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Takeichi looking to prove himself [Or get squashed]

Tue Aug 28, 2018 9:40 pm by GrandAkumaShogun

So yeah, with Takeshi and Imai having matches I figured I'd give my first guy on here some love. So I'm looking to set up a match with Takeichi Mori and here is his profile if curious If interested feel free to hit me up in private messages.

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looking again

Tue Sep 18, 2018 3:35 pm by anime_hentaifighter

So looking for a few more matches.Plus may upload some new characters this weekend

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Sorry for the inconvenience..

Sat Sep 15, 2018 12:31 pm by TomboyTsuka

Sorry if I'm being inactive lately... I was applying for a job around a few weeks ago, and had to go through several interviews. I'm kinda tired and had no time to reply here...

But the good news is that I finally got my new laptop. It's an ASUS Vivobook i5. It should be able to run Honey Select and finally give some life to my empty Pixiv gallery. Maybe I'll make your OCs soon? Stay tuned!!

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NATALIA the Dream

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NATALIA the Dream

Post by Kitten on Fri Dec 10, 2010 7:08 pm

General Information
Name: Natalia (Her full name is Natalia Dominique Lacroix Saint-Germaine)
Alias: The Dream, THE MAIN EVENT, Miss Fan Service, S.W.A. (Sexiest Woman Alive), The girl of the 1004 hentai holds
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125ish
B/W/H: 36D-24-36(90-58-91)
Origin: Unknown. Natalia ethnicity is a Russian/French/Japanese mix.
Alignment: Natalia is beyond good an evil (but could be classified as a tweener or a lovable rogue)

Entrance Music:
1) Old Entrance Music Feuer Frei - Rammstein
2) Second Theme It is all about me - Bandy Leggz
3) Current Theme Perfect - Manson vs Princess Super Star

Combat Information
Combat Attitude: Playful and mischievous Natalia wrestles with the natural grace only someone who has done it for all her life could . She is extremely competitive and hates to lose, but luckily for her opponents she loves to play and is more interested in having fun, confident that she will win anyway. She can be a bit cruel and mean sometimes by she does it only for the fun and because she KNOWS that deep inside her opponents actually enjoy the soft torture and humiliation. Wrestling is an erotic game for her, so she only fight people she likes.

Combat Strategy: Natalia likes to wear down her opponents with slams and then bring them down to the mats to show off her submission holds. If she finds her opponent attractive she will mix in erotic moves. Natalia loves to wear down her opponents with sex too.

Combat Style: Pro wrestling, submission wrestling, Hentai Wrestling, sexfight.
Combat Type: Technique/Endurance

Usual Attacks: Slams, suplexes, power moves, sleepers, scissors and a plethora of submission holds... mixed with a mastery of sexual attacks, and of late judo throws and holds
Usual Matches: Any, but prefers pro wrestling or Hentai matches.

Difficulty level: Extremely hard

Style Strategy:
Natalia is a consummate wrestler, an exquisite grappler and a passionate lover with an extensive arsenal of holds and maneuvers. She is also very good at countering. She wrestles almost by instinct with a deeply technical style that has been polished close to perfection, yet she opportunistic and extremely creative when it comes to causing either pain or pleasure. Her impervious endurance allows her to outlast most of her opponents, and for this reason Natalia usually tries to make her fights last as long as possible, confident that her opponents will run out of gas before she does. She uses a lot of power moves but she prefers to end her matches in the ground with submission holds or my making her opponents cum. She is a bit of a masochist (and a bit sadist too, much to her shame), added to her impressive flexibility means she can last in submission holds (and sometimes actually enjoy them) longer than most people would. Natalia has recently picked an interest in traditional Japanese martial arts, specially the 'soft' styles, namely Judo and Sumo.

Attack information
Favorite Attacks:

Camel clutch - Natalia sits on her opponents back and traps their arms over her knees to then pull their chins back and rock. She will take this opportunity to remove her opponents top or play with their tits.

Figure four leglock - Natalia will trap her opponents legs in a classic figure four leglock, taking advantage of the incredible power of her slender limbs to wreck havoc. She loves to destroy her opponents legs with her own, thus proving her legs are better. Sometimes she will use her foot to stimulate her opponent´s crotch while performing the move.

