra on Fri Sep 05, 2014 12:43 am

As soon as Taylor was forced back, Angel sat up, ready to hop to her feet. Then the blonde caught her leg, swinging another kick towards her.

Angel winced, as Taylor's boot drove into her thigh. Only a little though. The kick hurt, but she had felt worse, and it would take a lot more then that to hurt her leg. In fact, Angel was glad that Taylor was staying close like this. With her other leg free, she thrust it towards Taylor again, only this time she aimed lower. Much lower, in fact, the Latina trying to drive her boot directly towards her punky foe's own leg, trying to hit her hard and fast right in her knee.

Postby Bluemouse on Fri Sep 05, 2014 12:49 am

"Agh!" Taylor cried out and went down to one knee as Angel's kick smacked into her kneecap and hyperextended the joint. That hurt, but fuck it, that just made her want to knock Angel out even more.

She held tight to Angel's ankle and tucked it under her arm as she swung her leg over, turning Angel over and trying to secure her single-leg crab before the latina could have any say in the matter. It had become her favorite hold, the one that earned the historic first submission from Adrian Kytes, the one that won her matches. She didn't remember ever losing a match where she got to work that hold.

"You're about as tough as I thought, champ," Taylor growled while she tried to get her footing and jerk back on the leg. "Not impressed."

Postby Alexandra on Fri Sep 05, 2014 1:10 am

Angel was almost offended. Taylor was trying to go for the kill already? If she thought Angel was just going to lie there and let her work her with her hold, she was crazy. Angel was hurting, sure, but she had been through way worse, and there was too much on the line for her tonight, just too damn much to let Taylor gain any more ground.

She couldn't really stop Taylor from turning her over, and in her position she couldn't especially stop her from locking in her hold. If only it had been a full Boston crab, she would have had options, but no, it had to be the single-legged variant. She grit her teeth, feeling the pressure as Taylor jerked her leg back.

In defiance of the hold, she whipped her head around, looking up at Taylor, flashing a mad grin at her. "Then I guess we're even, huh?" she asked, staring daggers up towards the blonde. "Is this all you've got? I've felt stronger holds from kawaiis before, you know!" Angel's legs were strong, and she knew she could weather the hold for a few moments. She even forced out a laugh, clenching her fists against the mat as she fired her insults up towards Taylor. "Come on, chica. You should know I'm stronger then this!"

Postby Bluemouse on Fri Sep 05, 2014 1:24 am

Taylor's first instinct was to shut Angel up, to find some other way to punish her for talking trash while caught in her favorite submission hold. She wanted to let go and turn around and stomp her spine into the mat, but she didn't.

Be patient. That was the plan. She put on her big, radiant, showing her perfect white teeth and her dimpled cheeks, and cheerfully responded "Just how many kawaii have you fought?"

She adjusted her footing again to get more leverage. Angel's leg certainly pushed back more than Adrian's had, or Ace's, or anyone else, and Taylor relished the challenge. She worked to position her weight just so, to bend Angel's leg back toward her head. She lifted the girl's hips off the mat to weaken the leverage she had to work against her, and pulled to turn her into a C-shape.

Postby Alexandra on Fri Sep 05, 2014 2:00 am

"Just one, and she was way more dangerous then you, chica!" Angel's voice rang out loud and clear, masking the obvious discomfort she was in. She knew she could take this. Taylor was strong, but Angel knew her legs were stronger. She knew they could handle the pressure. She knew her body could do this. She just had to hold out.

As Taylor readjusted herself though, pulling back harder on that leg, bending Angel's body into a more C-like shape, she couldn't deny the more intense pain running through her. Even so, she called out again, shouting upwards at Taylor in a loud, booming voice. "Nn...come on! I know you're stronger then that, Sparkles! I can't even feel you up there!"

Postby Bluemouse on Fri Sep 05, 2014 2:09 am

"Mmmm hmmmm..." Taylor purred, and tossed her bangs out of her eyes with a flick of her neck. She let the angle and her weight do most of the work in bending Angel's leg back, and when she was satisfied that she had Angel stuck she began to relax.

"Well here's the thing, dude," she said, pulling back to add a wave of pain to the hold. "I've got alllllll night. I cleared my schedule for this, and I'll be honest... I really don't mind being up here and working you over. Just wait for the camera to swing around to your face and get a low angle shot... They're looking to get your reaction and your boobs at the same time. I can't help 'em with the second one, but..."

She jerked back savagely on Angel's leg to put terrible strain on her hip and her lower back. She reminded herself to stay calm, don't lose control, but she was soooooooo enjoying her dominance over the champ.

Postby Alexandra on Fri Sep 05, 2014 2:32 am

"All night, huh?" Angel replied back up to Taylor, a smirk playing across her face. "That's good, then. It means I have all night to kick your ass..."

Despite her big talk though, Angel was really starting to feel the effects of the hold. As tough as she was, even she couldn't withstand the crab for too much longer. She kept that smirk on her face though, not wanting to give Taylor any satisfaction at all of seeing her in pain, and especially not wanting to let the cameras pick up on that.

With sweat rolling down her face, the Latina began to grasp at the mat, making an attempt to begin dragging herself towards the ropes. She knew it would be hard, especially after Taylor suddenly jerked her leg back again, finally forcing a cry of pain to escape her lips, but she knew she didn't have a choice. She had to make her escape, and soon.

Nevertheless though, she couldn't resist taunting up at Taylor once more. " least I've got boobs, Sparkles." She paused for a moment, taking a deep breath, trying to shut out the pain and focus on making her way towards the ropes. "Don't be jealous just because you're feeling inadequate up there. Not everyone can look as good as me...nn...and be as badass, all at the same time!

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker Empty Re: AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:05 am

Postby Bluemouse on Fri Sep 05, 2014 9:48 am

"If you look carefully, you will see that I do have boobs," Taylor corrected, and settled back into a comfortable position over Angel. "And they're way firmer and perkier than your National Geographic disaster waiting to happen."

She walked backward with little steps to keep the right angle with the single leg crab while Angel inched her way toward the ropes. "Yeah, thank god. If everyone looked as good as you, we'd need to hand out barf bags at the door."

Enough talk. Angel was slowly making her escape and Taylor really didn't have all night, so she grit her teeth and went for broke and pulled back on Angel's leg with all her strength. She slapped her free hand over Angel's knee to add pressure and leaned way back to either turn the girl into a pretzel, or break something.

Postby Alexandra on Fri Sep 05, 2014 6:09 pm

As she neared the ropes, Angel stretched her arm out, reaching for them. She extended her hand outwards, her salvation from the hold literally in arm's reach, and then...

Then Taylor snapped her leg back, putting all her strength into the move. At the same time, the blonde's hand pushed against her knee, and Angel could feel her leg being bent against it. It hurt. In fact, it hurt like hell, and the Latina couldn't stop herself from letting out a loud, sudden scream.

