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Femdom matches with smothers in mixed matches

Mon Jun 24, 2024 2:01 am by jdo_sss

If anyone has any female characters that needs more wins and uses moves like stinkface, breast smother etc let me know message me on discord thanks


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Mixed Match

Sat Jun 08, 2024 6:16 am by jdo_sss

Looking for an mixed match on this forum looking for my character mostly be smothered and dominated though you can message me here or on discord lilpeep44_6

NitroVitro- the display name on discord message me if interested

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Nayara Gariard X Daisuke Takeuchi: Mistakes (Complete Fight)

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Nayara Gariard X Daisuke Takeuchi: Mistakes (Complete Fight) Empty Nayara Gariard X Daisuke Takeuchi: Mistakes (Complete Fight)

Post by Giles_F_Ahrun Sat Oct 11, 2014 8:49 pm

This is the log of a match TeenWrestler and I seted up on Y!M two weeks ago more or less... It's said Nayara don't like to fight with men because of her past experiences in a mixed fight. But she had to bring up an exception with Daisuke as he dared to get the Brazilian Bombshell on her bad side... How this is going to end?

Nayara steps in the gym room, lookin around she finds she's alone in the big room. It suited her well since she enjoy the silence while she's training. The 6'0" tanned and tonned latin catwoman was wearing a black yoga pants along with a whie snuggy top allowing to exposed her defined and packed abs of her. she decides to head towards the heavy sand bag nearby and starts to train some high kicks on it.

Daisuke was in the mens locker room, having taken a quick shower to freshen up, he slipped into his gym wrestling attire hoping to find some good sparring opponents to crush in the ring. The wrestling prince slipped into his black Nike wrestling boxers, latex material and perfect fit around his waist while putting on his matching leather boots and lacing them up. "Well then, lets see what we have here" he said, leaving the locker room and heading out to the main gym hall. He was a bit disappointed to see no one in the ring but his eye caught someone busy trainning in the punching bag, " Heh, I guess that will do" he snarled, walking towards Nayara. "Well well well...look what we have here, a catgirl? shouldnt you be trainning for catfights?' he snarled at her, walking behind her with a grin on his face.

*Nayara hit the sang bag producing a loud bang echoing in the room before her ear flicks towards the source of the voice and turns around to face Daisuke. More than the insult, she don't seems pleased to meet up with a man there...
-...And who are you?

"Im the wrestling prince, wrestling royalty! I am Daisuke Takeuchi" he said with a confident grin, "And who are you?" he said with an unimpressed expression on his face as he raised his eyebrow. He started to flex his biceps and pecs, showing off his abs as well to intimidate his possible opponent. " Do you know how to wrestle? or are you just some side show wannabe?"

*Nayara don't looks impressed at all at Daisuke as he starts to flex his muscles to her. His attitude specially how the way he speaks to her, isn't helping much for Nayara to have a good impression about him. Not to mention the fact she dislikes most men....
-My name's Nayara (OOC: Pronounced ny-AHR-a not NAY-ara) Gariard... - She replied to him while she crosses her arms under her breasts. Not to trying to seduce him at all. - I'm a fighter here... - she replies coldly.

"Oooohh your a fighter here eh? I didnt know catgirls could actually wrestle, well you are probably a jobber. Im sure you cant give me a good challenge, I'll beat you without even breaking a sweat" he grinned as he looked to unnerve this woman. "After all....wrestling is a mans sport" he winked, Daisuke was more into wrestling than any erotic crap himself to notice her breasts and body

Nayara lowers her ears a bit and her eyes starts to burn slightly at Daisuke offenses. If her atlhetic body wasn't proof enough for him and how she kicks the sand bag as well.
-In my land there's a saying that tells "don't poke an ocelot with a short stick...". If you don't have any serious business with me, turn around, go away and ignore me. - she turns around showing her back to him. - That's for your own good. - and she resumes to hit the bag with her hard kicks.

