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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 7:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

Feel free to leave comments or message me Smile


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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Looking for debut thread.

Sat May 12, 2018 9:28 pm by Hedgehawk

Hello All.

I am looking for a debut for my girl Trinity (

This doesn't have to be a match, it could be a gym battle, interview or anything else. I just want something to help get Trinity off the ground. If you wanna plot feel free to reply to this message or fire me a PM.

Many thanks in advance and thank you for reading my message,

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The champion's big weakness; Shizuka vs Kanai

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The champion's big weakness; Shizuka vs Kanai

Post by Ryoku on Tue Jul 05, 2011 12:53 am

Shizuka Suyuki


Cutie Kanai

Sleepy Match!
Terms of Victory - K.O. only

Zixin Nie (2011/07/02 21:34:16): Kanai opened the door leading into the apartment where her next match was to take place. She was dressed in a short orange tank top and a pair of comfortable red panties. She was to have a bed wrestling match tonight, against the former Kawaii champ Shizuka Suyuki, and she was quite excited. In her mind, not only was Shizuka a cute opponent, but she was someone that she could easily handle. Kanai pushed open the door, entering a room decorated all in light pinks and blues. The bed sheets were split down the middle, half the bed being pink and the other half blue. Kanai stretched her arms above her head, before climbing up onto the bed, leaning against the large pile of pillows. She waited for Shizuka to enter the bed, so she could have a nice little tussel with the former champ!

Yuuki (2011/07/02 21:53:07): Just a few minutes later would Shizuka Suyuki make her appearance, opening the door of the apartment and entering the place, dressed in nothing but white and purple bra and panties. "Hello~?" She asked, wondering where her opponent was. She'd start wandering the place, until she finally found the door that led to the bedroom, and, by default, to where Kanai was. "Hihi~!" She'd exclaim, smirking widely at the pink haired girl. "I'm Shizuka, nice to meet you!" The purple haired girl seemed to be very excited, but she was actually a bit scared. Last time she was in a bed wrestling match, it was against Valerie, and... that's when she lost her title. Shizuka would climb onto the bed, getting onto her hands and knees and crawling to the blue side of the bed, which she assumed was painted that color in her honor. "Are you ready to begin~?" She asked cutely, still smiling at the other girl, not wanting to begin until they were all set.

Zixin Nie (2011/07/02 22:00:32): Kanai sat up from the bed of pillows. "So, you're Shizuka Suyuki?" Kanai said, "I'm Cutie Kanai, pleased to meet you!" She held out her hand, sizing Shizuka up a bit. The girl was a bit taller and bigger than her. But that was no big deal. Kanai was confident in her skills. And she was quite good at bed wrestling too! "Alright! I'm ready. Are you prepared to lose Shizuka-chan?"

Yuuki (2011/07/02 22:07:01): "Well you sure are a cutie!" Shizuka said, making an obvious reference to Kanai's nickname. The girl giggled a bit before she prepared herself to begin, slowly bringing her arms at shoulder level and locking her eyes on the pink haired girl and nothing else. "Aww, how cute of you to think you stand a chance!" She teased, laughing once again before reassuming her stance.

Zixin Nie (2011/07/02 22:12:45): Kanai shuffled forward on the bed, her arms at shoulder length as well. "I do stand a chance!" she protested, puffing up her cheeks in cute frustration, "I'll show you!" She would get within arm length, then reach out to grab Shizuka's hands, attempting to push Shizuka over on the bed!

Yuuki (2011/07/02 22:15:08): Oh, that would have worked so perfectly... if only Shizuka wouldnt have been ready to receive an upset Kanai. The purple haired girl locked up with her pink haired opponent, her hands grasping Kanai's as she started pushing against her, her eyes looking right into the other girl's. She'd push with everything she had from the very beggining, wanting to prove her point to Kanai. "Heheh...!"

Zixin Nie (2011/07/02 22:17:23): "Unnngh!" Kanai grunted as she pushed hard against Shizuka, but the purple-haired Kawaii held her off, matching her strength. Kanai's face started to change from frustrated to desperate, knowing that Shizuka was strong. She pushed hard though, even though she was on the defensive now. Then she got an idea. Kanai let Shizuka push her over, falling onto her back. But her legs shot up and snapped around her waist, pulling her close in a sezy waistscissor!