In desperation, she lowered her hand, just barely getting her fingertips on the ropes. She shook her head, then whipped it around to glare up at Taylor one more time. "Nnn! Get the hell off of me!"

Postby Bluemouse on Fri Sep 05, 2014 11:13 pm

Taylor's whole body strained to bend Angel as far as she could. It was satisfying to be in control of the champ, but also to be putting the hurt on Angel's thunder thighs that she'd head so much about. So she had strong legs. So what? Taylor's body had landed her magazine spreads, not to mention a shot at the title.

Still, she knew Angel wouldn't tap, even if she ripped the leg clean off. She focused on hurting her as much as she could before the inevitable break and when the ref gave her the signal, she stepped off and held onto her ankle with both hands. She lifted it high and braced her foot on the back of her thigh, ready to stomp Angel's knee through the mat, but then she relented. The champ deserved a clean break.

She dropped Angel's leg and strode confidently back to the middle of the ring, and when she turned to face Angel she lifted both middle fingers high up in the air. The crowd roared at the show of disrespect, and while Taylor's fans were unmistakable, so was the booing from those who didn't like her punk attitude.

"Musta been some kawaii," she grinned.

Postby Alexandra on Sat Sep 06, 2014 6:03 am

As Taylor released her leg, finally stepping away from her, Angel remained lying there against the match, mentally doing a quick assessment of the situation. Her leg was hurting, quite a bit in fact. Taylor had done a real number to it, but...she had been through worse. Besides, she was tough, and in any case she had two legs, not just one. She made a mental note to kick the shit out of Taylor extra hard later on as a reminder.

After several seconds of lying there, she reached for the ropes again, grabbing onto them and using them to help slowly pull herself up to her feet. She gingerly put her weight onto her hurt leg as she stood, feeling it out, wincing a little bit at the feeling. Yeah, it hurt, but she could tough it out. She could worry about the pain later, after she had won this.

She looked towards Taylor, just in time to see the punk thrusting her middle fingers up into the air. It reminded Angel of what she had said recently about respect, and if there was any proof that Taylor needed to learn about it, there it was. The sound of her own fans booing Taylor was nice though. It was good to know she still had plenty of people on her side.

"Way better then you'll even be," Angel smirked at Taylor, leaning against the ropes, one hand sliding down to slowly rub at her knee. "Maybe I'll give her a chance at the title after you. I'd say she deserves it more. I'd probably get a better match from her, too!"

Postby Bluemouse on Sat Sep 06, 2014 11:56 am

"Yeah, better for YOU."

Taylor stood in the center of the ring facing Angel and did a funny little dance, holding her hands up in front and shaking her hips and tilting her head twice left, twice right. She finished by striking a pose with one hand on her hip and the other behind her head.

"Whatsa matter, you're not having a good time getting your ass kicked?" She taunted as she strode toward Angel. She covered the last several feet in a long, lunging step and winged a low roundhouse kick at the side of Angel's hurt leg.

Postby Alexandra on Sat Sep 06, 2014 11:10 pm

Angel watched carefully, closely, as Taylor began to move towards her. Her eyes were locked firmly on the blonde, her entire body tense, ready to act. In any other situation, she would have thrown herself off of the ropes, lunged right back into the fight. But against Taylor? With her leg messed up like this? She knew she had to play it safe. She knew that she had to wait for just the right moment, just the perfect opportunity to finally strike back against Taylor.

And then, there it was.

The moment Taylor began to lunge towards her, Angel pushed herself off the ropes, the Latina spinning to the side, out of her path. It was so predictable that Taylor was going to try and go for the hurt leg, that Angel was almost offended by it. Still though, she knew this was the perfect opportunity to strike back.

As she spun out of the way, Angel let out a fierce yell, and moved back towards her. Up came her unhurt leg, the Latina firing off one of her infamous kicks towards the girl, her leg arcing through the air with a swift, sudden blow aimed right for the blonde!

Postby Bluemouse on Sat Sep 06, 2014 11:49 pm

The speed of Angel's reaction took Taylor completely by surprise, and by the time her low kick whiffed by where Angel had been, Angel's kick was on it's way.


Angel's boot slammed into Taylor's jaw and snapped her head back. She staggered back to keep from falling over, and did not recover her balance until she was leaning against the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. She hooked her arms over the top rope and shook her head. The room was spinning, she was seeing stars, and she had only a couple seconds to get it together.

"Shit..." She gasped. And it had been going so well.

Postby Alexandra on Sun Sep 07, 2014 12:14 am

Angel watched as Taylor went staggering away, a chill running through her as the blonde stumbled across the ring. Just like that, she had flipped the table around, and she was far from being done. Taylor may have thought she only had a few seconds, but Angel wasn't going to let her have any if she could help it.

With a roar passing through her lips, Angel took off across the ring towards her, heading straight towards the blonde as fast as she could move. Not as quick as she'd usually be, of course, but the Latina still forced herself to move. As she approached Taylor, she suddenly thrust her leg up towards her, throwing another kick towards the blonde, this time a stiff, sharp kick, aimed right for her midsection as she hung there from the ropes.
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Postby Bluemouse on Sun Sep 07, 2014 12:53 am

Taylor's eyes gradually focused on the incoming Angel. She tucked her elbows down together to protect her midsection with her forearms, but when Angel's kick slammed into her it rocked her back against the ropes and drove the air out of her.

Holy fuck, she thought, as she gasped in a breath. Don't let her keep doing that.

She shoved off the ropes and reached out to clasp her hands behind Angel's head and yank her into a rough headbutt.

Postby Alexandra on Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:05 am

It felt good to kick Taylor. In fact, after the beating she had suffered so far? It felt damn good to Angel to be able kick Taylor around.

She started to back off from the blonde, ready to wind up for another kick, but then in came Taylor, grabbing her behind her head. Before she could even think of reacting, she was yanked in, wincing sharply as Taylor's head slammed against her own. Her head snapped back from the impact, and for the moment, the Latina was left in a brief daze, her vision swirling before her.

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker Empty Re: AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:06 am

Postby Bluemouse on Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:12 am

"HAAAAAAA!" Taylor's feral scream punctuated the impact of the headbutt. It hurt her aching head and did nothing good for the stars in her vision, but if nothing else, she had a hard head. Harder than Angel's face, anyway.

She pressed forward, stayed on the attack. Unable to think of anything fancier in the moment, she snagged Angel by the hair as she staggered back and yanked her back in, rearing back before bashing her forehead into the girl's face for a second time.

Postby Alexandra on Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:18 am

The sound of Taylor's scream sent a shiver through Angel, the Latina blinking her eyes quickly to try and clear her vision. Her head ached, and she knew that the relentless Taylor would soon have a followup for her.

Then suddenly it came. The painful feel of Taylor gripping at her hair, pulling her right back in towards her. For a second time, Angel was smashed by a headbutt, and this one felt even worse, the pain from the first one multiplying as the second made it's impact. Once again Angel's head reeled back, and the Latina started to stagger away again, inwardly cursing herself for letting Taylor pick the advantage back up.

