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Looking for Debut

Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:11 pm by Witchcraft-01

Hi All,

Now that my chara has been approved, I am looking for a debut for her, her name is Cristina and you can find her here (

I am thinking about possibly having a promo where Cristina introduces herself and someone decides to crash it and get mouthy, which then leads onto a hardcore match the next day or something.

Would anyone be up for that?

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Avalanche plans?

Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:28 am by HighFly

Hey hey, I was thinking of making Avalanche plans for Alaina and was wondering if anyone wanted to set something in the worms to really build up to a PPV match at Avalanche?

If interested shoot me a PM! Very Happy

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Back from the hospital

Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:55 am by Harrier

Hi folks,

sorry for my sudden absence, but I was rushed to the hospital at the start of the week. I am still a little weak at the knees so to say, but it will probably heal all up given some time.

So please have a little patience with me.^^

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Kyo Shin

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Kyo Shin

Post by kamina_tamotsu on Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:12 am

Name: Kyo Shin
Sex: Male
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color: Very dark brown
Height: 5'7"
Weight:160 pounds
Alignment: Face

Theme Song: Can Do

Background: Kyo was born to a wealthy family in a small village in Japan. At the age of 5, he moved to the States. Growing up on the shores of the West Coast, Kyo was trained  in martial arts and swordplay at his family's dojo until the age of 17. Being as well disciplined as he was he always sought the see what sort of life it was as a "Normal teenager". Instead of inheriting his father's dojo, he left his house in order to find a life for his own. It was was alot harder than he had thought. He found himself living on the streets, making his money off street fighting. For two years, Kyo pursued this life and though a rough life, he never had forgotten his disciplines.

 During that two year period, he would often watch wrestling matches from the federation called AFW. He was quite interested in such entertainment (or probably because there were really cute girls there). None the less, he always wanted to see the matches in person. It seemed really fun. After obtaining enough money, he left to visit the federation. During his time there, however, he was brutally beaten by a man named Alexander Vladimir while trying to defend a girl, who happened to be in a match with Alex but was being mercilessly beating them. He was able to hold his own against the huge beast , but Alex's strength and power left Kyo in a bloody mess. While recovering, an agent from AFW came to him and offered him a place in the federation. Still fueled with revenge against Alex, he joined without question, although he had no idea how to wrestle.

Personality: Kyo is kind-hearted and has a strong sense of justice. He always tries to have an upbeat attitude and tries his best to find the good in all of his encounters. He tries to respect all of  the opponents he faces, however; his short fall is where it comes to people who take advantage of the weak and mercilessly beats them to show their dominance over them. In the ring, he is quite competitive and excited for a challenge. He tries to keep a clean mind when fighting, however; its sometimes gets hard from time to time, given that some of his opponents (more like all the female he fights) are quite good looking. He treats opponents on equal footing as him, and isn't afraid to hold back. Outside of the ring, he sometimes has a hard time talking with people, given that he has not had much social experience outside of his family.

Other: Facts

-He always carries a wooden sword with him.
-He recently came into liking manga and watching anime.
-He loves to mediate when he can find the time, especially at the beach.
-His favorite food is Cheese-stakes.

Wrestling Info:

Strengths: Very quick on his feet and has a powerful punch. His greatest strength his martial arts and unyielding spirit to not give in.
Weaknesses: Due to his build, he is not the strongest male and can only lift so much. While still being new to wrestling....His martial arts, while being his strength is also his weakness as he sometimes instinctively resorts to using it. This can cause unneeded harm towards his opponent. His lack in experience in wrestling moves is also a short coming until he learns.
Wrestling Style: Striker
Signature Moves: None yet

Preferred Matches: Has an open mind for doing any kind of match so far, but it is subject to change.




Appearance: Kyo has an slim athletic build. His wrestling attire consists of of black fingerless gloves, knee pads, and wrestling tights that cut off at this upper knee with blue trim. He also wear wears black wrestling boots that has the same blue trim that is seen on his tights. He sometimes wears his causal attire(which consists of his marital arts uniform; an off white wrap around jacket and  navy blue trousers completed with a very long olive green scarf ) for matches. Although he chooses not to wear this...since he could more easily be grabbed.

"AH! Hello there!"

"Alright...Lets do this....Shall we?

"Ho ho ho~"

"I don't always swing my sword like this....but when I do....I make sure I do it in style. Stay thirsty my friends..."

Time Line:

1Kyo's First Match: A red-headed beauty shows him the ropes!!! Loss By K.O
5Kyo's Last Match Hefore He Leaves AFW For a Time: Kyo is crushed in the First Preliminary Match For Top Contender For the Tension Belt by a Devious Opponent! Loss By Pin
Ongoing Matches and Appearances:
2A familiar enemy invades Kyo's Home! (Non-match)
3Kyo vs Iroha
4Kyo Vs AOBA
Lisa Vs Kyo (PM Match)

Wins: 0
Losses: 2
Draws: 0


Enemies: Alexander Vladimir, Aoi Tamazaki

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