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Seeking some Debuts

Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:26 am by godjacob

Hello, I am new to AFW and am looking for some first matches for my roster members.

Here is a link to my full roster. All are available for matches.

My only requirement, given they all are new and I want them to get a good starting pace, I'd prefer matches that they can win. So any jobbers or girls/guys you have that can afford to take a loss are free and open for consideration. I hope we can make for some fun matches and thank you for …

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Ready for New Threads

Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:33 am by daemongirl

My characters Natasha and Reina will soon be open for some new stories, let me know if anyone has any interest or ideas involving them. My other characters may be open as well though it will depend on the idea, looking for new stories.

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Don't call it a comeback. (Actually, do.)

Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:59 pm by MissTiff

Hello everyone.

Been a while since I tried my hand at this site, then life got in the way. I'm back, though, and I'm looking to get either of my two characters into some brawls. Match-wise I'm down for pretty much anything, though Stella and Jessica might have different things they're best suited for - Jessica's more heel-ish while Stella's (most of the time) a purebred face.

Anyway, being a bit new to this whole thing despite my ancient account, I'm up for most things to dip my toes

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The legacy of the Tension Tag Tournament

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The legacy of the Tension Tag Tournament Empty The legacy of the Tension Tag Tournament

Tension is a place where many a faction rose to prominence, the Gastin siblings being a prime example. But there was never a consistent scene for the teams of Kyoto to duke it out. That was until one fateful event. Tension and the powers that be had finally taken notice of the fact that there was a sizeable amount of groups within the organisation, and they decided to create a tournament. It contained several teams of note at the time, such as The Higurashis and The Valkyries. The teams gave their all against one another, bringing relevance to the division once again. It allowed those not in the spotlight to finally attain a moment in the limelight.

Two teams would rise to prominence in particular, one was practically immediate. The other would continue to rise in due time. Those were The United Kingdom Elite and WhiteGale. The two squared off in the first round, with Britain's finest attaining victory against the Canadian up and comers. Ryan Knight and John Carnaby, the Paragon of Britain and the Master of Creation would go onto best the Valkyries. Reaching the finals against the Ishii siblings, where after a hard and vicious battle the UK Elite would triumph and culminate in obtaining the Tension Tag Titles. Ryan Knight and John Carnaby would be crowned the champions and celebrate, these two up and comers had to set the bar. John in particular was a rookie who many believe only got his shot by following the coat tails of the Paragon.

Regardless the pair would enter several bouts against fellow teams, such as the Takeuchis. Many a time Ryan and John would fight at their utmost, even defending the titles against all comers. Establishing themselves as fighting champions. Which leads to our next topic, that of the team that ultimately defeated them. WhiteGale and their two members Sion and Daisuke.

After being bested by Britain's best the pair would find themselves engaging Ryan and John in several battles, many a time showing they'd vastly improved from the first clash against them. One PPV in particular resulted in WhiteGale even technically obtaining victory via submission were it not for the referee being out of it. However, instead of taking the easy route the UK Elite to their credit proved their worth as fighting champions. Offering WhiteGale an ultimatum. To settle it once and for all at Ueno in a Ladder Match.

There, after a long, brutal and bloody battle the champions were overthrown at last by the Canadian team. Proving the skill their country's wrestlers are known to have. The UK Elite would go down as champions that helped to set the standard, giving their all to the belts and thensome. WhiteGale, a team known for putting in just as much effort if not more were described by critics as "A team that could be no better to surpass the British pride."

Now the division stands strong still, with the UK Elite and WhiteGale holding no hate for one another in respectful combat. Will these two teams duel till their retirements? One can be certain of it, to this day it remains the clear point where both teams rose to prominence. With them still remaining as powerful names to this day.......

Check out my wrestlers here, but PM me for match requests.

Solaire of the AFW.

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