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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 7:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

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Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Open Rules: Anna versus Aya (for Psychopatrick)

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Open Rules: Anna versus Aya (for Psychopatrick)

Post by Yatori on Wed Sep 02, 2009 4:53 pm

Anna Irkalla entered the ring eagerly. Recently she heard of a new girl who carried the title of "bareknuckled fistfighter". That piqued the redhead's interest. Anna considered herself a boxer. Was this Aya Kirinmaru the same?

So she sent Aya a challenge that would be fulfilled tonight.

Now she lounged in one of the corners like a lioness in repose. Disrobed, Anna was left in only lingerie. Part of her test; if Aya focused on her body, then that meant the girl wasn't a serious fighter. Whatever the case might be, Anna wouldn't hold back.

Her mistress sat at ringside. Nina would not interfere in her maid's fun aside from cheering. Anna appreciated that. She looked to the entrance as her opponent's music started playing.

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Re: Open Rules: Anna versus Aya (for Psychopatrick)

Post by Psychopatrick88 on Wed Sep 02, 2009 5:46 pm

Loveâ™️¥Shine began playing, and the crowd suddenly started cheering wildly. Aya stepped out in her light blue lingerie, waving to the crowd, bouncing in excitement. She was issued a challenge! That meant she was making an impression on people here. Whether it was a good one or a bad one, it didn't really seem to matter much to her. She ran down ramp and slid in under the bottom rope, and looked up at her red haired opponent. She blinked when looking at her, tilting her head curiously before standing up.

"Oh so you're a boxer? Cool! I had a friend whose a boxer! How do you get both gloves tied on by yourself? I tried it once, but had a really hard time. Actually, my friend ended up having to help me. With her gloves on no less! Is that part of your training?" She asked.

Aya seemed a bit more energetic than last match it seems, bursting with questions for her opponent and being just overall rather talkative to her opponent as she stood back to her feet. She had more to ask, but the ref ushered her to her corner, seeming slightly annoyed by the girl. "Hey! I'm not done yet!" She protested to the ref, but the ref continued to push her into the corner.

"We have a match to do." She said to Aya. Aya pouted, but then raised her fists up to Anna. "I guess I'll just ask you later..."


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Re: Open Rules: Anna versus Aya (for Psychopatrick)

Post by Yatori on Tue Sep 15, 2009 4:10 pm

(on YM)

Yatori Shizuku: Anna found Aya's enthusiasm most compelling. (So this girl wasn't a boxer, but she knew boxing? It will do just fine.)
"I'm a boxer, yes," she answered with a smile as she brought her fists up. "And I'll tell you all you want to know later. If you like, let's make this a boxing match. Just our fists. Win by knockout. What do you say?"

Patrick OConnor: Aya pouted a little. "Aww.. just boxing? That's no fun.." She whined, stomping a foot on the mat. "I don't wanna be restricted to just my fiiists.."

Yatori Shizuku: "Then what are you interested in?" Anna chuckled. "Name them."

Patrick OConnor: "Well, fists are fun.. but I like jumping around a lot too.." She giggled. "Running and jumping..."

Yatori Shizuku: "Do you want to allow kicks and other attacks, then?"

Patrick OConnor: "Hmmmm... well... what do I get if I win?" She asked, bouncing a little in her corner, warming herself up. "If I just use fists."

Yatori Shizuku: Anna smiled. "Well, I can train you," she posed. "You're very talented. I see a lot of potential in you. But what would you want, Miss Aya?"

Patrick OConnor: "Hmmmm..." Aya started to look over Anna, seeing if there was anything she wanted on her person.

Yatori Shizuku: As Anna had just her lingerie on, she guessed Aya was looking over her body. She decided to pose a bit for Aya's enjoyment...

Patrick OConnor: Aya giggled a little as Anna posed for her. "Hehehe! Cute!" She said, and started to think. "Uhh.. I guess that offer is fine. Training's always a good thing I guess... what do you want though?"

Yatori Shizuku: Anna thought it over. "That's a good question..." She looked Aya over from head to toe, and back up again, as if sizing her up.

Patrick OConnor: Aya feels Anna's eyes on her now, and feels it only polite to return the favor Anna gave to her, and put a finger to her mouth, striking a cute pose for Anna.

Yatori Shizuku: Anna was very pleased by what she saw. "How about this? If you win, I'll train you to fight better. But if I win," she teased, "I'll train you to be a maid."