Sharpshooter - Natalia will wrap her opponent's legs as if preparing a figure four leglock to then roll them over their bellies to apply the dreaded scorpion leg lock (AKA sharpshooter). If she gets the chance she will use one hand to finger her opponent´s pussies while doing the hold.

Suplex- Natalia while slide her opponents head under her armpit, grab their bottoms and lift them upside down only to slam then down hard to the canvas. This is usually done by adding a nasty wedgie when lifting them up and in some cases sliding her fingers on her opponent to turn it into a Pussyplex

Whirlwind backbreaker- Natalia whips her opponent to the ropes and as they come back slides her arms around their waists lifts them up and slams them down hard over her waiting knee. Natalia loves to keep her opponents stretched over her knee to work them some more.

Breast smother- With what many consider the most beautiful pair of breasts in wrestling it would be a waste not to use them to smother her opponents. Natalia loves to do this from any position in which she can get her tits over her opponent's face to their breathe.

Common Finishers:

Nap time! - Natalia can hit this move from any position as long as she manages to get behind her opponent. She will start grabbing one of her opponent's arms and cross it across their throats, applying a cross arm choke sleeper (AKA cobra clutch). From there The Dream will slowly bring the opponent down, if standing, and wrap her killer legs around their bodies to crush them until they tap out or pass out.

Queen Natalia Angelito Breaker A hold as complex as its name, Natalia starts by tying the victim's legs up the same way she would in preparation for a sharp-shooter. She even turns the victim into the hold (onto her stomach) but then, instead of securing the legs with both her hands and leaning back, she only secures the leglock with one hand, and with the other, she grabs hold of one of her victim's arms and lifts her up, and then grab the other arm to raise the screaming girl completely off the mats.

The Jaws of Death - Not so much a finisher as a common way to refer to being trapped between Natalia's legs.

Mexican Ceiling hold - Natalia's old finisher from the time she wrestled wearing a mask.

Hentai Finisher:

Natalia is known as 'The girl of the 1004 hentai holds' because she knows a myriad of hentai holds. The ones listed here are just a few of the ones she uses commonly, but she loves to surprise her opponents with new creative sexy and humiliating ways to defeat them

Pleasure Rack - Natalia lifts her opponent in the dreaded torture rack. She usually rubs her opponents' pussy in Hentai matches trying to make the mix of pain and pleasure breaks their wills. If the opponent doesn't submit Natalia will finger them, sinking her fingers into their pussies and, in some cases, use a thumb to caress their rosebuds. If they still refuse to give up, she will drop to her knees, stand up and drop to her knees again.

Éternel Rêverie (Eternal Dream) - With her opponent laying on the mats facing up, Natalia will step over them, with one foot at each side of their heads while facing their legs, and perform a short sexy dance as she lowers herself to facesit them in reverse. From there she will toy with her opponents (tits, hair, pussy, etc...) while smothering them with her perfect ass, until they give up or faint.

Kitten Nap- Natalia lays her opponent down on their back and goes for a schoolgirl facesitting pin, while holding one of their legs up, usually under her armpit. With her other hand, she reaches for the girl's pussy and fingers her, making it a triple threat move: pin, smother and orgasm.

The [name of the girl she is currently fighting] Tamer or simply The Tamer - Natalia sits on the back of her opponent's head, pulling one of their legs over her head to lift their hips from the mats applying a brutal Stretch Muffler, and then proceeds to finger them into submission.

Deep Sleep - Once she has her opponent badly stunned Natalia would stand behind them and force them to arch their bodies back, until she can trap their heads between her legs while their faces are pressed against her crotch. Then she will jump down to her knees to slam the back of their heads on the mats (very much like performing The Pedigree but with her opponent facing into her sex instead of down). From there she will proceed to facesit them with her perfect ass waiting for the three count, a submission or the KO... most of the times their opponents are already KOed from the drop.

The Dream Buster - Natalia lifts her opponent for a muscle buster and holds them up there to expose them to the crowd, she usually removes their opponent's bottoms before doing it for extra humiliation. Sometimes she even shoves a sextoy in her opponent's pussy before hitting it.

.... and lots and lots more but the mods told me to trim it down.