Daisuke didnt quite like her response as he gritted his teeth in anger when Nayara choose to ignore him and went back into her trainning regime. "Really? I like to make things my business when Im interested" he said, bumping shoulders into her when she turned her back to him, " Im poking a stick at the ocelot alright, kitty cat." he sneered as he pointed to the ring. "How about you change into your wrestling gear and we'll see if you can talk the talk and actually WRESTLE" he snarled

Nayara landed a kick on the sandbag before she feels the arrogant human bumping his shoulder at her. Specially with him still offending her. She don't even answers him with her mouth. Altough he could hear a loud hiss coming from her. In the next instant, Nayara turns around and swings a closed fist right at Daisuke cheek in a cross punch while he was speaking the last sentence.

Daisuke smirked at her silence, " Heh looks like your silence says its a-Ooouffffffffffffffff" caught off guard by that cross punch to his cheek, Daisuke fell flat on his butt as he instintively rubbbed his cheek and looked up in rage towards his opponent. He quickly got back upto his feet and moved towards Nayara, bumping foreheads with her, head to head and abs against abs as he entered into a staredown with her. "You little bitch, how about we take this to the ring...I wanna see if you can actually wrestle and not just throw a punch" he said, breathing down her neck in rage.

-Get your fucking face out of my sight you idiot! - She snarls back before she tries to drive a quick headbutt aimed at his face feeling disgusted at his attitude. If that works, she'll try to grab his arm and swing him towards the ring apron. - You want a fight? You'll have one! And I'll make sure you regret about it for the remaining of your damn life!

"Or what huh? what are you going to do Urghhhh fuck my head" he grunted out as he didnt expect her to be so aggresive about it, he got smashed with that headbutt that stunned him for a few seconds, after which he was whipped into the ring apron. His body crashed against it and rolled inside the ring, he was now down on his back with his hand massaging his forehead as he looked around for his opponent- the match was ON.

Nayara walks towards the ring, being carefull not not slide in the same side the Prince was thrown and she slides under the set of ropes before she stands up and glares at him, with her fists closed, her eyes burning intently and her tail swishing angrly back and forth.

Daisuke slowly got back upto his feet, seeing the catgirl enter the ring through the opposite side of the ring ropes, he could see the fire in her eyes as her tail swished back and forth. The wrestling prince grinned as he brought his hands upinfront and took up a wrestlers crouch, eager to test his body against hers. He circled her for a few moments before lunging in at her, looking to lock up with her in a collar and elbow lock up "Hyyrrahh!"

Nayara counter circles him and she indeed accepts the lock up. hissing at him as she plants her strong legs in the mat as she starts to push him back. Her tail keeps swishing fiercly while she continues to put her sheer strenght against this arrogant human who dared to piss her off.

The two wrestlers lock up and their bodies Clap into each other! Daisuke planted his boot down onto the ring canvas as he tried to push her back, he could feel her strength, her muscles grinding against his. Sweat trickle downs his forehead as he struggles to push her back, "Urghhh Grrahhh! Damn you" he moaned,still trying to push her back

Nayara keeps pushing him back and she tries to keep him using his strenght to push her... Before she suddenly get pushed... Or at least this is what seems, untill she puts a foot on his waist and falls backwards wanting to flip him over in a monkey throw.

"Urghh whats the matter? all those muscle's just for sho-WHOAAAA UFFFFFFFF" *THUD*. Daisuke got suckered into thinking he was winning the lock up, as Nayara used his momentum to monkey flip him over her as Daisuke crash landed down onto the ring mats on his back, he clutched his back and moaned out in pain, rolling away from her

Nayara mentally grins as she manages to flip him over her and she get up quickly just waiting for the human to get up and come again towards her while she assumes her fight stance, keeping her hands balled into fists.