Yuuki (2011/07/02 22:22:15): Shizuka was doing everything she could to overpower Kanai. She didnt think the pink haired girl stood a chance when it came to raw power. And she was probably right. The purple haired girl managed to push her opponent onto her back on the mattress, but before she could follow up with a real move, she was caught in the tight bodyscissors. "Nnghh...!" Sitting up, she moved her hands to the pink haired girl's legs and desperately tried to pry them off, knowing how devastating this hold could be if applied correctly - which is pretty much what Kanai was doing.

Zixin Nie (2011/07/02 22:26:14): Kanai squeezed as hard as her slender long legs could do, putting a lot of pain on poor Shizuka's waist and choking out a great deal of her air. She saw Shizuka trying to pry off her legs, only squeezing tighter so her hands had no purchase on the inside of her legs. Kanai then wrenched off to the side, attemping to put the both of them on the matress, and remove Shizuka's height advantage!

Yuuki (2011/07/02 22:30:33): Not even Shizuka's raw power allowed her to escape from the hold Kanai had her in. The pink haired girl's legs were not only adorable, but really strong as well. The purple haired girl was having troubles breathing, but her struggles did not cease; she continued to try and pry Kanai's legs off her waist, growling lowly in effort as she did. "Nnnh...!" Kanai grunted as well, scissoring Shizuka's waist as hard as she could with her legs. She could see the effects it was having on Shizuka, the girl was getting red-faced and struggling as she ran out of air. The match was win by KO, and it looked as if Kanai was going to try and KO Shizuka right there!

Yuuki: Shizuka was definitely in troubles! Despite her incredible efforts to try and free herself, Kanai refused to let go. "Let me... go, Kanai-chan!" The purple haired girl yelled, simply not willing to accept defeat so early in the match. It was the first hold, for crying out loud! She could not let it defeat her! Shizuka continued struggling in Kanai's bodyscissors, starting to feel a bit weaker than before, but nothing she should worry about for now.

Zixin Nie: Kanai grunted in response, scissoring Shizuka tightly. "W-what's the matter? Can't take a little squeeze?" Kanai taunted, tightening the scissors as much as she could, which wasn't that much more, considering how tight it already was and how KAnai was merely a kawaii. But still, Shizuka was going to be feeling the pain and having a lot of trouble breathing. And Kanai wasn't going to let go! If Shizuka wanted out, she would have to break free on her own! >Smile

Yuuki: Shizuka was definitely not feeling well. The first hold, a bodyscissor, was going to put her to sleep? This couldnt possibly be right! Deciding to use her secret weapon already, the purple haired girl would lean a bit towards her pink haired opponent and start tickling her belly and sides, hoping that this last effort was enough to make Kanai release her. Otherwise, she'd pass out between the other girl's legs, uncapable of resisting anymore. "Nnhh... Y-you'll see!"

Zixin Nie: Kanai wondered how the former champ would get out of this, when suddenly she felt Shizuka tickling her sides and licking her stomach! "Ah!-" Kanai gasped, before starting to giggle. Soon she was laughing uncontrollably, her scissors dissolving into nothing as she lost focus. "haha! W-wait, s-stop! ah!" Kanai said between fits of laughter. She released Shizuka's waist, before quickly trying to roll away from her to stop the tickling!

Yuuki: Shizuka felt a great relief when she was finally released. She didnt think she'd have to use her last resource so quickly... Kanai was certainly an opponent she should fear. The ex-champion crawled away from the pink haired girl, putting some distance between them and panting lightly. "That was... one hell of a bodyscissor, Kanai-chan..." She admitted, looking at the other girl right in the eyes. "But I'm far from done yet!" Shizuka would exclaim as she brought her arms up again in a defensive stance, her confident smile appearing once again on her lips.

Zixin Nie: Kanai sat back up. "That was a surprise Shizuka-chan," she said, "Hmm... I probably should've realized it. You did beat Luci by tickling her into submission." She raised her hands as well, before slowly making her way over to the former champ to grapple with her once more. Kanai's hands reached out to grab at Shizuka's shoulders and pull her in close while throwing her to the side, trying to put her back down on the matress!