Postby Bluemouse on Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:45 am

The clash of their heads hurt Taylor, but not as much as it did Angel. She shoved Angel with both hands to keep her moving back, and threw herself forward, off-balance but undeterred. She leapt at her, throwing up a knee like a battering ram to punch a hole through Angel's chest.

Taylor needed a moment to get her head together and stop the room from spinning, but she'd get that when Angel was on her back wondering what hit her.

Postby Alexandra on Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:51 am

The world was a blur for the champion, her head ringing from the dual impacts of skull against skull. She needed a moment to get her head straight as well, but of course Taylor wasn't going to give it to her. She kept stumbling back as Taylor shoved at her, and then up came that knee.

"Gyuuuh!" Angel's cry was sharp as Taylor's blow struck the center of her chest, forcing the air from her lungs. She was already off-balanced enough that the knee was more then enough to drop her back down to the mat, forcing her onto her back once more. Her chest heaved as she struggled to suck in air, trying to fill her lungs again.

Postby Bluemouse on Sun Sep 07, 2014 2:04 am

Taylor's fists clenched and her eyes blazed fiercely, standing over the fallen champion. She drew a heavy breath, and threw her fists high up in the air with another ferocious scream, returned by the roaring crowd. She could feel the excitement in her chest, from manhandling the champ the way she had. It was almost too good to be true, and she was thrilled to be giving such a performance in the biggest match of her career, especially one dedicated to her dad. She couldn't just win, she had to win big. She had to be sure that he would've been proud.

She shook her head to clear it, and had the presence of mind to skip the springboard this time. She was doing so well keeping her hands on Angel, that she decided to go in for more, and as she stepped over the champ she bent to grab two handfuls of her short, white hair and began dragging her to her feet where she could keep beating her to a pulp.

Postby Tatyina on Sun Sep 07, 2014 2:06 am

Junko had been feeling good. Taylor had been kickign the champ's butt pretty well and was even attacking Angel's deadliest weapon head on. She wasn't very fond of the headbutts and muttered a small "baka..." under her breath. Taylor was fond of them but any move that also injured yourself, no matter WHAT it did to the other person was a BAD move in Junko's eyes. Still, she continued to pound the mat and cheer Taylor on.

"Go, Taylor-san! Keep up the pressure!"

Postby Alexandra on Sun Sep 07, 2014 2:15 am

Angel lay at Taylor's feet, her eyes closed as she tried to focus, tried to ignore her headache and focus her thoughts, focus her energy. So far, Taylor had been every bit as dangerous as she thought she would be, and perhaps even a bit more. She needed to get her head in the game and needed to show that she wasn't all talk, but after those headbutts it was so hard, a dull, pounding pain pulsing through her head.

At the sound of Taylor's scream though, Angel slowly began to open her eyes, looking upwards above her. There was Taylor again, standing over her, screaming at the crowd. That was the goal. That was what she needed to end. She needed to shut Taylor up and do to her what she had done to Angel. The sight of Taylor, the roar of the was more then enough to remind Angel of what she needed to do, of who she was. She was the champion, dammit. She had sacrificed so much to get this far, and she couldn't, she wouldn't let some brat like Taylor take it from her.

She winced again though, as the blonde suddenly leaned down, grabbing her by the hair. Always with the hair, it seemed. The feeling of her hair being yanked on only compounded the pain from her headache, but Angel couldn't afford to dwell on that.

As Taylor began yanking her upwards, dragging her to her feet, Angel let out a scream of her own, full of fury, of rage. In sheer desperation to stop Taylor from continuing her assault, she drew back her arm, suddenly driving a stiff straight punch directly towards Taylor's stomach.

Postby Bluemouse on Sun Sep 07, 2014 2:28 am

"You've had this coming for a long time, Angel," Taylor growled near the girl's ear as she dragged her up. "I've had this coming for- UMPH!"

Taylor doubled over as Angel's punch smashed into her gut and knocked the wind out of her. She retaliated quickly, not allowing herself a moment to nurse the wound, and raised an arm and clubbed her forearm down across the back of Angel's neck. She let go of her hair and stumbled back a step, one hand on her flat stomach while she drew a breath.

Postby Alexandra on Sun Sep 07, 2014 2:55 am

Any satisfaction that Angel could have had from shutting Taylor up was erased by the girl's arm striking at the back of her neck. Down to her knees and hands the Latina fell, but she didn't remain like that for long. She had to press any advantage she could, and even if it was reckless, she had to take that chance. She quickly scrambled back up again, throwing herself towards Taylor as she rose. No time for anything fancy. No time for anything subtle. She had to strike fast and hard.

She moved in straight towards the blonde, and as she rose she aimed her shoulder straight towards Taylor's midsection, trying to ram into her and tackle the girl down onto the mat.

Postby Bluemouse on Sun Sep 07, 2014 12:11 pm

Taylor cocked her left fist back and timed Angel's approach. She could put her down for good with one well placed shot. She put everything into winging a hard overhand left at Angel's chin, but then Angel ducked.

"Aagh!" Angel's shoulder collided with Taylor's ribs and sent both of them crashing down to the mat. Taylor took a heavy landing and winced, bared her teeth at the pain, and quickly wrapped her legs around Angel's waist.

"How romantic..." She growled, and reached to wrap her arms around Angel's head and shoulder to pull her down tight against her, to keep her from getting any ideas about what to do next. Stay calm, she reminded herself. Be patient.

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker Empty Re: AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:07 am

Postby Alexandra on Sun Sep 07, 2014 8:12 pm

Angel landed neatly atop of Taylor after her tackle, and though she was ready to get up and try to mount the blonde, Taylor's legs crept up, wrapping themselves tight around her waist.

"Already told you,'re not my type," Angel muttered, growling as she felt her foe's arms wrapping around her. She couldn't strike at Taylor's head like she had originally planned, but she still had an option. She bent one of her arms upwards, balling her hand into a tight fist. Then, she simply tried to ram it to the side, trying to strike it against Taylor's ribs. She couldn't do much else, wrapped up in Taylor's embrace like this, but if the blonde wanted to waste her energy keeping her restrained, then Angel was more then happy to let her.

Postby Bluemouse on Sun Sep 07, 2014 8:42 pm

Taylor calmly kept her hands clasped behind Angel and held her tightly down against her, drawing long, measured breaths.


Cassie always made this look so easy. She tried to imagine what Cassie would do, but fighting from her back was not Taylor's strong point. She kept coming up with Cassie being on her back, and then yadda yadda something amazing happens. She scowled, and braced herself to eat Angel's short punches to her ribs. She had to do something.

She stayed focused, but she could always talk while she worked out her next move. "Was Nikolette your type?" She whispered in Angel's ear.