Tigers call it "the eye of Natalia"

Getting ready for a topless match

She is so smart

and hungry

and a tease

she likes silk and cherries too

And red color

She kind of likes kimonos

Because the fans asked for this

Natalia is a good girl at heart, but she is very competitive and sexual. Friendly and caring, she is very outspoken and direct. She doesn't likes to be under anyone and always strives to be the best. She doesn't hides that wrestling is a big turn on for her and always likes to flirt and tease her opponents when she likes them. She hasn't yet fought an opponent who she didn't ended up liking.

Little is known about Natalia. She has a very open personality, but not with her past. If someone asks her she usually changes the subject quickly. It is clear she has been training for wrestling since very young age. (Natalia story is surrounded in mystery. But if you have to know, a post detailing it will be placed shortly in this thread)

Championships and Accomplishments
Voted Sexiest Woman Alive in 3 different Gentlemen Magazines
Contender for the Entropy Belt Championship
Former Friction Hentai Champion

Additional information:

Fun facts of Natalia:
- Natalia is massively turn on by wrestling¦ this can be an advantage and a weakness.
- Natalia likes to use many different types of attire for her matches and she hardly ever uses the same one twice.
- Natalia needs to use glasses to read, but you'll never see her wearing them in public.
- She is called The Dream because she is everybody's dream
- Natalia started her career wrestling masked, but why deny the world such a beautiful face, uh?
- Natalia's favorite perfume is Van Cleef & Arpels -Orchidée Vanille, so she is always accompanied by a sweet scent of vanilla and orchids with a soft touch of cinnamon and dark chocolate.
- Natalia is a highly skilled Nawashi (rope artist) who has mastered the art of Shibari (ancient Japanese bondage for 'decoration' purposes) and Kibanku (ancient Japanese art of tying up prisoners without harming them). Added to her knowledge in Shiatsu (finger-pressure massaging technique), Natalia uses this to give her bondage victims delicious rope-massages. She is also very good at escaping from bondage herself.

- Wrestling
- Winning
- Chocolate
- Spaghetti
- Water! Hot water, NOT cold!
- Hot springs
- Exercising (specially swimming)
- Relaxing with a hot shower after a match
- Making her opponents cum during fights
- Making love with her opponents after having defeated them
- Her Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR

- Losing
- Blood
- Brawlers
- People that don't respect her

Most Used Quotes:
"You...are...mine" ^_^
" gotcha! "
" tap out or pass out "
"You should be grateful that you have been given the privilege of fighting The Dream"
"It is going to hurt...but you'll like it" *giggle*

General Status:
Friends: Megumi Mutoh, Anja, Tomomi Watanabe

Allies: Anja, Geraldine 'Miss Ling', 13 and 14

Rivals: Megumi Mutoh


Crushes: Erin Suzuki, All of Eclipse (Megumi Mutoh, Chigusa Yuuki and Tomomi Watanabe)


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Re: NATALIA the Dream

Post by Kitten on Fri Apr 01, 2011 11:36 pm

Natalia's story is a secret.

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Re: NATALIA the Dream

Post by Kitten on Mon Dec 12, 2011 4:36 pm

Threads involving Natalia:

If I am missing one, please tell me.

1) Natalia's debut, facing the dangerous Shanari. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

2) Natali meets Lukretia for the first time, to request a match against a special opponent. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

3) Natalia meets and old friend in a water ring. UNFINISHED [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

4) Natalia sets up a trap for Megumi. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

5) Natalia goes to Adrian Kytes TV show, The Real AFW. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

6) Natalia goes to apologize to Kytes for ruining her show. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

7) Natalia and Adrian go out for a drink. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

Cool Summer Splash. Natalia vs Megumi Iron Girl match. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

9) After the Iron Girl match, Natalia and Megumi continue their rivalry. UNFINISHED [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

10) Handcuff match vs Tia Baker. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

11) Natalia vs Natalie Vink. Smother match. UNFINISHED [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

12) Erin Suzuki vs Natalia. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

13) Natalia and Sharaiya have a friendly sparring match. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

14) Natalia vs Kanai. Toys match.[url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

15) Natalia visits her friend Adrian to play poké️mon and plot evil things. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

16) Natalia and Adrian try to ambush Taylor... and run into Akashi. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

17) Natalia and Akashi solve their differences. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

18) Lisa vs Natalia in a strip poker match. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

19) Natalia takes Adrian to her home to help her recover after a brutal match. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

20) Natalia takes on the loudmouth Kelly Conway. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

21) Natalia tries to make peace with Taylor. Hilarity issues. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

