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looking for matches

Sun Jul 23, 2017 11:57 am by anime_hentaifighter

Searching for matches for most of my characters.If you got an idea please let me know by pm

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Looking for a Match: Nanami Tomonari

Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:28 pm by RadiantKarna332

Well, I'm looking for another match, this time for my new character, Nanami Tomonari. If you guys are interested, you can PM me or contact me on Trillian. My name there is radiantkarna332.

If you guys want to see my new character, just click the link below.

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Looking for matches

Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:32 pm by Harrier

Once again, I am looking for matches/backstage stuff, especially for Gina and Barb Wire(solo or team).

Please look into my blog for more informations if you are interested. I am as much interested into playing with new players who met my mimimum requirements than with people I literally played years ago. Of course I am also open for your ideas. As I am bathing in my aura of self gratulation right now for all of that, I guess I can say that all of my posting partners could count on me to …

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The Pain Princesses (tag team; Gabby and Silvia)

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The Pain Princesses (tag team; Gabby and Silvia)

Post by luffy316 on Mon Jan 05, 2009 8:13 am

The Pain Princesses (Silvia and Gabby)

Name: Silvia Shire

Sex: Female
Age: 24
Eyes: blue
Hair: black
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 120 lbs
Nationality: European (British)
Favored moves: smothers, submissions, dirty tactics at the slightest opening

Finishing moves:
Silicon Valley: Silvia traps her enemy in a standing or kneeling breast smother, trapping them with her arms inside her thick fake tits. She’ll bounce them around while inside the hold, and times it so that she can bite her enemy’s face or forehead as they do. Her breasts and arms are made to blind the ref from the violent attack, sometimes causing her opponent to bleed if she gets a good enough bite.

The Wiseass: a flashy hip drop onto her opponent’s face, putting their lights out. Preferably done on a turnbuckle, or at least off one of the ropes.

Appearance: Silvy has long black hair leading to her middle back. She has firm DD breasts, though they’re fake. She has an otherwise sleight build, toned from aerobics and jogging rather than actual muscular workout (she believed it would ruin her sex appeal), but has a thick, juicy ass.

Personality: Silvia is a very bright young woman, if not one with a mean streak and overflowing with confidence. She is also very temperamental, and can give quite a burst of strength and ferocity when riled up so. Silvy does have a somewhat softer side, but it’s not particularly soft. She does care about friends and is quite close with Gabby, but is callous and hard to get close to start with. Her intelligence makes her condescending, though she has quite a way with words when she wants to. Very fond of verbally taunting and abusing opponents.

Style: She is tactically brilliant, and knows a number of wrestling moves and other styles of fighting from martial arts to brawling, but moreso out of study than practice. She doesn’t have much of the muscle to follow up all those moves well, but she’ll know how to use them. Silvia has a sadistic love for underhanded moves: crotch shots, pinching, biting, clawing, sneak attacks, etc. She considers it just to be fighting smart. Silvia will also bend the rules as best she can, often trying to sneak small weapons, specially-prepared sedatives, etc. into the ring in various places on her body. Anything for an advantage. Silvia is the more sexually skilled of the girls, her specialty (aside from tactics) lying in her oral skills, due to her strong and nimble tongue.

Attire: the girls both love to show off their bodies, preferring to wear as little as legally possible. Silvia tends to wear a black, string-thin bikini like her partner, but wears blue and white-striped thigh-high socks and sneakers. She has pink wristbands (the better to hide concealable things in, as well as the socks) and likes to wear large sunglasses, considering herself quite stylish for it. She will usually enter the arena wearing a black coat, but will abandon it quickly when she gets to ringside.