Postby Alexandra on Sun Sep 07, 2014 9:24 pm

Angel paused her punching for a brief moment, her reply to Taylor quick and effortless, her voice a hushed whisper. "Nah. Akashi's more my type, you know? It's fun seeing how loud I can make the sumo squeal!"

Once the words had left her mouth, Angel pulled back her fist again, and started to drive it into Taylor again, pounding her ribs as hard as she could. She didn't mind being 'trapped' in this position, not when it meant she could hammer at Taylor's body so easily!

Postby Bluemouse on Sun Sep 07, 2014 11:13 pm

"Damn," Taylor hissed, gritting her teeth while Angel resumed pounding away with her short punches. "No one's ever talked shit about- erk! Akashi to get at me before."

Fuck this fake-ass piece of shit, Taylor wasn't just going to lie there and take this. It wasn't the crack about Akashi that bothered her, it's that she didn't actually give a shit about Nikolette. She was all talk.

Taylor timed Angel's next punch, and when she pulled her fist back Taylor shot an arm down under Angel's shoulder. She wrapped her other arm over the shoulder and clasped her hands to yank Angel down, kicked against the mat to twist her body to the side, and threw up a leg to try to hook Angel's head so that she could shove her onto her back and into an armbar. It was not as fast or as clean as Cassie's, but it might show Angel that Taylor was never helpless.

Postby Alexandra on Sun Sep 07, 2014 11:35 pm

"It's not talking shit if it's true, chica!" Angel whispered back at Taylor, unrelenting with her punches, pounding at her again and again, with as much strength as she could muster from that position. She let out a soft gasp, acting as if she was surprised, before she continued. "Or did the sumo forget to mention how much we've been hanging out together lately, hmm?"

She could tell from Taylor's hiss, from the sound of her voice, that her punches were having at least some effect, and really, that was all she needed to know. She pulled back her arm again, ready to fire off another blow towards Taylor, only to be caught by surprise as the blonde finally shifted her position, snagging Angel's arm and pulling her to the side, right into the armbar.

To her credit though, Angel was quick to react as Taylor rolled her into the armbar. As her arm was snagged, the Latina began to pull it back towards herself, giving her arm a sharp, sudden yank attempting to not only jerk it out of Taylor's grip, but to twist her body away from the blonde, trying to roll to the side away from her.
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Postby Bluemouse on Mon Sep 08, 2014 12:27 am

Taylor scowled as Angel's arm slipped out of her hands before she could lock in the hold. She kicked her legs up and rolled back over her shoulder and back to her feet, with some space between herself and Angel.

"Good for you..." She said. So what if she was... involved with Akashi. Akashi slept with everyone, that was no big secret. But why would Akashi not have told her?

She shook her head and paced along to the ropes. She had to keep her head together. No distractions. This was what Junko warned her about. She couldn't let Angel get in her head. This was too important.

"Maybe you want to talk shit about my dad, while you're at it?" She spat, and sprung at Angel. She ran at full speed and leapt up high, throwing her knee up and aiming this time to smash Angel in the chin. That would shut her up.

Postby Alexandra on Mon Sep 08, 2014 12:44 am

Angel quickly rolled away from Taylor, once she felt her arm fully snap free from her grip, and pushed up to her hands and knees. She whipped her head around towards the blonde, watching her carefully as she rose up to her feet. This was it. She could slow feeling the tides shifting in her favor. She could tell that Taylor was growing more annoyed, and that was good. She could use that. She just had to be careful and not lower her guard again.

"Oh, I would, chica, but unlike some people, I don't talk shit about people's families," she fired right back at her, the words barely leaving her mouth before Taylor came darting across the ring towards her. There was that speed again, that horrible speed that Taylor had used to bring so many people down.

Not this time, though.

As soon as Taylor drew closer and leaped through the air towards her, Angel threw herself to the side, letting her instincts take over and just narrowing getting out of the way before that knee could hit her. "Too slow!" she shouted angrily at Taylor, twisting back around to face the blonde, letting her unhurt leg cut through the air again as she swung it suddenly towards Taylor, another kick whistling towards her. One hit, that's all she needed. She didn't care where, she just needed one big, solid hit to keep Taylor from building any more momentum.

Postby Bluemouse on Mon Sep 08, 2014 1:01 am


Angel's shin slammed into Taylor's stomach while she was still in midair. She dropped for a rough landing on her hands and knees, and even then she didn't stop moving. She scrambled forward, one hand on her stomach, until she got her feet under her. Without full turning to face her, Taylor took a shuffle step back toward Angel and thrust at her with a very hasty, but very pretty, high sidekick, aimed for her face.

Postby Alexandra on Mon Sep 08, 2014 7:31 am

"What's wrong, Sparkles?" Angel crowed at the blonde, watching her scramble away. "No cocky lil' insults left for me?" She was ready, her body rigid, ready to explode in reaction to whatever Taylor had next for her. This was her moment, the big chance to turn it around, and she wasn't going to waste it.

So when Taylor's leg suddenly shot up, snapping towards her, the Latina did just that. She exploded, her arms suddenly flying upwards, just barely in time to catch Taylor's kick. "I don't think so, chica!" she shouted again at her, suddenly giving her leg a sharp twist inwards, trying to bring Taylor back down to the mat with a quick dragon screw. "You're too slow again!"

Postby Bluemouse on Mon Sep 08, 2014 11:27 am

"Gaaaah!" Taylor tried to give with the dragon screw to save her leg, with a pained and frustrated cry. She hit the mat and immediately tucked her legs under her to get back up, and found a sharp pain in her knee, the one Angel had just torqued was the same one she had hyperextended earlier with a kick. Her first hasty attempt to get up just saw her leg wobble, but she carried more weight on her other leg and was on her feet.

Of all the things Taylor had ever been called, and there were a lot, too slow was total fucking bullshit. Fuck this bitch!

"You dirty fucking cocksucker," she snarled, and then immediately hoped the ring microphones hadn't picked that up. She flexed her knee and planted her feet before throwing herself at Angel again, swinging her left arm out in a broad arc aimed for the champ's neck for a heavy clothesline.

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker Empty Re: AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:08 am

Postby Alexandra on Mon Sep 08, 2014 8:43 pm

Angel backed off from from Taylor, letting her try to get up. She didn't mind biding her time, waiting for the right moment to launch back into an attack, especially given that she seemed to have finally cracked the blonde's shell. The blonde seemed legit pissed now, and Angel was more then willing to try and turn that anger against her.

As Taylor lunged at her with the clothesline, the Latina dashed forward, ducking under her arm and coming up behind her. She whirled around to face Taylor again, adopting an expression of mock surprise, raising a hand to her mouth. "Such language, Miss Parker!" she mockingly cried out towards her. "Do you really use that kind of language in front of your mother?" She grinned, taking a step back from Taylor, gesturing with both hands for her to bring it on again. "But maybe you should try again. Maybe this time you can catch me!"

