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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Looking for a debut character match.

Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:44 pm by Tarantulust

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a match to debut my first character, Juno Sawyer, as well as get accustom to the site. I am mostly looking to solidify Junos character, and how she acts.

I would prefer to stay away from hentai right now, though a perverted character or action is fine is fine if its within reason. I don't expect it to be too long, but if you wish to add a rivelry or enemy spin to it I am open. If you are interested, feel free to reply or PM me.

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Looking for a storyline/rival thread.

Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:13 pm by Lotuswarrior

Looking for a storyline to start with any of my characters. I'm not expecting anything too long maybe the span of a few matches/other threads. This can be from friendly rival competition or our characters becoming enemies.

I'm not interested in hentai matches, but I'm ok with perverted characters/actions within reason of course. Let me know here if you're interested here and then we can move things to pms. I do have a number of characters so I'm willing to handle a few characters so don't …

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Yui Yakunami the beautiful boy

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Yui Yakunami the beautiful boy

Post by Missingkeys on Sat Sep 10, 2011 2:15 am

Name: Yui Yakunami

Age: 19

Height: 5’️1"
Weight: 120 lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Roster: tension
Entrance music: Shooting star
Appearance: As shown below

RPG Style Stat spread (out of 5 stars)


Strategy: Submissions/grapple
Style: submission/counter
Type: Prefers to wear people out
Preferred Attacks: Grappling, submission, hentai
Preferred Matches: Standard matches, hentai matches, bed wrestling matches.

Fighting style: He is the type to use painful submissions that will allow him to feel his opponent’️s body. Most likely, he doesn’️t mind getting hurt or taking hits as long as he gets the chance to counter with a powerful attack.
And whenever his about to finish the opponent off, he takes the time to rub it in their faces before finishing them off.

Favorite moves:

Bow and Arrow Submission

Bear Hug

Finishing moves:

Rollercoaster(hentai and grapple): He performs a piledriver. Flipping the opponent so that they face him head on as he turns them upside them, he than starts to lick his opponent’️s crouch, sucking and kissing it as he places his crotch directly in between their breasts and starts rubbing it up and down. But if it’️s in front of his opponent’️s face, he would attempt to thrust it into her mouth, hoping that she would give him a blowjob, hoping to build up an orgasm to himself and his opponent, afterwards, when he feels both are reaching their limit, he finally smashes them into the ground just at the last moment before they orgasm.

Embrace-All(hentai and submission): He performs a crushing bearhug on his opponent as hard as he possibly can, while at the same time performing a bodyscissors to his opponent, and lastly adding in the part where his crotch starts poking and grinding against his opponent’️s sex.

Personality: Yui is definitely not normal. To call him feminine would be an understatement. He takes feminine to a whole new level. If anything, he is a hardcore crossdresser, with the mentality far more feminine than any girl out there.
His mentality is so wrong, that even experts have no idea where to begin correcting him.
He likes all things cute, and feminine. And even likes to talk in a melodious voice, something doctors said should have been impossible for a guy like him to be able to do, since his voice should have broken.
He doesn’️t care about any of what people thinks about him. He lives his life head on, ignoring whatever bad things people think or say about him. He is an individual who stop living or change his life. He believes that even though it might be morally wrong, he still chooses to follow this path. For it’️s what his heart tells him too.
People believe that his appearance might be the main cause, and perhaps they are right in a sense. But right or not, Yui doesn’️t care, he simply wants to wrestle and hang out with cute girls.
Having a very strong feminine mentality, Yui, can easily understand the taste and feelings of many different types of girls, and gets along with them easily.
However, he seems to be a bit cold towards most other guys, even going so far as to manipulate them into doing his bidding.
He however does like man who isn’️t taken by appearance and doesn’️t get embarrass in a fight. And also doesn’️t get distracted by things like breasts or so.

History: Yui was born with a very feminine appearance, and a very feminine voice. From young, there would be a lot of people teasing him for his appearance. Every time he tried to interact, he was also laughed away.
One day, while sitting on the swings by himself in a park, some girl came up to him. At first he thought she was going to mock him when she found out about him, but instead the opposite happened. And she said that he was pretty before leaving.

That was the start for a new chapter in life. He realized that if he couldn’️t fit in because of his appearance, he was going to stand out. He made a note and read up about crossdressers. And within a month or two, he was capable of making himself so beautiful, even the guys would drop their jaws upon seeing him.
However despite acquiring new fans and friends, he had to deal with jealous people now. Worried abit about that, he decided to take up a form of self-defense, but nothing suited his taste.
Until one day he entered a gym by mistake and saw wrestling, and that was when he knew what he wanted to do.

Over the years, he honed his skills in wrestling, making a name for himself in the smaller leagues. His love for mixed wrestling also became well known as he often won. Many girls were distracted by his appearance and he often took advantage of that scoring victory after another.
Now having made a name for himself, he decides to enter the AFW, hoping for more fights.

Interesting Facts:
Yui manipulates boys better than most girls ever could.
He likes painting and dancing, particularly ballet.
His hair is just about as important as his life and will kill anyone who messes with it.

Favorite quotes: “Guy’️s are such suckers!”

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