Yuuki: Shizuka slowly knee-crawled towards her opponent, watching her very carefully so she wouldnt catch her in another hold like the last one. Grappling with Kanai, her strategy would immediatly change; before the pink haired girl could force her down on the mattress, the former champion would wrap her arms around her opponent's body, trapping her in a tight bearhug! It was one of the best moves Shizuka could use in this kind of matches... it better work on Kanai!

Zixin Nie: Kanai thought she'd be able to grab Shizuka first, but it happened the other way around! "Ack!" Kanai gasped as Shizuka grabbed her around the waist and hugged her tightly and painfully in a surprisingly strong bearhug! Kanai's front got rubbed sensually against Shizuka's, her small breasts pressed against Shizuka's firm buds. Kanai groaned, shaking her head, pushing on Shizuka's arms to get her to let go!

Yuuki: "Heheh... how do you like this!" Shizuka was pretty happy after catching the other girl in the powerful bearhug. She planned on keeping it on for as long as she could, not willing to release Kanai until she paid for the previous hold. Her arms tensed around the pink haired girl's body, her hold becoming tighter and tighter. "Nnhh..." She could feel her body pressing against Kanai's, her breasts flattening against her opponent's, but she couldnt think about that right now: she had a match to win!

Zixin Nie: Kanai groaned, her face turning red from both the tightness of the hold and the embarrassing hotness of their kawaii bodies getting pressed together. Kanai was starting to run out of air, feeling a bit light-headed already, her strength leaving her. She had to break free! Seeing no other way out, Kanai decided to try something she did not particularly want to do. Closing her eyes and leaning in, Kanai planted a tight kiss on Shizuka's lips! She blushed profusely, knowing that in this hold, with them this close together, Shizuka could probably feel her heart beating loudly in her chest.

Yuuki: Shizuka couldnt help but smile as she watched her opponent grow weaker and weaker in her hold. "Hahahah... Why dont you just stop squirming and--- Mmmhh?!" The girl's eyes bulged as she felt Kanai's lips upon hers. Her cheeks turned dark red, not because she was out of air, but because of what Kanai had just done. She blinked innocently for a couple of seconds before releasing her opponent, falling to the mattress onto her butt. She was definitely surprised by the pink haired girl's "attack".

Zixin Nie: Kanai fell onto her butt as well, coughing from lack of air, blushing from being forced to kiss Shizuka. She wiped her mouth, then looked back up at Shizuka. "Hmm... didn't you like that Shizuka-chan?" Kanai said with a giggle, "I know I did. Your lips certainly are sweet..." She crawled over to Shizuka. "Are you sure you don't want a little bit more?" she said with a cute yet sly smile.

Yuuki: Shizuka was still confused and surprised by Kanai's astonishing attack. It's not that she didnt enjoy it, it's just... that she wasnt ready for it. "I..." She couldnt find the words to express how she felt. She watched as her opponent crawled towards her. "I... it was... nice..." She softly murmured, blushing a bit darker as she looked at Kanai. For now she didnt defend herself, and simply crawled away from her opponent, trying to stay away from the pink haired girl and those... awesome lips of hers.

Zixin Nie: Kanai giggled, her own blush slightly disappearing as Shizuka appeared to be crawling away. "Hmm... why are you running away Shizuka-chan?" Kanai said, "You say you like it..." She would suddenly leap at Shizuka, trying to get on top of the purple-haired kawaii and knock her down to the bed, while getting on top and pinning her down! Kanai would them lean in to lock lips with her again, hoping her kiss attack would do the trick!

Yuuki: Shizuka was a bit embarrassed after losing her hold on Kanai when she received the kiss. She was a bit confused; did her opponent just do it to escape her hold? Too lost in her thoughts, she'd let out an eep of surprise as she is taken down to the ground onto her back, pinned under the other girl's body. The second kiss caught her off guard as well. Her eyes closed as her lips met Kanai's once again. However... "I... I cant let this affect me! Otherwise, I'll end up losing!" The purple haired girl would then begin to kiss her opponent back, and, if Kanai was distracted enough, she'd actually try to roll over with her.

Zixin Nie: Kanai moaned in this kiss, getting all hot and bothered now. This was a tactic, but it was backfiring on Kanai as Shizuka kissed her back. Kanai's small breasts and nipples hardened, poking out from her top against Shizuka's breasts. She was losing focus again. Then suddenly Shizuka pushed her over and flipped them over, Shizuka on top now! Kanai's eyes widened as she moaned, pushing back to try and roll over once more!