Postby Bluemouse on Mon Sep 08, 2014 9:06 pm

"Rrrrrraaah!" Taylor shouted in frustration. She clenched her fists until her knuckles were white and spun to face Angel again, holding herself in a low half-crouch with her hands ready in front of her. She had built up such an early lead, and now she felt it slipping away from her while this smug bitch talked shit about her!

This time she had nothing to say. Without another moment of hesitation, she stepped in low, crouching down before springing up high and kicking her boots out at Angel's upper chest in a trademark dropkick.

Postby Tatyina on Mon Sep 08, 2014 9:43 pm

Junko could see Angel starting to get inside of Taylor's head. It was exactly what she told Taylor NOT to do! Junko began to pace back along the apron until she could take no more and pounded the ring.

"Dammit, Taylor! Clear your HEAD!"

Postby Alexandra on Mon Sep 08, 2014 9:48 pm

"Calm down, chica!" Angel called to Taylor, staying in a ready, defensive position. Her grin only grew wider, the Latina taking a slow step backwards as Taylor turned her way. "You look like you're going to bust a vein or something!"

When Taylor jumped up for her dropkick, Angel started to shuffle back from her, but she was just a bit too late. She hadn't been expecting a dropkick of all things, not with how angry it seemed Taylor was getting, and so the blonde was able to actually make contact with her. Her boots slammed into Angel's chest, and the Latina went stumbling backwards, ending up leaning against the ropes, her arms stretched over the top of them. She briefly winced, scowling from the feeling of the attack, before suddenly tilting her head back, letting out a short, soft laugh.

"Was that it, chica?" she asked, turning her gaze back towards the blonde. "You're getting this mad, but all you can do is a damn dropkick? I thought you were going to put me in my place tonight!" She shook her head, staying leaning against the ropes, her breath having grown slightly quicker. "From what I can tell, it looks like the wind of Kamikaze is really just the hot air of Kamikaze, because chica, that's all you're filled with..."

Postby Bluemouse on Mon Sep 08, 2014 10:23 pm

Taylor shoved back to her feet. She heard Junko in the back of her mind and scowled. She was in control, goddammit. But she needed to be in control of Angel.

"Yeah, okay, Betty White," she said with a sassy toss of her bangs. "Let's rewind the tape a couple minutes to where I had you screaming, huh? How many dropkicks you think you can take?"

And with that, she was on the attack again, rapidly closing the distance and looking high, taking her two-step approach for another dropkick, but this time it went much lower. She jumped only high enough to kick both boots out at Angel's knees.

Postby Alexandra on Mon Sep 08, 2014 10:57 pm

"As many as you can give me," Angel replied, raising her arms up as Taylor looked high towards her.

Perhaps she should have been paying more attention lower though, because she wasn't expecting Taylor to aim at her knees again. The blonde's boots slammed into her knees, and Angel cried out, her face twisting around as she felt a sharp, stinging rush of pain run through her previously hurt leg. She jerked against the ropes, her arms over the top the only thing keeping from her from dropping to the canvas.

Stupid. Should have known better, dammit, she berated herself, hissing softly at the feeling running through that limb. She hung from the ropes for a moment, her legs kicked out from under her, then scrambled to get back on her feet, lifting her arms off the ropes, trying to get back into a defensive position before Taylor came at her again.

Postby Bluemouse on Mon Sep 08, 2014 11:05 pm

Taylor flashed a cocky grin up at Angel, and then grabbed the top rope and vaulted over it, her body turning sideways in the air. She landed on the apron and reached over Angel's head to grab her face, her fingers curling under her chin and her palm on her nose. She yanked to bend the girl back over the top and raised her other arm in the air before clubbing it down on Angel's chest.

Postby Alexandra on Mon Sep 08, 2014 11:12 pm

Angel barely had time to get herself off the ropes, before Taylor came vaulting by her, snagging her head neatly from behind. A sharp cry passed the Latina's lips as she was bent back, and then another as Taylor's arm smashed straight down onto her chest.

Her body jerked from the blow, and Angel went staggering forwards, her hands sliding up to hold her chest as she uttered a few choice curses under her breath.

Postby Bluemouse on Mon Sep 08, 2014 11:15 pm

Taylor put a hand on her hip and leaned down to cutely wave bye-bye as Angel staggered away. "Just tell me when to stop, Chica!" She shouted, and grabbed the top rope. She jumped up to plant both feet on the rope, and sprung off, flying through the air directly at Angel, her knees coiled to her chest before she kicked out with another explosive dropkick aimed to totally demolish Angel.

Postby Alexandra on Mon Sep 08, 2014 11:53 pm

The sound of Taylor's voice caught Angel's ears, and the Latina turned back to her, just in time to see the blonde jumping onto the top rope and vaulting herself through the air towards her. She knew what was coming, of course, given how well Taylor was telegraphing it, but she was going to do her best to stop her.

As Taylor sailed towards her, Angel rushed back at the challenger, hoping she could be quicker on the draw then the blonde. Up came Angel's leg, exploding towards Taylor with her Angel's Kiss superkick, the champion trying to nail her before she could thrust out her legs into her dropkick.

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker Empty Re: AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:12 am

Postby Bluemouse on Tue Sep 09, 2014 12:21 am

Taylor's night suddenly took a turn for the worst.

While she fell almost without a sound, beyond the smack of Angel's heel against her face, the crowd filled the arena with a frenzied roar. Taylor landed heavily on her side and slumped onto her stomach, her head turned to the side as her face pressed into the mat, eyes closed and mouth slightly open, pigtails strewn about her, wearing a far-off look of pain. One leg slowly bent up to the side, her knee pad sliding against the mat like her body instinctively wanted to get up, but even while the rest of her body was willing, her brain had all but shut off. Her hand found it's way up to cover her face and a small groan escaped her, and she remained flat on her stomach.

Postby Alexandra on Tue Sep 09, 2014 12:52 am

No more games, no more childish insults. Taylor was down, and Angel stood tall over her, a wild look on her face, ready to take advantage of the situation. She didn't need anything too fancy, or anything too showy. She just needed to hurt Taylor, to keep her from getting back up and making a comeback over the Latina again.

She had just the thing in mind, too.

She stepped towards Taylor and dropped down towards her, planting both of her knees against Taylor's back. Then, each of her arms snaked down towards her, one of them slipping under Taylor's neck, the other arm moving under her legs. Once she had felt that her arms were in place, Angel then began to roll backwards, onto her back, trying to lift Taylor upwards, trying to suspend her over her knees with a simple bow-and-arrow hold.

She held no illusions about Taylor submitting to her, of course. Not yet anyway. She just needed to wear her down more.

Postby Bluemouse on Tue Sep 09, 2014 1:33 am

"Ah..." Taylor moaned as Angel put her hands on her, pulling her into place for...


Taylor clutched at the hand on her chin while Angel bent her body back like a bow. Her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth opened slightly. She didn't have a chance to resist until it was too late, and now she was stuck, and she could do nothing but endure the pain and wait Angel out. Her abs flexed tightly to resist the hold, and the opened and closed her fists while she stubbornly resisted. Angel couldn't keep it up forever.