Daisuke quickly got back upto his feet and turned to face his opponent. "Damn you" he hissed as he lunged in at her once more, the wrestling prince tried to go for another collar and elbow lock up- or so it seems! If Nayara tried to counter by a fist or by accepting the lock up, Daisuke would look to grab hold of her arm and nip behind her back, trying to lock in a hammerlock. If that was succesful, he would arch her hand up high up her back and really wrench it

Nayara looks at him approaching her and as he raises his arms to grapple with her again, she tries to raise her foot and snap a kick squarely on his gut while she yells.

Daisuke couldnt manage to grab her arm for a hammerlock and once he got in close, her foot was raised up into his gut causing the wrestling prince to double over infront of her, winded out!

Nayara looks at the arrogant prince doubling over after receiving the harsh kick on his gut. Gritting her teeth and still hissing in anger, Nayara tries to trap his head in a firm head lock before she attempts to drop on her back hopping to take him down in a painfull DDT.

"Urghhh leme go you disgusting catgirl" he moaned, slapping and clawing at her exposed lower back as he was put in a headlock, before he knew it his head was sent crashing into the ring canvas as he got nailed head on by a painful DDT. *THUD* his body crashed against the ring canvas, his face kissing the mats as he tried to roll away,moaning in agony.

Nayara takes those shots and hisses more at the slaps and clawings but those don't keep her from bringing the prince down to the mat in the DDT. Grunting after the fall Nayara stands up and looks at him with a grin.
-About to get DDT'ed and the best you could do was to slap and claw me like an ordinary catfighter...? You're a true wreslter indeed... you IDIOT! *she snarls as she tries to stomp her foot down on Daisuke's calf muscle.

Daisuke groaned out in pain as her boots stomped against his calf muscle, he sat up on his butt and clutched his hands around his calf muscle to protect it from any further stomp. He gritted his teeth in anger and frustration as he slowly tried to get back up to his feet, " Well, its kind of hard wrestling you because you smell like a sweaty 1 week gym bag! Did you shower pre-gym" he taunted her, before lunging in at her, trying to catch her off guard by a quick clothesline

Nayara raises her arms as Daisuke get up and she made the mistake of allowing his taunt to go over her head... As a result of this, Nayara wasn't able to react as he lunges at her and slams his arms on her collarbone as he nails his clothesline on her, sending the brazilian down to the mat.

This time Daisuke sends a few stomps down to her toned abs, softening her up by really bringing his foot down onto her abs to wind her out a bit. He went over to her head and grabbed a fistfull of her hair and yanked it up to force her to get back upto her feet after which Daisuke would attempt to wrap his arms around her waist and squeeeeeez her body in a bearhug "Urrghhhhh gahhh Hows this for catfigting HUH?" he groaned, his biceps bulging as he squeezed

Nayara coughs as her 6 packed abs get stomped again and again making her to curl to her side holding them before she let go a hiss as her black hair got grabbed and yanked up. Still gasping for air, Nayara was easilly wrapped by the man's arms before she arches her back and yells in pain as she's squeezed mercilessy by him .

Daisuke slapped his 6 pac abs against hers, really forcing his abs into hers so that his abs grind against hers to make sure she felt her muscled body while he kept squeezing her body as hard as he could, shaking it left-right a bit as well. "Mine are stronger" he smirked signalling that his abs are better before asking her the all important question " Looks like the kitty is about to submit" he grunted, giving her a jolt squeez

Nayara felt disgusted as Daisuke slaps his abs against her and got shaken left and right. As Daisuke mentions about submitting, Nayara opens her burning eyes and with a yell of rage she swings both her fists trying to slam them in both sides of his head.

"Come on admit mine are better! submit to me you stinkin catgir-Uuurghhhh oww fuck my head owww" Daisukes taunt was left unfinished as Nayara slammed both fists against the side of his head, getting the wrestling prince a bit dizzy, which caused him to loosen up his hold and stagger back massaging the side of his head and shaking his head "Urghh damnit" he hissed

-If you worried more about fighting instead of taunting, you could had a better chance.
She snarls before she hops towards him and lands one feet in the ground while the other she tries to shoot up right at Daisuke's face while his hands were busy massaging his sides!