Patrick OConnor: "A maid??" She blinked. "But... I..." She began. A maid sounded really boring. "would.. would I still be able to do matches?"

Yatori Shizuku: "Of course you can," Anna reassured her. "But... you have to go to matches dressed as a maid. You can undress if you want." She pointed to her own maid uniform lying outside the ring, beside her smiling mistress Nina. "And as a maid, you'd get special... bonuses..."

Patrick OConnor: Aya started to smile a little bit, seeing the outfit. It did look pretty cute. Her eyes lit up when Anna talked about special bonuses. "Oooh! Like chocolates?? Ooh, pudding sounds really good right now.." She giggled, completely missing the innuendo.

Yatori Shizuku: Anna chuckled. "Well, chocolates and pudding are part of it," she agreed. "Shall we begin?" She proffered her fists for Aya. "Shake gloves."

Patrick OConnor: Aya tilted her head curiously. "But... I don't have any gloves.."

Yatori Shizuku: "Just bop your fists onto mine," Anna coaxed. "Then we can begin."

Patrick OConnor: "Hehe... I want some gloves if I win." She said, and stepped towards her, fists out, and bopped her fists. "Fists only... I'll try to remember..."

Yatori Shizuku: "I'll buy you a good pair," Anna agreed as she stepped back. Her feet began shuffling unpredictably beneath her as she got into her stance. "That is, if you can beat me."

Patrick OConnor: Aya nodded a little, bouncing lightly on her her feet with her fists up near her face. "All right... ready when you are."

Yatori Shizuku: "Let's begin, then." And Anna jabbed at Aya's face with her left fist almost casually. "Humph!"

Patrick OConnor: Aya nods, and jogs her head to the right to avoid the blow, and tries for a responding jab at her gut

Yatori Shizuku: Anna missed with her jab, but parried Aya's counterstrike easily with her waiting right hand. "Good!" she judged before jabbing again at Aya, this time much faster.

Patrick OConnor: Aya was surprised by the speed of the strike, and could only lean back to avoid the blow, the punching coming within a centimater of her face. "Woah!" She exclaimed, and tried to jump backwards

Yatori Shizuku: Anna stepped forward to throw some more jabs to further test Aya's reaction time.

Patrick OConnor: Aya's playful nature seemed to be missing for the time being as she had to concentrate to avoid the blows, taking step after step back until she was up against the ropes. She couldn't believe how quick she had to move to avoid her blows, as she was convinced she was one of the speediest girls herself.

Yatori Shizuku: (She focuses too hard... she loses sight of her surroundings... I') "Get off the ropes!" Anna warned even as she moved in for the kill.

Patrick OConnor: Aya felt her back against the ropes, and blinked in surprise by what she yelled. "Hu?-UGhh!" She grunted, taking the hit hard across the face and fell to her side, shivering a little from the force of that punch. "Owww..."

Yatori Shizuku: Anna stepped back to give Aya space and time to recover. "How are you feeling?" she asked.

Patrick OConnor: Aya shook her head slowly, starting to try and stand back up. "Wow... how can you move that fast?" She asked curiously.

Yatori Shizuku: "It's training," Anna replied in a knowledgeable tone. "I train nonstop." She smiled. "Being a maid helps, too."

Patrick OConnor: Aya frowned a little. "I don't wanna be a maid." She said, raising her fists back up. I'm just.. well... naturally energetic."

Yatori Shizuku: "Being energetic is good," Anna told her. "But having the dedication of a boxer or a maid -or both, in my case- is better. Let me show you how much." And she snapped her left fist towards Aya's face-

Patrick OConnor: Aya tried to crouch down to one leg to avoid the blow.. then come right back up with a hard uppercut, hoping to fake her out. "YAH!"

Yatori Shizuku: -missing again as Aya ducked. But Anna's blow was controlled, so she retained the ability to lean back to dodge Aya. And then she launched her own short-ranged but fast uppercut to Aya's jaw to punish the younger girl for overextending herself with that hard uppercut.

Patrick OConnor: "Wh-?! Yaahh!!" She cried out, the hit knocking her off her feet and causing her to flop onto her rear. She let out a small whimper, clenching her jaw. "This... isn't fun.."

Yatori Shizuku: Anna paused. "I see..." She nodded before gesturing to Aya. "Very well. Come at me however you like, Miss Aya. You don't have to limit yourself to boxing anymore."