Gabby Gales:
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Eyes: amber
Hair: red/violet
Height: 6’
Weight: 111 lbs
Nationality: European (British)
Favored moves: punches, clinches, chokes, and head butts. Likes to mix in cheap shots when she can

Finishing moves:
The Demolisher: grabbing her enemy in a double boston crab, she’ll free her arms by sticking their legs under her armpits. She’ll pull them back sharply enough to be able to send hooking punches into the victim’s stomach, crotch, ribs and breasts

Nip Flip: clamping her fingers onto her opponent’s breasts, she’ll fall backwards and hurl them over her head by their tits to crash to the mat

Appearance: Gabby is lean and toned, most notably in her abs and arms. She has large amber eyes, thick strong thighs, and huge E cup breasts that even outdo Silvia’s fake ones.

Personality: straightforward, but far from dumb, Gabby simply has more cunning than booksmarts. She has an adoration for violence as a concept, practically art in her opinion. Gabby has a notable energy to her, always glad to find action of any sort. She is just as cruel and vicious as Silvy, and while she’s less prone to cheating than Shire is, she has absolutely no issue with doing so herself. She has an obsession with victory, no matter what it takes on moral, mental, or physical levels. Gabby’s strong arms and hands make her talented with finger and hand work when it comes to sex.

Style: Gabby is a fist fighter above all things, a talented brawler and hardcore fighter when necessary. She packs a lot of power in her fists and can move quite quickly, but is uneducated about most holds and submissions. She’s not completely gullible or dimwitted, actually, but favors the direct approach, feeling that no one is too good for a few good punches in the gut. She can be strategic when it’s called for.

Attire: the girls both love to show off their bodies, preferring to wear as little as legally possible. Gabby tends to wear a black, string-thin bikini like her partner, though with fingerless gloves and black and yellow knee-high socks.

Entrance music: Pain For Pleasure (Sum 41)

Team Moves:
Tramp-Poline: the girls will double team their opponent by standing on top of them, then stomping and jumping up and down on their back or body.

The Hangman: Silvia will stand behind the turnbuckle (preferably, though ropes will do) and grab her opponent in a chokehold. Gabby will then be free to hammer their tits, face, and stomach. Silvy will usually end it by grabbing the victim’s hair and slamming it into the turnbuckle. They may do this move with alternate roles, but Silvy prefers to use her oral skills on her opponent instead of pounding them.

Bust Buster: against two opponents, they each throw them towards the ropes, then run into the ropes perpendicular to them in opposite directions. They time it so that just before or after their opponents collide, Silvy and Gabby will slam into them tits-first and rattle their brains. A favored finisher of theirs.

Joint Past:
Gabby and Silvia were born in London, Silvia being a scholarly quiet girl for her youth while Gabby was athletic and excitable. Gabby took boxing lessons at high school as a ventilation for her aggression that arose during puberty and didn’t seem to fade, while Silvy quietly resented those around her who were more popular or friendly. Gabby found her being bullied one day, stepping in and fighting off the trio of girls harassing her. When they were subdued, Gabby offered to let Silvia take her revenge how she pleased on them. Even she was surprised at how viciously and eagerly she delivered her punishment, pummeling and yelling at the girls. Both girls felt more alive than ever from their new friendship combined with the awakening of Gabby’s love of violence and Silvia’s near sadism.
Gabby trained harder than ever and Silvia joined in, but not as thoroughly as she heavily researched fighting techniques, particularly wrestling. The duo were known to pick fights, even taking to bullying on occasion themselves (this was only done to larger or tougher girls, though; not out of kindness, but for better challenges). Ruling their female student body, they earned the nicknames The Princesses of Pain. Silvia’s research found the AFW before long, and they were more than eager to make their name in a place where a vicious fight could be followed by wild sex.
The Princesses of Pain are a pair of cheaters, heels, scoundrels, and undeniable bitches. They are very gifted at teamwork, despite their hostile tendencies towards most anyone but their own team. They have a devilish wit about them, and being some of the craftier girls about the league (especially Silvia) and loving to play dirty at every turn. Even with Gabby's training, they're far from the top fighters in the league, but their devious nature compensates.


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