*THAWK* Her feet kicks him in the face as a little spittle flies off his mouth, the wrestling prince staggered back until luckily his back hits the corner turnbuckle and breaks his fall, Daisuke leans against the trunbuckle and shakes his head while looking over to Nayara with a glare "Urghhh damn....catgirl...Urghh" noticing that girl can surely land a kick and punch Hard

Nayara looks at him leaning against the corner and runs towards the prince but halting a bit when she's too close on him. Instead of preffering to land a splash attack, Nayara decided to be cautious and prefered to stand before him while she raises her fists and tries to pummel the arrogant human with punches aiming at his face and abs.

Daisuke was half expecting a splash attack but got something equally worse, as he was resting against the corner turnbuckle his opponent closed the distance in and unleashed a flurry of punches at his face and abs "Owww Urghhh Ngghhh Grrooohhhh". Daisuke quickly try to counter by sending a stinging chest slap right across her top

Nayara quickly steps away and holds her chest as he managed to slap her breasts. She glares at him with a hiss mixing both pain and rage giving time for the human to recover and move away from the corner.

Daisukes face and abs are red from those quick punches, luckily that chest slap managed to back his opponent away. Daisuke quickly stepped back in and attempted to wrap his arm around her head, looking to press her face against the side of his chest to lock in a side headlock "Urgh now you'll pay"

Nayara was still stunned by the breast shot and with that she was easily caught by his foe being trapped in theside headlock. The Brazilian's tail swishes back and forth while she tries to prepare to land a punch on his back. Altough the prince might have started to perform his next move already.

Daisuke took the punch in the back and grunted out in pain, the wrestling prince then slammed his thigh into her abs to get his opponent to double over infront of him, if he was able to do so he would then try to smash his forearm into her lower back to try and get her down on her knees

Nayaara whuufs as his thigh slams against her abs before she yelps when her back got slammed across her bare lowerback, effectively sending the feline down to her knees.

"You think you're better than me? HUH? Time to show you WHY im the wrestling prince, you disgusting feline" he barked at her as he quickly got down on his knees behind her and wrapped his arms around her neck from behind, then snaking his legs around her waist in a sleeper/body scissor combo, his biceps and thigh muscles bulging

Nayara got her neck wrapped by his arms altough she was quick enough to slide her hand between her neck and his arm so she could pry them away from her neck. However, this don't change the fact she wasn't scissored from behind and as Daiskue squeezes her waist she let go a pained groan. For now, her main goal was to pry his arms away from around her neck while she endures the body scissor's torture.

"Cat got your tounge?" the arrogant wrestling prince smirked as he continued to squeez his thighs around her waist while trying to properly get his arms wrapped around her neck, he couldnt get a good grip around her neck as Nayara was quick to bring her hands up and prey his arms off her neck "Ngghhh, just give up....stop struggling, a catgirl like you shouldnt even be in a wrestling ring" he said, his abs pressed against her back

Nayara keeps struggling as she's still being painfully scissored by the prince utill she managed to pry his arms off. Attempting to hold his wrists firmly, Nayara tries to lean forward before she drives the back of her head down hoping to nail firmly Daisuke's face again!

"OWWW FUCK" Daisuke yelled out in pain as he didnt see that coming! Nayara send a back headbutt that hit him right in the face causing the young wrestling prince to go down onto his back, releasing the scissors as he massages his face.

Nayara is finally released from his scissors and she get up looking down at him while she holds one of her sides. Panting and glaring at him with anger untill she attempts to raise her foot and stomp it down on Daisuke's abs. Twice if possible.