Patrick OConnor: Aya frowned a little at her, getting back up slowly. "Grrr...." She growled a little, and rushed at her, throwing a quick flurry of punches, trying to land a punch on her.

Yatori Shizuku: Anna easily dodged every single one of Aya's anger-driven blows. "You're letting your emotions cloud your aim," she scolded. "Calm down."

Patrick OConnor: Aya was getting frustrated as she couldn't even land one hit on her playing by her rules, and didn't hear what Anna said, continuing to go at her again and again, keeping up her speed for a surprisingly good while.

Yatori Shizuku: (She isn't just fast,) Anna observed, (But she can sustain her speed. She has a lot of potential, indeed.) She was being forced to parry some of the blows now while she maneuvered to stay clear of the ropes. "I said, calm down..."

Patrick OConnor: Aya was forced to do as she said by that time, falling to one knee and panting heavily, gasping for air.

Yatori Shizuku: Anna planted her hands on her hips. She'd given some thoughts about Aya. "You're the kind of girl who fights to enjoy herself, aren't you?" she asked. "You tend to get weaker when you're not enjoying yourself."

Patrick OConnor: Aya didn't respond at first, too winded to say anything at the moment, and started to nod slowly.

Yatori Shizuku: "You don't like to limit yourself to just one style, do you? Nod if I'm right."

Patrick OConnor: Aya nodded again. "Y..yeah."

Yatori Shizuku: Anna sighed theatrically. "What am I going to do with you? Taking up the title of a 'Bareknuckle Fighter' and then not fighting bare-knuckle boxing..." She smiled. "I guess that's what my training will be fixing. Are you ready now?"

Patrick OConnor: "" She blinked a little.

Yatori Shizuku: "However this match ends, I will be training you. Whether as a maid or as a boxer is up to you. But that training will discipline you." Anna extended Aya a helping hand. "Now get up. And this time I want you to use whatever you like on me."

Patrick OConnor: Aya had caught her breath by then, and reached up to take her hand. "Fine.. I'm not... changing my finishers though." She said.

Yatori Shizuku: "And what would your finishers be?" Anna chuckled

Patrick OConnor: Aya grinned a little at her, and rushed at her, trying to grab her by the head, and tried to leap up while taking her down to her back. "Hee-yahh!!" She shouted, trying to catch Anna with Aya's Modified Bulldog Special!

Yatori Shizuku: Anna was expecting a sudden attack. As she was grabbed by the head, she simply planted her dependable right fist into Aya's belly with all her might, to disrupt Aya's jump and thus stop the big bulldog halfway through.
She'd still get shoved backwards, but depending on how early she got to Aya, she might stay on her feet yet...

Patrick OConnor: Aya would take the hit hard to her gut in midflight, and end up letting go of Anna's head and flopping onto her back with a hard grunt. She was really starting to get frustrated now, getting to her hands and knees. "Stop dodging me!!"

Yatori Shizuku: Still on her feet, Anna tsk'ed. "I'm not dodging," she lectured. She sensed Aya's building anger. Her opponent reminded her of a younger version of herself. She grinned. "If you attack me again, I'll dodge you, just to show you the difference."

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Re: Open Rules: Anna versus Aya (for Psychopatrick)

Post by Yatori on Thu Sep 24, 2009 12:15 pm


Patrick OConnor: Aya growled a little, starting to pick herself back up. "Darn it.... can't I just get one hit??" She muttered to herself, standing back up

yatori_shizuku: Anna was looking all confident. "Why not?" She lowered her fists and stopped swaying, leaving her open to attack. "I'll give you one free shot at me. Make it count." She said this in a coaxing tone, not an insulting one.

Patrick OConnor: Aya still felt really insulted by the offer, and most of her finishers were for when she was really excited. She didn't exactly want to do the same moves when annoyed like she was. She stood there, not knowing what to do now that she was giving her a free shot.

yatori_shizuku: Again Anna shook her head in disappointment. "It seems I'll have to rekindle your enthusiasm. So prepare yourself." And she lunged at Aya, her right fist aimed at the younger girl's bare belly.

