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Ok. Here it goes...

Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:40 pm by ~*M*~

Looking for a match to start things off. Anyone interested in facing my character?

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My absence

Mon Apr 24, 2017 3:21 pm by JohnnyFlash

Sorry, gang. Life got a little hectic. I should be back now.

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Matches for updated Annette

Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:41 pm by RJD

So I have changed Annette's appearance up a bit and plan to work over her profile slightly at some point soon. Was curious to see if anyone wanted to have a match up with her, the following image of her new look might hint towards the kinda matches I'd be looking for ^^
Click here:

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Taishi Song - Kid Scar

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Taishi Song - Kid Scar

Post by dlamp on Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:05 am

Name: Taishi Song
Tai/Tai-Kun: Standard Nickname
Scar: Other nickname, prefered
Alias: Kid Scar
Sex: Male
Age: Twenty-One
Eyes: Red-Violet
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 4' 11"
Weight: 93 lbs.
Nationality: Japanese/Chinese
Alignment: Face/Tweener
Entrance Music: [url=]Fury Sparks[/url:8oeeswo4]

[size=150:8oeeswo4]Wrestling Information

Strategy: Tai's strategy is to simply to overwhelm his opponent with his fast strikes and parries.
Fighting Style: Tai taught himself street martial arts, making him very effective in close combat. As well as things he's picked up as a bodyguard.
Type: Striker

Preferred Matches: Standard

Combat: ★★★★


Favored Moves: Punches, kicks, elbow strikes, knees.

Signature Move:
Destiny: A series of roundhouses and spinning backhands
The Abyss: A series of hooks and jabs, ends with an uppercut.
Vesperia: A 3 hook combo followed by a knee to the gut.

Finishing Moves:
Symphonia: A flurry of kicks that follows up with a backflip kick.
Graces: Tai gives a series of clotheslines to an opponent, confusing them, then when they're doubled over he ends it all with a dropkick to the face or gut.
Xillia: On a downed opponent, Tai gives several stomps to the stomach before finishing it with a elbow drop.


Visual Appearance:

Physical Appearance: Tai has a very youthful appearance, much to his chagrin, and is often seen as a cute little boy. However, despite his appearance, he is very strong and toned in muscle. He can take on people bigger than him without much effort, but against a skilled opponent, he may have trouble. Due to his height, he focuses his attacks on the stomach and lower body, often causing opponents to double over. His face also has several scars on his face due to an incident at a young age, hence his Alias.

Personality: Serious, reserved, focused; these are the main traits that define Tai. He's looked at seen as stern and no-nonsense kid that can be too smart for his own good. Though that's true, he prefers to leave the kid part out of the description. His work as an investigator and bodyguard has taught him to cautious. He prefers to stay professional with those he meets and keeps his distance often. Despite this, he still seems to attract girls due to his looks and nature.

Past/History: Tai was born into a family of policemen and women. From a young age he was encouraged (more so forced) to follow this tradition and go into law enforcement. Tai was reluctant at first however, he wished to simply live life the way he wanted to. He actually has a rather rebellious past. Complete with a history of skipping school, graffiti, stealing, and even joining a gang. However, as the years went on, he ran into trouble in the gang he joined. Once they learned he was from a family of policemen, he was severely beaten as punishment and nearly killed until his father came to save him in a sting operation. He was fifteen at the time.

After that event, Tai decided to follow tradition and got involved in law enforcement, learning martial arts, how to use firearms, and basic detective work. He did this until his high school graduation and then decided to become a private investigator. His parents were a bit disappointed that he didn't go for a job more directly involved with the police, but accepted it. By age 20 he had solved over 20 cases and had reputation as a nature born detective. Now he has been assign to investigate the AFW, specifically the possibilities of sex crimes, human trafficking, underage pornography, and other crimes of that nature. He's also here after learning his baby cousin Reyna joined Friction and keeps a close eye on her matches.

Wrestling Attire: Tai wears a white t-shirt with dark brown jeans and tennis shoes.

Fun Facts:
Huge Gamer
Has a Sweet Tooth
Closet Otaku, in love with Martial Arts anime
Like his cousin, Tai has a love for martial arts and learning different styles, but not on the comic book level as Rain.

Martial Arts
Video Games
Hard Candies

Being Bored
Being Called Kid
Being Babied or Not Taken Seriously
His Height and Looks
Clingy Girls
Cigarettes and Alcohol

[size=150:8oeeswo4]AFW Information





Reyna Song AKA Rey-Rey - Cousin/Rival
Reyna and Tai are cousins in the Song family and have known each other for roughly 10 years. They sparred a lot with each other in the past with Tai winning most of their fights. Tai sees Rain as a little sister that's too naive for her own good. When the two are together, arguments and fights tend to break out, but they have a good relationship over all and love each other.

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