Daisuke groaned out in pain as he felt his abs being stomped twice! He doubled over and wrapped his arms around his body to protect his abs as he rolled away from Nayara, his body glistening in sweat now

Naya tries to shove the prince down on his gut with her feet and tries to drop her butt down on his back, straddling him. She'll try to grab his arms and drape them over her thighs before she locks her hands under his chin and pulls it up wanting to go for a camel's clutch.

Daisuke was rolled over onto his belly by Naya with her foot, the next thing he knew was the Brazilian bombshell thump her butt down onto his back to straddle him and drape his arms over her thighs and locking him in a camel clutch "Uuuurghhhhhhhh Owwww my back....S-shit..." he moaned, kicking the ring mats in frustration as he wriggled under her, trying to rock left-right to somehow get her off balance

Nayara hissed and bumps her ass down on his back as he tries to buck her off.
-You just fucked with the wrong woman, you asshole... - she snarls with her teeth gritted before she decides to undo one of her hands while she tries to keep him held up high. Her other hand? she balls it in a fist and tries to grind it against Daisuke's temple roughy!

Daisuke couldnt quite believe what was happening, this were going from bad to worse. Just as he was about to try and escape the camel clutch, his head was arched back and being pounded by her closed fist! Now he was in the camel clutch, with a little less pressure due to only one hand pulling back, but the strikes on his forehead were too much. Daisuke yelled in pain as his feet kicked the mats furiously, sweat pouring down from his body as he was being brutalized in this unique submission hold "Uuurghhhh owwwwwghhhhh FUCK Urghhhhh NGHHH GRROOHH"

-HOW ABOUT THIS YOU ASSHOLE?! HUH?! - To add insult to injury, she stops the grinding just to slap his face hard while she still tries to keep him held up high. She finally draws a genuine grin as she keeps humiliating this arrogant human while she keeps trapped him on her signature move.

Daisuke couldnt quite believe how this catgirl was out-wrestling him! His body was drenched in sweat, his abs and face red from bruises, after a while of getting his forehead punched, the catgirl sent a hard slap to his face, leaving a red hand print on his cheek. The pain was too much, the punching, the slapping, the camel clutch "Ouuurghhhh m-my body owwww S-stop..." he said weakly tapping her thigh

-Stop? After all you said to me? I WANT SOME APOLOGIES NOW! - She yells at him as she gives him another hard slap on his face!

*THAWK* sweat flies off his face from that hard slap to his face "Uhhhh you b-bitch, I submitted now get off me owww" he moaned, still wriggling under her

Nayara hisses and she grabs his hair before she shoves his face down to the mat. Still straddled over his back, she leans down to his face and hisses at his ear with a firm voice.
-Now listen, you piece of shit. But listen well. I don't want to see you stupid face again near me do you understand? -she jabs his face.- If you try to do something stupid to me again, if you don't believe in God you better start believing and say your prayers because what I've did to you here isn't not even the half I'll do to you next time, okay? -she jabs him again and finally she get up.

"Owwww S-stop, you b-bitch I give up...*tap*Daisuke wasnt prepared for a fistfight like this! He was getting dominated now as Nayara was running rings around him as she shoved him down onto the ring canvas and give him an intimidating speech and ending him with 2 more punches causing the wrestling prince to get Ko'd in the middle of the ring, his arms and legs spreaded as his sweaty body just laid there sprawled in the middle of the ring, next time he will think twice before messing with this Brazilian catgirl

Nayara huffs and walks out of the ring heading straight towards the shower room. Scaring away some of the other gym users who were watching the fight. She was still frowned and pissed but deep inside she got a feeling of delight in show this arrogant human to not mess with her again.

Pro-Wrestling: In Canada it's a tradition. In Japan it's a sport. In Mexico it's a religion. In USA it's a joke.

Nayara Gariard X Daisuke Takeuchi: Mistakes (Complete Fight) AFW0000Nayara Gariard X Daisuke Takeuchi: Mistakes (Complete Fight) AFW0001Nayara Gariard X Daisuke Takeuchi: Mistakes (Complete Fight) AFW0002
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