Patrick OConnor: Aya frowned as she saw Anna shaking her head, then saw her throwing a right fist at her. She darted to the side out of the way, and tried to grab her by the shoulders, wanting to try and trip her to her back.

yatori_shizuku: Anna didn't have much time to admire Aya's speed this time as she was duly tripped, expecting a punch and not the leg sweep. She did throw a fist out to defend herself as she fell, but it was hasty and probably wouldn't hit. "Ugh!" she grunted as she hit the mat. It wasn't a bad fall, but she was briefly vulnerable...

Patrick OConnor: Aya knew she wouldn't be able to climb to the turnbuckle for her move, so she just decided to hop up right there, and prop her hands under her chin with her elbows out, trying to slam both elbows into Anna's gut in another finisher of hers which she simply called 'Hey! Whatcha doin?"

yatori_shizuku: ... and promptly got two elbows into her gut. "Guh!" Anna gasped. The double-blow hurt!

Patrick OConnor: "1!" The ref counted as Aya stayed down on her, and looked calmly up at her, tilting her head cutely, starting to get back her happy and cheerful nature and giggled a little.

yatori_shizuku: Anna saw through winced eyes that Aya was cheering up. (I guess schaudenfreude is the rule rather than the exception...) "Don't be so confident!" And she made to punch Aya on the cheek before bucking the overconfident girl off her!

Patrick OConnor: "Ahh!" She cried as she's punched in the cheek, and ends up getting rolled off her, and continued to roll, trying to stand up slowly.

yatori_shizuku: Anna clutched her belly as she sat up. "Careless," she muttered. Whether she meant herself or Aya was moot. The redhead got up and walked towards the fallen Aya. She'd let her opponent get up before calling out "Dodge" and then slugging her across the face if, when, Aya turned.

Patrick OConnor: "Huh?" She looked up as she heard Anna yelling something, but she couldn't quite hear it over the crowd. As she looked up, she yelped loudly, getting punched across the face and flopped to the mat, already tired from exhausting herself just by trying to hit her.

yatori_shizuku: Anna looked down upon the fallen Aya with pity. "Don't tell me this is all you have?" she asked.

Patrick OConnor: Aya shook her head slowly, trying to stand up. "" She replied, her vision hazy from the punch to her head.

yatori_shizuku: Anna let her get up. (I won't go for a pin or submission. I can only settle for a knockout and ten-count this time.) She'd give Aya a minute to recover, just like how a boxing referee would grant a recently knocked-down boxer a short reprieve.

Patrick OConnor: Aya blinked up at her when she just stood there, and started to run towards her, and tried to tackle her around her waist. However, at the speed and force she was coming at, it was unlikely she would be able to knock her to her back, and pretty much just end up hugging her.

yatori_shizuku: Anna grunted as Aya bumped ineffectually into her. She smiled. "Clinching, huh? Not bad- but not good." And she began punching Aya in the sides and belly, softening the girl up before shoving her off. The blows would be short-ranged and thus weaker than her wont, but they'd be coming quickly

Patrick OConnor: Aya had no idea what Anna was talking about, and ended up getting nailed again and again with soft cries before she slowly slid down Anna's legs, still holding onto her. If Anna had something loose on her waist, it might end up coming down with Aya by mistake!

yatori_shizuku: Down went Aya- and with her went Anna's panties, too! "H-hey!" the blushing redhead exclaimed as she covered herself up with her left hand. "Aya! Give me back my panties!" Said article of clothing was now caught upon her ankles.

Patrick OConnor: "Huh?" Aya was pretty out of it, not knowing why the crowd suddenly started cheering loudly, and looked up to see Anna's bare sex, and tilted her head curiously. "Anna? Where are your panties?" She asked cluelessly.

yatori_shizuku: Anna's face was as red as her hair. "You're holding them!" She pointed. "Pull them back up NOW!!!"

Patrick OConnor: Aya blinked, then it donned on her what had happen and she quickly let go of her legs. "S..sorry!!" She exclaimed, crawling away from her.

yatori_shizuku: Anna angrily pulled her panties back on. (Damn it... this is humiliating...) She made sure the garment was tight around her waist before glaring at Aya. "You... you're as bad as a guy..."

Patrick OConnor: Aya blinked up at her. "H-hey! It was an accident! You shouldn't have hit me!" She retorted at her, blowing a raspberry at her afterwards.

yatori_shizuku: "Oh, now you've done it, little girl..." The sound of Anna's knuckles crackling actually shut the normally raucous crowd up. "First you're all sugary, then you're depressed, and now you humiliated me..." Her chuckle was grim. "I'm going to return the favor now."