Postby Alexandra on Tue Sep 09, 2014 1:55 am

Angel tugged down on Taylor's body, a determined look on her face as she pulled on the woman's body with as much strength as she could muster, trying to bend her further. While it was true that she couldn't keep it up forever, she knew she didn't need to. She just had to keep her restrained long enough to work her over, just enough to wear her body down.

The problem was, Angel's one leg was still hurting, it's knee in particular still stinging and biting at her. Pulling Taylor down over her knees like this wasn't exactly helping her own situation much. She could bear it though, for now at least. If it started to bother her too much, then she would break up her hold.

At the sound of Taylor's cries, Angel gave her a reply by suddenly jerking down on her, yelling up at the pigtailed punk. "Give up!" she snarled, knowing that Taylor wouldn't but all the same wanting to assert her dominance over her. "Just give up, chica!"

Postby Bluemouse on Tue Sep 09, 2014 2:06 am

Taylor's eyelids opened just enough that she could roll her eyes. "Yeah, okay," she managed to say, her voice strained as her neck was stretched back. "Lemme just tap out real quick."

The ref, little miss Janie-on-the-spot, was quick to ask "Taylor, do you give up?"


She tried her best to settle down. Calm her nerves. Get her wits about her after having her brain scrambled by Angel's foot. She tried to use as little energy as she could resisting Angel's efforts to fold her in half so that when she did get free, she could go right back to kicking her ass. While one hand still pried at Angel's hand on her chin, she raised her other hand over her shoulder, the back of it facing Angel, and gave her a nice middle finger to show her what she thought of her stupid bow and arrow hold.

Postby Alexandra on Tue Sep 09, 2014 2:24 am

Again with the middle finger. Angel snarled again at the sight, giving Taylor's body another sharp, sudden jerk, her arms pulling her down as hard as she could, trying to bend Taylor as far into a perfect C-shape as she could.

But, between the aching in her knee, and Taylor's hand annoyingly trying to pry at her grip, she knew she couldn't keep up the bow-and-arrow for much longer. She held Taylor in place for a moment more, then suddenly loosened her grip. At the same time, she let her legs explode upwards, trying to send Taylor flying off of her knees, tossing the blonde to the side. She sat up quick afterwards, rising to her feet but leaning down to rub slowly at her knee.

"I'm glad you didn't," she muttered, moving back in towards her foe. "I almost want to drag your ass-kicking out and make you really suffer..."

Postby Bluemouse on Tue Sep 09, 2014 9:49 am

"Yeah, I bet," Taylor grumbled back. "But careful, your family just heard you say that."

She was slower to get up than she would've liked, still dizzy, her head pounding. She rolled from her back to all fours and tucking her feet under her, ready to spring at her opponent. She glared at Angel. There was no way she was going to take this from her. That title was hers.

"Personally, I'm just gonna pin you and call it a night."

She took no time to recover and clear her head, and instead unged at the champ, both hands coming up to slap on a tight collar and elbow tie, pushing with her legs to drive Angel back.

Postby Alexandra on Tue Sep 09, 2014 9:13 pm

Taylor's slower movement as she rose was noticeable. It was obvious to Angel, and it made the Latina crack a small, slight grin. She held her ground, and as soon as Taylor rushed her, going for the tie up, Angel lifted her arms to meet her. She braced herself, looking Taylor right in the eyes as they met.

"I don't think so," she whispered, then suddenly released an aggressive roar from deep within herself. The muscles in her arms flexed, as she began to push back against Taylor, putting everything she had into the lock up, trying to push the blonde backwards instead, intending to drive her towards the corner of the ring.
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Postby Bluemouse on Wed Sep 10, 2014 12:00 am
Taylor tried to push back against Angel, but her balance was off, and when she planted her feet her rear knee buckled and she found herself backpedaling across the ring.

She hastily checked over her shoulder and braced for the impact. "Ungh!" She grunted as her back was slammed hard into the turnbuckles, shaking the ropes. She quickly picked up her feet and planted them in Angel's hips before kicking as hard as she could to shove Angel off.

Postby Alexandra on Wed Sep 10, 2014 12:30 am

Angel pushed hard, shoving Taylor as roughly as she could back into the corner. She pulled her arms back, ready to just starting mauling the girl while she was trapped there, but then up came the challenger's legs, forcing Angel away from her. She took a few steps back, the Latina thrown off of her balance for a moment. but she quickly righted herself and went lunging back in towards Taylor. This wasn't an opportunity she wanted to lose!

In she came, rushing back towards the blonde, her knee shooting up straight towards Taylor's stomach, Angel trying to drive it fast and hard right into her gut.

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker Empty Re: AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:12 am

Postby Bluemouse on Wed Sep 10, 2014 12:52 am

Taylor knew she couldn't let this one get away. She put her arms over the top ropes and started to pull her legs up for a headscissors takedown, but she wasn't fast enough. Angel's knee slammed into her stomach so hard it felt like she had been hit by a car.

"Hnnnnnng!" Taylor dropped to her knees, both arms wrapped around her midsection. She pried open one eye to peer up at Angel and tried to get up, but her body just wouldn't respond.

Postby Alexandra on Wed Sep 10, 2014 1:04 am

It felt good to watch Taylor go down like that, dropping down before her, Angel thought, wasting no time at all with her next move. As Taylor dropped to her knees, Angel reached forwards, grabbing each of her pigtails in her hands, clutching them tightly in her grip.

Then, without missing a beat, she gave them a quick jerk forward, bringing up her knee at the same time, trying to smash Taylor's face right into it. Nothing fancy, just an efficient, swift blow.

Postby Bluemouse on Wed Sep 10, 2014 1:15 am

"Huff... hnng..."

Taylor had to force herself to pry her hands away from her midsection as Angel pulled her up by the hair. She wanted to lie down and wretch, but that wouldn't stop Angel from killing her. She barely put her arms up between her face and Angel's knee, but it hardly helped. The shot still knocked her on her butt and left her seeing stars.

Postby Alexandra on Wed Sep 10, 2014 1:53 am

Angel let go of Taylor's pigtails as her knee made contact with the girl's face, letting her drop down onto her bottom. Almost as soon as Taylor dropped down, though, Angel leaned back in towards her, grabbing her pigtails once more, giving them a tug to jerk Taylor back up onto her feet. Relentlessness, that was the key. Keep up her attack so that Taylor didn't get the chance to flip things around again.

Once she had Taylor on her feet again, the Latina grabbed at her shoulders to spin her away from herself. Her arms then slid down, moving to wrap around Taylor's waist, trying to pull her close against her body. "Hey chica," she started to whisper, her words quick as she spoke. "Do you remember the first time we fought each other?"