Yuuki: Shizuka was able to get on top of Kanai. After a few seconds, the purple haired girl would break the kiss and giggle softly, looking down at Kanai. "Surprised, arent we~?" She murmured. The ex-champion would try to scoot a bit forward so she could rest her breasts on top of her opponent's face, but before she could achieve much... "Huh...?" She found herself under her opponent once again, her back glued to the mattress.

Zixin Nie: Kanai managed to flip them over just in time, breaking this hold before Shizuka was about to put her in a most embarrassing breast smother! As it was, now Kanai was on top, and her face was placed very close to Shizuka's breasts! "Hmm, you wanted to smother me with these?" Kanai taunted, "They're a bit small..." She leaned over and bit Shizuka's bra gently with her teeth, to pull it up and expose her breasts!

Yuuki: Shizuka blushed darkly as Kanai taunted her. Another person making fun of her breasts... was this ever going to end? "T-they're not small!" The former champion yelled at her opponent, not willing to tolerate that kind of comment. She then realized what Kanai was doing, but wasnt able to stop her. "H-hey... dont do that...!" Her round orbs would be exposed to the other girl. It wasnt the first time this happened, though. She had to fight Luci Lollipop wearing nothing but panties and stocking, remember? The purple haired girl would try to buck her opponent off so she could adjust her bra and recover a bit both physically and mentally from the pink haired girl's attacks.

Zixin Nie: Kanai gasped as Shizuka bucked upwards, but she grabbed onto Shizuka's sides to not get bucked off so easily! "Nuh-uh!" Kanai said, "You're not getting rid of me so easily!" She would then lean in to suck on Shizuka's breasts, seeking ti embarrass the former champ and hopefully make her a bit more submissive, so Kanai can put her to sleep more easily!

Yuuki: Shizuka was finding it awfully hard to buck Kanai off. "S-stop...!" She moaned cutely as her opponent began to suck on her exposed breasts. While she refused to admit it, she was... very sensitive. That didnt mean she was going to allow Kanai to continue teasing her, though. Her hands would immediatly move to the other girl's shoulders, desperately trying to push the pink haired girl off and away from her. "N-no..."

Zixin Nie: Kanai moaned as she got pushed away, Shizuka's erect nipple popping out of her mouth. "Nuuu~" Kanai groaned, "Dang... and you tasted so great too Shizuka-chan!" She looked up, grinning at the champ. Her hands went into action, grabbing a breast in each hand and giving them a playful squeeze. "Teehee! How does that feel?"

Yuuki: Shizuka was trying hard, but it was useless. Kanai's strategy was super effective. Waves and waves of pleasure ran through the former champion's spine, her body shivering a little bit as the pink haired girl squeezed her breasts. "D...dont..! Please...!" She moaned, starting to give in to Kanai.

Zixin Nie: Kanai stuck out her tongue, running it along Shizuka's belly, teasing the champ. She even went so far as to lick the inside of her belly-button, teasing her even there! "Hmm... you look like you're enjoying this Shizuka-chan~" Kanai said. One hand left Shizuka's breast and sneaked down into her panties, gently feeling up her sex. "Am I going too fast for you? Would you like me to slow down a bit?"

Yuuki: "Nyaaah..." Shizuka's moans became slightly louder. Her struggles to try and make Kanai leave her alone were rapidly weakening as her opponent continued to stimulate her. "S..stop, Kanai-chan... I..." She softly murmured, not knowing how much more of this she'd be able to take before she... you know, reached her limit. This was horribly embarrassing! Kanai was all over the place! Although the right phrase would
be "all over her".

Zixin Nie: Despite Shizuka's cute protesting, Kanai didn't stop or slow down. She continued her assault, groping Shizuka's breasts, teasing the outside of her pussy. "Ohh, Shizuka-chan," Kanai moaned, "Your pussy is already so wet already!" Kanai's long fingers continued to tease Shizuka's sex, before going for broke and trying to finger her directly, her middle finger pressing in to Shizuka's sex!

Yuuki: Shizuka's only weakness was sexuality. She didnt know how Kanai found out about that, but it certainly wasnt the right time to be thinking about that. Her inner thighs rubbed together as her opponent continued to stimulate her, her hands now clutching the bed sheets, her whole body invaded by the pleasure. "Mmmhh...!" She moaned a bit more, her cheeks red as tomatoes.