Patrick OConnor: Aya blinked at her. "It was an accident!" She repeated, still sitting down on the mat. "I was just trying to hold on to you!"

yatori_shizuku: Anna, towering over the still-seated Aya, looked like she wasn't having any of it. But she stopped when she heard Nina comment, "But it was such a nice butt to look at." Grimacing, she finally settled for a sigh. "Fine," she huffed at Aya. "I won't hold it against you."

Patrick OConnor: Aya leaned over at the girl who commented, and couldn't help but giggle a little, and started to stand back up a bit, feeling a little rejuvenated after that little mishap, the girl's joke outside the ring making her laugh a little and perking her back up a bit.

yatori_shizuku: Incredibly (for Anna), Nina nodded favorably at Aya. Seeing her mistress approve of the joke at her expense called for another sigh. Anna strode to Aya, took her hand and pulled her onto her feet. "You're slow," she scolded. "I could have attacked you if I wanted to."

Patrick OConnor: Aya frowned a little. "Hey! I am not slow! I'm just... kind of worn out." She replied. She prided herself in being quick, and took that a bit offensively.

yatori_shizuku: Anna's answer was to poke Aya's cute li'l nose with her right forefinger. "You don't control yourself properly. That's why you're tired."

Patrick OConnor: "Eep! Hehe, quit that!" She chided playfully for once, brushing at her own nose.

yatori_shizuku: Anna smirked. "That's why-" And she grabbed Aya, intending to push her into the nearest turnbuckle, albeit not intending the usual crashing impact, just a way to corner the speedy girl. "-I'm much better than you!"

Patrick OConnor: Aya gasped as she was grabbed, and started to try and pull her arms off her shoulders, but still ended up getting pinned against the turnbuckle, having no retort for her claim either.

yatori_shizuku: "Also," Anna added smugly, using just one arm -firm braced by her entire body- to hold Aya in place, "You really should pick lingerie that isn't hard to take off!" And her other hand made to tug on one of the hip ties that looked to be holding Aya's panties in place...

Patrick OConnor: "Ah!! Hey!" She exclaimed in surprise, and tried to nail her hard with a punch across her face as she reached for one of her hip ties. "My choice of attire is none of your business!"

yatori_shizuku: Aya's punch snapped Anna's head to the side. For a moment she looked stunned by the blow. Then she grinned. "Not bad, not bad at all!" she allowed, before punching Aya in the belly with her free hand in retaliation.

Patrick OConnor: Aya tried to grab the top ropes and climb up, hoping to avoid the punch, and would try another version of her Modified Bulldog Special!

yatori_shizuku: Anna had no time to curse Aya's speed even in such a cramped corner, as the MBS laid her flat on her back hard!

Patrick OConnor: Aya giggled a little as she had her crotch in Anna's face now, and wiggled her hips a little bit at her, trying to pin her down again.

yatori_shizuku: Anna groaned as her upstart opponent flattened her for the pin. Feeling Aya's muff on her automatically triggered her hentai wrestling training. Her tongue licked out strongly, like a fist, into Aya's panty-covered sex, while the referee counted "One!"

Patrick OConnor: "Oohhnn... D...don't make me hen-tie you.." She shivered as she felt that tongue stroking over her covered sex, and kept her pinned down on her shoulders.

yatori_shizuku: Anna kept pleasuring Aya, going so far as to clamp her hands on Aya's thighs to spread her legs and hold her in place so she could soak Aya's panties with saliva. As the referee counted "Two!" Anna planted her bare foot on the nearby ropes. "Rope break!" the referee would tell Aya.

Patrick OConnor: Aya gasped loudly as Anna grabbed her thighs, and let out a loud moan. She then looked over at the ref. "Tell her to let me go first... ahhhnn.."

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Re: Open Rules: Anna versus Aya (for Psychopatrick)

Post by Psychopatrick88 on Fri Sep 25, 2009 3:05 pm

Yatori Shizuku: >>> Anna was all to glad to stop licking Aya. And she would 'help' Aya off her with a push of her hands.

psychopatrick88: Aya stumbled back up to her feet, her legs a little wobbly as she was pleasured like that. She was blushing, but she also had a bit of a smile on her face. "Ooh... is that how we're playing now?"