22) Natalia interrupts Taylor's promo to tease her. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

23) PPV Match for the Entropy belt. Natalia vs Taylor. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

24) Natalia takes a break after the Entropy belt match. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

25) Natalia vs Heather Sunderlan. Handcuff match. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

26) Natalia wishes Taylor a happy birfday [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum] and gets in a back alley brawl with Adrian. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

27) Natalia dresses as Santa Claus and gives presents! [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

28) Natalia decided to make a bold move and challenge... Lukretia. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

29) Natalia uses her powers as commissioner to set up a match. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

30) Natalia battles the primitive beauty Sabre. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

31) Natalia dresses as a maid and crashes a party. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

32) Natalia vs Sophia Kin. UNFINISHED. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

33) Euphemia vs Natalia. UNFINISHED. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

34) A mysterious message for Chigusa. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

35) Natalia does a promo for Summer Splash. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

36) Triple threat match vs Megumi and Heather. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

37) Hentai match vs Sena. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

38) Summer Splash match for the Hentai title vs Akashi. On a boat. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

39) Match vs Mily. UNFINISHED. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

40) Talia vs Natalia. UNFINISHED. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

41) Taylor and Natalia meet again. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

42) Natalia meet and old friend...or enemy? [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

43) Hentai Undisputed. Natalia vs Angela. I WILL FINISH IT. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

44) Natalia vs Natasha. Sauna match. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

45) Miss Garcia vs naughty student Natalia. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

46) Elimination chamber match. FINISHED? [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

47) Natalia vs Mayu. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

48) Lukretia vs Natalia, three holes boxing. The match of the Century. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

49) Natalia vs Tsugumi. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

50) Natalia vs Tear. Handcuffs match. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

51) Hikaru vs Natalia. Humiliation match. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

52) Chigusa vs Natalia. "I love you" match. UNFINISHED. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

53) Angel vs The Dream. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

54) Natalia vs Sarah O'Sullivan. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

55) Marissa vs Natalia. Hentai Championship match. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

56) Azami vs Natalia. Cozy wrestling. [url=](link)[/url:279mgfum]

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Re: NATALIA the Dream

Post by Kitten on Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:02 pm

Natalia's official record:

Wins: 20
Defeats: 14
Draws: 1

Win vs Shanari via submission (Sleeper+scissors hentai combo) Submissions only match
Win vs Megumi via KO (Sleeper) Oil ambush match
Draw vs Megumi
Defeat vs Adrian via pin after a Bankai-Canadian Destroyer (cosplay match)
Win vs Tia Baker via handcuffing (Handcuffs match)
Win vs Erin Suzuki via tribbing KO  (sauna match)
Win vs Kanai via orgasm (Toys match)
Win vs Lisa via orgasm (Strip poker match)
Win vs Kelly Conway via pinfall
Win vs Makita via orgasm (best 2 of 3 falls)
Defeat vs Taylor via submission (Entropy title match)
Defeat vs Heather Sunderland via hancuffing (handcuffs match)
Win vs Karina Rine via orgasm (Hentai cage match)
Win vs Sabre via submission. Leg split.
Win vs Cardia via orgasm.
Defeat vs Megumi. (triple threat match with Heather)
Win vs Sena via submission.
Win vs Akashi via throwing her overboard. (Hentai title match)
Defeat vs Natasha via pinfall. (Sauna match)
Defeat vs Miss Garcia via submission. Ceiling hold.
Win vs Mayu via submission.
Defeat vs Lukretia. (3-holes boxing)
Win vs Tsugumi via stripping. (Strip match)
Win vs Tear via handcuffing. (handcuffs match)
Win vs Hikaru via submission. (Humiliation match)
Defeat vs Angel via pinfall.
Win vs Sharaiya via submission (Say my name Match).
Win vs Sarah O'sullivan via pinfall.
Defeat vs Marissa via orgasm. (Hentai title match)
Defeat vs Azami via submission to The Throne.
Defeat vs Cecilia via submission (Christmas Special)
Defeat vs Natasha via pin (Sauna match)
Win vs Azami via submission (Cozy Wrestling)
Win vs Toshiko via KO. (Trampoline match)
Defeat vs Angel via submission (Tension Championship)
Defeat vs Fallon via submission. (Iron Tummy Ski Bunnies Match)

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Re: NATALIA the Dream

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