As soon as those words left her mouth, Angel suddenly tried to haul Taylor off of her feet, trying lift the blonde up and through the air, attempting to bring her back down towards the mat and into the canvas with a big German suplex!

Postby Bluemouse on Wed Sep 10, 2014 2:08 am

"Ah!" Taylor cried out, and her hand clutched at Angel's as she was painfully dragged up to her feet. The next thing she knew, Angel was behind her, holding her tight.

She heard the words. In the moment, she couldn't even begin to remember the beginning of this match, let alone one from years past.

She tried to shove Angel's hands down to weaken her leverage, but then her feet were off the mat. She kicked her legs in a futile attempt to get down, but Angel brought her up and over for the suplex and planted her shoulders on the mat with a heavy, ring-rattling crack.

"Ooohhhhhhhhhh!" The crowd unanimously voiced a mixture of sympathy and exhilaration.

Taylor laid flat on her back, spreadeagled, staring up at the lights. Her lead in the match was a distant memory now. She tried to think of what had happened, but her head was still foggy from Angel's brutal superkick, and the knee that followed, and the German suplex...

Her body stubbornly refused to quit, and she slowly rolled over onto her stomach where she was able to push up onto all fours.

Postby Alexandra on Wed Sep 10, 2014 2:24 am

Angel snapped up into a sitting position after slamming Taylor down, an excited look crossing her face, her cocky grin spreading wide once more. That felt good. No matter how many times she slammed someone down with the German, it never stopped feeling awesome to her. And to do it to Taylor, after listening to her run her mouth for so long? After getting her butt handed to her at the start of the fight? Simply amazing.

Angel sat there, taking a few seconds to rest, just a few. Her chest heaved up and down, sweat dripping down her body and her breath a bit heavy, but she was ready to keep going, to keep bringing the pain to Taylor. She started to stand, turning to face the blonde once more. She didn't mind seeing Taylor up on her hands and knees, in fact, it was just the perfect position for Angel to continue her attack.

She turned to the side, taking off in a run towards the ropes. Her run wasn't as quick as it had been earlier, Angel's knee still aggravating her, but she forced herself to keep moving, hitting the ropes and rebounding back towards Taylor again. As she approached her, she hopped up, the Latina extending her legs outwards, falling towards Taylor with a leg drop, aimed right for the back of her neck.

Postby Bluemouse on Wed Sep 10, 2014 2:32 am

Taylor was a mess. She could get over the pain, and once her body started to move again she'd be right back at it. But her mind was a churning, dizzy disaster. She kept asking herself what went wrong? What happened? She could hardly remember the beginning of the match. She just remembered getting kicked in the face. But this was her big moment, her biggest one, and she had even brought her dad into it. The name Thomas Parker was oddly fitting, given how synonymous it had been with failure...

She was interrupted by Angel's leg crashing into the back of her head, dropping her down and smashing her face into the mat. She groaned, and put a hand to her already battered face. The pain was blinding, overwhelming, and every time Angel hit her there it only got worse.

Postby Alexandra on Wed Sep 10, 2014 2:56 am

Once her leg slammed into Taylor, forcing her back down to the mat, Angel remained in a sitting position near her, her eyes lit up with an eager fire. She had her now. Taylor was right where she wanted her.

The Latina leaned forward, just enough to snag Taylor by one of her pigtails yet again, lifting her head off of the mat. At the same time, she shifted her body towards the side, splitting her legs apart. She moved her legs towards Taylor's head, giving her a jerk to try and pull her head in-between her thighs, trying to close them around her. She was going for a headscissors hold, attempting to clamp Taylor tightly in-between her legs. She didn't think Taylor would give up here, of course, but she was in the perfect position to start squeezing the hell out of her, and that was an opportunity she wasn't going to let escape.
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Postby Bluemouse on Wed Sep 10, 2014 9:43 am

Taylor shook her head back and forth to try to shake Angel's grip on her pigtail. As the champ maneuvered into position to wrap her legs around Taylor's neck, Taylor suddenly swatted Angel's arm away to painfully get her off her hair, and lunged forward so that she was laying on top of Angel and between her legs. She reared up, and with a frenzied scream, began swinging with rapid left and right palm strikes, battering Angel's head back and forth.

She remembered very vividly the last time someone like Angel put her in a headscissors, and she didn't like the result. Natalia had knocked Taylor out with one to win the second fall of the first Entropy title match, at Avalanche, three years before.


Postby Alexandra on Wed Sep 10, 2014 6:02 pm

Taken by surprise, Angel's eyes went wide as Taylor screamed out, throwing herself onto the Latina. The sudden outburst was unexpected, and Angel soon found herself getting knocked around by Taylor's wild, rapid strikes. Her head jerked back and forth, each of the rapid hits causing her already aching head to feel worse and worse. Desperately, she threw her arms up, trying to raise a defense against Taylor's assault, trying to defend her head from those strikes.

Taylor had made one mistake though, and Angel was going to take advantage of it. The blonde was still between her legs, and even if she couldn't get the headscissors she had wanted, Angel still had her where she wanted her. She raised up her legs, trying to wrap them around Taylor's waist, trying to begin crushing her with a bodyscissors hold.

It was hard to concentrate on it though, with the girl beating her head around. She could only hope that her scissors would help stop Taylor's own attack.

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker Empty Re: AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:12 am

Postby Bluemouse on Wed Sep 10, 2014 9:42 pm

Taylor's barrage was cut short when Angel's powerful legs constricted around her ribs and began crushing the air out of her.

"Hnng... Ghk..."

She was down on her knees with her legs apart and bounced slightly up and down, sitting on her ankles. She bit her bottom lip as her face contorted in pain, and dug her elbows down into Angel's thighs for some kind of relief. But that wouldn't do. She still struggled to get any breath at all, never mind the pain.

"Hah... Nnh..."

Her hands shot out and wrapped around behind Angel's head. She pulled back as hard as she could, forcing Angel's chin into her chest and folding her up like she was prying open a can, making it more and more difficult for her to squeeze with her legs. Her lithe, sweat-glazed arms strained and shook with the effort.

She pulled in first one foot, then the other, until she was standing on the mat, bent over on top of Angel. With an unrestrained growl, she heaved Angel up off the mat, got her several feet in the air, and fell forward, slamming Angel down on her upper back with Taylor's own weight following after her.

Postby Alexandra on Wed Sep 10, 2014 9:57 pm

Angel's grimaced behind her arms, squeezing Taylor as hard as she could within her thighs. There was no way in hell she was letting Taylor get control of this match again, not after she had fought so hard to turn things around. She put every ounce of strength she could into constricting her legs around the blonde, hoping that Taylor was too tired to stop her, hoping that she actually still had the strength to do it. It had been a long, damn hard match, and she could feel her energy reserves dropping, but she couldn't stop now, not with everything riding on her winning this.

She was so focused on trying to crush Taylor, that she barely even noticed when the punk's hands shot down and grabbed her behind her head. Before she knew it, the Latina felt herself pulled up, her body folding up against Taylor's chest. She cursed under her breath, feeling the grip of her legs loosening, finding it too hard to squeeze the blonde in this position.