Yatori Shizuku: Anna took hold of the ropes and pulled herself into a sitting position. She smirked at Aya as she stood up. "Why not?" she allowed. "You pulled my panties down, so I'll make you cum in front of all these boys." And she gestured to the audience.

psychopatrick88: Aya smiled a little. "I keep telling you, that was an accident. But, if that's how you really feel.. I don't mind playing like that." She giggled, and stepped back raising her fists up again.

Yatori Shizuku: Anna likewise brought her fists up. "I'll knock you down and then make you cum, little girl," she taunted in a friendly manner.

psychopatrick88: "Hehe... we'll see whose little." She replied and tried darting in towards her, and tried to zip around her. She would try to slam her shoulder into her back, hoping to send her to her knees If that worked, she would try to drop down with her and lean in to try and lick at her sex from behind, trying to lap at her like a little puppy!

Yatori Shizuku: Anna was getting used to her jab missing the agile Aya. Overextended and then rammed by Aya, the startled redhead dropped to her knees and then all fours. "Hey!" she exclaimed as Aya went at her crotch from behind. Without even thinking of it, she kicked backwards at Aya, repeating the blow if she missed.

Yatori Shizuku: Anna was getting used to her jab missing the agile Aya. Overextended and then rammed by Aya, the startled redhead dropped to her knees and then all fours. "Hey!" she exclaimed as Aya went at her crotch from behind. Her first instinct was to kick backwards, but she stopped herself and instead made to crawl for the ropes, taking vigorous licks every inch of the way.

psychopatrick88: Aya continued to lick at her crotch again and again as Anna went for the ropes, and was giggling softly.

Yatori Shizuku: Anna was now moaning softly. "R-rope break," she called out, echoed by the referee.

psychopatrick88: "Uh-uh! Weren't you just telling me there were no rope breaks in this match??" She asked her.

Yatori Shizuku: "That was for boxing! You're grappling me now!"

psychopatrick88: "It's still the same match!" She shot back.

Yatori Shizuku: Irritated, Anna would twist around to try and catch a hopefully distracted Aya in a headscissors.

psychopatrick88: "Gah!" She gasped as she's trapped in the headscissors, but then she just leans closer and starts lapping at her covered sex from a better angle. "Mmmm..."

Yatori Shizuku: Anna again moaned in arousal. "D-don't get too uppity! I still have my hands free!" She began punching Aya, but only at the side and top of the blond's head, never directly to Aya's face. It seemed Anna was hesitating in docking her opponent's pretty face, though that didn't mean she pulled her punches when aiming at places that wouldn't bruise.

psychopatrick88: "Ow! Oww! Owww!!" She cried out, but then just suckled hard on her panties, and tried to get her to ease up on the punching.

Yatori Shizuku: Anna yowled as the sucking intensified. (This girl!) Seeing no further profit in the position, she'd open her legs, plant her feet on Aya's shoulders and then shove the lusty girl off her as powerfully as she could.

psychopatrick88: Aya giggled when Anna yowled, and knew she had her good. That was until Anna placed her feet on her shoulders. She grunted as she was shoved away and flopped onto her back. Aya had grown really tired by now, and was left panting heavily and exhausted.

Yatori Shizuku: Anna was huffing hard as well. (I can't believe she made me aroused so easily,) she grumbled to herself. (I must be going soft...) She slowly got on her feet and walked towards the fallen Aya with a grimace. (And she's tired now, too! Ugh.)

psychopatrick88: Aya shook her head slowly, trying to sit up a bit, and looked up at Anna. "Uh... Anna?"

Yatori Shizuku: "What am I going to do with you?" Anna opined rethorically. "Hmmm?"

psychopatrick88: "I was hoping.. I'm really getting tired.. so... so maybe we could have a rub off maybe?" She asked her, starting to stand up slowly. "Just... just a hand between each other's legs?"

Yatori Shizuku: Anna regarded Aya with the kind of incredulity one might expect on her. "And why do you think should I do that when I can knock you down for good with just one punch?"

psychopatrick88: "Uh... err... to to be nice?" She suggested sheepishly.

Yatori Shizuku: Anna's grimace slowly became a grin. "You naughty little girl," she scolded. "Fine. I agree."

psychopatrick88: Aya smiled a little. "Standing up or sitting down?" She asked Anna when she agreed.

Yatori Shizuku: "Seated. You're tired, right?" Anna poked Aya's nose again. "That will give you a chance against me."

psychopatrick88: "Hehe... ok. Thanks." She said, and flopped back to her rear.