Zixin Nie: Kanai didn't know Shizuka was weak against sex, but by this time she had figured it out pretty much. She continued to finger Shizuka, and her hands still toyed with the former champ's breasts. Kanai began to moan sweet nothing as well, moving her face up so she could look at Shizuka's cute moaning face. "Ohh... you do like it dont you!" Kanai moaned. She blushed as well, feeling all hot and aroused. Kanai leaned in to kiss Shizuka, while another finger entered her sex!

Yuuki: Shizuka couldnt keep herself from moaning in response to Kanai's kissing, massaging and fingering. She was definitely not far from an orgasm, and if things continued like this... it wouldnt be long before the pink haired girl made her cum. "Ka... Kanai-chan... Stop it... or I..." Shizuka said between her moans, just about to reach her limit.

Zixin Nie: "Or you'll what Shizuka-chan?" Kanai said in a taunting manner. She worked over the former Kawaii champ completely, and she wanted to see the cute girl cum for her. She increased the rate of her fingering, while her hand played some more with Shizuka's boob. She stopped kissing her to move down, kissing all along Shizuka's neck and shoulders and chest, before reaching her breast and sucking on Shizuka's other breast! She wanted to overwhelm Shizuka with pleasure, and make her have one helluva orgasm!

Yuuki: Shizuka tried to make Kanai stop by force, but it didnt work. She tried to make her stop by asking, begging, but it didnt work. The former champion couldnt take it anymore. Her moans became louder and more intense. Her back arched a little bit as she reached her orgasm, her juices overflowing out of her sex and wetting her panties. It was all Kanai's fault; the fingering, the kissing, the massaging... such a perfect and deadly combination of attacks. The ex-champion would lay on the mattress onto her back, panting heavily, feeling exhausted after cumming for Kanai.

Zixin Nie: Kanai let out a soft sigh as Shizuka came underneath her. The former champ never stood a chance. Chigusa got up off of Shizuka, straddling her stomach and looking down at her cute opponent, licking the sex juices off her fingers. "Mmm... tastes good," she said. She then moved upwards, till she sat on Shizuka's face! Kanai looked down at the embarrassed girn beneath her, before turning around and planting her butt right on Shizuka's face, essentially smothering her! "I seem to remember this was how you lost to Valerie," Kanai said, taunting Shizuka.

Yuuki: Shizuka was probably too weak to struggle anymore. Kanai had somehow discovered her weakness and made a good use of that knowledge. The former champion couldnt move a muscle, simply laying on the bed as her opponent sat on her pretty face. " not this again..." She certainly remembered this move very well; it was similar to Valerie's "Goodnight Moon". The only difference was that this wasnt a pinning maneuver. It's main objective was to put the purple haired girl to sleep. And, to be honest, it was really working. If Kanai could see her face, she'd notice Shizuka's eyes were halfly open already, her pants becoming heavier as she tried to breathe under Kanai's tushie.

Zixin Nie: Kanai rubbed her butt in Shizuka's face, getting in position and perfectly covering Shizuka's mouth and nose. She knew the girl wasn't going to last long in this hold. "Hmm... going to sleep already?" Kanai said, "You really aren't any fun Shizuka-chan. Try harder next time!"

Yuuki: Shizuka blushed darkly as she heard Kanai's taunt. Lesson learned: never to accept a bed-wrestling match... again! "Mmhh..." It wasnt long before the purple haired girl fell asleep under her opponent's butt thanks to the lack of air. She was now unconscious, which officially made Kanai the winner of the match.

Zixin Nie: Kanai scooted off of Shizuka after the girl stopped struggling. She bounced on the bed a little, celebrating. She gave the camera a cute smile, posing with Shizuka's face still between her legs, her topless opponent totally beaten and helpless! "Yay, I win!" Kanai said. And to complete her victory, she pulled up some covers and tucked Shizuka in, making sure the girl was comfortable. "Sweet dreams Shizuka-chan," Kanai murmured, before slipping underneath the covers and cuddling up with Shizuka, giving her a light kiss on her forehead.

[align=right:3sf2ws8z]Winner, by K.O., Cutie Kanai[/align:3sf2ws8z]


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