She reached up with her own arms, trying to get her hands up to push back against Taylor, to try and free herself from her awkward position, but Taylor had too tight of a grip on her. She strained and push and strained some more, but she just couldn't break the blonde's hold.

Slowly but surely, she felt Taylor lifting her up into the air, and she knew what was coming. She closed her eyes tight, bracing herself for the impact, and then...


Angel's body shook as Taylor slammed her back down onto the mat, her legs finally, completely unwrapping from her. Her arms fell down beside her, and her head rolled to the side. With half-closed eyes, the Latina let out a weak moan, slowly shifting and squirming in pain beneath the blonde.

Postby Bluemouse on Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:10 pm

"WHATYA GOT TO SAY NOW?!" Taylor screamed in Angel's face.

Her chest heaved as she drew deep, heavy breaths. The sweat on her skin shone under the lights like the material of her skin-tight suit. Her golden pigtails were tangled, and her long bangs stuck to her forehead. There was exhaustion on her face, but determination still blazed in her indigo eyes as she worked her way back up to her feet.

She looked out over the crowd and pointed a finger to the ceiling, and the crowd roared. A couple walking steps turned into a full sprint to the ropes, and Taylor jumped, planted both feet on the top rope and sprung back, turning a gorgeous three-quarter back flip in the air. She landed on her front, hammering her boot-armored shins down into Angel's head and upper body.

Postby Alexandra on Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:24 pm

Angel barely stirred as Taylor screamed at her, the Latina looking as if she had died from the blonde's sudden slam. She had been riding high on adrenaline, on the thrill of finally getting in control of that match, but then just like that, it had all went slipping away. One relatively easy counter, and Taylor had taken the reigns of the match back away from her.

Angel lied there, groaning, barely moving as Taylor went dashing away from her. At least, she was barely moving until the girl flipped towards her, driving her shins straight down onto Angel's head and her chest. Her entire body jerked shuddered from the impact of the massive drop, the champion crying out once more, an agonized sound of pain forced from her lips. Her head was murdering her now, her eyes closed tighter. She knew she had to get back up, had to get back in the fight, but she just couldn't find the strength, waves of pain coursing through her skull, as she lay there helplessly before her suddenly reinvigorated opponent.

Postby Bluemouse on Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:30 pm

Taylor braced herself for the landing and caught herself on her elbows. The feeling of unloading all that force into Angel's relatively squishy body was all the encouragement she needed.

She threw herself over Angel, throwing one leg in between hers and hooking the other as she pressed her body tightly against the busty latina's. She pressed her forearm down against Angel's face, forcing her head to the side, and closed her eyes tight as the ref dropped into place to count, accompanied by the entire arena. There were butterflies in her stomach as she hoped against hope that Angel would just stay down long enough.


Postby Tatyina on Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:39 pm

Junko had been worried when Angel put the scissors on Taylor. She wondered if Taylor could endure especially after everything she had told Taylor ABOUT those legs. She was on edge and back to pacing again when Taylor suddenly reversed the attempt with a rather impressive feat of strength.

In the blink of an eye, the champ was down and Taylor had the pin. Junko froze in place and slapped her fists into the ring.

"TAYLOR!" She screamed, her voice cracking. She thought she should say something else, but what else WAS there to say except to raise her hands in the air to count along with the final two seconds of the match!

Postby Alexandra on Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:48 pm

Angel gave out a soft gasp, as Taylor threw herself onto her body, stirring gently beneath her. Up came her leg, and down came the referee's hand, not just once, but twice.


That sound, the sound of the referee's second count, her hand striking the mat for a second time, was all Angel needed to hear.

After everything she had been through, after everything she had fought against to get the title, it was about to escape from her. She was about to lose everything to Taylor, to this...this...this disrespectful little brat. This loud-mouthed punk that didn't know when to shut her mouth and show some damn respect. She couldn't lose here. Not to Taylor, not like this.

She wouldn't lose here.

Her eyes snapped open, her face contorting into an angry expression. She glanced to the side, just in time to see the referee's hand dropping down, for the third and final count. Before it could hit the mat though, Angel let out a loud, raging cry, bucking her body sharply upwards, trying to throw Taylor off of her and break the damn pin before it was too late.

Postby Bluemouse on Wed Sep 10, 2014 11:16 pm

Angel jerked beneath Taylor and broke the pin, and nearly broke Taylor's heart. She was SO CLOSE! Taylor got up on her knees and winced while the utter misery of her near-win washed over her, but this wasn't all. She wasn't done.

She flashed a lopsided grin to the crowd and wagged her finger in the air as she grabbed hold of Angel's hair and roughly yanked her up to a sitting position, and then picked up her wrist and lifted her up to her feet. She pointed down at the mat with her finger and stuck out her tongue, and slung Angel's arm around her neck. She crouched down and grabbed Angel's leg, and, breathing heavily, heaved to lift the champ up on her shoulders.

Postby Alexandra on Wed Sep 10, 2014 11:45 pm

Angel offered no resistance to Taylor as the blonde yanked her up off the mat, pulling her up to her feet. She was tired, she was damn tired, and didn't have the energy to waste trying to stop Taylor and then trying to get back up herself. In a way, she was thankful for the challenger 'helping' her back up into a standing position.

What she wasn't thankful for, was Taylor hefting her off of her feet, slowly lifting her up onto her shoulders. Between the blonde's grin and her waggling finger, Angel had a feeling she knew what was coming, and it wasn't going to be good. She couldn't afford to take another huge blow, not this late into the match, and especially not after such a close near-pin.

Once she was up and onto Taylor's shoulders, she started to wiggle and buck her body, trying to squirm out of Taylor's grip and down to the mat behind her. As she fell, she grabbed for Taylor's legs, trying to pull the blonde down, making a sneaky attempt to roll her up into a pinning position!

Postby Bluemouse on Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:00 am

Taylor was a few short seconds from putting Angel's head through the mat and taking her title, but her elation drained away as the girl's wriggling made her adjust her feet to keep her balance. She grimaced with the effort of keeping Angel up on her shoulders. She just needed to get her in place for a split second, and it would all be over.

And then Angel fell behind her, and before Taylor could turn to face her she was going over backwards. She flailed her arms and let out a surprised yelp before falling over Angel onto her back, her legs kicking in the air above her as the ref, and the entire crowd, began to count her.

"One! Two!"

Taylor kicked hard and straightened her whole body to throw Angel off and break the pin. She felt sick from another missed opportunity, and her body ached in a way that made going again seem almost insurmountable, but she was eternally stubborn and until the bell rang she wasn't going to stop.


From all fours she lunged at Angel, reaching her left arm across her body as she jumped up to deliver a sharp backhanded chop across Angel's chest.

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AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker Empty Re: AFW Friction Title Match: Angel vs Taylor Parker

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