Yatori Shizuku: Anna likewise sat down. (This is honestly a bad idea,) she told herself, (But I'm not here for a serious fight, anyway...) "Do we keep our hands outside each other's panties, or can we put them inside?"

psychopatrick88: "Well... we both can do whatever we want... inside or outside.." She said.

Yatori Shizuku: "Inside, then. I want this done quick." And she slipped her hand into Aya's panties, though she refrained from touching Aya's sex until they agreed to start.

psychopatrick88: Aya nodded a little, and pushed her hand into Anna's panties, and swallowed a bit nervously. "Ok... go.." She said, and started to rub her hand over her sex slowly.

Yatori Shizuku: The red-cheeked Anna began at the same time Aya did. She deliberately matched Aya's speed, trusting her own sexual endurance to outlast this 'newbie' despite the licking Anna had just taken giving her a handicap.

psychopatrick88: "Mmnhh.." Aya moaned, and continued a slow pace against her opponent. As they did this, she couldn't help but wonder what the spectator of this match thought. She looked over to where she last saw her, and was curious to her reaction of how this match was ending.

Yatori Shizuku: (Anna likes this girl,) Nina lazily thought. (Somehow I'm jealous...) She gave Aya an encouraging smile, then called out "Anna? I trust you will not shame me?"

Yatori Shizuku: That galvanized the hitherto-aroused Anna like a lightning strike. "Definitely not, Nina!" She drew on her experience, dividing taskings between her fingers so that she could stroke Aya around and in between her sex lips simultaneously, her fingertips sliding across sensitive flesh.

psychopatrick88: Aya was starting to win, she felt, until Anna started actually trying to finger her good. She arched her hips up into her fingers. "Unnhh!! Oh... oh wow!" She gasped loudly, grinding her hips up against her fingers almost uncontrollably.

Yatori Shizuku: Anna took on a determined look on her face as she sped up the pace of her sexual assault. "Regrets?" she taunted. "I'd pierce you, but it looks like a mere rub will do." Despite her words she directed her fingertips deeper into Aya, taking advantage of the soft flesh buckling against her, while other fingers spurred the skin surrounding Aya's sex.


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Re: Open Rules: Anna versus Aya (for Psychopatrick)

Post by Yatori on Mon Oct 12, 2009 8:33 am

Patrick OConnor: "Unnhhh.. Ha..hah.. hah... noo...." She whimpered, trying to rub back as much as she could, but she was about to burst.

yatori_shizuku: Pleased by both her impending victory and Aya's last burst, Anna leaned over to whisper into Aya's ears: "You're done!" With that she thrust home to finish off her opponent, even as she suddenly and impulsively kissed Aya on the lips.

Patrick OConnor: "Mm.MM!!" She gasped as Anna locked lips with her, and it was enough to send her over. She cummed in her panties, whimpering softly as she tasted her defeat on Anna's lips.

yatori_shizuku: Seemingly unsatisfied with the hot splash upon her fingers, Anna will make to pin Aya to the mat, still kissing her strongly, just to show off to her watching mistress.

Patrick OConnor: Aya eeped as she's pushed to her back, and moaned in protest as Anna continued to lock lips with her, and tried to squirm out from underneath her, her face red with arousal and humiliations.

yatori_shizuku: Anna smiled sultrily at the girl pinned beneath her. "Next time," she whispered as the referee started counting, "Be careful what you wish for..."

Patrick OConnor: Aya stayed down as the ref counted her out, knowing she had already lost, but she was still pouting a bit. "I don't wanna dress up like maaiid..."

yatori_shizuku: "But you lost, so you have to do what I tell you. Besides, I'll still train you in boxing," Anna promised

Patrick OConnor: "Mmh... I don't have a choice either way..." She replied, still blushing a bit.

yatori_shizuku: Anna chucked as she withdrew her wet hand from Aya's panties at the referee's third count. "Don't you worry, Aya," she said. "I'll train you well."

Patrick OConnor: Aya nods a little, but then tries to lean up and and smooch her cheek. "G...good win."

yatori_shizuku: "Thank you." The gracious Anna will help Aya to her feet. Nina, meanwhile, entered the ring to congratulate both Anna and her new apprentice.

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Re: Open Rules: Anna versus Aya (for Psychopatrick)

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